The Green Knight + after Tetsuki is exposed? Or, if that’s too spoiler-y, what do the Kingsman think of Tetsuki (and in turn, the Vongola)? Thanks for writing!

So, um, it’s been a while since I wrote The Green Knight and I had to reread it in order to remember what I was doing there. Maybe I’ll resume it after I watch the sequel (or maybe it’ll joss me terribly) so this was an interesting writing exercise. So thanks, anon!

Merlin is old enough to remember the last time Kingsman interacted with Vongola. He hadn’t been Merlin then, just one of many technicians with the unfortunate luck to be Harry’s–Galahad’s–friend.

Which means he was as much on the field as Harry, as much witness to the bloody wreckage  that Vongola had wrought.

Arthur–Chester–hadn’t wanted to do anything. Hadn’t wanted to talk, much less fight, with Italy’s most powerful famiglia–had let that terrible crime go uncontested, unavenged.

Merlin had never met Vongola’s Nono, but he had heard of his reputation: a kind smile hiding a merciless, cutthroat mind.

He thinks–hopes, more like–that Vongola’s Decimo is not the same.


He walks away from the meeting bewildered, but tentatively optimistic.

“They’re children,” says Harry–Arthur, now, and how strange that is to think–and he’s not wrong, Kingsman is much reduced from Chester’s and Valentine’s actions. Merlin and Harry are the only ones left from the old guard, and they’re scrabbling to fill in the rest of the ranks as quickly as they can, but even still…

Vongola’s tenth generation are younger even than Galahad and Lancelot.

“Young does not mean easily led,” Merlin cautions, “or inexperienced.”

From what he’s heard Vongola has only become more powerful since the Decimo’s inheritance.


Galahad–Eggsy, that is–is the one who brings up the idea.

The knights that remain are being run ragged, Kingsman is long overdue to begin trials for more knights, but there aren’t enough knights to propose enough candidates. Without more candidates, trials can’t be held to get more knights.

A vicious cycle.

Even worse, if the current knights propose single candidates, the pool of competitors is less which means the quality goes down. If they propose multiple candidates, then in future trials their proposals won’t be their top picks… meaning their quality goes down.

They need knight quality competitors who don’t actually want to be knights.

“Vongola didn’t seem too bad,” Galahad says, when Merlin brings up the issue. Arthur favors the boy, but Merlin isn’t exempt of that either, “Isn’t that what alliances are for?”

He’s not wrong.


The Fulmine that Merlin first met was, in one word, sharp.

The Vongola cohort had been undeniably powerful despite their age and lack of professionalism, their uniform suits which they wore almost reluctantly. But while the gentlemen had been earnest and engaged, Fulmine looked every bit as lethal as her confirmed hit count and ready to attack if needed.

The Fulmine–the Azuma-san–that Merlin meets for the Gawain trials is both the same and nothing at all like that.

If there is a message being sent, he is not sure what it is.


After he’s sent the candidates away, Merlin takes a closer look at the punching bag Azuma-san punctured.

It wasn’t worn out, bulletproof fabric still new, and yet she hadn’t had a weapon with her. Just her bare hands.

He thinks he is on the edge of understanding something terribly dangerous.

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Outliving The Ruins, 6/? (2016-02-22)

Carlos is pushed.

Not out of any malice, just a bending mishap, a mistimed pillar of stone jutting out at a different angle and faster speed than originally meant. It shunts him up and, thankfully, away from the nearby cliffside. But that means he is flung towards the ocean instead.

That’s not was he’s worried about–even though he can’t swim, there are a number of water benders in attendance that can easily wash him ashore–what’s worrying is what he can’t see: the invisible barrier surrounding the Isle, preventing people from leaving.

Carlos doesn’t know what the barrier will do to someone vaulted at it at high speed. He’s not even sure how it works–something to do with the Fairy Godmother’s spiritual ability to energy bend–will it just act like an invisible wall? Or is it more proactive than that–decidedly, dangerously, disastrously so?

