I loved your AYWtM drabbles! I decided to go through your AYWtM tag again, and in your first brainstorm you mentioned thinking of a HP/Narnia crossover with Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville as the kings and queen of Narnia. Do you have anything more on that?

Hey to-someplace-else! I did actually do a little bit more on that a few days later, though I failed to link it from the original post, but considering it’s been almost two years since I posted those I could definitely touch back on the idea.

I think maybe the main problem–besides not having a firm enough idea of when in the HP timeline to do it–is that a few months later the Descendants x Narnia crossover idea struck me and overall that one feels more cohesive.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be very pleased with the “just Harry” and “Harry the Just” connection, but as an adventure or, maybe, as a set of character developments, it works better with Descendants. Or, perhaps, the four Lost Kids of Descendants “need” the character developments from a Narnia crossover than the four HP kids do.

Like, the HP series is far from perfect, but the personal growth that the Golden Trio and Neville (which is it’s own sticking point, Neville being the odd man out, that the Descendants version doesn’t have) have over the course of it is one of things that I wouldn’t want alter too much. A Golden Trio+Neville (the Golden Quartet?) come back from ruling Narnia in their first or second year would be vastly different from canon and have almost too many butterfly effects that would render the HP series unrecognizable.

Unless for some reason they decided to keep it secret, but then the story would be about those small moments in which the Golden Quartet do decide to utilize what they learned and it doesn’t make much sense for them to do that? Like, given their Gryffindor natures, the only one who would be vaguely subtle about it might be Hermione, but even then she canonically held Rita Skeeter captive in a jar as a fourteen year old–no way would a grown queen version of her used to warfare not want to immediately hunt down and destroy Voldemort and his Death Eaters immediately.

… although now that I say this… what if it’s NOT the Golden Quartet who went? That is, what if it’s not a bunch of brash Gryffindors who would immediately enact justice upon returning, no matter their situation upon returning?

What if it’s a bunch of Slytherins? And Narnia-prophecy wise it would work better: Draco, Blaise, Pansy, and Millicent or Daphne. There wouldn’t really be an odd man out like with the Golden Trio + Neville because except for Pansy’s sycophancy towards Draco (which may very well be a reputation thing) they’re all fairly individualistic. And upon coming back it would make sense that they keep quiet about it because while Voldemort might be evil, the Death Eaters are their parents. The Slytherins would be highly aware of the “real world” and societal limitations on them that a Golden Quartet wouldn’t.

But then that edges a bit into what I like about Once Then Always in that four kids of villains can become heroes. And whereas in the HP series it would just butterfly effect in different ways, in Descendants it would add an additional layer.

Although I suppose something similar could be done if the Hogwarts Founders were the Digory and Polly equivalents? But even then there’s not much need for a crossover with The Chronicles of Narnia–the HP ‘verse has more than enough material to do something similar…

Sorry that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this particular thread, to-someplace-else.


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Colorblind – draco/hermione (doesn’t have to be romantic), society and the value of people regardless of blood?? idk

Thanks for giving me that out, anon. I don’t think I can ship Draco/Hermione in canon HP, but seeing as how the following brainstorm is an AU, readers can feel free to interpret Draco and Hermione’s relationship as platonic or romantic.


Slytherin Harry Potter is cunning; ruthless and powerful and political.

Slytherin Harry Potter fights smarter, not harder. Slytherin Harry Potter always wins.

This is not a story about Slytherin Harry Potter.

Given how prolific the HP fandom is, no doubt there already exists a story with the same premise which is Harry goes to Slytherin because he doesn’t fight the Sorting Hat. Why? Because Draco Malfoy, sorted before him, was put in Gryffindor and all Harry knows is that he doesn’t want to be in the same house as Draco Malfoy (and the first friend he made on the train, Weasley, Ron, has not been Sorted yet)

And there are tons of Slytherin Harry Potter fic–some of them fantastic, some of them less so, but generally following the description in the summary right?

Colorblind is basically the B-side of a Slytherin Harry Potter fic. Harry going off and dealing with his adventures as part of the Silver Trio–Harry, Blaise, and Daphne–substituting cunning for courage, etc. etc. Those are the A-sides.

Colorblind would be about the people left behind, basically. You know how the really good canon divergence AUs have an almost liminal vibe to them? Like you can almost feel the way the universe is straining around the differences “this is not how destiny was meant to go, but we’ll make do”

And that would be mostly Gryffindor Draco who has been bodily thrown off his path (his father has never been so disappointed in him, but his mother looks at him with the strangest expression as if seeing someone else in him) and Hermione who doesn’t have years of saving Harry Potter’s neck to look forward to.

