Character Statistics: DoSxDescendants fusion, Lost Kids


(data as of Academy Graduation, Dreaming of Sunshine Chapter Four; summoned to Konoha)



(data as of Sound Four Arc, Dreaming of Sunshine Chapter Sixty One; deployed as reinforcements)



(data as of Shippuden; summoned to Auradon)











A/N: Based on this brainstorm in which the Lost Kids of Descendants end up in the Naruto world for a few years before being summoned back to their original world.

I am way too fond of making these Character Statistics posts, but am clearly running out of teams to do. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m also considering how to adapt this for other media–Katekyo Hitman Reborn seems like it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, but I also don’t know the timeline of that series very well…

Fake Fic Summaries, 19/? The Glimmering edition (2017-01-17)

A/N: Strangest thing–went to sleep after gorging my brain on Yuri on Ice fic and the  FFBE game and somehow dreamed of Descendants. So… that’ll teach me to presume wtf is going on in my head.


The Glimmering

They’ve known since the beginning that Auradon is not nearly as perfect as it would like to believe.

They could never have guessed just how right they were.

Wow, okay, so that’s a basically useless summary am I right? But the story goes pretty much like this:

Sometime after the first movie, the four Lost Kids are witness to Auradon Prep’s strangest and most horrifying tradition:

Every year, for one month, the school goes through what is only known as “The Glimmering.” In which for that month, there are no teachers, and the students are left to fend for themselves against weird demonic planar creatures.

It was a bit Battle Royale meets HP and the Chamber of Secrets? In that, the creatures don’t kill the students but they do petrify/erase their memories and, over all, it’s quite creepy really. At least on the Isle of the Lost everything was straightforward–here? Not so much.

I don’t know why, but for some reason the Lost Kids weren’t sticking together for it–maybe The Glimmering happens suddenly and they were in different classes on opposite sides of the campus? Or maybe students are expected to fight on assigned teams?

Oh, right, there’s a competition aspect. There’s a lot of different possible achievements (though who or how these judgements are made… maybe the missing teachers monitor the situation somehow?) such as most Glimmers killed individually, most Glimmers killed in a group, most impressive kill, etc. etc. Apparently, there’s one achievement that hasn’t been reached but which everyone kind of knows instinctively and that is to kill the Glimmer Monarch.

Though bewildered and horrified, the Lost Kids are, unsurprisingly, rather good at The Glimmering. Mal has magic, Evie allies with the Science Club mostly comprised of the dwarves’ descendants, Jay has practically trained for this his entire life, and for some reason I had the most visceral inkling that Carlos and Dude survived because they stayed in the ventilation system and sniped Glimmers from ceiling.

In the Auradon adults’ defense, it’s not like they abandoned the students–it’s just that for that month, the plane on which the Glimmers exist is accessible only to kids. I don’t know, dream logic. It was quite cool in my head.


Some things that I remember happening:

