Shikako/Deidara “Trapped in the Lightbulb Fixation” which was my mishearing of lyrics to Irresistible but does not need to be a reference

Oh man, okay.  I’ve already discussed how Shikako is aro/demi-romantic so this is… really. This is a crack pair. I just cannot see it happening in canon in any way, and it’d have to be in an AU so far removed from canon that I just…

Okay. Let’s see.


Is this one-sided Shikako/Deidara? I mean, the song lyrics don’t necessarily specify? And it’s… uh…

I feel like this is an age/role swap!AU plus a… superhero AU? But not the Insuperable superhero!AU… I guess more like Big Hero 6? In the sense that it’s technically in the Marvel Universe but also kind of its own thing?

So Konoha Twelve would be older and the Avengers equivalent (in that, they’re famous and well-established, etc. etc.) but the Akatsuki would be not evil, and also students who become heroes but only on a small scale?

Agh, I don’t know, does that make sense?

And so Deidara’s a Shikako fanboy and totally jumps on the chance to be a hero like her and tries to emulate her explosion abilities with his own clay bombs… I think I just made Deidara into Honey Lemon?

So it would be more about how AU²!Akatsuki become misfit heroes and at the end get to meet the members of Konoha Twelve who are basically like “good job kids” and that’s… all I’ve got, sorry anon, this is really outside of my scope I think. :/

Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation

One day, Deidara’s going to be a famous badass billionaire artist/hero and impress Iron Hart. Today, he has to try not to get kicked out of his chem lab for causing an explosion.

Or, how Deidara and his friends stumble into heroism and learn the cost of power (here’s a hint: it starts with an R and ends with an -esponsibility)

I just discovered from this summary I wrote that Shikako is apparently the Iron Man equivalent? Hart as in deer, but maybe a pun on heart because the Gelel stone is powering her arc reactor? Okay then… sure.

I saw the latest post on the BH6-au-ideas tumblr and thought you might like it. It’s part 2 of a crossover/fusion between BH6 and Descendants. It looks a bit intriguing and I was wondering what you thought of it.

Ah, okay, you mean these posts, right? Or at least the ones that are connected… It’s definitely very interesting, and I do appreciate how OP has adapted the BH6 characters into the Descendants world. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it and I like the decisions they’ve made for who’s related to who… but it’s not really my cup of tea, I think.

It’s a lot of characters to juggle, and it almost feels like the BH6 crew kinda of usurp the Descendants kids. Which, I mean, given the blog is called BH6-au-ideas makes sense–of course they’re going to focus on the BH6 crew–but I almost wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just either full on replace the Descendants kids (that is, Honey Lemon isn’t Evie older sister, she just takes Evie’s place, same with Fred and Ben, etc.) or, have them be separate and adjacent to the Descendants kids? Like–these are the villain kids left behind on the Isle, angry that they weren’t chosen? Or these are hero kids that we didn’t get the chance to see.

Personally, if I were to do this I’d most likely do just a straight crossover–no fusion at all. Because, I mean, Hiro and Baymax literally go through a portal into a different dimension. Like… whose to say that dimension isn’t basically the space in between universes?

And then, well, you can kind of go in two different directions–either Hiro and Baymax (and Abigail?) appear on the Isle or they appear in Auradon. Does Callaghan also go into the portal? Well, you can sort of hand wave some minor canon divergence and say he does. In which case, it’d be interesting to decide who appears where.

Because on the one hand, Callaghan as Yokai on the Isle essentially hijacking the villains while Auradon is distracted by Ben’s exchange students and the sudden appearance of Hiro, Baymax, and Abigail could be cool.

But what might be even more fun is if Hiro, Baymax and Abigail end up on the Isle having to make do with scraps to rebuild the portal, whereas Callaghan schmoozes and charms the royalty by saying a villain (aka Hiro) has stolen his technology (either Baymax or the nanobots). And then there’s the big Abigail is still alive reveal. So…

I mean if you REALLY want to hand wave some minor canon divergence, you can have the entire crew get sucked into the portal (because, well, giant dimension crossing portals in the sky) and end up in the Descendants world.

