Trailblazers (2017-10-04)

Hibari’s report–if such a brief statement can be considered such–is punctual but useless. As per usual.

“The herbivores tried to fight back. They were bitten to death.”

Of the three Guardians he sent on the mission, Tetsuki-senpai is the most professional. Normally, she can be depended on for a comprehensive report.

Obviously, that is not the case.

Tsuna wrinkles his nose at the thought. It sounds so detached, so very much like a mafia boss and not the head of a Family. There is a difference, one he strives to stay on the correct side of.

He is worried about Tetsuki-senpai, of course, something is clearly wrong–but it is not his place to stand outside her door, cajoling.

He sent her on that mission. He is responsible for her pain.


There is creature comfort in staying curled under the covers in the dark. Wallowing.

It’s not really healing so much as pressing against her wounds and letting the muffled pain echo back at her.

But for now she allows herself this.

Well. Her conscious does.

Her subconscious, not so much.

Komadori enters, unhindered by the barrier because he is, in truth, only a part of her. Still he carries a tray of food and switches on the lamp desk.

It is not so bright–only a small radius, focused downwards instead of out–but it still sears her retinas, blinking away streaks of non-color.

“This is the reverse of what you used to do,” he admonishes lightly, helplessly. “Are you still trying to remember?”

He does not approach the bed, does not even look at it, and so she slouches from beneath the blankets towards him.

There is a small smile on his face: Komadori had always been overly indulgent of her.

“Remembering is not the problem. I have too many memories now. They want the Tetsuki from before all of this, before you and the others and everything I went through.”

“So, what, instead of remembering you’re purging?” he asks. If it were Naruto, it’d be loud, aggressive and provoking, an instinctive frustrated answer. But it’s Komadori, and so she eats and ponders and he lets her.

“Even if I could,” she begins, turning away back to bed. This admission will take more of her meager reserves than she can afford, “I wouldn’t erase what I went through. I just need… more time.”


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I am your lionheart? For the prompt thing?

Okay so this is clearly a reference to the Of Monsters and Men song King and Lionheart which is about the artists who are brother and sister. So with that alone and no specific fandom or character for context I guess I’ll shuffle through a couple of potential fics I’d write for this title?

So the thing is…

The nearest fic I have that I think best embodies a “you’re my king and I’m your lionheart” vibe would be my FFVII fic Into Thin Air, in which my SI!OC is Cloud’s genderfluid twin. (And, well, given that I’ve always pictured Windy to have curly hair then it’s kind of hilariously on point since Cloud’s spiky hair could be a crown and Windy’s curly hair would be a mane). Except, obviously, that’s already titled.

It may also apply to the Into Thin Air x Naruto crossover series I play with every now and then. It does have an additional layer of feels, beyond the parallel of Naruto is Cloud’s distant descendant, since in the beginning Windy is depressed and traumatized and grieving and doesn’t have the energy to be brave for this strange child that looks so much like her brother but zie tries anyway. For this familiar looking touchstone, zie’ll try.

I don’t think I’d do a DoS fic for this since it’s very obviously a “Shikako’s feelings about Shikamaru” and that’s already included in Dreaming of Sunshine so anything I’d write would be redundant? (I’m actually surprised that this song hasn’t already been recced for the DoS Soundtrack for the Nara twins. Especially for the Land of the Moon arc… I’ll just scuttle over there and do that real quick)

Hm, let’s see…

… Maybe if I were a little more keen I’d do a Katsuki siblings fic for Yuri on Ice, because surely Mari has a lot of thoughts surrounding her glass hearted national skating ace baby brother except I would rather read this fic than write it because I have no idea what those thoughts would be and how best to articulate them… (… or 映利’s POV)

I think I’m getting off track, anon.

Okay, flat out from the title alone–no trying to shoehorn it into a series I already have, no adhering too much to the song and the artist’s meaning–I’m getting Katekyo Hitman Reborn vibes but for two different fic which is… okay.

One fic would be from Kyoko’s POV, in a Kyoko-is-Sun-Guardian!AU or even in my Trailblazers ‘verse, and it would be about her growing up from cardboard-cutout-of-a-shounen-love-interest into a vital part of an international crime organization and it would definitely include her determination from Ryohei (and Tetsuki), her platonic feelings about Tsuna, and her opinion of Vongola.

Character study, basically.

The other fic I don’t think I’d ever actually write, given I already have Trailblazers as an SI!OC fic, but I think I’ve actually done a fake fic summary for this idea? (Ah, here it is)

Basically, Tsuna has a female twin. One who isn’t as disastrously dame as he is, but is still plainly average. The Sawada twins are Vongola’s “spare and mare” (in the nobility used to have three children the heir, the spare, and the mare) but given that all the heirs are dead (or unfit and frozen in magical ice) that means Tsuna and Nina (short for Giannina and to match the 27 thing?) are the only heirs left.

