I loved your AYWtM drabbles! I decided to go through your AYWtM tag again, and in your first brainstorm you mentioned thinking of a HP/Narnia crossover with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville as the kings and queen of Narnia. Do you have anything more on that?

Hey to-someplace-else! I did actually do a little bit more on that a few days later, though I failed to link it from the original post, but considering it’s been almost two years since I posted those I could definitely touch back on the idea.

I think maybe the main problem–besides not having a firm enough idea of when in the HP timeline to do it–is that a few months later the Descendants x Narnia crossover idea struck me and overall that one feels more cohesive.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be very pleased with the “just Harry” and “Harry the Just” connection, but as an adventure or, maybe, as a set of character developments, it works better with Descendants. Or, perhaps, the four Lost Kids of Descendants “need” the character developments from a Narnia crossover than the four HP kids do.

Like, the HP series is far from perfect, but the personal growth that the Golden Trio and Neville (which is it’s own sticking point, Neville being the odd man out, that the Descendants version doesn’t have) have over the course of it is one of things that I wouldn’t want alter too much. A Golden Trio+Neville (the Golden Quartet?) come back from ruling Narnia in their first or second year would be vastly different from canon and have almost too many butterfly effects that would render the HP series unrecognizable.

Unless for some reason they decided to keep it secret, but then the story would be about those small moments in which the Golden Quartet do decide to utilize what they learned and it doesn’t make much sense for them to do that? Like, given their Gryffindor natures, the only one who would be vaguely subtle about it might be Hermione, but even then she canonically held Rita Skeeter captive in a jar as a fourteen year old–no way would a grown queen version of her used to warfare not want to immediately hunt down and destroy Voldemort and his Death Eaters immediately.

… although now that I say this… what if it’s NOT the Golden Quartet who went? That is, what if it’s not a bunch of brash Gryffindors who would immediately enact justice upon returning, no matter their situation upon returning?

What if it’s a bunch of Slytherins? And Narnia-prophecy wise it would work better: Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and Millicent or Daphne. There wouldn’t really be an odd man out like with the Golden Trio + Neville because except for Pansy’s sycophancy towards Draco (which may very well be a reputation thing) they’re all fairly individualistic. And upon coming back it would make sense that they keep quiet about it because while Voldemort might be evil, the Death Eaters are their parents. The Slytherins would be highly aware of the “real world” and societal limitations on them that a Golden Quartet wouldn’t.

But then that edges a bit into what I like about Once Then Always in that four kids of villains can become heroes. And whereas in the HP series it would just butterfly effect in different ways, in Descendants it would add an additional layer.

Although I suppose something similar could be done if the Hogwarts Founders were the Digory and Polly equivalents? But even then there’s not much need for a crossover with The Chronicles of Narnia–the HP ‘verse has more than enough material to do something similar…

Sorry that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this particular thread, to-someplace-else.


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Cross Post: Untitled HP!Post-Hogwarts Divergence (2016-08-17)

A/N: Going to be busy for the next couple of days, so I’m (finally) setting up a queue of cross posts rather than just having a bunch of missed posts.

This one is just a short thing, but I’m fond of it nonetheless. It’s vaguely influenced by JK’s original plan for Hermione to get with Fred and the fact that I’m pretty sure Harry is gay. So Hermione and Fred get together, Harry gets with George, but Ron is still their best friend so the Golden Trio hang out a lot.

original here. dated 2014-02-10.


“Your husband’s brother is an idiot,” she huffs at Harry after storming in and nearly tossing her bag onto the table.

“Oi! I haven’t even done anything!” Ron protested, quickly rescuing their tray of snacks from an untimely death by bag. Harry, levitating the tea set, stifles a laugh.

“Your husband’s twin brother is an idiot,” she amends, dropping into her designated seat.

“Well, seeing as how my husband’s twin brother is your husband that says more about your taste than mine.”


For all that they enjoy being identical twins, confusing people and being in total synchronization, they know they are distinct, separate people. It’s not something they let many other people know, obviously, but when it’s just them they discuss it–trying but sometimes failing to understand the differences between them. It becomes clear with their choice in spouses, though Ron often plays at being exasperated–“Honestly, my two best friends? What would you have done if I only had one best friend?”–but they have his blessing.