  • Audrey and the cheerleaders last a scarily long time (though, admittedly, they did use other students as cannon fodder between themselves and The Glimmers).
  • The Glimmers have their own nefarious mission to try to get Ben, for an unknown, nefarious purpose.
  • Jay and Lonnie pair up–but pair up as in agree to fight together and watch each other’s backs, not pair up as in romance because as it turns out Lonnie is not interested in boys. But they do become friends, which is quite nice. And they’re quite badass, which is also nice.
  • Jane can access her magic in this plane–I don’t know what the repercussions of that are, but I’m sure it’s important.
  • Via the ventilation system, Carlos ends up in the PA system/Audio-Vis clubroom. For some reason, he also knows that certain sounds can throw off the Glimmers’ ability to perceive properly? And thus is the part in the movie where he blasts some epic song across the campus and the students make their big stand.
  • Evie and the remaining survivors of her Science Club minions stumble on an adult. But… like… a suuper aged ~mysterious~ adult who is trapped in the Glimmer plane and bestows wisdom from their years of experience. For some reason, I’m pretty sure it was actually someone who wasn’t that much older than them but who had aged so rapidly in the Glimmer plane that they looked ancient. Someone’s lost older sibling, I think, who had been forgotten by the kids but not by the adults.
  • During the big stand, Mal and Ben–because bizarrely my brain said they had to be the main characters again–are in a hedge maze which leads to the Glimmer Monarch’s lair. There’s a quiet moment where Ben possibly reveals that he knows what’s going on? Or at least why the Glimmers are so after him in particular? There’s a big reveal, anyway, which makes Mal–who is internally absolutely horrified by this weird month of inter-planar demon war–even more horrified and outwardly so. At Auradon? At the royal family? I don’t remember.
  • Mal does not beat the Glimmer Monarch. Nor does Ben. In fact, none of the students beat the Glimmer Monarch. Mal and Ben have to run away from the Glimmer Monarch (who, of course, gives chase) and they head towards the field where the big stand is happening. There the aged stranger shows up, rapidly de-aging, until they look like a teenager as well. They and the Glimmer Monarch are the ones that fight each other, the stranger wins but dies and with that the Glimmering is over. Forever.

… Now that I type it out, while I don’t think that’s what happened in my dream, I do think that narratively it would make the most sense if the stranger were either 1) Ben’s older sibling, 2) Jane’s older sibling, 3) an unrelated fairy descendant, 4) THE oldest Lost Kid taken from the Isle of the Lost by the royal family as a sort of… sacrifice? Offering? Stabilizer?

… It’s possible there are two strangers in the Glimmer plane, one a Lost Kid, one an Auradon kid. Unsure exactly.

Anyway, it was just a pretty cool dream. Surprisingly coherent for all that I can’t fill in ALL of the details.

Underneath the Red Lights, 2/? (2016-08-30)

Carlos spends–spent–his days making locks. And doorknobs. And latches. And fences. And gates.

But no keys.

Which is bleakly appropriate considering all of the people he ever loved are in prison.

The point is that Carlos works–worked–with a lot of metal. A lot of shiny, reflective metal.

The first time he saw it, he didn’t even notice–it was just a blur of blue and peach–it could easily have been his own reflection even though the uniform is more grey than blue, and his skin more tan than peach.

The second time, he took a moment to look around. Figured maybe it was someone else, the curved angle of the metal bouncing the light bizarrely. But no one was there, and when he turned back the reflection was gone.

The third time, he actually saw a face–a face that he’d recognize anywhere even after five years, a face he thought he’d never see again.


It turns out that, no matter how kind their hiring practices, dwarves are about as tolerant of an employee halting an entire day of production to have a freak out as humans are.

That is to say, not tolerant at all.

He’s told to turn in his uniform and keycard, they inform him he’ll receive his partial paycheck in the mail, and then he’s summarily guided out the door never to return.

“I didn’t want to work here anyway,” Carlos mutters, quietly enough that he won’t be overheard because maybe if he’s lucky they’ll still give him a good reference. Though when has luck ever been on his side?

His unemployment walk of shame is about as awful as a regular walk of shame, worse actually because he didn’t even have any fun to make up for it, but a part of him is thrumming with excitement and a little bit of what might be hope.

He keeps looking in ever reflective surface–the windows of shops he passes by, the side mirrors of parked cars, even each puddle he carefully steps around–hoping to see another glimpse of Evie, but so far nothing.

Maybe he’s going mad.

He’s straining so hard to find her that he isn’t paying as much attention to walking as he ought to–


–he hears his name, a familiar voice for all that it’s deeper and somehow not attached to a body. He stops, nearly trips, nearly–

–a car rushes past him, close enough and fast enough that the displaced air ruffles his clothes, his hair, blows violently against his skin.

He goes straight home–no more gazing at windows and wishing for something that’s not real, refusing to respond to a voice calling his name in a tone and cadence as fondly irritated as he remembers–although home is a bit of a stretch.