And while pitting the twins against each other in a competition to inherit a crime organization doesn’t automatically have the same emotional resonance as the song, I do kind of think at the root of Nina’s conflicted emotions about the situation that she’s doing this for Tsuna. The world of the mafia is dangerous, her brother can barely get through a school day without a bruise or scrape of some sort, he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t want to be part of the mafia. So she’s going to defeat him and become Decima so that he doesn’t have to.

He’s “king” in the sense that he’s the most important person to her and she will brave the sins of Vongola for him, but only so long as he doesn’t actually become “king” of Vongola.

Fake Fic Summaries 12/?, the Return and Twist edition (2016-04-01)

A/N: So these are fic ideas that have been plaguing my mind and preventing me from doing anything else… so here’s a way to purge my desktop of all the files…


This first one, I don’t really want to do as fanfic but the brainstorming is originating that way, so maybe if I can figure out how to twist it into definitively original fic I’ll return and do so. But I can’t quite figure out how to pull it out of the context so here’s this mess of a brainstorm.

Mare vs Spare

The heir, the spare, and the mare: the Sawada twins were only ever meant to be the latter two–until all the viable heirs in line before them were killed off. Now both of them are left fighting each other for a role neither of them want.

Family is supposed to be everything.

So, basically: the Tsuna’s female!twin story

Okay, so why is this interesting to me? Well besides the fact that the dearth of women in Katekyo Hitman Reborn continues to be a pain in my heart, I haven’t actually seen a twin sister fic for KHR. I’ve seen PLENTY of twin brother (ie a “Gary Tsuna” who is generally evil and so real Tsuna has to take over as Decimo in order to bring peace to Vongola etc etc) but not twin sister fic which is actually really interesting to me because usually… twin sister fic is the go to for exploring a fandom.

Anyway, the fake summary sort of touches on what appeals to me about this: because there is misogyny in KHR–even the fictional magical version of the mafia are very clearly sexist–and so a twin sister of Tsuna would suffer the brunt of that. Even if Tsuna is the unlikely spare to the Vongola family, his sister (who I have for now named Nina to go with the whole 27 thing; but also, maybe she’s named Giannina or something) would be at best considered a potential marriage token. Or, skeevier, a way to strengthen the bloodline if one of the Ninth’s sons actually lived.

Which lysapadin’s A Year in the Life (it’s absolutely fantastic, go read it. Though, warning: it’s WIP and possibly abandoned) explores really well with a female!Tsuna. But the reason why I specifically want a female twin is because then the “spare” and the “mare” would have equal claims to the “throne” and while traditionally the spare would win out–it’s literally in the name, spare heir–Tsuna is No Good.

Vongola has had a female Boss before (just the one, but one is enough for precedent) so it would then be a decision between which civilian would they rather have as a mafia boss: the subpar boy or the probably average girl? But then, there’s also the aspect of Guardians.

I’d want Tsuna’s canon Guardians to stick with him and they are all very powerful indeed. But I want to see other characters become Nina’s Guardians. I want to see Kyoko and Haru and Hana and I-pin and Bianchi become Guardians. I want Nina to see people who are being disregarded because of their gender and make them hers. I want Fran to be their token guy… maybe… I don’t really know much about Fran.

Actually, no. I don’t want these characters in this world with this strange magical mafia. I want this situation in a different universe. I want the political ramifications of this scenario transcribed into an original fic.

For this second one, I actually wrote a few paragraphs before it stuttered to a stop. In part because I know where I want to go next but not quite how to bridge between the beginning and the meat of the actual story. And also, in part, because I realized I was writing fanfiction of a fanfiction of an OC who writes fanfiction for a movie that’s about a movie. Basically: ever heard of the movie Galaxy Quest? Well, there’s a fanfiction called SMOF by hollimichele that you may be interested in and which I highly recommend. Especially if you’re going to continue reading my recursive fanfic for it.

SMOF (the every story’s a love story remix)

It’s not like they have an understanding (except for maybe how they might) but Brandon and Casey sort of have… a thing.

The kind of thing that two (or more) people might have an understanding about. If said understanding hadn’t ever been verbally acknowledged and more implied in a very roundabout way in the less than two months they interacted with each other… which wasn’t even entirely in person.

Okay, so maybe it’s more of an understanding about having an understanding but, well, it’s certainly more than either of them would have expected given her previously antagonistic opinion towards his mere reputation and his complete lack of awareness of her until Katelyn almost literally shoved it in his face.

“Read it,” she had said, once Brandon stopped squawking about being unable to see, breathe, whatever, stop whining, and don’t mess it up. She paid good money for a print version, “It’s great.”

It wasn’t as if Brandon held himself above fanzines–he is, above all else, a fan and it doesn’t matter how big his name is in the fandom or what secrets he’s privy to or even what his impending job prospects are–but with all the recent goings on he hadn’t really had as much time to enjoy the fandom as he used to. Not when the fandom aspect of his life was stretching out beyond hobby and into something bigger and more encompassing.

