For better, for worse. Kakashi. Hmm dos dreaming Canon-verse mayhaps? (its in the soulmark thread i think)


Hm, I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to, anon? Which part is from the soulmark thread? Is there a more specific title for it or a post number or the author you could send me?

Sorry, I might need a little more direction here. Is “For Better, For Worse” the title you want me to fill or is that the title of the soulmark ‘verse (with Kakashi?)


edit: Oh, okay. I think I’ve found it–thanks @to-someplace-else​!

So according to the index page, it starts with donahermurphy’s post. The main premise is that at night, people dream their canon’verse lives and, obviously, those close to Shikako are greatly impacted.

Possibly the universe keeps trying to self-edit? Although, who is to say which side is real and which side is the dream?

I’m unsure what this has to do with soul marks though?

I will touch back on this after I do the prompts that came in before yours, anon. 🙂

Okay, okay, okay, anon. I read through the indexed posts (if there are any further related posts that weren’t indexed there, I haven’t read them) and I think I have a much better understanding of the idea.

My favorite post was the “reverse” version in which it’s canon!Sasuke dreaming of DoS!Sasuke’s life by Of Chaos and Destruction. Just, the underlying longing and jealousy for a life that very easily could have been his is so potent…

So I think maybe I would want to do something similar with Kakashi? Except with that special added flavor of Kakashi’s self-loathing and eternal mourning.

And I also wonder if maybe the Dreaming isn’t so widely known as a phenomenon? Because for most people–unless they encounter an Anomaly like Shikako–it’s just a repeat of what they did that day. And given that normal dreams (no matter how bizarre) are easily dismissed, no doubt doubly redundant dreams are more so.

Unless the Dreaming starts BECAUSE there is an Anomaly? So after that September 22nd everyone starts to experience seemingly redundant dreams, not figuring out why until after whenever they meet Shikako (or someone who has already been influenced by Shikako), so definitely the Nara clan and their allies figure things out VERY EARLY ON. (And maybe, because it’s only a few weeks off of That October 10th, people think it’s just a side effect of Kyuubi’s chakra/Shinigami’s presence lingering in the air).

Regardless, it only starts to really effect Kakashi after the Academy graduation. Maybe some previous interactions with Shikaku are slightly different, or his rare stalking of his sensei’s son show him as happier in his dreams (but isn’t that how dreams are supposed to go anyway?)

And then, one day, he gets assigned a genin team that he’s not allowed to reject and when he goes to sleep that night he dreams of a better, more cohesive team and begins to get an inkling that maybe there’s more to the repetitive dreams than his own personal purgatory.

After that it’s just a lot of canon!Kakashi being frustrated at his real life and quietly jealous of his dreams (is he allowed to be proud of a student that doesn’t exist?)

There’s probably a sad scene the day after Team Seven returns from Wave mission where they go their separate ways for the night and Kakashi dreams about a family dinner that never happened.

But so that it’s not just COMPLETELY one-sided canon!Kakashi feeling bad about himself (which isn’t exactly different from a non-Dreaming!verse Kakashi, anyway) I kind of like the idea that Tsukuyomi connects them? In the sense that Tsukuyomi is a distinct pocket dimension of ~torture~  so not only does canon!Kakashi get tortured, he gets tortured right next to DoS!Kakashi who he is jealous of so…

Although, thinking of that now, mashing that up with Desperate Endeavors also sounds pretty fun because canon!Kakashi gets to finally meet Shikako! His non-student! Sure, it’s when they’re all being collectively tortured (and boy, does canon!Kakashi give DoS!Kakashi shit about that, never mind it happened AFTER they both got hit by Tsukuyomi) but he never thought he’d get to meet her in person!

So then it’s just two barely adult Kakashi fighting over a tiny!Shikako while running from a terrifying horde of torturing Itachi and looking for tiny!canon!Sasuke.

But I digress.

