I’d say you could keep each arc theme from DoS, while adapting the characters and circumstances to the plot. Like, the Wave Arc wouldn’t have the bridge, necessarily, but it could still have Naruto and the group learning about Haku and Zabuza, who are “Dark Wizards”, but not bad people–they’re just in an unfortunate situation. (I’m not the prompting anon, though, so)

I’d be a little reluctant to do a DoS-plot rewrite but transcribed into the HP world because then it’s just… well… replace jutsu with magic and then shake slightly.

I mean, bizarrely, I guess I’d be interested in putting the Lucky Sevens in the HP plot? Like… Philosopher’s Stone is pretty much Mizuki as Quirrell trying to steal the Forbidden Scroll?

So “Naruto Uzumaki and the Forbidden Scroll” except considering that’s basically resolved in the first episode of Naruto… hm…

And if Shikako’s knowledge of canon would be the equivalent of being a Seer…

I think I’m more interested in the worldbuilding, anon.

HP!DOS AU pls. go crazy ;)

A/N: I put a lot of links in this brainstorm/rant, and while they aren’t mandatory to understand the post, they probably do help.


I veeeeery briefly went into such a crossover/fusion in the middle of this massive post, and I did do that one witches!verse TemarixShikako ficlet with some background lore, but seeing as how neither of them are specifically, solely devoted to a HP!DoS AU, I suppose I could go more into it here…


While not as disastrous as Ilvermorny (Lavaeudeen for life!) I’m not very keen on the HP canon of Mahoutokoro or, at least, not as a magical commuter school that somehow has the smallest student body of the eleven great wizarding school. The Hogwarts student body was fucking tiny, no way does the only Japanese magical school have less than that. I’d like to tweak it slightly–so that it just makes more sense–that Mahoutokoro is the only all-magical UNIVERSITY of Japan (though some of the other universities also have magical departments/classes available).

Actually, now that I’ve said that, I kind like the idea of magical education for younger magicians being the equivalent of an after school club or a cram school or a special class that only certain students take (advanced placement or art or foreign languages, etc). So the “main characters” that would be the Konoha Thirteen in DoS would still go to the same school as civilians/genin corps characters but they’d be in the magic club/class.

Which means that the different villages are different schools in different regions of Japan… which means this has the same set up of a sports shounen manga but instead of sports it’s magic?

Uhhhhhh… now I can’t unsee it.

I mean, a lot of sports manga practically give their characters magic powers ANYWAY, so we might as well just go straight there.


I don’t think I’d want to do Quidditch–only because it’s not very conducive to three person teams, and it originates from the UK anyway–so maybe it’s magical dueling? But that also doesn’t really go with three person teams… Or, alternatively, that’s pretty bloodthirsty for a sport for kids.

Maybe I’ll make up some new sport. Something like magical capture the flag so it’s not just straight up FIGHTING. (I mean, pro-bending in Avatar LoK WAS a thing, but not all that keen on it, either)

Anyway, so the point is… while magic is an important part of their lives (and maybe even THE MOST important part of their lives) they still live amongst non-magical people, unlike in HP.

I also don’t particularly like the whole wooden wands thing. Though I don’t particularly want all Japanese magicians to do wandless magic (it’d basically be ninjutsu and kind of defeats the purpose of transferring it into the HP verse). Maybe part of learning magic is finding/making your own conduit. Which sort of explains why Naruto starts off pretty bad (like all shounen sports protagonists) because for the longest time he just can’t find one that can withstand the sheer amount of power he has. Whereas the equivalent of Shikako’s burgeoning fuinjutsu mastery would be her NOT needing her conduit all the time. Sasuke, as with most Uchiha, has a very traditional mirror conduit–because Sharingan = Mirror Wheel Eye?

Though there are still things that carry over from HP. Like, while it’s not AS huge a deal as it is in Britain, blood purity is still an issue depending on which clan you’re from. The Nara twins are probably halfbloods–but only the worst of the elders really care–but so is Neji which is a HUGE problem for the Hyuuga (especially considering he’s originally more talented than Hinata who is pureblooded).

I mean, I sort of joke about the sports shounen manga thing, so I suppose I could go in the more serious direction of Japan having a real bad Dark Lord problem given Orochimaru, Itachi, Pein/Nagato, Obito/Madara, and Kaguya… (although, the Golden trio never had to fight a literal goddess so that’s pretty cool I guess… although, although, the Golden Trio would probably be pretty good at the three person magical sport I’ll have to make up)

Hm… I guess it depends. Am I just transposing the DoS plot into the HP world, or just the characters?