But in a way, reading the fanzine was sort of like preparing for his new job. Or at least the handing off of his old one. Or maybe the …..

aaand that’s all I got. Basically, I wanted it to be a year long getting-to-know-you-long-dstance-and-then-fall-in-love kind of deal with Brandon in space trying not to die and Casey on Earth trying not to have an entire fandom implode. Nerds in love, basically.

I actually do want to figure out how to finish this one as recursive fanfic (if hollimichele isn’t, like, horrifically offended by this) but there’s just this massive block and it’s been on my desktop for a week. I also reread to see if Casey’s pronouns were specified in any way but they actually weren’t which is cool. I used she/her so that I can keep track of which pronouns are Brandon’s and which are Casey’s, and also because the only Casey I know in real life goes by she/her, but I know Casey is a gender-neutral name so I might revisit this with a he/him or they/them Casey? I probably ought to have more written before worrying about that.


A/N: This is not an April Fool’s thing… I just really couldn’t think of what to write? Also I got home from work super late again so…

Cross Post: Trailblazers, Bright and Bold, Varia Arc drabble (2016-01-18) [2]

original here. dated 2013-12-10

[[A/N: As previously stated in this post, this is one in a series of Trailblazers cross posts to make up for my abysmal showing for the past few days.

Trailblazers, Bright and Bold, with it’s slightly different title, is in a way the prototype for the Trailblazers I’ve been writing on this tumblr. So not everything in these cross posts would make the final cut of the hypothetical complete Trailblazers fic.

This drabble in particular is set during the Varia arc, specifically before the actual ring battles, but after Tetsuki has had some training from actual mafioso/mafiosa. Unlike the others, she did not have a specific teacher for herself and, more over, they tried to make her learn a new weapon (kusari-fundo) given that her aikido and archery aren’t exactly conducive to a one on one battle against an assassin.

Needless to say, she is rather displeased with all the mafia nonsense intruding on her life.]]


When she enters the Sawada household for the first time, she is not happy: not with what she sees and not with herself.

In the middle of the living room floor is Sawada Iemitsu, passed out drunk in only his boxers. Sawada Nana looks resigned, but ignores his body with a determination that would be admirable applied to anything else; the only give away is the slight wrinkle in her forehead as she smiles.

Sawada-kun, though… Tetsuki’s angry at herself, but this isn’t about her. This is about the kid who she clearly doesn’t know enough about, but will be risking her life to fight beside.

“Kaiza-senpai, w-what are you doing here?” He’s pained to see her, only because he’s starkly aware of the spectacle in his living room. The corners of his eyes are tense, for all that they’re wide with surprise. Rather than his usual twitchiness, his hands clench and unclench into fists. He’s not embarrassed, not like his mother. He’s angry.

To judge you, she doesn’t say, to figure out if you are worth my life and Ryohei’s life and Lambo’s life and your friends’ lives.

“To take you and the kids out for a little bit of fun. Ryohei extremely forgot to ask you and your friends if you wanted to join us, and he and Kyoko are still getting ready,” Or at least, that’s what Ryohei better say after he receives the text message she’ll send as soon as Sawada-kun turns his back, “Are Yamamoto-kun and Gokudera-kun free today? I know they’ve been training pretty hard, too. Where are Fuuta, I-pin, and Lambo?”

“Aah, I don’t know. I’ll call and ask them. And the kids are upstairs,” as far away from his drunken father as possible, he doesn’t need to add.

“Please excuse me, Sawada-kun,” she murmurs to him as she goes upstairs without permission. Meanwhile, she shoots off a quick text to Kyoko, because Ryohei never checks his phone and the best way to get a message to him is to send it to Kyoko.

The set up of the second floor is simple enough to guess where the kids are, but the high voices ringing out from behind one door helps.

She knocks, and the voices immediately hush, so she calls out, “Hello? It’s Tetsuki, the rest of us are going to…” have to think of something “… the park and for a fun day out,” The door opens to show three eager faces, “and I wanted to know if you’d like to join us.”

“What kind of fun day?” Lambo demands, yelling over I-pin’s quiet but cheerful greeting, while Fuuta apologizes. “Sorry, we thought you were Sawada-san… um, Iemitsu-san.”

“That’s okay, Fuuta-kun” Smart kid, “Well, I’m not sure yet, Lambo-kun, but we can all decide together at the park.”

“Shouldn’t you be training? The Ring Battles are important,” Damn Reborn. She can feel her shoulders tense from just his voice and it doesn’t go away even when she spots him in his hammock.

“Taking a break can be beneficial, we need time to rest. Otherwise we’ll be too tired when we fight for our lives,” She tries not to glare at him, because that would just be asking for trouble, but something must show on her face because he just smirks, the smug little jerk, and flips his fedora down.

“Gokudera and Yamamoto said they’ll meet us at the park in thirty minutes,” Tsuna edges his way into the room as well, Fuuta’s smile growing.

“Is everyone ready to go?” Because she’d prefer not to stay here for much longer.