Unsure what to do with Ron, really. Because on the one hand he is highly prejudiced against Slytherins no matter that he and Harry were friendly to each other on the train, but on the other he does actually hate Malfoy’s guts so…

Anyway, obviously Draco and Hermione–no matter that they are both fish out of water–don’t like each other. He’s a bigoted prick and she’s the antithesis of everything he’s been taught as worthy. But they are also both very smart (much smarter than the rest of their Housemates) and aliens in their House because of their attitudes.

Both of them retreat to the library frequently, although at separate tables for as long as possible, until those overrated Ravenclaws try to muscle them out and it’s just like.

“I hate you but you’re the only intelligent conversation I have,” and

“I might as well study near you so I can be sure to defeat you on the next exam” which turns to

“You’re doing this wrong, Merlin, use this book I can’t have my only academic rival make such an embarrassing mistake,” becomes something… better.

Gryffindor Draco doesn’t embrace his altered destiny as much or as immediately as his uncle Sirius did, but he gets there eventually. And, well, befriending a muggleborn witch? Not even uncle Sirius did that (not really, Lily was never Sirius’ friend so much as she was dating his best mate). If Draco’s going to be stuck doing something he’s going to damn well excel at it. And that includes teenage rebellion.

And when Harry bloody Potter brings about the end of the Dark Lord (again) well, this time Draco is on the right side.

Mostly, though, it’s Draco and Hermione snarking at each other and whatever school destroying nonsense Harry bloody Potter is up to this week and having to learn to communicate because they come from such disparate backgrounds that sometimes they can’t even understand each other.

Politics and socio-genetic culture will no doubt run rampant in Colorblind because there’s no way, same House aside, that they can get along without them addressing and overcoming the elephant in the room. Ie the systematic racism Draco was raised to believe had a purpose and is constantly proven wrong (muggleborns aren’t dumber or weaker, they literally come from a different world and are told to abandon a lifetime of what is familiar and conform to a society that doesn’t tell them what the rules are only that they’re going to fail)

But, I mean, after that it’s all sass and badassery. Hermione probably teaches Draco how to throw a proper punch and Draco explains the necessity of fashion/putting on appearances so that it makes sense to Hermione and isn’t just incessant drivel like Lavender and Parvati chatter on about.

I’m thinking Draco becomes a professor at Hogwarts–Transfiguration maybe? (No doubt McGonagall has a significant role in Colorblind being their Head of House, and this would be a kind of nice ending point to their no doubt relationship with her ending up as Headmistress).

Hermione probably writes a lot of books. And collaborates with Draco on the textbooks for his class (the NEWT level book is an ongoing constantly self-editing thing because the two of them are always trying to prove the other wrong).

The problem is, anon, that I’m pretty sure Colorblind would have to be a full series rewrite from the Draco and Hermione’s POV with background Silver Trio shenanigans, but that is just waaaaaaaay too much for me to tackle and I feel like–simply by the law of large numbers–that this story, or a version of this story, or the premise must exist somewhere?

But, I mean, this is the fic I would write for that title and description, anon, had I the skills and time and patience for it.

Cross Post: Untitled HP!Post-Hogwarts Divergence (2016-08-17)

A/N: Going to be busy for the next couple of days, so I’m (finally) setting up a queue of cross posts rather than just having a bunch of missed posts.

This one is just a short thing, but I’m fond of it nonetheless. It’s vaguely influenced by JK’s original plan for Hermione to get with Fred and the fact that I’m pretty sure Harry is gay. So Hermione and Fred get together, Harry gets with George, but Ron is still their best friend so the Golden Trio hang out a lot.

original here. dated 2014-02-10.


“Your husband’s brother is an idiot,” she huffs at Harry after storming in and nearly tossing her bag onto the table.

“Oi! I haven’t even done anything!” Ron protested, quickly rescuing their tray of snacks from an untimely death by bag. Harry, levitating the tea set, stifles a laugh.

“Your husband’s twin brother is an idiot,” she amends, dropping into her designated seat.

“Well, seeing as how my husband’s twin brother is your husband that says more about your taste than mine.”


For all that they enjoy being identical twins, confusing people and being in total synchronization, they know they are distinct, separate people. It’s not something they let many other people know, obviously, but when it’s just them they discuss it–trying but sometimes failing to understand the differences between them. It becomes clear with their choice in spouses, though Ron often plays at being exasperated–“Honestly, my two best friends? What would you have done if I only had one best friend?”–but they have his blessing.

George felt it first, perhaps not too odd, seeing as how they never really interacted with Hermione until much later in their teens. But Fred think that’s what makes it strange–not bad, necessarily–but he just can’t divorce the idea of Harry from the lost lonely boy at the train station, the small face behind a barred window, the baby of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Fred loves Harry too, as a brother (or more officially, a brother-in-law) but he doesn’t understand George’s love for Harry.