I loved your AYWtM drabbles! I decided to go through your AYWtM tag again, and in your first brainstorm you mentioned thinking of a HP/Narnia crossover with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville as the kings and queen of Narnia. Do you have anything more on that?

Hey to-someplace-else! I did actually do a little bit more on that a few days later, though I failed to link it from the original post, but considering it’s been almost two years since I posted those I could definitely touch back on the idea.

I think maybe the main problem–besides not having a firm enough idea of when in the HP timeline to do it–is that a few months later the Descendants x Narnia crossover idea struck me and overall that one feels more cohesive.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be very pleased with the “just Harry” and “Harry the Just” connection, but as an adventure or, maybe, as a set of character developments, it works better with Descendants. Or, perhaps, the four Lost Kids of Descendants “need” the character developments from a Narnia crossover than the four HP kids do.

Like, the HP series is far from perfect, but the personal growth that the Golden Trio and Neville (which is it’s own sticking point, Neville being the odd man out, that the Descendants version doesn’t have) have over the course of it is one of things that I wouldn’t want alter too much. A Golden Trio+Neville (the Golden Quartet?) come back from ruling Narnia in their first or second year would be vastly different from canon and have almost too many butterfly effects that would render the HP series unrecognizable.

Unless for some reason they decided to keep it secret, but then the story would be about those small moments in which the Golden Quartet do decide to utilize what they learned and it doesn’t make much sense for them to do that? Like, given their Gryffindor natures, the only one who would be vaguely subtle about it might be Hermione, but even then she canonically held Rita Skeeter captive in a jar as a fourteen year old–no way would a grown queen version of her used to warfare not want to immediately hunt down and destroy Voldemort and his Death Eaters immediately.

… although now that I say this… what if it’s NOT the Golden Quartet who went? That is, what if it’s not a bunch of brash Gryffindors who would immediately enact justice upon returning, no matter their situation upon returning?

What if it’s a bunch of Slytherins? And Narnia-prophecy wise it would work better: Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and Millicent or Daphne. There wouldn’t really be an odd man out like with the Golden Trio + Neville because except for Pansy’s sycophancy towards Draco (which may very well be a reputation thing) they’re all fairly individualistic. And upon coming back it would make sense that they keep quiet about it because while Voldemort might be evil, the Death Eaters are their parents. The Slytherins would be highly aware of the “real world” and societal limitations on them that a Golden Quartet wouldn’t.

But then that edges a bit into what I like about Once Then Always in that four kids of villains can become heroes. And whereas in the HP series it would just butterfly effect in different ways, in Descendants it would add an additional layer.

Although I suppose something similar could be done if the Hogwarts Founders were the Digory and Polly equivalents? But even then there’s not much need for a crossover with The Chronicles of Narnia–the HP ‘verse has more than enough material to do something similar…

Sorry that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this particular thread, to-someplace-else.


Ask Box Advent Calendar is on!

I had a sudden, wild idea, which I’m hoping might inspire something in you: Solarpunk Battle Fortifications. In the context I had the idea: entire planets designed to resist alien invasion using Solarpunk techne and aesthetics.


Anon, I LOVE SOLARPUNK! I used to be part of a FATE campaign that went cyberpunk instead of solarpunk as a setting (and, like, ~80s version of cyberpunk which… okay…) and I was so disappointed.

Off the top of my head, a fic I can think of set in a solarpunk ‘verse is esama’s Blazing Sun, but as the fic will tell you that’s more the… beginnings of a true solar punk movement, and full on SOLARPUNK setting is more… expansive, as you’ve mentioned.

I have a ‘verse which would best match your idea, but my Triptych ‘verse isn’t all that… hm… popular, so I’m not sure if that particular ficlet would be appreciated and it… well, that specific ‘verse has always been a bit of an albatross for me.

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I do appreciate the prompt. Is there a particular ‘verse you’d like to see with a solar punk setting, anon?


Hm, it’s true. Those ‘verses are particularly… malleable… though given that the Harry Potter series is mostly set in the UK and they’re almost constantly cloud-covered, I don’t think solar technology/magic would be very effective there.