~then I guess they [the sasagawas, the kids, her, yamamoto, gokudera, and tsuna, maaaaybe dino and bianchi and haru] go to the park and have a day out? go to takesushi afterwards? and before it’s time for everyone to go home, she sort of manipulates the yamamoto’s into letting the already-asleep lambo and i-pin to stay there and possibly tsuna but tsuna says that no, i should go home, my mom will be worried. then tetsuki walks him home where they talk, he says thanks and sorry she says thanks and sorry, she shares her own terrible-parent sob-story, she assures him for the first time that he’ll be great.~


[[A/N: As you can see from the ending, I did have a little more planned for this particular drabble in order to make it a whole scene. It’s meant to be the turning point of Tetsuki choosing to become a Guardian rather than being dragged into it by dint of being Ryohei’s best friend. Before this scene, Tetsuki is angry at Tsuna for endangering the Sasagawas (and Kusakabe) and Namimori as a whole by bringing the dangerous mafia world to them; but here she sees that he really is just another victim of the whole situation.

She still hates Reborn’s guts, though.]]

Trailblazers drabble (2016-01-11)

Kaiza-senpai and Yamamoto don’t get along, but not the same way Yamamoto and Gokudera don’t get along. It’s not words thrown like dynamite and smiles like a sword, it’s not arguments face to face but fighting back to back. It’s not a thin layer of teasing and irritation over a foundation of mutual understanding and trust.

For Kaiza-senpai and Yamamoto it’s a little bit jealousy and some awkwardness and a persistent, unavoidable uneasiness. They are warped reflections of each other, and frankly, they just don’t like each other.

Of course, they don’t actively dislike each other either–not like how Hibari-senpai and Mukuro go at each other like starving dogs, teeth and blood and bone-deep rage–but it’s a distinct lack of fondness. An absence of even trying to get along that makes it so strange.

And yet…

“Don’t call him that,” Kaiza-senpai says, sharp and cold–and not the shallow way Tsuna had always considered her, Kyoko-chan’s scary, austere almost sister–something pure and true and threatening. Promising.

Reborn, however, was scared of nothing and would probably call the Grim Reaper and amateur, “Oh?” he asks, eyebrow raising, as if to say what are you going to do about it.

Yamamoto is frozen, smile pulled tight over his face, unsure but patient.

“No one is a natural born killer,” she continues, unafraid, “That phrase is stupid.”

If Kaiza-senpai wasn’t fond Yamamoto, then she absolutely hated Reborn.


A/N: …

Trailblazers drabble (2015-07-08)

During one of their monthly cake eating gatherings (which Kyoko and Haru keep trying to make a weekly occurrence) the topic of box familiars came up. In particular, everyone’s box familiar’s names.

Unsurprisingly, Tetsuki named hers after archery, Yuzuru’s sinuous yet firm shape reminding her of a stringed bow. Haru’s Koushaku was certainly intimidating enough to be considered royalty, but the massive antlers and freaking tusks were more nightmare fuel than fairy tale prince. Kyoko’s kamaitachi were somehow collectively named Yakushi, after the god of healing, though they were three separate creatures. Although, when not in use at the clinic, they were a force of mischief and more often than not called ‘those damn weasels’ than their actual name.

The less said about Chrome’s box familiar–which might actually be Mukuro’s box familiar or, possibly, Mukuro himself–the better.

Hana refused to have a box familiar because, as she often ranted, having an animal manifest itself from some mystical energy within her was ridiculous and impossible and stupid. Hana wasn’t a nurturer and liked her solitude–whether to escape from idiots, children, or animals–so it wasn’t much of a surprise that she didn’t want a box familiar. But in theory, if she were to have one, it’d probably be named something like Momo or Fuku.

“So what you’re saying is, you want a pet goldfish,” Tetsuki asked with a raised brow, lightly teasing.

Hana, in a rare fit of immaturity, stuck her tongue out in response.

They moved onto discussing the others’ choice for their familiars’ names. Everyone agreed that Ryohei’s Kangaryuu was so obvious, but very typical of him. Takeshi’s Kojirou (and Jirou) likewise made sense, considering the historical sword-master was known for a technique named after a swallow. They were all rather confused as to why Hayato chose melon of all things to name his storm cat. As for Hibari-senpai’s hedgehog, a consensus could not be made on whether the name Roll should be attributed to his bluntness or his not-so-secret fondness for cute things.

Their discussion of box familiar names, which had the potential to go on forever, ended when Tsuna’s choice was brought up.

“I think it’s a nice name. Very poetic.” Tetsuki stated simply, appreciative of the symbolism involved in naming a sky lion after summer.

They stared at her incredulously. Kyoko’s lips were pressed tightly into a line to reign in her laughter. Haru wasn’t even bothering with that, curling her face into her arms, fists banging against the table as she snorted into her elbow. Chrome gently pressed both hands to her mouth, as if to ward off a scathing correction from the part of her mind that may or may not be Mukuro.