The thing is, George sees all that too. But he also sees how that lost lonely boy saved their sister, saw the rebirth of a monster but invested in happiness, led an underground defense group against the Toad, became a government criminal and saved everyone. He sees a lost lonely boy who was good but not perfect, who mistrusted people because of experience but wanted to be surprised, who yelled more than cried and laughed all too little. A lost lonely boy who ended a war and along the way became a man who didn’t need to be so lost or lonely anymore.

DSS Requirement (the Payoff For Faith remix), Part Two (2015-12-14)

A/N1: Based off @esamastation‘s DSS Requirement ‘verse in which the DA (from the Harry Potter series) find an Asgard ship (of the Stargate variety) and become the first magical crew IN SPACE.


In a different timeline, one with different decisions and different consequences, an impossible phenomenon occurred. Specifically, the three Hallows of Death were gathered by one wizard; in doing so, he became its Master. And while that miracle allows him to come back to life, it would be decades before he realized the full extent of repercussions.

But in this timeline, such a thing never comes to be. Because the Requirement is possessive. Its Captain will never have to rely on Death’s double-edged powers, when the ship can save the world instead.

Death gave to the Peverell brothers a wand, a stone, and a cloak. The Requirement gave its crew lost knowledge, advanced technology, and itself.


Unlike the other teams, the information team isn’t at all cohesive. It’s not a problem, it’s just how they work best. But, frankly, it’s a little alienating.

Angelina is used to the camaraderie of Gryffindor’s quidditch team, to the coordination of three chasers flying separately for the same goal. She’s the head of the information team, but it’s nothing at all like being the quidditch team captain.

Instead of making friends with her team, they remain workplace acquaintances. Efficient, but lonely. Anthony Goldstein is her deputy head, but besides being a Ravenclaw and almost as skilled in Ancient Runes as she is, Angelina knows nothing about him.

But he’s a good deputy, quick on the uptake: every time they uncover a new line of research, Anthony can keep up with her. He helps her prioritize the translations, and with allocating who on their team should take over certain topics, and together they hold weekly tutoring sessions for the crew members who aren’t Ancient Runes students.

The work is fulfilling, if not fun, and Angelina honestly appreciates the opportunity. She had been concerned about her future, the way all seventh years do, unsure about what to do next after graduating from Hogwarts. She’d never been passionate about anything–not the way Oliver was about quidditch, or the twins about inventing pranks–and so there was nothing guiding her career path.

Translating the information on the Requirement seems like a natural progression for her, not quite a student anymore but she’ll still be constantly learning. This ship, this team, it’s a worthy cause and a good job; she’s content.


Being a muggleborn in a castle full of magically raised students is similar to being the talkative, know-it-all in a primary school–it means a person is different, and thus disliked. It means having trouble making friends or making trouble your only friend. Either way, it’s difficult to find a place to belong.

But, eventually, they both did. For Hermione, it involved more life-endangering and rule-breaking antics than she would have preferred. For Lee, it involved finding a pair of similarly inclined trouble-makers; but they both did it. They both made friends.

And then, on board the Requirement, they both found a place to belong.

Because their heritage and their intelligence isn’t a burden at all. It should be something to take pride in, to improve their lives, and help them reach their dreams. As co-heads of the engineering team, Hermione and Lee have found the place where being a muggleborn is a strength, where being talkative and a know-it-all doesn’t mean being a nuisance.

It’s not just being a bridge between their past and their present, it’s the foundation for the future. For their future and their team’s and the entire crew of the Requirement.

They are the Requirement’s heads of engineering, and they are finally where they belong.


The members of the command team aren’t the ones in charge so much as they’re the ones who have to keep the rest of the crew on track, reign in the more fantastical ideas and channel it into something productive. It’s a bit like herding kneazles.

Ron hates kneazles.

But being part of the Requirement’s crew is like answering a calling he never even knew existed until now. He knows he has a complex, growing up the youngest son among six; trying to carve out a corner of existence for himself, only to find that his brothers have already broken ground.

Even if it’s not to the extent that Hermione or Harry have grown into their roles, Ron feels settled in a way that he hoped for but never really expected.

The difference between a group of children thrust into war and a crew that will win said war is organization and strategy. Hence, the command team.

It’s not enough that the crew has equipment that will help them survive, if the people they care for aren’t similarly protected. Their small club of twenty eight students can’t fully access all the ship has to offer–lacking expertise and manpower. And it’s not fighting a war if all they do is wait to get hit first.

Business, Administration, and Strategy, the three main objectives of the command team. While the rest of the teams are in the preparation and training stage, command has to begin acting: distributing or selling modified versions of engineering’s technology, building an outside structure to recruit more people, and figuring out how best to turn their captain’s goals into reality.