And while I do love the idea of the Hashirama trees having something more to them (and which kinda touches on what I was going to do with Triptych) if I were to say any village goes for solarpunk, it wouldn’t be Konoha, it’d be Suna. I mean, what do they have in Suna? Sun, sand, manpower, and–given their Puppet Corps–a more mechanically inclined culture.

This feels like something that would work best with the NGSS. Like, “the NGSS prove themselves true members of the Kazekage clan” or “how the NGSS dragged Suna into the future kicking and screaming” or something like that…

Fake fic title: pro patria mori. From the Latin saying “it is sweet and honorable to die for one’s country.

So pro patria mori is only the “die for one’s country” part of that phrase which is a fairly important distinction from the full version. The implication then is that there is no sweetness or honor, which influences the story that would match this title.

And, since you did not specify a fandom I’m going to step away from DoS (anyway, they’re a militaristic society, that’s an easy choice) and go with…

I’m getting some very strong Harry Potter vibes–unsurprising, given the Latin–but I’m also getting some Kingdom Hearts vibes so…

I could do two separate brainstorms or one fusion brainstorm. Let’s see.

The thing is, for the Kingdom Hearts fic I know I’d want to do keyblade wielders who died in the war, but that would involve OCs and while I love the KH franchise, I love it because of the characters not the bewildering story so… unless I adapt characters from somewhere else as keyblade wielders.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many OCs and I love them but this fic would call for at least three of them in the KH world before the events of the games and that doesn’t sound appealing to either write or read. Like. I will stick an OC in the events of story that could use a shake up (and a dash of feminism), but that’s different from multiple OCs in the world but not plot of a story–at that point I might as well adapt it into original fiction.

Alternatively, it’d be multiple vignettes of the last moments of various Disney characters as their world fall into darkness (and as they possibly become summons as the last survivors/strong spirits). Which isn’t as unappealing but doesn’t exactly evoke much of a story/summary.

So Harry Potter it is, I guess.

Or, hey, you know what? Most of my Chronicles of Narnia stuff is “four kids in place of the Pevensies” because I love crossovers/fusions, but I do actually love the Pevensies and I especially love canon divergences in which Peter, Edmund, and Lucy don’t die and we get to find out what kind of badasses all the Pevensies grow up to be in the real world.

And timing wise that might match up with Tom Riddle’s own rise to power. The Pevensies aren’t magical, but they aren’t exactly normal muggles either, and I do love the idea of Pevensies battling the Death Eaters. But it’s so removed from the battles of Narnia that it’s not the same.

It’s not for glory or honor or for protecting their kingdom. It’s bloody and exhausting and horrific. For a good while I think they begin to doubt themselves, especially when the magical world (as ungrateful and useless as in canon) consider them invading muggles who need to obliviated and imprisoned in Azkaban.

And… I think they die. Or at least, three out of the four of them die, and Susan as in canon lives on and decides to live on. Away from the horrific tragedy that took her family from her. And arguably that could very well be compatible with HP canon seeing as how we don’t know all of the details of Voldemort’s first rise. Yeah?

Pro Patria Mori

Britain is still their home, for all that it’s not Narnia, and they’ve never been one to let evil freely reign. But they are not the kings and queens they once were:

There is no magnificence or gentleness, no justice or valiance–there is only war.

Colorblind – draco/hermione (doesn’t have to be romantic), society and the value of people regardless of blood?? idk

Thanks for giving me that out, anon. I don’t think I can ship Draco/Hermione in canon HP, but seeing as how the following brainstorm is an AU, readers can feel free to interpret Draco and Hermione’s relationship as platonic or romantic.


Slytherin Harry Potter is cunning; ruthless and powerful and political.

Slytherin Harry Potter fights smarter, not harder. Slytherin Harry Potter always wins.

This is not a story about Slytherin Harry Potter.

Given how prolific the HP fandom is, no doubt there already exists a story with the same premise which is Harry goes to Slytherin because he doesn’t fight the Sorting Hat. Why? Because Draco Malfoy, sorted before him, was put in Gryffindor and all Harry knows is that he doesn’t want to be in the same house as Draco Malfoy (and the first friend he made on the train, Weasley, Ron, has not been Sorted yet)

And there are tons of Slytherin Harry Potter fic–some of them fantastic, some of them less so, but generally following the description in the summary right?