Sad canon!Kakashi comparing his failures to his Dreams and being jealous of DoS!Kakashi, basically.


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Best Thing That’s Ever Been Mine. Rockstar or Royalty au

I had to look through my entire Sabaku no Gaara tag because I foolishly didn’t tag either AUs with a specific tag, mostly because I was probably hoping I’d make a title to attach to them and just never bothered…


Definitely Royalty!AU. I’m getting a vaguely Princess Bride vibe? But, like… also Titanic vibe. In the sense that it’s an older Gaara telling the story of his first love to, probably, the NGSS and the plot twist is that hey, what up, there’s no sad ending. Everyone lives, everything worked out, hooray, Gaara’s first love aka Shikako is in fact their adoptive mom so it’s all good.

Like a less bullshit/skeezy version of How I Met Your Mother, basically. But because Gaara is very solemn and surprisingly poetic it’d sound like an epic in the literal sense and not just a creepy guy complaining about his failed relationships.

I guess this would be a good title for the more action-filled version of Royalty!AU where, along with the sweeping fairy tale romance tabloid drama, there is also a sub-plot of the Akatsuki being an anti-monarchy terrorist group and feeling of betrayal when Shikako is believed to be involved in an assassination attempt against Temari.

But that’d basically be cheating on my part, so let’s see…

I guess this could just straight up be a bad ending!version of the Royalty!AU? Not ~dead~ bad ending, but a “it just couldn’t work out” bad ending… but that’s dissatisfying.

Hm… I don’t know, anon…

This actually feels more like a TemarixShikamaru B-sides of Royalty!AU than the A-sides that is Shikaara. And, like, in this AU Temari can’t abdicate her role so it is a “bad ending” for them…

OH! So it’d be more like the ClarissexJoe subplot from Princess Diaries 2–in that they never allowed themselves to be together because of ~duty and propriety~ until after her heir was established.

Which means it would still be a story to the NGSS (one of whom is taking up the throne) decades after the initial meeting and falling in love, but it’s not entirely cliche “this is how it happened” because their story isn’t done yet! 😀

Like. Everyone’s eyes were on the fairy tale romance of the century that was Shikaara, unbeknownst to nearly everyone else there was this drama of firstborns resisting love because of their duties. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Smile At The Stars — Yoshino, Shikaku and their grandchildren

A/N1: … like a Yoshino&Shikaku!POV of Our Share of the World?

I mean, I guess I could try to come up with a plotty brainstorm of Yoshino&Shikaku with their grandchildren, but this just seems like a collection of five scenes of Y&S with their grandchildren.

Sorry this took so long, but since this isn’t really a fake fic title prompt, I just tried to fill it like a regular prompt. Enjoy!


Shikaku is the last to find out about his first grandchild, heading home after work to find his wife and daughter surrounded by piles of storage scrolls.

“This is archaic, Mum,” Shikako says, unsealing a scroll, glancing over the contents, then resealing them again. “Toddler clothes.”

“Oh, set those aside, dear, he’ll need them soon enough,” Yoshino instructs, going through her own set of scrolls–linens, hideous, but an heirloom of the clan head’s line–and putting them away.

“How are you supposed to find anything like this? I can make you a new set of sealing scrolls–or a custom Hammerspace!”

“These work just fine still, Shikako, it’d be a waste to get rid of them–ah! I think this is it.” From Yoshino’s scroll appears a crib, sturdy and steady and capable of withstanding a D-rank jutsu, the same one that carried all three of their children.

That seems like just yesterday, surely it’s not already time to pass it down?

“What’s going on here?”

He can’t possibly be that old already.

His wife and daughter both turn to him before glancing at each other, Yoshino’s expression clearly urging Shikako to explain.

“Well… Dad… um…”

His sons enter the hallway, Kinokawa making silly faces at the baby in Shikamaru’s arms. The red-haired baby in Shikamaru’s arms who reaches out towards Shikako upon spotting her.