Hana, deciding to have mercy on her senpai, or perhaps to spare everyone second hand embarrassment, said, “Say the stupid lion’s name five times quickly.”

Confused, but unconcerned, Tetsuki did just that. “NatsuNaTsuNaTsunaTsunaTsu–Oh my god!” She shrieked her realization, “It’s just his own name backwards!”

At that, Kyoko couldn’t stop herself and burst out laughing alongside Haru whose guffaws gained a renewed strength. Chrome, shaking her head in sympathy, gently patted Tetsuki’s shoulder in an attempt at comfort.

Hana could only face palm, despairing at the other women around the table.


A/N: Because I only realized belatedly that Natsu’s name is literally Tsuna backwards and I felt so ashamed I figure Tetsuki should also get to feel it too. And also, well, for all that she’s the “sensible” Guardian that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s observant. Rather, she’s almost hilariously unobservant and probably the only reason why she never falls for various lies/disguises is because she’s mistrustful not because she’s particularly clever.

The Green Knight, Part 4 (2015-05-10)

The taxi which is not a taxi takes them to a tailor shop on Savile Row. The shop turns out to be a front, or rather, a cover to a secret underground tunnel which has a bullet train. She’s impressed by how unnecessarily deep the dressing room elevator goes–considering how ludicrous the Vongola mansion and the Foundation’s Namimori base are, that’s really saying something.

The bullet train brings them to what she can only describe as a giant garage filled with not only a multitude of cars, but several planes, and possibly boats. She lets the awe show on her face, spots in her peripheral vision that Galahad is smirking with good-natured pride beside her.

The Secchione Sezione specialize primarily in personal defense, gadgets more than vehicles, inventions that utilize Flames for an individual’s needs. Except for the occasional trips back to Namimori, most of the famiglia stay in Italy (vice versa for Kyouya-senpai); the aberrations to that rule are the Mist guardians (and Joshima and Kakimoto) and herself. Unsurprising, due to the shared nature of their missions.

The point, though, is that it’s not feasible to have a car, much less a plane, run on Flames. Vongola makes do with buying top of the line vehicles from whichever company Spanner disdains the least, then tweaking it slightly. They don’t have a need for a fleet of vehicles, she knows, but damn if the Kingsman garage isn’t impressive.

“Lucky for you, we ain’t late this time,” Galahad says, guiding her down a hallway, thankfully without any encroachment into her personal space.

She startles when she realizes that Arthur disappeared during her brief distraction by the garage. She hadn’t noticed at all.

Galahad politely does not comment on that, merely continues his own line of thought, “For me, my proposer ended up leavin’ a lot to chance, so of fucking course I was the last one in.”


“Well, yeah. Each of the current knights propose a candidate to get tested. We’re a little short on knights, though…”

Which means more spots to fill, but less recruits to choose from. The quality of knights would arguably decrease, at the very least they would be inexperienced. It’s a potential weakness, but if she learned nothing else from her teenaged years it’s that experience doesn’t always mean strength.

The lack of knights seems like a sore point, not one she should ask after. Not that she would need to, it’s obvious why so many agents would need to be replaced in such a short time. While Valentine’s Day triggered mindless aggression in most of the human population, for those whose wave energy had already been activated into Flames (which was most, if not all, of Vongola) it had just switched on their Dying Will Mode. Vongola Mansion spent their time intermittently experiencing extreme focus for no apparent reason–productivity for that day had been a record all time high. (Tsunayoshi-kun had finished enough paperwork to finally see the wood of his desk and actually burst into tears)

“Who is my proposer?” She asks instead, scolding herself for getting lost in her own thoughts.

“Technically, that would be me,” Merlin says, “Though Galahad was the one to think of it; a fine idea don’t you think, Azusa-san?”

Said knight flushes slightly at the praise.

She nods, she’s certainly grateful–because the alternative was to face abject boredom. That would be crass to admit, though, so instead she responds with, “Yes, Tempesta was honored to receive the invitation…”

So it’s a bit of an exaggeration for Hayato-kun. While not honored, he did see it as a good opportunity and was glad that she had agreed to it. As they measured her abilities through the trials, she could see what a Kingsman recruit went through to become a knight.

She herself would be a test in response.


A/N: Okay… so, because I’m terribly cliche, I’m thinking of calling this series The Green Knight and having the Kingsman position in question be for Gawain. Because… Lightning flames are greeeeeeeen. And she’s definitely not going to be a Kingsman agent so… mreh?

Ugh, I’m sorry this was greatly uninspired over all.

Continuation of this post. Will now tag everything in this series as The Green Knight. I apologize in advance for dirtying the tag, actual Arthurian fans 😦

Trailblazers drabble (2015-05-07)

When Tsunayoshi-kun (then, still Sawada-kun to her) finally, officially, and completely gains control of the famiglia he does what he had been vowing to do ever since he passed the boss trial. He destroys Vongola.