George felt it first, perhaps not too odd, seeing as how they never really interacted with Hermione until much later in their teens. But Fred think that’s what makes it strange–not bad, necessarily–but he just can’t divorce the idea of Harry from the lost lonely boy at the train station, the small face behind a barred window, the baby of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Fred loves Harry too, as a brother (or more officially, a brother-in-law) but he doesn’t understand George’s love for Harry.

The thing is, George sees all that too. But he also sees how that lost lonely boy saved their sister, saw the rebirth of a monster but invested in happiness, led an underground defense group against the Toad, became a government criminal and saved everyone. He sees a lost lonely boy who was good but not perfect, who mistrusted people because of experience but wanted to be surprised, who yelled more than cried and laughed all too little. A lost lonely boy who ended a war and along the way became a man who didn’t need to be so lost or lonely anymore.

Learning How To Fly (a DSS Requirement Zacharias Smith fanmix)

  1. It’s Time (Round Mashup) by Imagine Dragons/Kayla Camacho
  2. Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
  3. Fly Me To The Moon by Westlife
  4. Binary Mind by Ra Ra Riot
  5. Love Love by Take That
  6. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last
  7. What Is Love by Jaymes Young
  8. Give Me Love / Say Something by Song-Masher
  9. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
  10. Invincible by OK Go
  11. I Love You by Woodkid
  12. I Follow Rivers (ft. Max Giesinger) by Michael Schulte
  13. When Can I See You Again? by Owl City

Find it here!
(The link sends you to a mediafire folder, only the zip file is necessary for the entire mix)


A/N: I admit that this won’t make any sense until I write/post my DSS Requirement fic remix drabble featuring Zacharias Smith (and, boy, do I have a lot of feels about that!) but these are some songs off of my “favorites” list that resonated SO NICELY with the drabble to be that I couldn’t help but make this fanmix (also, I didn’t want to have two Missed Posts in a row).

Obviously, Zacharias’ feelings are not as platonic as Marietta’s 🙂

So I have a fic I was trying to write, and I was wondering what you think of it. In an effort to evade being sent to the Isle of the Lost, Cruella de Vill escaped to England. Eventually recaptured, she brought back with her a child with black hair, green eyes, and a strange scar on his forehead. 13 years later, the renamed Carlos de Vill is pulled away from Auradon by the power of an ancient Goblet to compete in an archaic tournament. Magic may be real, but that does’t mean he has it…right?

It’s an interesting idea for sure. The Harry Potter series (or at least the British magical world presented in it) is insular enough that many other shows/movies/books aren’t necessarily incompatible. There are some points where I’m wondering what exactly you’re implying–because there are multiple ways to interpret this.

Like, for example, is this a switched identity thing–in which both Carlos and Harry exist but for some reason, Cruella switched her baby for the Potters’ baby? Or is this a story in which Carlos does not exist, but Cruella somehow obtains Harry and then names him Carlos because she would have named any child she raised Carlos? Like… is the Carlos we see in Descendants secretly Harry Potter? And only when the Goblet of Fire calls upon his “real name” does he realize it… And so is there then a “Harry Potter” living and learning in Hogwarts that, due to actually being Carlos de Vil, realizes his entire life has been a lie?

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not entirely sure what kind of Carlos-is-Harry method you want to use for this story so I can’t really brainstorm more on what you’ve given me…

I suppose I wonder how Cruella got Harry (either instead of, or in exchange for her own son). Like, is she blood related to Lily (and Petunia)? Or did she just see this green-eyed baby and want it for herself–but, why?–or did she have Carlos and try to–OH MY GOD.

Okay. I just thought of something potentially horrific but possibly in character for the Descendants’ version of Cruella de Vil. Like… what if she did have Carlos (canon Carlos, that is) but he died as a baby. For some reason. Either her own neglect or he just wasn’t a very healthy baby. But he dies. And we’ve seen how attached she is to that fake stuffed dog so what if… she just lost her baby. And she sees this abandoned baby just, you know, lying there. And she takes it. Because that means her baby’s not really dead, see, he’s right here.

Um… like I said… I have no idea which route you want to take for that so everything with a grain of salt.

But, okay, after that… I guess then I would have to wonder about the timing of things. Since Goblet of Fire happens in the year right after Harry turns fourteen… wouldn’t this happen before the events of the Descendants movie? In which case, Carlos aka Harry isn’t enrolled in Auradon Prep–he’s a student of Dragon Hall. And if he’s, as in GoF canon, a representative of a fourth school then that means you can bring in other Dragon Hall students to Hogwarts for the tournament. Such as Mal, Evie, Jay, and other of the more magically inclined villain kids.