He passes the baby over to his sister almost reluctantly and Kinokawa follows, adoringly.

“This is Kareru Uzumaki, he’s my son.” Shikako says, steeling herself unnecessarily; both of Shikaku’s sons take after him.


Shikako’s pregnancy is a frustrating, frightening time for all within her vicinity–nothing inspires crankiness and bizarre seals like consecutive nights of sleeplessness. Yoshino remembers being much the same during her own time with the twins, so she is patient.

Still, there comes a point when a mother is done indulging…

… which just so happens to be the same point as when said mother finds her pregnant daughter on the roof of the house in the middle of the night armed with buckets of paint and a brush.

It takes promises of hot cocoa and secrecy to coax her down, safely bundled in a blanket on the sofa, but Yoshino feels much better now that she’s on the ground.

“I’m so tired,” Shikako says, voice cracking with desperation, and so Yoshino tops up her mug.

“You can rest here, sweetheart, you’re safe.” She remembers the paranoia of her daughter’s earlier teen years, perhaps her hormones have kicked it into overdrive.

But Shikako just shakes her head. “I can’t, I can’t,” she repeats, “She needs me, she needs my chakra, I can’t go to sleep. She needs me.”

Yoshino feels a chill go down her spine.

“How does everyone else do this? I’m so tired.”

Pregnancy is supposed to be difficult, yes, but not like that. Not so consciously, actively, impossibly involved.

No more indulging, no more patience.

It takes more than hot cocoa to get Shikako to go to the hospital, but Yoshino knows best.


They do not often see their grandchildren from Sand, almost never altogether–that one trip to Wind Country aside, of course–and so it’s a pleasure to have the house full again.

Shikaku enjoys having extra sets of hand to feed the deer–especially ones that still find novelty in the chore, awed at the shy creatures and their forested homes–and Yoshino enjoys having victims to run through her morning stretches.

It’s unfortunate for them, of course, as they are not as flexible as their Konoha siblings and cousin, but they complain far less. Or perhaps are far quieter about it.

Shinki, at least, seems to take it as an opportunity to improve himself–never mind that his almost literal iron spine makes it more difficult–but Araya and Yodo spend more time trying to push each other over while Yoshino looks away.

Not that she isn’t aware of their little competition, but why not let them have their fun?

Shikaku is the one who rescues them and gives them a tour of the village, no better guide than the retired former Jounin Commander after all, before bringing them back to the Nara Clan compound where both their parents await them.

Which is still an odd thought–if anyone had told them that the Kazekage would one day be father to three of their grandchildren, well, the future is an interesting place, indeed.


A/N2: … so, um, it’s been a while everyone. Sorry about how long it took. Holidays then being ill and then three days of overtime which caused me to relapse… I’m not fully satisfied with this–much fonder of the original Shikadai’s POV, but hopefully it’s still nice.

Also, since December is approaching and I’ve got a few more prompts in the ask box, instead of sticking with the Ask Box Fake Fic Titles I might as well segue into the Ask Box Advent Calendar so send in those prompts! 😀

NoShadows!anon, here, and I love your brainstorm, truly. My thoughts are: If the Akimichi are the tree, who’s the light? The Yamanaka? (Light, “tree”, Shadow; Naruto, Sasuke, Shikako?) Also, the quote put me in mind of a story where Harry learned from Lockheart that “The Boy Who Lived” was an illusion he was always casting, and he had to learn to control it, or someone else would.

Thanks! Sorry I wasn’t able to do more with it, anon. It was a lovely idea but there are just so many different takes on it that no single story would take hold

That being said, for the ANY alliance version, that breakdown does seem right. The Yamanaka are all abrout dragging the truth out of people, and while beautiful it’s dangerous to look at light directly.

For Team Seven, I’m not entirely sure which is which for tree and light between Naruto and Sasuke.