Of course, not quite in the way anyone had expected. Mukuro (then, and to this day, that bastard) was greatly disappointed. Barring Hayato-kun, who maintained that Tsunayoshi-kun could do no wrong, the rest of the tenth generation guardians didn’t fully understand how revolutionary Vongola’s Decimo truly was in the world of mafia.

She must admit, in the beginning, she had thought that he wouldn’t stick by his vow. She thought he had picked up where Nono had left off–increasing Vongola’s power through crime. She thought he was just perpetuating Reborn’s “might is right” philosophy, which had always made her hate him from the beginning.

Her doubts weren’t entirely unfounded: in the first three years of official Vongola Lightning Guardian tenure she went on over fifty assassination missions. She did them, of course, and she won’t deny that she was glad to have done them considering the total scumbags that she ended up killing. But it was disheartening; she had expected it, to be honest, but it was still disappointing.

Unlike Ryohei, she had walked into the role of Vongola Guardian with her eyes open. She knew that fighting that stupid ring battle was just the beginning of a slippery slope towards more violence, towards death. She had hoped it would be different, but she expected that her kouhai’s well-intentions would inevitably be suppressed under centuries of crime and sins.

It really had seemed that way in the beginning.

But a pattern began to emerge: missions were handed out with specific consequences in mind, there were more negotiations with certain famiglias, and less cooperation and tolerance for others. It was difficult for her to see, considering her specialty, but as her duties lessened she had the time and space to step back. To widen her perspective and see what was going on.

Tsunayoshi-kun’s… Vongola Decimo’s reign is the beginning of the end for the Vongola Famiglia of organized crime. It is the end for all mafia famiglia’s organized crime.

But she doesn’t really notice it until one day, three years in, Kyoko asks her to train the recruits.

“Doesn’t Yamamoto-kun do that?” She responds, because she and Takeshi-kun never particularly got along, especially not in the early days, and she tried to minimize tension by eschewing any opportunities of stepping on his toes. So to speak.

“Yes, yes, he’s very good at the more… permanent disarming,” Kyoko always did have a way with words, “But I don’t want my doctors to nearly kill their unruly patients to make treatment easier.”

“Your doctors?” She parrots, more confused rather than less.

“Well, I suppose technically they’re Shamal’s. But as if he can be pried away from his latest experimental disease, so all of the recruits really ought to be mine,” Kyoko says primly.

“What? Why do we need so many doctors and why do I need to train them?” Her observation and deductive skills really were much better when on assignment.

Kyoko just sighs, as if she were being difficult on purpose.

“I was in Scotland for the past month, I honestly don’t know what’s going on!” And the six weeks before that, Canada… which followed a week in Namimori. And that itself was a break after two months of tense and angry negotiations with the Orecchia famiglia culminating in absolutely nothing productive and her having to kill the entire negotiating party when they tried to, instead, torture the secrets of Vongola’s great and terrible power (their words) out of her. So no, at that point in time, she could safely say that she had no idea what Vongola would be doing with so many doctors.

“Shamal and I have been training Vongola doctors for the past eight months,” She says patiently, “I suppose I can’t fault you entirely for not knowing considering…” The deadly nature of her job, in direct contrast to Kyoko’s job of a distinctly opposite nature, “But it really is a better use for our resources. Having more doctors will improve the overall health of Italy, which will in turn improve the way of life. Oh, Hana-chan has the whole spiel, but it’s really in line with the direction Tsuna’s been going for Vongola.”

She’s about to argue, because she didn’t even know Tsunayoshi-kun was steering Vongola in a specific direction (much less one that Kyoko could sound so honestly excited and approving of) but she pauses. And thinks.

Because her time in Scotland, while ending in murder as usual, was aimed specifically at one of the Orecchia famiglia’s warehouses which they used to store, amongst various other contraband, cocaine. And the mission in Canada before that was to find and dismantle (permanently) the Orecchia famiglia’s human trafficking ring.

Like she said, a lot of her missions were ones she did with a song in her heart (all of those bastards deserved to die) but she had always thought it was more… self-servingly motivated than improving the way of life of Italy. She flushes with shame of having doubted Tsunayoshi-kun so much.

Kyoko, having known her for almost the full length of her life, probably knows what she’s thinking and yet stays silent.

“So… why me?” Because she’s the worst choice to train a bunch of healers how to save a life instead of… the opposite.

“Because,” Kyoko, still following the train of her thoughts, smiles soothingly and a little sadly, “I trust you, Nee-chan. You’re the one who taught me how to protect myself, in a way that wouldn’t hurt others.”

“That’s just aikido. You could teach them that easily. It’s been…” (a fucking long time,) “… a while since I’ve used aikido.”

Kyoko’s smile turns that little bit sadder, but instead of hashing out her honorary big sister’s serious damage in the middle of the hallway, she hooks their arms together and leads the two of them towards the laboratories, “Let’s discuss it some more over some cake. Lambo-kun brought back the most delicious raspberry chocolate cake, and Haru-chan and I have been eager to try it. Let’s see if we can’t pry her away from her latest inventions.”