The tiny studio apartment he shares with Jane doesn’t leave room for much privacy, but neither of them really care about that because at least it’s only one other roommate instead of the twenty they grew up with.

Their cracked and mismatched dishes are piling up in the sink, their clothes are mixed together–whites and blacks and greys and, on the rare occasions they can splurge, tiny hints of blues and pinks and reds–and the bathroom door isn’t so much a door as it is a jury rigged plank of wood and that they have to either eel around or manually shift. Neither of them have actual beds–not that there’s space for it–so Jane has a futon and Carlos uses a couch that they scavenged from the curb and cleaned as best as they could (it still smells like bleach, which is better than the alternative).

It’s not home, but it’s the closest thing they’ll ever get. Just like how neither of them are each other’s first choice in friends, but they’ve worked hard to make it work.

Carlos goes home and Jane sees his face–pale and shocked and horrified and wild-eyed–and decides he needs a distraction.

“Don’t sit down,” she orders, already digging into their shared pile of clothes and tossing a pair of black skinny jeans at his head–it might be hers or it might be his, they’re the same size so it doesn’t really matter.

“I need your help with something important,” she adds, without elaborating, and it’s not until they’re in line to enter Problématique does Carlos realize that the ‘something important’ is either helping Jane get drunk or get laid.

Whatever, he’s not opposed to having a night out.

It’s not like this day can get much worse.


A/N: Not keen on that ending, but it’s already seven past so…

Underneath the Red Lights, 1/? (2016-08-29)

The week of his twentieth birthday, Carlos gets:

1) fired from his job,

2) nearly run over by a car,

3) tricked into going out clubbing by Jane for their shared birthday, then immediately ditched when she finds someone to make out with,


4) a panic attack fueled by an existential crisis as he considers the rest of his life playing out in terrible, bleak monochrome.

All in all, it’s not as awful as the week of his fifteenth birthday, so he’ll take it.

Oh, he also gets a boyfriend… kind of.

It’s a long story.

The collective kingdoms of Auradon have had fairly negative experiences with magic and so, in a spectacular show of panicked bigotry, decided to ban all magic and lock away all magicians.

Present and future.

Of course, the nobility like to think they’re the good guys, so they don’t exactly go around imprisoning children–but they also don’t hesitate to throw sixteen year old potential magicians into Auradon’s maximum security prison, Maison Rouge. It’s not like anyone really has the power to stop them.

Certainly not a magic-less boy living in a government run orphanage (even though technically he’s not an orphan since, as far as he knows, his mother is still alive).

So when Carlos wakes up the morning of his fifteenth birthday–January 1st, a New Year baby–and finds the three bunks nearest his empty and cold, he only cries a little bit into his scratchy blankets before quickly wiping away his tears.

(Jay’s not there to throw a stolen handkerchief at his face, Evie won’t run a comforting hand through his hair, Mal won’t stand guard and glare at anyone else who might stare or laugh)

In a different way, that morning was the worst day of Jane’s life, too. Mostly due to the fact that she woke up on her sixteenth birthday and hadn’t been in Maison Rouge.

Like him, Jane isn’t actually an orphan either.

The factory Carlos works in–or, rather, used to work in–is dwarf owned. Then again, most factories are dwarf owned. Most companies, in fact.

Forget titles and pedigrees–precious stones and metals, then later oil and technology–that’s where real prestige comes from.

As it is, though, dwarf culture and business practices are a lot kinder than human run companies. Carlos didn’t love his job–it was repetitive and boring and, if he’s going to be honest, way below his capabilities–but considering he only has the minimum government provided education and no social capital whatsoever, it was a decent first job.

Definitely better than where some of his former housemates ended up.

Until, after two years of mind-numbing diligence, he somehow managed to fuck it up entirely.

In his defense, it’s not entirely his fault.