(I think I vaguely remember that HP fic, too, but I’ve read so many I have no idea which one that might be… :P)

“No Shadows (Without something to cast them)” … I swear I had a pithier title when I thought the concept up (it’s spiraling from the musing on eeveelutions, but you don’t need to keep it to that universe). The idea that … you know, shadows don’t exist unless something else does? I swear I had a, like, three-word title for it right up until I started typing it out.

No worries, anon, I get you. Like, yes, shadows require light, but JUST light alone won’t lead to a shadow. There needs to be an object for the light to be blocked by…

Unfortunately… I’m not sure what else you’re looking for with this prompt? Obviously it’s a Nara focused story, but not necessarily in the Arm in Arm ‘verse?

… this title very much reminds me of “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Or, rather, the DoS Switch variant of it “Family is like a tree and life is like a shadow.”

So along with your title suggestion, that would mean no family, no shadows?

Which would be a story about… how a lone Nara dies, but the pack survives kind of vibe? Or maybe extended further out–the Nara clan alone would die without the Akimichi and Yamanaka as allies? Or EVEN further out in which the Nara are in every department of Konoha’s administration contributing to the village as a whole because the strength of the village means the strength of the clan?

… I think that’s too far out.

Maybe a nice “behind the scenes” Nara members, supporting the main family as best they can (even when they cause irritation headaches that Kofuku-oba would have sworn she stopped having after Shikaku settled down).

But would anything ever be as sweet and heartening as Silver Queen’s own Sunshine Sidestory Chapter 21?

Eh, the clan is big enough, I can do other members and their tales. Tails? Heeeeeey deer herders. Or how the Nara clan changed over time?

Like, I don’t know if this is fanon or my own headcanon, but I claim that the ANY alliance was originally the Akimichi as landowners/nobles and the Nara and Yamanaka as their servants which then became allies then friends. So that journey of clan politics?

I’m floundering, anon, sorry.

Edge Of The Stars, for Shikako and Shikadai

So in a world where Shikadai doesn’t have five cousins–specifically via his aunt Shikako, that is –he would be the closest thing to a child she ever has. Literally. Siblings are biologically the closest to each other–especially twins, even if they’re not identical–so genetically Shikadai is the closest thing a childless Shikako would have to a descendant.

Which means he might be the closest thing to an heir for her legacy if she doesn’t take on apprentices like Tsunade does. Or maybe a literal heir for all her earthly possessions if she ever does permanently die. (Which, I mean, given her track record, the probability is less than average)

Or maybe it’s something like Shikadai tries to solve the mystery of his missing aunt and thereby becomes her heir (whether he actually finds her or not)?

It’s a lovely title, anon, I’m just not sure what direction to go with this. The only thing I am sure of, though, is that this is NOT within the Stars Also Dream ‘verse, mostly because Shikako herself isn’t so involved in that ‘verse and of Yoshino’s children I’m pretty sure Kinokawa (… or Bant? Eerin? Would SAD!Yoshino still name her youngest child after the Kinokawas if her “real” family was her Jedi Master?) would be the most involved in ~the ways of the Force~.

And, see, this is where the problem of human desire for continuity/patterns arises because this just feels to me like a “Shikako has disappeared (into her Gelel stone) and Shikadai is trying to find her” very early on in the Foundation of Yesterday mythos.

Like. Where yesterday’s post would be about Shikako (and Gaara’s) story millennia in the future, Edge of the Stars would be the immediate aftermath of the jinchuuriki and Shikako going dormant for Kaguya’s possible future revival.

Eh… while I do like it as a story premise, that seems a little lazy to just ride FoY’s coattails.

Maybe it’s a different sci-fi Star series crossover/fusion?

Shikako discovers a Stargate in the depths/remains of the Gelel shrine (on a research mission from Suna) and is flung to the far-reaches of the galaxy where Goa’uld are still strong. She resigns herself to joining the efforts against them only because she figures, so long as she fights them there, they won’t trace back her path and find her home planet and all her loved ones.