I guess if I were to try more on the fusion side, rather than strict crossover, I’d probably… hm… without directly replacing the Descendants kids OR having them completely derail the movie plot…

OH! Okay… so… I don’t super know if the ages would match up or if someone would have to be de-aged, but Honey Lemon as Snow White’s daughter (or niece via Rose Red). Which will make it interesting because both she and Evie are super into chemistry. [[Actually… given that the main four Lost kids are 16ish, maybe they’re looking into colleges? Or Auradon Prep alumni come back for the coronation? So that everyone is still the same ages as they are in their respective movie…]]

Anyway, so… wouldn’t it be interesting if each of the Lost kids matched up to a BH6 member? So… Wasabi as Audrey’s older brother who, during his own time at Auradon Prep preferred science to sports and wasn’t really that cool despite being royalty. But, you know, he stuck with what he wanted/was passionate about despite what his parents would have preferred. Alternatively, son of Tiana and Naveen who did encourage him to follow his dreams even if that means not being the stereotypical prince.

I do rather like GoGo as Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid, as the OP suggested–and like hell she’d put up with Jay’s bravado. Although I have heard, alternatively, that Jay is actually Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid that Jafar stole. And, I mean, the naming convention does still apply as Jasmine’s son. (And he was totally channeling street rat Aladdin in the movie). So maybe… ooh. What if GoGo was adopted (as a once street rat herself?) whereas Jay is the biological son of Aladdin and Jasmine.

And, I dunno why, I just really like the idea of the Hamada brothers basically being the sons of the Radcliffes (is that their name? the ones with all the dalmatians) and, well, considering their aunt has a Lucky Cat Cafe. Although maybe the Hamada family used to have a lot more cats but Cruella actually succeeded in making a fur coat out of their cats. Okay, sorry. That just got super morbid. My bad. Anyway, technology and creativity setting you free etc etc for Carlos.

Fred, obviously, is also a royal. But I’d rather not have him be Ben’s older brother, mostly because the whole line of succession thing and just why is Ben king at 16? I’m trying to think of which royal family would suit him best though… because on the one hand, him being the slobby older brother of Chad Charming could be hilarious, but on the other hand he’s pretty spot on for what I imagine either Rapunzel and Eugene OR Anna and Kristoff raising their kid as. Like, yeah, he’s still royalty. But not really the kind of royalty that uh, sorry to cross tracks but, would “play the game of thrones” you know?

Uh… yeah, sorry about that. I kind of totally derailed your question. Or my own answer. Uh, I haven’t slept in forty hours so… please excuse any… strangeness in this post.

Untitled BH6 drabble (2015-04-23)

The bell above the door jingles merrily, signaling the entrance of a customer. With the way the sunlight is slanting through the windows, Cass would estimate that it’s around three maybe four in the afternoon. It’s after the lunch rush, so the cafe is empty for the most part, only Gordon and Eiji–the two elderly gentlemen who play shogi in the corner booth–remain. She had just topped off their tea and coffee, respectively, and wiped down the counter twice already so if she greets the new customer with a little more eagerness than warranted well. Smiles and positive energy are always a plus in the service industry.

Ah, but she doesn’t see anyone?

“Can I have a green tea and a raspberry scone, please?” A thin, reedy voice says from waist height.

Oh! A child. It is about time for school to let out, and the backpack carried by the little girl is telling. But Cass doesn’t remember there being an elementary school in the area. A little more worrying, there doesn’t seem to be anyone accompanying the little girl.

“Of course, sweetie,” She responds belatedly. The child’s small pale fingers are tapping nervously against the straps of her bright green backpack. So cute! “Will that be for here?”

“Yes please, ma’am.” So polite!

“Okay, that’ll be four dollars and fifty cents,” Cass almost bites her tongue to stop herself from just giving the little girl her order for free. Maelynn would tease her for having poor business sense.

The little girl brings out her wallet, an oddly sensible black leather thing, and pulls out a single crisp five dollar bill. When Cass hands over her change, the two shining coins go into an even more conservative coin pouch the size of her palm, “Thank you,” the little girl murmurs after putting both items back into her bag.