A/N: I’m a big liar who lies, apparently, because it looks like I am, in fact, going to write Underneath the Red Lights – or at least try my best at it.

Hopefully this will reignite my Descendants feels again. Fingers crossed.

So, recap: Jane has no magic, Jane and Carlos share a birthday but she’s one year older, every December 31st the government does a sweep of all sixteen year olds and throws those with magic potential in jail.

Once Then Always, Tetrarch Picture (2016-06-13)

A/N: I really should have been sleeping, but I figured, since I didn’t and I made online dolls of the Lost kids as Narnian tetrarchs (or tetrarchs to be) instead, I ought to post it and hope someone else enjoys them. So pics are under the cut.

I used Rinmaru’s Ascension Doll Maker, if anyone’s interested. It’s a fairly good doll maker, a lot of options.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make Carlos shorter than the girls, which was a liiiiiiittle bit annoying (pun not intended) but I figured maybe he ended up having a growth spurt during their months in Narnia (a la, Skandar Keynes, the actor for Edmund Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia film, who did actually end up having a growth spurt during filming before the Battle of Beruna and so some of his lines had to be dubbed by his sister)?


Like how the Lost kids make different choices than the Pevensies in their journey through Narnia, I kind of liked the idea that they also got different sets of gifts from Father Christmas. Or, rather, different combinations of gifts. So for Evie: the bow and arrows plus the healing potion. For Carlos: the summoning horn and the shield (implied with the across the chest belt). For Jay: not only the sword but also a dagger–because why settle for one blade when you can have two?

So it would seem like Carlos has the worst combo, but I figure it vibes a lot more with what I’m planning to have him do with wolves (that is, not kill them and so he becomes Carlos Wolftamer) and while I’m not saying he’s going to go all Captain America with his shield, it can be a pretty descent weapon (at least in terms of bashing things). And, well, Edmund never got a sword from Father Christmas but he still ends up sword-fighting too. So while Carlos’ sword isn’t a ~special~ sword, he might learn how to use one… Though him also not and instead summoning wolves to him does sound super appealing… unless the horn is somehow a weapon?

Aaand eventually, once Mal frees herself (with help from Aslan) from the White Witch and defeats her in battle, she gets the White Witch’s wand (which may or may not be the Fairy Godmother’s wand but before millennia has eroded it to a mere remnant of itself).

Also, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but Evie is High Queen over all four of them–hence the longer cape and the crown.

I saw the latest post on the BH6-au-ideas tumblr and thought you might like it. It’s part 2 of a crossover/fusion between BH6 and Descendants. It looks a bit intriguing and I was wondering what you thought of it.

Ah, okay, you mean these posts, right? Or at least the ones that are connected… It’s definitely very interesting, and I do appreciate how OP has adapted the BH6 characters into the Descendants world. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it and I like the decisions they’ve made for who’s related to who… but it’s not really my cup of tea, I think.

It’s a lot of characters to juggle, and it almost feels like the BH6 crew kinda of usurp the Descendants kids. Which, I mean, given the blog is called BH6-au-ideas makes sense–of course they’re going to focus on the BH6 crew–but I almost wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just either full on replace the Descendants kids (that is, Honey Lemon isn’t Evie older sister, she just takes Evie’s place, same with Fred and Ben, etc.) or, have them be separate and adjacent to the Descendants kids? Like–these are the villain kids left behind on the Isle, angry that they weren’t chosen? Or these are hero kids that we didn’t get the chance to see.

Personally, if I were to do this I’d most likely do just a straight crossover–no fusion at all. Because, I mean, Hiro and Baymax literally go through a portal into a different dimension. Like… whose to say that dimension isn’t basically the space in between universes?

And then, well, you can kind of go in two different directions–either Hiro and Baymax (and Abigail?) appear on the Isle or they appear in Auradon. Does Callaghan also go into the portal? Well, you can sort of hand wave some minor canon divergence and say he does. In which case, it’d be interesting to decide who appears where.

