Cross Post: Untitled HP!Post-Hogwarts Divergence (2016-08-17)

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This one is just a short thing, but I’m fond of it nonetheless. It’s vaguely influenced by JK’s original plan for Hermione to get with Fred and the fact that I’m pretty sure Harry is gay. So Hermione and Fred get together, Harry gets with George, but Ron is still their best friend so the Golden Trio hang out a lot.

original here. dated 2014-02-10.


“Your husband’s brother is an idiot,” she huffs at Harry after storming in and nearly tossing her bag onto the table.

“Oi! I haven’t even done anything!” Ron protested, quickly rescuing their tray of snacks from an untimely death by bag. Harry, levitating the tea set, stifles a laugh.

“Your husband’s twin brother is an idiot,” she amends, dropping into her designated seat.

“Well, seeing as how my husband’s twin brother is your husband that says more about your taste than mine.”


For all that they enjoy being identical twins, confusing people and being in total synchronization, they know they are distinct, separate people. It’s not something they let many other people know, obviously, but when it’s just them they discuss it–trying but sometimes failing to understand the differences between them. It becomes clear with their choice in spouses, though Ron often plays at being exasperated–“Honestly, my two best friends? What would you have done if I only had one best friend?”–but they have his blessing.

George felt it first, perhaps not too odd, seeing as how they never really interacted with Hermione until much later in their teens. But Fred think that’s what makes it strange–not bad, necessarily–but he just can’t divorce the idea of Harry from the lost lonely boy at the train station, the small face behind a barred window, the baby of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Fred loves Harry too, as a brother (or more officially, a brother-in-law) but he doesn’t understand George’s love for Harry.

The thing is, George sees all that too. But he also sees how that lost lonely boy saved their sister, saw the rebirth of a monster but invested in happiness, led an underground defense group against the Toad, became a government criminal and saved everyone. He sees a lost lonely boy who was good but not perfect, who mistrusted people because of experience but wanted to be surprised, who yelled more than cried and laughed all too little. A lost lonely boy who ended a war and along the way became a man who didn’t need to be so lost or lonely anymore.