He can see the wide-eyed dismay on everyone’s faces, his friends’ determined expressions. Jay and Evie have both shifted into bending stances–Jay trying to correct the other earth bender’s mistake by turning the shore into a grasping arm, and Evie sending a wave inland to prevent Carlos’ collision. Meanwhile, Mal is shooting towards him like a rocket, blasts of fire emitting from her hands and feet, trying to reach him first.

Their efforts won’t work.

Time seems to be slipping too fast–he’s falling closer and closer to the edge–and, impossibly, slowing. All these thoughts and observations are hurtling through his mind like he is towards the barrier.

Carlos is pushed–sent flying through the air–and, somehow, goes beyond the barrier.

Avatars are, by definition, capable of mastering all four elements. That does not mean that they can master or even access each element’s subspecialties. There is no rhyme or reason as to which skills an Avatar might gain–whether it’s a matter wanting to learn or some hidden incapability–it has nothing to do with an Avatar’s original element, either.

The previous Avatar, Merlin, had originally been an earth bender. He had been able to metal bend and, despite the clashing elemental alignment, had also been quite skilled at spiritual projection which is an air subspecialty. But he had never been able to master healing, had found blood bending to be distasteful, and while he could technically generate lightning, it would be inaccurate to say he controlled it, much less mastered it.

Mal, as the next Avatar in line, is still young, her powers yet untested; it is too early to say which talents she may learn and master. But Avatars have a tendency to counterbalance their predecessors–in personality, yes, but also in ability. To Mal, lightning comes as easy to her as fire, while Jay’s lessons in metal bending continues to elude her. She hasn’t tried healing, but the rats and vermin of the Isle provide ample targets for her experiments in blood bending.

With all that in mind, what might be deduced about her potential in energy bending?

Carlos goes beyond the barrier.

At first, nobody notices because nothing happens–Carlos keeps falling. There’s no real demarcation of where the barrier is, no corresponding physical wall or visible markers of where to stop. It’s a feeling mostly, according to the water benders who yearn for the sea: sudden onset nausea and weakness and dizziness that only increases the further from the island one tries to go. Not even Uri has gone past the point of the lightheadedness edging into unconsciousness–you can’t bend if you’re not awake, after all, and even water benders can drown.

And so, at first, because Carlos doesn’t show these effects, nobody notices he goes beyond the barrier. They think, maybe they misjudged the distance, maybe it’s farther out to sea than they remember, a difference in high and low tides.

Until Mal, flying too fast to feel her own encroaching symptoms, suddenly stops. The steady flames bursting from her hands and feet disappearing between one instant and the next, all momentum taken from her, so that she drops like a rock. She has the presence of mind to cushion her fall, water bending so that the waves carry her down instead of just slamming into it from height, but for some reason that is a struggle. Absolutely exhausting.

She can’t swim.

Thankfully, from her place on the shore, Evie notices and quickly creates a small ice floe for Mal to rest on. She lets the other water benders tow it to shore because she is still focussed on Carlos who is still in danger from his own lack of swimming ability.

Evie raises a spout of water to catch him, gently lowering him to sea level, before creating yet another ice floe which she pulls back. Carlos still shows no symptoms, even when he crosses back over the barrier.

Already, their fellow islanders are talking amongst themselves; trying to make sense of what they just witnessed and what it might mean.

“Maybe it’s because he’s not a bender,” someone suggests, but that is immediately shot down. Plenty of non-benders have tried to leave–none of them have succeeded.

“What if it’s intent? Or lack of it–he didn’t mean to go so far, after all,” someone else says, which is met with considering noises.

“How does energy bending work?” another person asks.

Another answers, “How should I know–I’m not an air bender.”

For a tiny, eternal moment, everyone falls into silence, considering:

Carlos–an air bender?


A/N: I missed this series 😀

I’ve also numbered it for easier reading (though I do have a part one and part two to 3/? because they are both very short and I’ll probably consolidate them when I transfer this series to ao3).