Because on the one hand, Callaghan as Yokai on the Isle essentially hijacking the villains while Auradon is distracted by Ben’s exchange students and the sudden appearance of Hiro, Baymax, and Abigail could be cool.

But what might be even more fun is if Hiro, Baymax and Abigail end up on the Isle having to make do with scraps to rebuild the portal, whereas Callaghan schmoozes and charms the royalty by saying a villain (aka Hiro) has stolen his technology (either Baymax or the nanobots). And then there’s the big Abigail is still alive reveal. So…

I mean if you REALLY want to hand wave some minor canon divergence, you can have the entire crew get sucked into the portal (because, well, giant dimension crossing portals in the sky) and end up in the Descendants world.

I guess if I were to try more on the fusion side, rather than strict crossover, I’d probably… hm… without directly replacing the Descendants kids OR having them completely derail the movie plot…

OH! Okay… so… I don’t super know if the ages would match up or if someone would have to be de-aged, but Honey Lemon as Snow White’s daughter (or niece via Rose Red). Which will make it interesting because both she and Evie are super into chemistry. [[Actually… given that the main four Lost kids are 16ish, maybe they’re looking into colleges? Or Auradon Prep alumni come back for the coronation? So that everyone is still the same ages as they are in their respective movie…]]

Anyway, so… wouldn’t it be interesting if each of the Lost kids matched up to a BH6 member? So… Wasabi as Audrey’s older brother who, during his own time at Auradon Prep preferred science to sports and wasn’t really that cool despite being royalty. But, you know, he stuck with what he wanted/was passionate about despite what his parents would have preferred. Alternatively, son of Tiana and Naveen who did encourage him to follow his dreams even if that means not being the stereotypical prince.

I do rather like GoGo as Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid, as the OP suggested–and like hell she’d put up with Jay’s bravado. Although I have heard, alternatively, that Jay is actually Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid that Jafar stole. And, I mean, the naming convention does still apply as Jasmine’s son. (And he was totally channeling street rat Aladdin in the movie). So maybe… ooh. What if GoGo was adopted (as a once street rat herself?) whereas Jay is the biological son of Aladdin and Jasmine.

And, I dunno why, I just really like the idea of the Hamada brothers basically being the sons of the Radcliffes (is that their name? the ones with all the dalmatians) and, well, considering their aunt has a Lucky Cat Cafe. Although maybe the Hamada family used to have a lot more cats but Cruella actually succeeded in making a fur coat out of their cats. Okay, sorry. That just got super morbid. My bad. Anyway, technology and creativity setting you free etc etc for Carlos.

Fred, obviously, is also a royal. But I’d rather not have him be Ben’s older brother, mostly because the whole line of succession thing and just why is Ben king at 16? I’m trying to think of which royal family would suit him best though… because on the one hand, him being the slobby older brother of Chad Charming could be hilarious, but on the other hand he’s pretty spot on for what I imagine either Rapunzel and Eugene OR Anna and Kristoff raising their kid as. Like, yeah, he’s still royalty. But not really the kind of royalty that uh, sorry to cross tracks but, would “play the game of thrones” you know?

Uh… yeah, sorry about that. I kind of totally derailed your question. Or my own answer. Uh, I haven’t slept in forty hours so… please excuse any… strangeness in this post.

Once Then Always (a Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia fanmix)

  1. Once Upon A December by Liz Callaway
  2. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  3. The Curse by Agnes Obel
  4. Starting To Turn by Andrew Paul Woodworth
  5. Wolf by First Aid Kit
  6. Iron by Woodkid
  7. Tracks in the Snow by The Civil Wars
  8. Til Kingdom Come by The Autumn Film
  9. Beautiful Ending by Barlow Girl
  10. Home by Dotan
  11. Skyfall by Adele
  12. Woman King by Iron & Wine
  13. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
  14. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars
  15. Empire by Alpines
  16. This is Home by Switchfoot
  17. Time by AD vs Satellite Empire Remix
  18. The Call by Regina Spektor
  19. A Thousand Years by Boyce Avenue
  20. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Find it here!
(The link sends you to a mediafire folder, only the zip file is necessary for the entire mix)


A/N: As you probably saw earlier, I’m very proud of the album art (and the related “banners”) all of which are included in the zip file download.