Except it’s been years–decades, almost–since she’s disappeared. Most everyone thinks she’s dead. As far as Shikadai is concerned, she may as well be, he’s never actually met her. But both of his parents (and all of his uncles) are certain that she’s still alive somehow.

Does his generation of Team Ten get assigned a basic joint mission with some Sand ninja in a patrol of the Ikioi-En when a sudden lightning storm/earthquake heralds the arrival of Shikako? Or the arrival of an alien army that overwhelms the genin teams, only for a lone figure to strike it down and send it back through the portal in retreat?

… the problem is that I don’t actually know that much about the Stargate franchise.

I know much more about Star Trek, but that’s less conducive to the same “Shikako goes missing/deliberately leaves,” only because the Federation has a Thing about first contact and they wouldn’t just abscond with a person.

And even if it’s not the Federation that she encounters, the other various organizations (depending on which series you’re going with could be Romulan, Klingon, Borg, etc.) aren’t exactly subtle either? They would be BIG NEWS on a planetary scale even if Shikako’s the only one who understands what’s going on.

I think the Stargate one has a more compelling plot.

I mean, even if we don’t want to go with the Ikioi-En setting, we could do an Uzushio version instead? Eh, that’s just trappings, though. What do you think, anon?

Foundation Of Yesterday Shikako/Gaara

I’m getting definite “future people!POV looking back at the past” vibes and whether that means canon future people looking back at Gaara and Shikako’s relationship as distorted through time and drama (as with Winter in the Fields) or a historical!AU via epistolary and archaeological narration or some kind of “summoned and reunited in the future by heroes in desperate need of help” is a little uncertain.

Well… although I’m always somewhat reluctant to reuse ideas… this would be a pretty good title for that reverse Stories of Ancient Gods, aka the one where DoS is the ancient past of FFVII (instead of the other way around) and Shikako is a strangely proactive and human Summon while the bijuu/jinchuuriki are the WEAPONs.

And given Gaara and Shukaku are the Ichibi, it makes sense for them to be the first WEAPON that AVALANCHE (+Shikako) encounter.

Sort of this idea where Shikako and the bijuu/jinchuuriki are the failsafe to stop Kaguya/Jenova and were dormant for millennia until AVALANCHE awaken them.

So while Cloud and Company’s quest is to stop Sephiroth and save Midgar, Shikako (and Gaara’s) quest is to defeat Kaguya/Jenova once and for all. They’re in a strange world surrounded by strangers, trying to find and awaken the people they do actually know.

Obviously this fic would start with a member of AVALANCHE happening upon the strange Summon Materia that is Shikako’s Gelel stone. Whether or not it’s one of the team’s family heirloom or just something they stumble upon during their travels, I’m not sure…

I had considered it being Cloud’s family heirloom–in that, Shikako’s Gelel stone was entrusted to Naruto’s descendants–but given that Naruto is already one of the WEAPONs and will make his own, independent cameo that seemed unfair… even though appearance and the village pariah and naming convention parallels so nicely. Meh, that’s what Unto The Climate is for)

And then I felt sad because even though your prompt asks for Shikako/Gaara only, to have Naruto and Shikako appear and not Sasuke gave me feels. Team Seven must be complete!

So then, what, is it Sasuke’s descendants who have Shikako’s Gelel stone? Or does the Sharingan somehow enable Sasuke to manifest millennia into the future also?

If we go with the former, I was thinking maybe Shikako’s Gelel stone is just one of the many materia that Yuffie has without knowing what, exactly, it is. After all, it’s not the normal color for Summon Materia and she probably doesn’t use all of the materia she ends up getting. Alternatively, Sasuke has become Chaos?

He (accidentally) combined the Sharingan and the Curse Seal in such a way as to achieve (unwanted) immortality that Orochimaru could have only dreamed of, but the mortal mind is not meant to experience such a long period of time. The jinchuuriki are fine because they were mostly asleep while their bijuu are themselves walking forces of nature. Shikako was dormant in her Gelel stone. But Chaos/Sasuke didn’t have that cover. So he’s a little… crazy. Poor Vincent.