It would derail the Descendants movie entirely but… it could be interesting to play around with. I mean, as I’ve said before, I haven’t read the book so I don’t know much about non-movie canon for the Descendants world, but if you can make it work that more power to you. And nothing is to stop you from having the events of Descendants (that is, Ben inviting the four Lost kids to Auradon Prep) from still happening after the GoF x Isle of the Lost year.

Some advice: I’d say watch out for spreading yourself too thin, though, and make sure you have a good handle on your character voices. Especially Carlos-Harry. He’s going to be different than either canon!Carlos or canon!Harry, but he has to be similar enough to both that you can still get the feeling of both of them.

And, make sure Cruella’s motivations make sense. In a way, SHE’s the instigator of your fic idea, so even if her reasoning isn’t exactly rational (because emotions aren’t always rational) it should adhere to some kind of internal logic.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, with a lot of intricate plotting to work through, but not entirely undoable. If you have your heart set on it then go for it! 😀

Growing Strong (Burning Bright), HPxKHR crossover/fusion brainstorm (2015-03-24)

As previously mentioned in my A Year With The Moon brainstorm, here, I’ve been wanting to do a proper outline on another idea. Namely, the HPxKHR crossover/fusion. I had stated that it would be about, or partially due to, Rowan(/Bromley/Branton) Evans, aka brother to Petunia and Lily Evans, aka uncle to Harry Potter. And a mafioso. And it would feature the Ministry Six plus surprise Hogwarts student as the newest batch of Flame users in organized crime.

The idea was that there was a third Evans sibling, because mystical things ought to happen in threes and it makes the lifestyles of the Evans sisters more interesting if–instead of a dichotomy, it were more of a branching (like the Peverell brothers). Lily is still the only magic user, but that doesn’t preclude Evans brother from using Flames. In fact, it would explain Harry’s “power he knows not” is literally the power is from the Evans side of the family.

Anyway, Evans brother–leaning toward Branton or Rowan, the former sounding more like a “normal” name, but the latter having cool connotations–is older than Lily, definitely. Not sure if I want him to be older or younger than Petunia… though going by the whole birth-order psychology, it would make sense for her to be the middle child. I could throw in twins for the hell of it, but… meh. So the eldest Evans child, instead of escaping Cokeworth by status jumping (like Petunia) or joining a magical society (like Lily), escaped via crime. Eventually going into organized crime… somehow. Obviously I’ll need to do some research on organized in the United Kingdom and figure out how to make it more KHR flavored, though obviously the British Firms are far less flamboyant and showy than the Italian Famiglia.

I don’t think Evans brother is the head of a British firm, but he may be something decently high up. Probably due to the fact that he may be one of the few British criminals to have unlocked his Flame. Regardless, he is tasked with finding more Flame users either to supplement the firm’s standing in the international crime community or because there may be a specific need for a full set of Flame users in reaction to the crazy shit going on in KHR canon.

He’s going to look close to home, since it might just be genetic and perhaps all the weird magic stuff Lily did was actually Flames. But Lily disappeared more than a decade ago, married to some uppity magic ponce, so it’s easier to track down his other sister. Except, lo and behold, Lily’s son also lives with Petunia. That makes things easy. Obviously Petunia isn’t going to let her precious Diddy-kins join a firm, for all that Dudley is the one in an actual gang, but she could care less what happens to her nephew. And if it gets her older brother off her back then so be it. She knows that he’s in organized crime, but he’s impeccably dressed and rich and willing to play it off as legitimate employment in front of her husband. He just needs to borrow their mutual vagrant of a nephew for some manual labor, aka Flame training.

I should mention here that this would probably go down in the summer, between Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. Well… actually. Hm… the main reason I want to do this is because Harry is a representative for a “fourth school” which Evans uncle can use to his benefit to recruit more magic/Flame using kids. But it’s only until he gets to Hogwarts that he realizes that magic and Flames are different. And it parallel’s Tsuna’s situation with Reborn, in that Reborn appears when Tsuna is 13/14.