“Girl time?” She quirks a brow.

“Yes!” Kyoko agrees, “It’ll be just like middle school.”


A/N: A tangential thought from the day before yesterday’s Traiblazer (x Kingsman crossover) drabble regarding the throw-away comment about Shamal’s subordinates being Kyoko’s minions and why a mafia family would even need more than two doctors much less actively recruiting doctors, especially combat ready ones. It was percolating in my head and I don’t think I did it justice, but… eh.

Also… this went a little more off-track than I thought it would. Like it was honestly supposed to be about training an army of doctors and the whole pseudo-political ramifications of Vongola becoming both legitimate and even more powerful by having a Vongola doctor all over Italy. Because hospitals are the absolute last thing sane people would attack, and by filling the hospitals with Vongola doctors Tsuna would have essentially made Vongola immune. While this has Tsuna’s intentions all over it, the actual formation of the idea probably involved Kyoko and Hana interrogating him on what he was doing with their resources and stuff.

If you’re confused… well, try checking out my Traiblazers tag for some context. Though I’m not really writing in any cohesive order so… good luck.

Edit: Direct sequel here.

The Green Knight, Part 2 (2015-05-06)

In the three days counting down before she’s due in the United Kingdom, her friends begin crawling out of the woodwork. They want to speak to her, give her tips, give her more gadgets, get in some last minute sparring. Tsunayoshi-kun earnestly assures her that she doesn’t have to go, but he appreciates her willingness in improving alliance relations. Kyoko ever so politely requests a full-blown medical before she goes, monitoring her health with her newest legion of Vongola medics. The Secchione Sezione (“R&D! Italian isn’t even your native language!”), once they’ve let go of their grudge, ply her with the newest version of contact lenses, armor, and a less bulky container to store Yuzuru.

Even Kyouya-senpai deigns to visit the Vongola mansion and demand a fight before jetting back to Namimori. Truth be told, she would have preferred to see her fiancé one last time instead, but her and Tetsuya’s engagement has always been one of distance and enduring love. She handles her disappointment with grace.

Ryohei, perhaps getting back at all the times she’s teased him about dating Hana, sends Tetsuya several pictures of her pouting. He sends back a short video of him blowing a kiss–or at least he tries to, his pompadour makes selfies difficult–nonetheless it makes her laugh.

The evening before her flight she asks Spanner, regarding the contact lenses, “How strong is the video feed?”

Haru despairs of her insistence on brown lenses (“Why not green, to match your Flames?”), comprehending but not agreeing with why she would cover her pale grey eyes with such a normal color. Shouichi-kun still tends to develop stomach cramps if she hangs around for too long–a remnant from a mission for which he was her handler that neither of them will comment on. So Spanner, apathetic to the core, is the one that gets to field her questions.

“Pretty strong,” He answers noncommittally, before guessing where she’s trying to go with her question, “We have a few relays set up around Europe, so as long as they don’t whisk you away to a different continent we should be able to receive it here. And, as long as you’re powering it with Flames it’ll last you for months.”

The length of the Kingsman trials… provided she gets to the final round, of course.

“We’ll set your feed up on one of the 24-hour monitors,” He continues, his blasé tone contradicting his words.  

It’s a huge relief; something she didn’t really know she was worried about until he said it. She’s a little touched, too. Vongola only has three 24-hour monitors, manned constantly by rotating teams of handlers and on-call reinforcements. One of them is devoted solely to Tsunayoshi-kun (which used to get him flustered but, by this point, he’s become desensitized to his lack of privacy). The other two’s usage depends on what missions are out there, the more vital or dangerous ones taking precedence. The Kingsman trials are practically a training exercise with their allies, so she’s a little embarrassed that she had any concerns. Much less concerns so overt that her family are pulling out all the stops to reassure her.

“Thanks,” She says honestly, any doubts and hesitation gone. She’s a guardian of the Vongola Famiglia–and her family has her back.



This is a direct continuation of this post (which is, in and of itself, a distant sequel to this post).

The Green Knight, Part 1 (2015-05-05)

The thing about being a mafia assassin is that, once said mafia famiglia stops being a crime organization and starts being a vigilante group, the need for assassinations decreases significantly. She isn’t exactly out of a job, because technically she’s a Guardian, not just any run-of-the-mill assassin (though it could be argued that any assassin isn’t run-of-the-mill, much less one from Vongola, much less one of the Decimo’s guardians), but she does end up having a lot more free time on her hands.

It’s gotten to the point where even the Secchione Sezione (“We are R&D!”) are getting sick of her hanging around and offering to test out their latest and greatest gadgets. She’s also careful not to push too much of her luck with the Foundation. Though the members remain rather fond of her, Kyouya-senpai is still disdainful of any crowding.