So regarding elemental subspecialties, according to the Avatar wiki energy bending is a separate “element” altogether (or, rather, predating the four elements) but I kind of feel like it has too much in common with air’s subspecialty of spirit projection for them to be separate? So… yeah. I think it’s essentially just really advanced spirit projection and thus an air subspecialty which is why Fairy Godmother can do it even though in the show we only ever see Avatars (and lion turtles) do it.

Outliving The Ruins, 2/? (2015-11-26)

When she was younger and far more reckless with her magic, the Fairy Godmother was once called the Blue Fairy.

Like most other elements, Air has a specialization, too–but where Earth has Metal and Fire has Lightning, Air has more in common with Water. Water which can heal, which can turn a person’s blood against them.

Water is the body, but Air is the spirit.

She brought a wooden puppet to life once.

Surely she can bring a daughter into this world, too.

“Please,” she whispers, holding the still, tiny body to her chest, “Please.”

On a moonless night, several hours after her birth, Jane breathes her first breath.

The last Avatar was originally an Earth bender, a masterful one at that. From a stone, he gathered and extracted all of its metal and formed a magical sword. The sword that would one day choose Arthur as king.

That Avatar had trained Arthur, had brought him to the Spirit World, bestowed upon him a wisdom that would one day unite all of Albion into a single kingdom.

Of course, that union lasted only for a very short time, the separate kingdoms splitting apart not long after King Arthur’s death. Earth endures, but the loss of his student had the Avatar retreating into isolation for the rest of his long life.

Merlin died only a few years after seeing Albion reunited under a new name.

Mal was born with the impossible conviction that she would one day return to her rightful place–beside the king of Auradon.

Ben remembers being small and sitting between his parents. He remembers the smell of old books and the warm sunlight shining through the library’s windows. He remembers the way they looked at each other, soft and in love.

He remembers hearing about their story–from them, from his grandfather, from the rest of the household–and thinking that one day he’d like to fall in love, too; to love someone so much as to defy society.

Except he also remembers the way everyone would gloss over just how his father survived Gaston’s attacks. He remembers how his mother would only play in the snow with him and Chip, always with a secretive smile on her lips.

He remembers, fuzzily, being sick for such a long time–no manner of medicine able to cure him–and finally recovering under his mother’s cool, glowing hands.

Bending is dangerous–the other royal families say–except for the Fairy Godmother, benders are villains in waiting.

It’s been a decade since Ben saw his mother. It’s been a decade since Ben learned his father was a coward.


A/N: Related to this previous drabble. I guess you can consider this the Auradon side.

I’m not very keen on the Merlin section but… mreh. And, I know Albion is only meant to be the United Kingdom but in this weird amalgamated, modern-day-set Disney world, I figure it wouldn’t be too out there to imply that Albion = medieval Auradon…

As for the Ben+parents’ section, uh… given what we see of Beast/Adam and Belle in the movie, I figure that if Belle were a waterbender (healing tears, snow fight, etc) and Beast/Adam were under pressure from the other royal families well. Even though Beauty and Beast’s “evil” was human arrogance, the other kingdoms suffered under magical/bending villains.


The Green Knight, Part 10 (2015-07-21)

The next few weeks are somehow boring considering she’s participating in the recruitment of a secret vigilante spy agency. Well, perhaps boring isn’t the right term, more like… lackluster. She admits that most of it’s her own fault–she’s been tuning out during the verbal parts of the various lessons–part of it because, again, language barrier, but if she’s going to be honest it’s also just because she doesn’t care.

She’s not actually in the running to become a Kingsman knight, so a lot of the lectures just… don’t apply. And anyway, especially with both contacts in, Vongola can record whatever they want of her transmission and analyze it for later. There’s no audio aspect–though apparently Shouichi-kun is working on modifying Haru’s rather embarrassing cat-ear headbands into something more… discrete–but they probably have a lip-reader in Vongola… maybe. They could probably add it to Lambo’s near-infinite list of linguistic talents.