Colorblind is basically the B-side of a Slytherin Harry Potter fic. Harry going off and dealing with his adventures as part of the Silver Trio–Harry, Blaise, and Daphne–substituting cunning for courage, etc. etc. Those are the A-sides.

Colorblind would be about the people left behind, basically. You know how the really good canon divergence AUs have an almost liminal vibe to them? Like you can almost feel the way the universe is straining around the differences “this is not how destiny was meant to go, but we’ll make do”

And that would be mostly Gryffindor Draco who has been bodily thrown off his path (his father has never been so disappointed in him, but his mother looks at him with the strangest expression as if seeing someone else in him) and Hermione who doesn’t have years of saving Harry Potter’s neck to look forward to.

Unsure what to do with Ron, really. Because on the one hand he is highly prejudiced against Slytherins no matter that he and Harry were friendly to each other on the train, but on the other he does actually hate Malfoy’s guts so…

Anyway, obviously Draco and Hermione–no matter that they are both fish out of water–don’t like each other. He’s a bigoted prick and she’s the antithesis of everything he’s been taught as worthy. But they are also both very smart (much smarter than the rest of their Housemates) and aliens in their House because of their attitudes.

Both of them retreat to the library frequently, although at separate tables for as long as possible, until those overrated Ravenclaws try to muscle them out and it’s just like.

“I hate you but you’re the only intelligent conversation I have,” and

“I might as well study near you so I can be sure to defeat you on the next exam” which turns to

“You’re doing this wrong, Merlin, use this book I can’t have my only academic rival make such an embarrassing mistake,” becomes something… better.

Gryffindor Draco doesn’t embrace his altered destiny as much or as immediately as his uncle Sirius did, but he gets there eventually. And, well, befriending a muggleborn witch? Not even uncle Sirius did that (not really, Lily was never Sirius’ friend so much as she was dating his best mate). If Draco’s going to be stuck doing something he’s going to damn well excel at it. And that includes teenage rebellion.

And when Harry bloody Potter brings about the end of the Dark Lord (again) well, this time Draco is on the right side.

Mostly, though, it’s Draco and Hermione snarking at each other and whatever school destroying nonsense Harry bloody Potter is up to this week and having to learn to communicate because they come from such disparate backgrounds that sometimes they can’t even understand each other.

Politics and socio-genetic culture will no doubt run rampant in Colorblind because there’s no way, same House aside, that they can get along without them addressing and overcoming the elephant in the room. Ie the systematic racism Draco was raised to believe had a purpose and is constantly proven wrong (muggleborns aren’t dumber or weaker, they literally come from a different world and are told to abandon a lifetime of what is familiar and conform to a society that doesn’t tell them what the rules are only that they’re going to fail)

But, I mean, after that it’s all sass and badassery. Hermione probably teaches Draco how to throw a proper punch and Draco explains the necessity of fashion/putting on appearances so that it makes sense to Hermione and isn’t just incessant drivel like Lavender and Parvati chatter on about.

I’m thinking Draco becomes a professor at Hogwarts–Transfiguration maybe? (No doubt McGonagall has a significant role in Colorblind being their Head of House, and this would be a kind of nice ending point to their no doubt relationship with her ending up as Headmistress).

Hermione probably writes a lot of books. And collaborates with Draco on the textbooks for his class (the NEWT level book is an ongoing constantly self-editing thing because the two of them are always trying to prove the other wrong).

The problem is, anon, that I’m pretty sure Colorblind would have to be a full series rewrite from the Draco and Hermione’s POV with background Silver Trio shenanigans, but that is just waaaaaaaay too much for me to tackle and I feel like–simply by the law of large numbers–that this story, or a version of this story, or the premise must exist somewhere?

But, I mean, this is the fic I would write for that title and description, anon, had I the skills and time and patience for it.


how do people with depression in the harry potter universe perform the patronus charm? asking for a friend

Maybe it’s a matter of perspective. Like, sure, people with depression can’t perform the patronus charm but they’re also less affected by dementors in general: Oh your presence makes everyone feel shitty and you steal away my happy memories? Well guess what, I already feel shitty and can hardly remember what it was like being happy. So guess who’s the loser now!

Probably people with functioning depression can last longer when faced with a dementor, so they do have more time to scrounge up any happy memory for patronus charm. And, perhaps, instead of a full blown guardian animal all they get is silvery wisps, but maybe that will be enough to fend off the dementors for your non-depressed friends to whip out their glowing capybara of happiness.