“You can take a seat anywhere and I’ll bring your order over to you, okay?” Cass waves idly at the various empty tables.

The little girl nods in acknowledgement before heading towards the other corner table, directly opposite from where Gordon and Eiji are beginning to grumble in good-natured annoyance at each other.

The order is not too difficult, though Cass makes sure to use her brightest teapot and prettiest plate for the scone, and soon enough she carries it over to the little girl’s table. She has papers and what looks like a textbook spread out in front of her, so Cass is careful in her placement.

“Homework?” She asks politely, to make the girl feel a little more welcome. Until Cass actually looks at what’s on the paper–either elementary school has gotten more advanced or–“Is that calculus?” This time, honestly curious.

“Yes. I’m a little ahead at school,” The little girl says demurely, “Thank you,” she adds, when she brings her teacup towards her.

“A little ahead,” Cass repeats, a little shocked… before shaking her head. Genius children shouldn’t be a surprise, considering her nephews. But perhaps it’s because while they are intelligent, they are still kids. This little girl is more like a miniature adult–a poised and mature adult at that.


A/N: Ugh, I didn’t know where I was going with so I just stopped. Possible SI!OC into BH6? I dunno. Hiro Takachiho’s mother’s name is Maemi so I tried to find a similar enough name. No romance for OC (though maaaaybe with Honey Lemon) I honestly don’t know what I was doing.

Untitled BH6 drabble (2015-03-20)

Their company is not even two years old, seemingly just one of many small tech companies in the Bay Area, but Alistair knows that it’s destined for big things.

Nominally, he’s co-founder and CEO, the most important person in their tiny twenty person company, which is why he’s the only one with a proper office with an actual door as opposed to just having a desk in the bull pen. What that just means is that he’s always the last person to get news.

So when, suddenly, cheering can be heard outside his door, he expects the ten minute wait until Shizuka enters. With the door open the chattering of their employees becomes more audible, then with its closing the sound becomes muffled.

Nominally, Shizuka is co-founder and… well, everything from Alistair’s PA to head of HR to CFO. Alistair’s pretty sure Shizuka has more responsibilities then he does, but he’s the one stuck in an office by himself. Whenever he points out that it’s not fair, Shizuka just flashes that infuriatingly polite smile and responds, “You’re the CEO, it would be inappropriate.” As if the rest of the company hadn’t already seen him drunkenly dancing on a table during the New Year’s party. As if Shizuka hadn’t once had to fish him out of SFIT’s campus stream during their junior year.

The point is, it doesn’t make any sense that the CEO is the last to know about things and the… whatever Shizuka is… is always the first to know.

“Stop pouting, I always tell you anyway,” Shizuka scolds, but it’s teasing and not even partially convincing to Alistair who can see how Shizuka is practically vibrating with joy.

“Is it good? Tell me, it’s good right? Did Ananya’s VR tech make it through the second round of testing? Has Min-jun’s boyfriend brought cupcakes?” Considering how small their company is, and new besides, informality really does make sense. Added to the fact that Alistair and Shizuka graduated with many of them, and the fact that the eldest–Belinda, 31 years old and working on bio-fueled prosthetics in her spare time–well… it would be weird not to call them by their first names.

Shizuka’s head shakes minutely, which is alarming because those are the only two major things he can think of that would cause this much fanfare. But that smile is still present so…

“It’s Stark Industries. They want to meet with us.”

He can feel a grin spreading on his own face, the kind that Shizuka says makes him look kind of dopey.


Three weeks later, Alistair is grateful to Shizuka for making him wear his itchy nice suit because at least it’s distracting him from calling bullshit on this whole farce of a meeting and punching Obadiah Stane in the face.

It’s not like he really thought they would be meeting with Tony Stark (though a tiny fanboy part of him really hoped they would) and the fact that they’re meeting with Stane is impressive in and of itself. There are hundreds of tiny startups with the same hopeful dreams as Krei Tech, who would possibly literally kill him for this opportunity. But he doesn’t want this.