But, yeah, the talking. She let’s it fly over her head. The physical aspects are easy enough to mimic from the other candidates around her–especially with Nathaniel’s well-meaning hovering–and even if her specialties are archery and kusari-fundo, Vongola’s not going to have an assassin that doesn’t know how to use guns. Or knives. Or explosives.

The point is, it’s all stuff she doesn’t need to know or already knows, so it’s boring.

Even the sparring is kind of dull; most of the recruits are from the British military and trained in the same combat styles maybe some private training mixed in like university-level fencing or wrestling. The only exceptions being herself and Jamal, who fights better in enclosed spaces, using walls and fences like the ground just happened to be vertical, pulling in close to his opponents so they have less space to maneuver.

In contrast, she prefers distance. Which, well, made sense considering she was a mid to long range fighter. But even with hand-to-hand combat, she’s better with distance. It may sound strange considering her short reach and the fact that hand-to-hand combat implies closeness, but maybe that’s why. For her, it was either a last resort, or it was intimate.

Either an enemy had somehow made it past her other defenses and needed to be taken out immediately… or it was her and Ryohei as children, eagerly showing off what they had learned from their separate martial arts clubs, or it was her teaching Kyoko and Haru how to defend themselves, or it was her playing around with Kyoko’s trainees, helping to mould the new Vongola into one that wouldn’t need an assassin for a Guardian.

Which, probably explained why she did what she did.

“Morto,” she murmurs, just as the side of her hand touches her opponent’s neck. Then she pulls it back and darts away before his punch comes anywhere near her.

Then she goes back in, deflecting his arm with a punch to the elbow, before resting her other fist against his chest lightly. “Morto,” she says again, then retreats once more.

She continues to do this for another three taps, enraging her opponent further, until Merlin decides to put him out of his misery.

“Disengage,” he says, unnecessarily, since there’s already several yards between the two fighters.

Her opponent, near nonvocal with fury, kind of… growls in her direction. Which, considering the people she works with on a daily basis, is so nonthreatening that she can’t help the smirk.

“Peter, if you would control your temper,” Merlin admonishes before turning to her, “Azuma-san, I expected you’d have the courtesy to be serious,” he says, so stoically that she can’t help but let the smirk drop.

Then, she gets angry.

Her Dying Will Flame, much like her fellow Guardians’, was triggered by a Dying Will Bullet from Reborn’s gun. Her regret had been that she had allowed him to shoot her. Her Flames do not appear to protect, or from enthusiasm, or from confidence. They appear when she’s angry. Specifically, when she’s angry at men patronizing her.

Merlin does not get to be disappointed in her. She was holding back but she wasn’t mocking. She holds back because–“This is what happens when I’m serious,” she says, striding next to the rows of punching bags hanging in the gym. Kingsman has a very well-stocked facility, beyond top of the line equipment, made to withstand the peak human strength of their very fit knights and recruits. The heavy bags are made of the same bullet resistant fabric as their very dapper suits.

But Lightning sharpens, hardens. She is not like Lambo who has enough Flames to harden the very air into a shield. She cannot spark a series of explosions to ignite an entire room, or create entire fantastical and physical worlds in seconds. But what she can do is enough.

With Flame enhanced fingertips, she jabs in. No extra force from her hips or abdomen, just shoulder and arm and mystical internal energy. She makes it all the way through, beyond her elbow even. When she tugs her arm out, sand trickles from the gaping hole.

When the haze of angry green falls away from her vision, she sees the shocked faces of her fellow candidates. The wondering gleam in Merlin’s eyes.

“Morto,” she repeats, and smiles.


A/N: Back again!

The Green Knight, Part Seven (2015-05-20)

The small alliance of three is all she can manage before Merlin enters and all of the recruits stand to face him, more or less at attention. She doesn’t, partially because she’s already met him and he has less leverage over her than he does the rest of the group, mostly because she was never in the military and doesn’t see the point in mimicking the others.

Neither of her allies do either, and while she is pretty sure it’s not because they are following her lead, it gives a nice sense of nonverbal solidarity. Considering how well they seem to be communicating without words, she may just never speak to them.

