Once Then Always (a Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia fanmix)

  1. Once Upon A December by Liz Callaway
  2. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  3. The Curse by Agnes Obel
  4. Starting To Turn by Andrew Paul Woodworth
  5. Wolf by First Aid Kit
  6. Iron by Woodkid
  7. Tracks in the Snow by The Civil Wars
  8. Til Kingdom Come by The Autumn Film
  9. Beautiful Ending by Barlow Girl
  10. Home by Dotan
  11. Skyfall by Adele
  12. Woman King by Iron & Wine
  13. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
  14. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars
  15. Empire by Alpines
  16. This is Home by Switchfoot
  17. Time by AD vs Satellite Empire Remix
  18. The Call by Regina Spektor
  19. A Thousand Years by Boyce Avenue
  20. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Find it here!
(The link sends you to a mediafire folder, only the zip file is necessary for the entire mix)


A/N: As you probably saw earlier, I’m very proud of the album art (and the related “banners”) all of which are included in the zip file download.

So this is the fanmix for the epic fanfiction which I have yet to write, in which the Lost Kids are the Four Rulers of Narnia instead of the Pevensie siblings (and in which Narnia is the distant past of Auradon). I tried to make the songs reflect the flow of the story in hopes that it would inspire me into actually writing the fic. Unfortunately that does not yet seem to be the case.

I also wasn’t sure which version of A Thousand Years to use so I just included two that I had (I also have an instrumental version but… uh…). Enjoy!

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