Once Then Always, Tetrarch Picture (2016-06-13)

A/N: I really should have been sleeping, but I figured, since I didn’t and I made online dolls of the Lost kids as Narnian tetrarchs (or tetrarchs to be) instead, I ought to post it and hope someone else enjoys them. So pics are under the cut.

I used Rinmaru’s Ascension Doll Maker, if anyone’s interested. It’s a fairly good doll maker, a lot of options.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make Carlos shorter than the girls, which was a liiiiiiittle bit annoying (pun not intended) but I figured maybe he ended up having a growth spurt during their months in Narnia (a la, Skandar Keynes, the actor for Edmund Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia film, who did actually end up having a growth spurt during filming before the Battle of Beruna and so some of his lines had to be dubbed by his sister)?


Like how the Lost kids make different choices than the Pevensies in their journey through Narnia, I kind of liked the idea that they also got different sets of gifts from Father Christmas. Or, rather, different combinations of gifts. So for Evie: the bow and arrows plus the healing potion. For Carlos: the summoning horn and the shield (implied with the across the chest belt). For Jay: not only the sword but also a dagger–because why settle for one blade when you can have two?

So it would seem like Carlos has the worst combo, but I figure it vibes a lot more with what I’m planning to have him do with wolves (that is, not kill them and so he becomes Carlos Wolftamer) and while I’m not saying he’s going to go all Captain America with his shield, it can be a pretty descent weapon (at least in terms of bashing things). And, well, Edmund never got a sword from Father Christmas but he still ends up sword-fighting too. So while Carlos’ sword isn’t a ~special~ sword, he might learn how to use one… Though him also not and instead summoning wolves to him does sound super appealing… unless the horn is somehow a weapon?

Aaand eventually, once Mal frees herself (with help from Aslan) from the White Witch and defeats her in battle, she gets the White Witch’s wand (which may or may not be the Fairy Godmother’s wand but before millennia has eroded it to a mere remnant of itself).

Also, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but Evie is High Queen over all four of them–hence the longer cape and the crown.

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