She writes her alias on the body bag tag in kanji, so simple, only two characters and not even particularly complex ones at that. For next of kin she writes storm instead of lightning. She’s already been guaranteed she won’t die, but just in case, she figures Hayato-kun ought to be the first to know. So Vongola can avenge her properly.

When the recruits are left alone again, this time with no interruptions in sight, some of the herbivores go to pick on one of her allies. She’s had enough experience in being Ryohei’s best friend that she’s about to clamber over the bed between them to stand next to him, regardless of the fact that they would still be outnumbered, but he holds a hand out towards her and their third ally and shakes his head.

She acquiesces. But she seethes all the while as those herbivores insinuate and insult him. As if his class, as if his race, made him less worthy. And yet, he stands there with a skeptical, almost amused expression on his face.

Then she sees what their other ally is doing–not watching the spectacle, but making eye contact with the other neutral recruits. Most of them ignore him, but others nod in acknowledgment, in agreement. By the time the loudest herbivores have finished bellowing at, what she thinks even Kyouya-senpai would consider, an impressively composed carnivore their herd has decreased in number. And herds are only as dangerous as their numbers.

Before lights out her little alliance of three grows to an alliance of five, still entirely nonverbal.


A/N: So short. Sorry.

The Green Knight, Part 4 (2015-05-10)

The taxi which is not a taxi takes them to a tailor shop on Savile Row. The shop turns out to be a front, or rather, a cover to a secret underground tunnel which has a bullet train. She’s impressed by how unnecessarily deep the dressing room elevator goes–considering how ludicrous the Vongola mansion and the Foundation’s Namimori base are, that’s really saying something.

The bullet train brings them to what she can only describe as a giant garage filled with not only a multitude of cars, but several planes, and possibly boats. She lets the awe show on her face, spots in her peripheral vision that Galahad is smirking with good-natured pride beside her.

The Secchione Sezione specialize primarily in personal defense, gadgets more than vehicles, inventions that utilize Flames for an individual’s needs. Except for the occasional trips back to Namimori, most of the famiglia stay in Italy (vice versa for Kyouya-senpai); the aberrations to that rule are the Mist guardians (and Joshima and Kakimoto) and herself. Unsurprising, due to the shared nature of their missions.

The point, though, is that it’s not feasible to have a car, much less a plane, run on Flames. Vongola makes do with buying top of the line vehicles from whichever company Spanner disdains the least, then tweaking it slightly. They don’t have a need for a fleet of vehicles, she knows, but damn if the Kingsman garage isn’t impressive.

“Lucky for you, we ain’t late this time,” Galahad says, guiding her down a hallway, thankfully without any encroachment into her personal space.

She startles when she realizes that Arthur disappeared during her brief distraction by the garage. She hadn’t noticed at all.

Galahad politely does not comment on that, merely continues his own line of thought, “For me, my proposer ended up leavin’ a lot to chance, so of fucking course I was the last one in.”


“Well, yeah. Each of the current knights propose a candidate to get tested. We’re a little short on knights, though…”

Which means more spots to fill, but less recruits to choose from. The quality of knights would arguably decrease, at the very least they would be inexperienced. It’s a potential weakness, but if she learned nothing else from her teenaged years it’s that experience doesn’t always mean strength.

The lack of knights seems like a sore point, not one she should ask after. Not that she would need to, it’s obvious why so many agents would need to be replaced in such a short time. While Valentine’s Day triggered mindless aggression in most of the human population, for those whose wave energy had already been activated into Flames (which was most, if not all, of Vongola) it had just switched on their Dying Will Mode. Vongola Mansion spent their time intermittently experiencing extreme focus for no apparent reason–productivity for that day had been a record all time high. (Tsunayoshi-kun had finished enough paperwork to finally see the wood of his desk and actually burst into tears)

“Who is my proposer?” She asks instead, scolding herself for getting lost in her own thoughts.

“Technically, that would be me,” Merlin says, “Though Galahad was the one to think of it; a fine idea don’t you think, Azusa-san?”