She sighs gustily, sprawled out on Hayato-kun’s office sofa which is positioned so perfectly in sunbeam. Uri who, unsurprisingly, tolerates her more than he does his master, is similarly sprawled over the back of the sofa. Yuzuru, her own box weapon familiar, is coiled up in his smaller form on her stomach. At the ensuing silence, she sighs again. The figure at the desk twitches but says nothing.

“Don’t make me do it again,” She warns lazily, fingers tracing along Yuzuru’s smooth, scaly body. He reciprocates by flicking his tongue  along her wrist in a friendly manner.

“Tch, just because you don’t have any work doesn’t mean the rest of us are similarly blessed,” Hayato-kun half-heartedly grumbles, typing continuously.

“Surely there must be something I can do? I’m beginning to become superfluous. You’re going to have an excess of bored Lightning natureds if this keeps up,” She thinks about Lambo-kun who, though much better than he was seven years ago when they first met, is still a force of mayhem. While she’s not quite at that level, she’ll admit to having some destructive tendencies of her own.

Whether he’s thinking the same thing or not, it makes Hayato-kun pause, shudder, and finally look in her direction, “Haru and Spanner are being productive,” Technically, Haru and Spanner are both dual natured Lightning and Storm. But she gets what he’s trying to say.

“But they’ve always been part of Secchione Sezione–”

“–They prefer to be called R&D–”

“And plus, I’ve already been by to see if they’d like my help. And they just turned me away,” She sighs once more, lolling her head around the sofa. It’s a very nice sofa.

“Well if you’re that bored…” Hayato-kun begins, turning back to his screen and sending a file to her contact lenses. As computers, the contact lenses have minimal memory, more suited to operating the aiming system and relaying video feed to the Vongola network. But within the vicinity of said network, it can be used to share small files for convenience. Or out of laziness.

“The Kingsman?” She wouldn’t say their meeting with the Kingsman was a disaster, necessarily. It had certainly gone better than what she had either hoped or expected. But she was sure they were at the level of civility and courtesy rather than beginning to swap favors. Even though the file–more a missive, really, from the one they called Merlin–is entirely in English, her fourth language of fluency, she thinks she gets the gist of it, “Why do they want one of us to take their tests? Surely they know Vongola is going to take priority over anything from them,”

“It makes sense,” Hayato-kun argues with a shrug, “They don’t actually want us to be one of their agents, they want to see what our abilities are. Seeing how far a member of Vongola, Guardian or not, can get through their tests gives them a good approximation of our relative strength.”

It’s when Hayato-kun talks like this, frankly and freely, that makes her realize how much all of them have grown. Six years ago he would have been crowing about how any Vongola member would breeze through such a test; as if being part of Vongola, being part of Tsunayoshi-kun’s famiglia, somehow made a person invincible by proxy. And while the Hayato-kun of six years ago (then still Gokudera-kun) had been willing to speak of his own personal insecurities to her, he would have rather cut out his own tongue than say anything negative of Tsunayoshi-kun (then still Sawada-kun) or his inheritance.

“Ah, is that so?” She demurs, briefly, “What were you thinking of doing with the…” She pauses, unsure of how to phrase it, “… invite?”

“To be honest, I was going to refuse it. I considered sending one of the more combat focused of Shamal’s subordinates–”

“–Kyoko’s minions–”

“But better to not send anyone than give a poor showing. Or worse, reveal Flames to them. The alliance we have with them is still precarious, we don’t want to give them more than we need to,” He continues, disregarding her interjection.

“It’s for several months though, why not send Mukuro or Chrome? They haven’t been as active recently either,”

Hayato-kun looks at her flatly, almost edging towards disbelief, “Because the alliance we have with them is still precarious,” he repeats, “And we do actually want them to trust us.”

Considering how the Mist guardians’ missions usually end up… yeah. She sees his point.

“Does that mean you trust me?” She smiles teasingly.

“I trust you not to fuck up,” He bites back, though a hint of a blush creeps along his face, “And you’re bored. Prendere due piccioni con una fava,”

“If you say so,” She agrees mildly. Which only causes him to blush more.

“I’ll send a confirmation and have the details sent to you. Now get out of my office!”

Oh, Hayato-kun, still so easily flustered. But she decides not to push him, because he did just give her a reprieve from boredom. So she leaves, gently draping Yuzuru over one shoulder, from which he settles himself around her neck with familiarity. For his sake, she tries not have too much bounce in her step; but she can’t help it–she’s excited.



For context: POV character is my OC Lightning Guardian, Tetsuki Kaiza from Trailblazers, a KHR fic I’m maybe not actually writing. She’s a year older than Tsuna/Gokudera/Yamamoto/etc, the same age as Ryohei, and a year younger than Hibari.

Also, “Secchione Sezione” means Nerd Department/Section. The two words sound remarkably similar to me–though I don’t actually speak Italian–so I thought it’d be a teasing/informal way to call Vongola’s R&D. And “Prendere due piccioni con una fava” means “To catch two pigeons with one fava bean,” which is basically the Italian equivalent of “Kill two birds with one stone.”