Although, Vincent being the only one to survive being imbued with Chaos because he was the only genetic descendant of Sasuke is pretty good? For an arguable definition of good.

Actually, yeah, I like that Sasuke-as-Chaos idea with Vincent-as-Sasuke’s-descendant. Perhaps Yuffie is just a descendant of one of Shikako’s brother’s? So as to keep the Gelel stone within the family even if they weren’t entirely sure what it would do.

… yeah, I like that better.

So with that foundation in mind, and through the lens of Shikako/Gaara, it would be Shikako and AVALANCHE (and Gaara and Chaos/Sasuke through Vincent) traveling around the world to stop Sephiroth, find the other WEAPONs/jinchuuriki/bijuu, and defeat Kaguya/Jenova ~forever~

And meanwhile there’s a lot of AVALANCHE!POV of these ancient beings and their bizarre conversations and behaviors.

Did Shikako and Gaara have A Thing before being turned into dormant last defenses for the planet but they hadn’t quite resolved their issues so now they’re tiptoeing around each other and AVALANCHE are just like… wtf. Even Ancients and WEAPONs have romantic drama?

~I don’t knoooooooooow, anon~

Three Way Street, Tenten & Shikamaru (& Shikako), Flip to the Last Page AU

… aaaAAAAAHHHH! I hadn’t considered this before because like… HOW DOES PRIVACY WORK WITH TWINS IN THIS WORLD?

Privacy is a thing of the past.


Shikako only vaguely remembers what it was like not to have someone else in her head, listening in on her every thought and responding with their own.

Shikamaru has never known any different.

And, like, in theory that’s a compelling thought–BUT DATING?! PUBERTY?! HORMONES?! LIVING THEIR OWN SEPARATE LIVES?!


To be clear, though, they are definitely separate people. It’s not some kind of hive mind situation going on. It’s a two person wireless network, different distinct servers but connected.

So TenTen dating Shikamaru is definitely TenTen dating Shikamaru. She’s not dating both of them, even if Shikako is basically unwillingly eavesdropping on their dates.

… there has to be some way to shield thoughts to some extent.

Or maybe I’m overestimating the connection. Maybe they only share thoughts deliberately or while dreaming and experiencing extreme emotions/adrenaline?

Like a mental immune system of sorts? So when they’re younger it blends together a lot–to the point where they switch bodies accidentally–but as they grow older they get better at filtering out “unimportant” thoughts.

Which does kind of mirror the twins’ relationship in canon!DoS–that they are in sync when they’re younger and struggle to understand each other as they get older.

I’m getting away from the topic, I think.

Three Way Street would probably be from TenTen’s POV, just to differentiate how she witnesses the twins’ relationship versus from canon!DoS. And, like. It’s probably just small, somewhat bizarre things.

Like, while she and Shikako are working on their sealing lessons, Shikako looks up and is like “Oh, Shikamaru wants to know if you’re free tomorrow night for dinner? They’re coming back from their mission early.” And like… okay, convenient, but weird.

And then while she’s out with Shikamaru they’re in the middle of sparring date and he pauses and goes, “Shikako would like your opinion on X seal.” And, well, she does like collaborating with Shikako. She doesn’t really appreciate the spar being interrupted, but the seal idea is compelling enough that she doesn’t mind so much.

But then, well, does it get unnerving at some point? Like, while she’s with both of them there’s just complete silence and then they both react to something she can’t hear?

Or when they come back from the Land of the Moon it’s just so much bleed through of their strained relationship that whenever she hangs out with either of them it emanates out…

And now I have to get off topic again because, well, would the twins EVER be sent out on the same mission? That seems like the dumbest thing for mission’s desk to do. In which case, would the Gelel and Land of Moon missions even happen the same way?