Said knight flushes slightly at the praise.

She nods, she’s certainly grateful–because the alternative was to face abject boredom. That would be crass to admit, though, so instead she responds with, “Yes, Tempesta was honored to receive the invitation…”

So it’s a bit of an exaggeration for Hayato-kun. While not honored, he did see it as a good opportunity and was glad that she had agreed to it. As they measured her abilities through the trials, she could see what a Kingsman recruit went through to become a knight.

She herself would be a test in response.


A/N: Okay… so, because I’m terribly cliche, I’m thinking of calling this series The Green Knight and having the Kingsman position in question be for Gawain. Because… Lightning flames are greeeeeeeen. And she’s definitely not going to be a Kingsman agent so… mreh?

Ugh, I’m sorry this was greatly uninspired over all.

Continuation of this post. Will now tag everything in this series as The Green Knight. I apologize in advance for dirtying the tag, actual Arthurian fans 😦

Untitled Kingsman drabble (2015-04-22)

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

When it’s over, the Kingsman are down a king and at least four knights: Kay and Bedivere, having followed Arthur by way of exploded heads; Tristan, poisoned when he refused to join them. Galahad’s fate need not be brought up again.

Percival, at least, is alive and decidedly not evil, though Bors and Lamorak have yet to check in–whether unable or unwilling. This week has been a fucking terrible experience for all involved. If Merlin were one for tears, he’d be crying out of rage and grief and betrayal and frustration, because of course this is what he has to work with. Of course.

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

It’s not traditional, no, but nothing good about the Kingsman has been traditional lately. The good old boys have turned out to be rotten, cowards to the core, nothing like what a true knight should be. It took two rookies–one not even a real agent–to save the world, because Merlin didn’t know who else he can trust.

But Merlin is not a knight. Merlin was never a knight. Nor was he ever a king.

But Merlin was a kingmaker. And that? That’s something he can work with.

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

The Kingsman knights had originally started as freelance agents. Tailors suddenly with the means to bring about a world of peace. Or at least the means to try. They started out as servants and raised themselves up to knighthood, gradually forgetting that nobility was a matter of character not blood.

But Galahad remembered–manners maketh man, indeed. And his proposal had embodied that ideal of nobility–a pure heart, not aristocracy.

So it twists the mythos around a bit, but who is Merlin to disagree with his old friend?

Merlin was a kingmaker. And he knows who to make the king.

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

Merlin always hated that damn dog test anyway.

A/N: Ugh, I had these ideas but they came out all twisted in prose and I don’t know how to fix it. Also, rather shorter than I was hoping, but I wanted to get it out now.

Not that I actually want it, but this is Arthur!Eggsy basically. And he, with Merlin and Lancelot!Roxy (and I wanted to somehow include a “Guinevere” in the sense that they are in charge of PR/Finance… like… they’re the ones that actually get clients? Maybe the heiress “target” right before the train tracks test) revolutionize/fix Kingsman. I dunno.

Obviously, I watched Kingsman. I retract what I said in my last post. After having fallen into the fandom my eyes are now open. While I’m still not at multiple theater-going level of love, I’m definitely in the eagerly waiting for the DVD level.

The Green Knight, Prologue (2015-04-21)

It’s obvious from the expressions on everyone’s faces that the meeting, while necessary, is only grudgingly tolerated by all involved. Even the figures standing indolently, yet alert, in the corners of the room aren’t bothering to hide their boredom. With all the similarities between the negotiating parties, one would think the meeting to be more congenial.

Seated on opposite sides of the table are the leaders of two different vigilante organizations, both steeped in tradition and wealth. Beside them are their respective advisor, their right hands as one might say, each of them doing the majority of the speaking. Behind them are two silent guardians each, and even there the similarities extend–a young man with a slight smile curling at his lips, and a young woman whose professional stoicism practically drips with irritation. And yet, the tension remains.