This being Stane with his patronizing smile and his oily words and his overt snubbing of Shizuka right in front of him. Stane with his offer to buy out Krei Tech. Not invest. Assimilate.

Such bullshit.

And it doesn’t help that, for the past forty minutes, Shizuka has been looking more and more distressed by a constantly vibrating cell-phone which is being reluctantly ignored in a white-knuckled hand under the table. Alistair knows that Shizuka doesn’t believe in interrupting business for personal matters, but he also knows that there are only so many people who have that phone number and except for their employees who are also their friends and who also all know what’s happening right this second… it’s family.

And Shizuka only has two family members to speak of.

“Why don’t we take a break? Give us some time to discuss this amongst ourselves,” Alistair says, smile more of a grimace or baring of teeth.

Stane agrees, and swaggers victoriously to the part of the conference room where the rest of the Stark contingent of lawyers and whatever have set up, because he thinks he’s got this acquisition in the bag. Yeah, right.

But at least it leaves just Alistair and Shizuka at the table, though he quickly pulls the both of them out to the hallway for more privacy.

“Shizuka, what is it?” He asks, but Shizuka is already pulling up the voicemails and listening to them on speaker.

“Hello, is this Shizuka Hinokage? This is Officer Kline of the SFPD, there’s been an accident involving Maemi Takachiho…” the recording drones in an exhausted sounding voice. It’s only 2:30.

“Oh no,” Shizuka breathes out.

“… I’m sorry to inform you that she didn’t make it…”

Alistair’s stomach is dropping, he can’t imagine what this is like for Shizuka.

“… We have her son, Hiro, here along with social services. You need to come to the station and get him…” The voicemail continues on with little details, but it’s not really registering, it’s not important.

“I–I need to–Hiro’s waiting for me… But the meeting–” Shizuka stammers, more disjointed than Alistair has ever seen.

“The meeting is over. It’s not important,” Alistair says with the conviction of someone with the truth behind him. “I’ll give you a ride,”

Stane sneers disdainfully at the two of them when Alistair pops in just long enough to reject their offer. But, again, not important.

What’s some shitty “merger” compared to Shizuka’s family? Nothing.


A/N: Because I always have a soft spot for minor characters and Alistair Krei and nameless assistant deserve more. Buuut to be strictly honest I guess this is sort of the prequel to a BH6 non-related!sort-of-but-not-really-HS!aged-up-Hiro!AU Hidashi fic which I will hopefully be writing more of. God that’s a really long description.

I’m unsure what gender nameless assistant was supposed to be, but luckily Shizuka can be either a boy or girl’s name. Also, I kind of like the idea of Shizuka just being non-gendered anyway. So…

Hinokage Shizuka is cousin/sibling to Takachiho Maemi aka Takachiho Hiro’s mother. Seeing as how Hiro’s father already died when he was younger Shizuka is now his closest relative/newest guardian.

You can find more of my brainstorming for this on my lj under my Big Hero 6 tag.

Untitled (2015-01-18)

The Big Heroes are losing when the battle comes to a screeching halt. Literally.

The lightning android had already absorbed most of Baymax’s power, leaving him in his stumbling drunken low battery mode. It had also hijacked the electromagnetic servos in both Gogo’s and Hiro’s suits leaving them tangled and awkwardly stuck together.

The fire android had made the Fredzilla suit’s fire-breathing abilities defunct, taking the three-eyed head and leaving Fred vulnerable. High heat also had the tendency to mess with Honey Lemon’s chemical concoctions, though she was beginning to adapt and send heat absorption capsules.

Which meant that the lightning one’s scream of pain was highly unexpected. Wasabi was a Big Hero in his own right, of course, but due to the lethality of molecular-sharp lasers, he tended not to fight directly. They all figured it would be okay–the androids had already proven highly resistant to most of the Big Heroes’ attacks, due to their shining metal outer shell–but apparently that was not the case.