AAAAAAAAGH, I did not think this through…

“Fear to Tread”. the archangel Aoba one?


So the full quote is “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” and it’s basically what it says on the tin–rash people attempt things that wise/more experienced people avoid. But if we take it literally (in the sense that post Land of Hot Springs!Aoba is now god in the making!Shikako’s first archangel) then this would be an Aoba afterlife shenanigans fic.

Or maybe not shenanigans. Maybe something honestly frightening for Archangel!Aoba to do. And, like, what would scare an archangel who has already died?

I have two very different answers to this.

The first is “the god that killed him,” AKA Jashin who HATES Shikako for denying him entry into the world and drowning it in pain and despair and thus hates Aoba by proximity. And this version of the fic would be some actual feels of Aoba overcoming this fear for the sake of being Shikako’s celestial ambassador/advocate and making sure they don’t smite her while she’s mortal.

The second is Ibiki.

And, well, that is funny. But at the same time could lead him to coming to terms with being dead. Peeking in on the world of the living and being sad at no longer being able to return, but also knowing that he has a purpose now and there is no going back now. Although, if he does make contact with Kisuke and get him to be Shikako’s second archangel that would be a method to get messages across…

But both of those ideas are important to the brainstorm, not really separate spinoffs. Frankly, anon, the archangel Aoba brainstorm doesn’t have a title so “Fear to Tread” would be good for the entire idea as a whole…

Sorry, I don’t really know what else to do with this. I mean, I have more ideas about the archangel!Aoba ‘verse than what was the original post, but most of that I passed along to @captainlibrarynerdstuff so I don’t know what they might or might not want to use…

“This I How I Let It Go” – Shikako anything, maybe her previous life/Gelel experience

For some reason, anon, I feel like this title should have some parentheses like… “This Is How I Let It Go (I Don’t)” or “This Is How I Let It Go (i learned it from you)” or “This Is How I Let It Go (I’m Always Angry)”…

But I guess what’s inside the parentheses depends on what direction I go with this.

This isn’t a reference is it, anon? Because if you were around for the last fake fic title event, you’ll know that I almost NEVER catch on until after I’ve posted so…

Hm… I don’t know if it’s because Gardens!verse is so fresh in my mind, but I think this would be a canon divergence in which Gelel didn’t disperse and revive the Dead Wastes but instead stayed with Shikako. Or perhaps did both?

But instead of the easy partnership that is Gardens!verse Shikako-and-Gelel, it’s a struggle of a mortal trying to contain a god that is multitudes without giving anything away to any interested parties.

It’s not all bad–Gelel is more than happy to walk her through the book and chatter about fuinjutsu and see the world beyond the Dead Wastes through her eyes–but it’s more of a constant negotiation than a simple clicking together of puzzle pieces. It’s probably most similar to a benign, cooperative relationship between jinchuuriki and bijuu.

I feel like the logical conclusion to this fic would be during the Land of Hot Springs in which Gelel would make a sacrifice play to fend off Jashin. So no exploded country, but no more internal god. It’s a very short-lived partnership and if I were the kind of writer who could pull it off, it would be poignant and heart-wrenching.

I mean, Gelel would also save Aoba–because hello, godly powers of life itself–which is a silver lining. But except for the canon Gelel/Shikako stone and her shadow state there’s nothing left of it.

… this one would probably be the “this is how i let it go (i learned it from you)” variation.

Hm… let’s see, what else would be in this verse?

Gelel stumbles into the jinchuuriki-bijuu space accidentally, dazing all of them with their godly presence. Gelel is basically that cool teenager in comparison to the moody preteens that are the bijuu.

Gelel is delighted to learn more about Shikako’s first life because–as a celestial being several millennia old–there’s not much in this world that they don’t understand/know of. But the real world? That’s absolutely novel.

Shikako glows green slightly whenever she and Gelel get angry.

Um… what else?