Anyway, because Flames aren’t magic, Evans uncle has to figure out which kids actually do have Flames. Obviously the (future) Ministry Six have Flames, but I need one more. Probably more students have Flames, but I really just want Evans uncle to focus on a core set (enough to match those Italian Famiglias) because he’s not actually here to make a school he’s here to recruit weapons for his firm. Since he’s got his hooks into Harry due to the family thing, he’s going to build his set around him. Which obviously means that Harry is the Sky. From there I have various headcanons for Flames and for who should be the Seventh (or if some of the Ministry Six should even have Flames… hm…)

Definitely: Hermione – Storm (or Mist), Luna – Mist (or Rain)
Probably: Neville – Sun (or Rain), Ron – Lightning, Ginny – Cloud (or Storm or Sun)
Maybe: Draco, Susan, Hannah, Blaise, Cho, Cedric, Fred, George, Lee (actually, I’d prefer Lee over the twins…)
I don’t necessarily want blood status to equal Flames or not. Some purebloods are probably unfairly gifted with Flames, but since it’s not magic they just don’t use it.

Anyway, it basically shakes out to–at first they’re really pretty shrewd and outright in using each other. A sort of “I need a student and you want to get out of the Dursley’s house. This way we both win.” Then with the addition of more students it’s like, “I need to recruit more people and you apparently need help with this tournament.” And it then develops into, “I’m going to help you kill that sob that killed my sister, that way you don’t have any more obligations and you will join the firm.” Finally, eventually turns into, “The blood wards will work on me too. We’ll live together. And if you happen to have a giant pet dog that can double as an magic adult recruit for my firm then fine.” I’m not saying he revolutionizes organized crime, but his firm definitely gets perks of having a direct line to the magic world. And it gives them an unexpected additional edge against the Famiglia.

If I were to write it… it’d probably only be Fourth year, in depth, and maybe some smattering of later years to show the changes to the war. And an epilogue in which the Vongola Tenth Generation meet the… ugh, I don’t know what to call them. The Phoenix Guard? … the Flame users of the British firms.

Some tidbits/character interactions:

Kingsley Shacklebolt hates Evans uncle’s guts. HATES. It’s fantastic. Because he’s very obviously a criminal but Shacklebolt has no jurisdiction 😀 Tonks, on the other hand, probably outwardly hates him too because Aurors stick together, but inwardly thinks he’s really cool. He’s closer to being a secret agent than she’ll ever be.

Severus Snape doesn’t necessarily hate Evans uncle, but he does feel discomfited. Because it reminds him of being a child in Cokeworth. And while Petunia was overtly jealous/spiteful of Lily and Severus’ magic, Evans uncle was pretty nice in the rare occasions when he was around. He was probably Severus’ first positive male role model (which is hilarious all things considered), and while that faded with Severus’ realization (or at least perceived realization) sometimes the past his hard to shake. It probably doesn’t help that the last time they saw each other, Severus and Lily were still friends (so, like, two decades ago) and Severus wants to cling to that notion.

Sirius and Remus are ambivalent toward him for differing reasons: Sirius doesn’t really mind the crime part, enjoys the “training Harry to be kickass” part, but he’s jealous of the whole “I’m a reliable uncle and can actually follow up on my promises. (The secret is to not make sappy ridiculous ones).” Remus, on the other hand, is bothered by the crime part a little. Especially with how easily (at least it seems so to Remus) he is recruiting everyone including students. He’s fascinated by the Flame training (and maybe even has Flames himself? And thus is an eager student) but reluctant to join the firm  in exchange. While he’s not jealous of the whole “reliable uncle” thing, he doesn’t appreciate his shortcomings being aired in public–he’s poor, he doesn’t fit in either the Muggle or magical world, he couldn’t even meet Harry until he was a teacher, but in Evans uncle is rich (from crime), he seems to be slotting into the magical world easily for a Muggle, in less than a year Evans uncle has already done blah blah blah.

What I’m really unsure about is how Dumbledore feels. I don’t actually want Evans uncle to just storm in there and fix everything. It takes him a while. There are obstacles in this journey both emotional and physical and political and whatever. So he has to be VERY careful in the beginning not to piss off Dumbledore. Maybe at first, Evans uncle implies that Flames are magic but that he didn’t have much more than a squib did and probably didn’t register as a muggleborn until after he had a near death experience (Dying Will) which allowed him to access the internal energy.

I have some less coherent brainstorming for a HPxKHR idea on my lj here but nothing specific to this Evans uncle idea.

I’m not against Evans uncle actually being an Evans aunt, but I did brainstorm this with an uncle specifically in mind.

edit: now titled Growing Strong (Burning Bright)