So this is the fanmix for the epic fanfiction which I have yet to write, in which the Lost Kids are the Four Rulers of Narnia instead of the Pevensie siblings (and in which Narnia is the distant past of Auradon). I tried to make the songs reflect the flow of the story in hopes that it would inspire me into actually writing the fic. Unfortunately that does not yet seem to be the case.

I also wasn’t sure which version of A Thousand Years to use so I just included two that I had (I also have an instrumental version but… uh…). Enjoy!


fanmix album art plus individual crown banners for Once Then Always (aka my Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia crossover/fusion)


A/N: … uh… so… I swear I was going to write something! I had even set up some music so I could focus on writing instead of getting distracted by the internet! Except then I got distracted by the music… and then the internet followed swiftly afterwards so…

So, this was sort of nonverbally prompted by @briarberry​​ who recently liked a lot of my Descendants posts and I just kinda remembered for a second that–oh, I haven’t yet written anything for Once Then Always but I would really really like to some day. 

And also maybe a fanmix.

Except all I have right now is the “album art” which I thought looked really cool (though I’m not sure which font I prefer) and then I was like, well, might as well share it so I don’t end up with another Missed Post.

And then I thought, hey, these individual crowns also look pretty cool, so I separated them to make “banners.” Feel free to use them–if anyone’s interested, I can host them on my mediafire account to make them downloadable, just let me know.


Added some text to the banners because… because.

fanmix album art plus individual crown banners for Once Then Always (aka my Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia crossover/fusion)


A/N: … uh… so… I swear I was going to write something! I had even set up some music so I could focus on writing instead of getting distracted by the internet! Except then I got distracted by the music… and then the internet followed swiftly afterwards so…

So, this was sort of nonverbally prompted by @briarberry​​ who recently liked a lot of my Descendants posts and I just kinda remembered for a second that–oh, I haven’t yet written anything for Once Then Always but I would really really like to some day. 

And also maybe a fanmix.

Except all I have right now is the “album art” which I thought looked really cool (though I’m not sure which font I prefer) and then I was like, well, might as well share it so I don’t end up with another Missed Post.

And then I thought, hey, these individual crowns also look pretty cool, so I separated them to make “banners.” Feel free to use them–if anyone’s interested, I can host them on my mediafire account to make them downloadable, just let me know.


Outliving The Ruins, 6/? (2016-02-22)

Carlos is pushed.

Not out of any malice, just a bending mishap, a mistimed pillar of stone jutting out at a different angle and faster speed than originally meant. It shunts him up and, thankfully, away from the nearby cliffside. But that means he is flung towards the ocean instead.

That’s not was he’s worried about–even though he can’t swim, there are a number of water benders in attendance that can easily wash him ashore–what’s worrying is what he can’t see: the invisible barrier surrounding the Isle, preventing people from leaving.

Carlos doesn’t know what the barrier will do to someone vaulted at it at high speed. He’s not even sure how it works–something to do with the Fairy Godmother’s spiritual ability to energy bend–will it just act like an invisible wall? Or is it more proactive than that–decidedly, dangerously, disastrously so?

He can see the wide-eyed dismay on everyone’s faces, his friends’ determined expressions. Jay and Evie have both shifted into bending stances–Jay trying to correct the other earth bender’s mistake by turning the shore into a grasping arm, and Evie sending a wave inland to prevent Carlos’ collision. Meanwhile, Mal is shooting towards him like a rocket, blasts of fire emitting from her hands and feet, trying to reach him first.

Their efforts won’t work.

