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The Big Heroes are losing when the battle comes to a screeching halt. Literally.

The lightning android had already absorbed most of Baymax’s power, leaving him in his stumbling drunken low battery mode. It had also hijacked the electromagnetic servos in both Gogo’s and Hiro’s suits leaving them tangled and awkwardly stuck together.

The fire android had made the Fredzilla suit’s fire-breathing abilities defunct, taking the three-eyed head and leaving Fred vulnerable. High heat also had the tendency to mess with Honey Lemon’s chemical concoctions, though she was beginning to adapt and send heat absorption capsules.

Which meant that the lightning one’s scream of pain was highly unexpected. Wasabi was a Big Hero in his own right, of course, but due to the lethality of molecular-sharp lasers, he tended not to fight directly. They all figured it would be okay–the androids had already proven highly resistant to most of the Big Heroes’ attacks, due to their shining metal outer shell–but apparently that was not the case.

Bright red liquid was gushing up from where Wasabi had cut into its… no, her arm. She had retreated a safe distance away, though Wasabi had already retracted the laser swords, clutching futilely to the bleeding wound. Her fire counterpart abandoned its… his own skirmish with a burst of speed even faster than his previously witnessed, almost impossible movements.

It was one of the reasons why the Big Heroes had thought they were androids this entire time. Along with their near impenetrable metal armor. And the fact that until now, neither of the not-androids had every said anything.

Not that gasps of pain and wordless, soothing crooning was particularly intelligible.

But the Big Heroes weren’t rookies anymore. While they didn’t use the opportunity to attack the distracted pair, they did take the moment of respite to lick their own wounds. Gogo and Hiro were carefully untangled from each other and Fred’s mask retrieved. They couldn’t do much about Baymax’s low battery mode, but they could at least stop him from flying away.

“I- I didn’t know!” Wasabi blurted out, looking down sickly at his hands. There wasn’t actually any blood on them, but still…

“None of us knew,” Gogo reassured him as best as she could.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Honey Lemon added, which did more.

“If they’re not androids, this totally throws off my theories!” Fred, or rather, Fredzilla’s arms waved about, only just missing the rest of the team huddled together, “Maybe they’re escaped experiments. Twin escaped experiments!”

“Uh, guys–” Wasabi tried to start.

“It doesn’t matter what they are, it matters what they did. Robots or not, they’ve been blowing up labs around the city,” Gogo gestured to the burning wreckage of the most recent attack.

“But never with people inside, it’s always been at night when no ones there, or right after some kind of evacuation,” Honey Lemon refuted, though she also looked discomfited by the scene. It hit too close to home.

The team did their best not to look too closely in Hiro’s direction, though they were waiting on his input.

“Gogo’s right. Regardless of their motivations or… consideration, they still need to be brought in. We can go on from their after we’ve caught them,” Hiro steeled himself, this whole case had been terrible from the beginning, but he was determined to see it through to the end.

“Guys, not to worry anyone, but the android twins whatever they are, are coming over,” Wasabi alerted the team, though he was still conflicted on how to go about fighting when he didn’t actually want to hurt other people.

With the silver-clad pair came the smell of burned meat.

“No way,” Fred breathed, beginning to look a little queasy himself. Gogo looked reluctantly impressed–they hadn’t heard a thing, no second scream of pain that’s for sure.

“Cauterizing a wound out in the open like this? That would actually increase risk for infection,” Honey Lemon murmured, fingers ghosting over the touch screen of her purse. Though she had excelled at organic chemistry as well, medicine wasn’t her specialty.

Both of them had stopped several feet away, hands loosely open in a blatant display of nonaggression.

“Truce?” The lightning one asked curtly, arm still shaking with pain.

The team looked at each other, briefly, with various levels of skepticism on their faces.

“What exactly do you want?” Hiro asked.

“Your robot, he’s programmed as a medic.” The fire one said, shocking the entire team for two reasons. Reason one–they knew that Baymax was a robot designed for healthcare. Baymax was a one-of-a-kind. Most people assumed the red flying hero was a human not a robot, much less a medical robot. That meant that the pair knew the identity of at least one member of the team.

“I’ll recharge him. I can give back what I took,” She added, not seeing the wide-eyed surprise on their faces. Or simply not caring.

“You make sure my cauterizing didn’t make her injury worse. We’ll surrender ourselves into your custody,” He continued, emphasizing ‘your’. Both of their armor molded to cover even their faces, but still…

Reason two– that was Tadashi’s voice.


A/N: Hahahaha, yeah. That damn movie… agh. My heart.

Anyway, this is a scene from an imaginary fic I will probably not write, regarding a maybe sequel in which Tadashi’s not dead? Maybe? I dunno.

I didn’t quite know how to add in drunken/low-battery Baymax shenanigans without completely derailing the scene. Though just imagine him stumbling around in the background while everyone’s all super serious.

And… yeah. Basically one part Sunfire, one part Winter Soldier, one part Maximoff twins (except they’re not really twins)… at least I’m sticking to Marvel, though right?

Although, yes, the lightning one is an OC of mine…

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