Bright red liquid was gushing up from where Wasabi had cut into its… no, her arm. She had retreated a safe distance away, though Wasabi had already retracted the laser swords, clutching futilely to the bleeding wound. Her fire counterpart abandoned its… his own skirmish with a burst of speed even faster than his previously witnessed, almost impossible movements.

It was one of the reasons why the Big Heroes had thought they were androids this entire time. Along with their near impenetrable metal armor. And the fact that until now, neither of the not-androids had every said anything.

Not that gasps of pain and wordless, soothing crooning was particularly intelligible.

But the Big Heroes weren’t rookies anymore. While they didn’t use the opportunity to attack the distracted pair, they did take the moment of respite to lick their own wounds. Gogo and Hiro were carefully untangled from each other and Fred’s mask retrieved. They couldn’t do much about Baymax’s low battery mode, but they could at least stop him from flying away.

“I- I didn’t know!” Wasabi blurted out, looking down sickly at his hands. There wasn’t actually any blood on them, but still…

“None of us knew,” Gogo reassured him as best as she could.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Honey Lemon added, which did more.

“If they’re not androids, this totally throws off my theories!” Fred, or rather, Fredzilla’s arms waved about, only just missing the rest of the team huddled together, “Maybe they’re escaped experiments. Twin escaped experiments!”

“Uh, guys–” Wasabi tried to start.

“It doesn’t matter what they are, it matters what they did. Robots or not, they’ve been blowing up labs around the city,” Gogo gestured to the burning wreckage of the most recent attack.

“But never with people inside, it’s always been at night when no ones there, or right after some kind of evacuation,” Honey Lemon refuted, though she also looked discomfited by the scene. It hit too close to home.

The team did their best not to look too closely in Hiro’s direction, though they were waiting on his input.

“Gogo’s right. Regardless of their motivations or… consideration, they still need to be brought in. We can go on from their after we’ve caught them,” Hiro steeled himself, this whole case had been terrible from the beginning, but he was determined to see it through to the end.

“Guys, not to worry anyone, but the android twins whatever they are, are coming over,” Wasabi alerted the team, though he was still conflicted on how to go about fighting when he didn’t actually want to hurt other people.

With the silver-clad pair came the smell of burned meat.

“No way,” Fred breathed, beginning to look a little queasy himself. Gogo looked reluctantly impressed–they hadn’t heard a thing, no second scream of pain that’s for sure.

“Cauterizing a wound out in the open like this? That would actually increase risk for infection,” Honey Lemon murmured, fingers ghosting over the touch screen of her purse. Though she had excelled at organic chemistry as well, medicine wasn’t her specialty.

Both of them had stopped several feet away, hands loosely open in a blatant display of nonaggression.

“Truce?” The lightning one asked curtly, arm still shaking with pain.

The team looked at each other, briefly, with various levels of skepticism on their faces.

“What exactly do you want?” Hiro asked.

“Your robot, he’s programmed as a medic.” The fire one said, shocking the entire team for two reasons. Reason one–they knew that Baymax was a robot designed for healthcare. Baymax was a one-of-a-kind. Most people assumed the red flying hero was a human not a robot, much less a medical robot. That meant that the pair knew the identity of at least one member of the team.

“I’ll recharge him. I can give back what I took,” She added, not seeing the wide-eyed surprise on their faces. Or simply not caring.

“You make sure my cauterizing didn’t make her injury worse. We’ll surrender ourselves into your custody,” He continued, emphasizing ‘your’. Both of their armor molded to cover even their faces, but still…

Reason two– that was Tadashi’s voice.


A/N: Hahahaha, yeah. That damn movie… agh. My heart.

Anyway, this is a scene from an imaginary fic I will probably not write, regarding a maybe sequel in which Tadashi’s not dead? Maybe? I dunno.

I didn’t quite know how to add in drunken/low-battery Baymax shenanigans without completely derailing the scene. Though just imagine him stumbling around in the background while everyone’s all super serious.

And… yeah. Basically one part Sunfire, one part Winter Soldier, one part Maximoff twins (except they’re not really twins)… at least I’m sticking to Marvel, though right?

Although, yes, the lightning one is an OC of mine…