Time seems to be slipping too fast–he’s falling closer and closer to the edge–and, impossibly, slowing. All these thoughts and observations are hurtling through his mind like he is towards the barrier.

Carlos is pushed–sent flying through the air–and, somehow, goes beyond the barrier.

Avatars are, by definition, capable of mastering all four elements. That does not mean that they can master or even access each element’s subspecialties. There is no rhyme or reason as to which skills an Avatar might gain–whether it’s a matter wanting to learn or some hidden incapability–it has nothing to do with an Avatar’s original element, either.

The previous Avatar, Merlin, had originally been an earth bender. He had been able to metal bend and, despite the clashing elemental alignment, had also been quite skilled at spiritual projection which is an air subspecialty. But he had never been able to master healing, had found blood bending to be distasteful, and while he could technically generate lightning, it would be inaccurate to say he controlled it, much less mastered it.

Mal, as the next Avatar in line, is still young, her powers yet untested; it is too early to say which talents she may learn and master. But Avatars have a tendency to counterbalance their predecessors–in personality, yes, but also in ability. To Mal, lightning comes as easy to her as fire, while Jay’s lessons in metal bending continues to elude her. She hasn’t tried healing, but the rats and vermin of the Isle provide ample targets for her experiments in blood bending.

With all that in mind, what might be deduced about her potential in energy bending?

Carlos goes beyond the barrier.

At first, nobody notices because nothing happens–Carlos keeps falling. There’s no real demarcation of where the barrier is, no corresponding physical wall or visible markers of where to stop. It’s a feeling mostly, according to the water benders who yearn for the sea: sudden onset nausea and weakness and dizziness that only increases the further from the island one tries to go. Not even Uri has gone past the point of the lightheadedness edging into unconsciousness–you can’t bend if you’re not awake, after all, and even water benders can drown.

And so, at first, because Carlos doesn’t show these effects, nobody notices he goes beyond the barrier. They think, maybe they misjudged the distance, maybe it’s farther out to sea than they remember, a difference in high and low tides.

Until Mal, flying too fast to feel her own encroaching symptoms, suddenly stops. The steady flames bursting from her hands and feet disappearing between one instant and the next, all momentum taken from her, so that she drops like a rock. She has the presence of mind to cushion her fall, water bending so that the waves carry her down instead of just slamming into it from height, but for some reason that is a struggle. Absolutely exhausting.

She can’t swim.

Thankfully, from her place on the shore, Evie notices and quickly creates a small ice floe for Mal to rest on. She lets the other water benders tow it to shore because she is still focussed on Carlos who is still in danger from his own lack of swimming ability.

Evie raises a spout of water to catch him, gently lowering him to sea level, before creating yet another ice floe which she pulls back. Carlos still shows no symptoms, even when he crosses back over the barrier.

Already, their fellow islanders are talking amongst themselves; trying to make sense of what they just witnessed and what it might mean.

“Maybe it’s because he’s not a bender,” someone suggests, but that is immediately shot down. Plenty of non-benders have tried to leave–none of them have succeeded.

“What if it’s intent? Or lack of it–he didn’t mean to go so far, after all,” someone else says, which is met with considering noises.

“How does energy bending work?” another person asks.

Another answers, “How should I know–I’m not an air bender.”

For a tiny, eternal moment, everyone falls into silence, considering:

Carlos–an air bender?


A/N: I missed this series 😀

I’ve also numbered it for easier reading (though I do have a part one and part two to 3/? because they are both very short and I’ll probably consolidate them when I transfer this series to ao3).

So regarding elemental subspecialties, according to the Avatar wiki energy bending is a separate “element” altogether (or, rather, predating the four elements) but I kind of feel like it has too much in common with air’s subspecialty of spirit projection for them to be separate? So… yeah. I think it’s essentially just really advanced spirit projection and thus an air subspecialty which is why Fairy Godmother can do it even though in the show we only ever see Avatars (and lion turtles) do it.