Perhaps it is because one of the organizations had recently suffered a much-needed change in leadership, due to the previous head having been complicit in the death of millions. Perhaps it is because the other organization had previously been a crime organization, only changing to vigilantism after their own recent change in leadership. Perhaps it is because, despite both parties having left all overt weapons outside of the room, they all remain quite lethal.

It does not help that the youngest member of one of the negotiating parties is older than the eldest member of the other party. Both of them being the only females in the room.

“We understand the need for cooperation during these times of strife, yet the information you are asking for is one that must remain within Vongola,” the young man who only introduced himself as Tempesta says in softly accented English. The accent itself is difficult to parse, which is odd considering Vongola is a solely Italian organization. He has a mildly apologetic smile, to soften what is an unyielding refusal.

His premature shock of silver hair contrasts severely against the bald head of the other negotiator, codename Merlin, though the falsely conciliatory expressions are the same on both, “And yet, you ask the same of us. Surely you see how we would appreciate reciprocity.”

“Ah, but it is not a full disclosure we ask for. We would simply prefer to know when one of your… knights are to be in Italy and their purpose. So that we can ensure our respective… agents do not end up in each other’s crosshairs. Vongola is Italian, our activities are not the concerns of foreigners.”

“And yet, we have information on a number of assassinations performed on British soil by Ms. Fulmine who herself is a Japanese citizen,” Merlin gestures respectfully to said woman who only nods in acknowledgement, not bothering to deny something obviously true and which their side hadn’t really bothered making a secret.

“All on Italian citizens, specifically, members of mafia families whose activities your Kingsman would agree to be reprehensible.” Tempesta responds calmly, though his fingers tap impatiently against the table in silent twitches.

“And we also have several accounts of your affiliated groups–Varia and The Foundation–operating within the United Kingdom,” Merlin reveals, much to the displeasure of his Vongola counterpart.

At that, the Vongola show their youth and relative inexperience. Or perhaps their impatience, worn down by the tediousness of the meeting. Regardless, the guards standing in the corners, Fulmine and Pioggia, both drop their silent routine to laugh; the former in exasperation, the latter sheepishly. While Tempesta hisses angrily at them in Japanese, something along the lines of keeping their seniors out of trouble, their leader, Decimo finally deigns to speak.

“Both of our organizations have a history–of violence and secrets. This meeting is one of a new alliance, and for that both of us must change. From now on, at the very least, we will afford you the same information on our operations in your country as you do your activities in ours,” His English, likewise, is interestingly accented–more so than Tempesta’s–though recognizably with more of a Japanese flair. Which is odd, considering the leader of the Vongola is a hereditary position. But his words state simply what the two groups had been dancing around.

“I quite agree,” The Kingsman leader, only called Arthur, nods. What little remained of the tension in room easily dissipates, despite Merlin’s disgruntled sigh. The young knights, Galahad and Lancelot, also allow their inexperience to break through in grins tinged with relief… and amusement at the expense of their Vongola counterparts still being scolded by Tempesta.


A/N: Um… I’m not sure what’s up with this to be honest… but basically. I watched Kingsman. It was… okay? Like, it was totally worth the cost of a ticket. But I don’t know if I’d go watch it again? I might buy get the DVD, but I wouldn’t watch it again in theaters.

I’m following the headcanon of Harry survived and became Arthur, so Eggsy became Galahad.

And it’s a crossover with my KHR SI!OC fanfic Trailblazers. So, Decimo is Tsuna, obviously, Tempesta being Gokudera, Pioggia being Yamamoto, and Fulmine being my OC Tetsuki.

I don’t know which canon (fanon) it is but I think Roxy (Lancelot) is 24 and Eggsy is 25? So Tetsuki who, for some reason, I never let live to see age 25 and who is a year older than the other three would be the same age as Roxy if not younger. Probably younger, though, so that it’s early in Tsuna’s reign as Decimo.

Also… not really the comeback I wanted buuuuut oh well. I hope ya’ll enjoyed the cross-posts. I’ll probably come back to them sooner or later.

Edit: Now continued (sort of) here!

Edit2: The series is now called The Green Knight… I guess this is the prologue.