It’s a bit like herding kneazles, yes, but it’s far more similar to getting ornery chess pieces to play a proper game. Ron is a damn fine chess player, it’s what makes him a great executive officer.


A/N2: … :/ Part Two was more difficult than Part One, but I hope you enjoyed it! I think I have maybe one or two more DSS Requirement fic remixes, but I think I’ll give my brain a bit of time to rest.

Anyway, esama, thanks again for building such a cool world. If you would like me to change anything/delete this, just let me know.

Now for some ranting under the cut:

The information team is the translation/research team (I figured “information” would be sufficient to cover both roles), and its symbol is a circle:

  1. Angelina Johnson (Head)
  2. Anthony Goldstein (deputy)
  3. Katie Bell (also in operations and possibly engineering)
  4. Terry Boot (also in engineering)
  5. Michael Corner (also in operations and possibly navigation and medical)
  6. Justin Finch-Fletchley (also possibly in navigation and command)
  7. Padma Patil (also possibly in medical)
  8. Zacharias Smith (also somehow in navigation, operations, and possibly command)

The engineering team is basically everyone** who is mentioned to have created anything in the story as well as a few crew members whose canon skills would be complementary to engineering. Its symbol is a triangle:

  1. Hermione Granger (co-head)
  2. Lee Jordan (co-head)
  3. Katie Bell (also in operations and possibly information)
  4. Terry Boot (also in information)
  5. Lavender Brown (also probably in command)
  6. Colin Creevey
  7. Seamus Finnegan (also probably in operations)
  8. Luna Lovegood (also deputy of operations and possibly in medical)
  9. Fred Weasley (also probably in command)
  10. George Weasley (also probably in command)

**[Okay, technically, Zacharias Smith also used the replicator to create a silver box for Slytherin’s locket but in comparison to the other feats of engineering I wasn’t sure if that ought to count. Also, that would mean Zacharias is on literally every team except medical, gotta give him a break…]

The command team is loosely split into three subdivisions/specialties–Business, Administration, and Strategy. Their symbol is a vertical line/bar. Also, even if Heads/Co-heads/deputies are not explicitly part of the command team, they probably also have the vertical line/bar on their symbol to denote their rank:

  1. Harry Potter (Captain)
  2. Hermione Granger (co-XO and also co-head of engineering)
  3. Ron Weasley (co-XO)
  4. Susan Bones (Strategy/Administration, also possibly in operations)
  5. Lavender Brown (Business, also in engineering)
  6. Marietta Edgecombe (Administration, also deputy of navigation)
  7. Justin Finch-Fletchley (Administration/Business, possibly also in information and navigation)
  8. Parvati Patil (Administration/Business, probably also in navigation)
  9. (maybe) Zacharias Smith (Strategy, also somehow in information, navigation, and operations)
  10. Fred Weasley (Business, also in engineering)
  11. George Weasley (Business, also in engineering)

Untitled HufflepuffOC brainstorm (2015-03-21)

I want to write a story. And I’m not even sure if it’s a self-insert or not, but I want to write a story about an OC Hufflepuff boy Cedric’s age. And he’s sarcastic and funny and a little crude. “We’re Hufflepuffs, man, loyalty and all that utter shite. You’re stuck with me forever,” and he’s Cedric’s best friend because he’s the only one who won’t put up with his stupid–I’m a nice person and so perfect and my father’s heir–thing. And during the Triwizard tournament (is Cedric sixth year or seventh year then?) he’s pretty much the only Hufflepuff not to think Harry Potter is a glory-seeking hound. I mean, he’s a little annoyed that Gryffindor’s trying to usurp Hufflepuff again, but he doesn’t think it’s Harry’s fault. And plus, he’s just a kid, a kid who has had all sorts of terrible shit happen to him. It’s not his fault.

OC Hufflepuff is probably a muggleborn, or a half-blood, regardless of if he’s a self-insert or not. I use “self-insert” perhaps a little incorrectly, but “someone from our world” is a rather wordy. So he has a lot in common with both of the muggle-raised Hermione and Harry. Which helps when his standing up for Harry temporarily puts him on the outs not only with his best friend but with the rest of Hufflepuff. And at first they’re a little suspicious of him too, but, well. The more the merrier. And he maybe sort of falls for Hermione. Like, when Cedric and he finally reconcile it’s something he bemoans. Which Cedric doesn’t really get, because, “She’s a fourth year, mate. It’s a bit weird.” And he goes, “Bugger off, Diggory, she could probably be the youngest Minister of Magic if she wanted and since I don’t have a certain someone’s pretty boy looks I have to make sure I’m worthy to be her trophy husband in some other way… Maybe I should learn how to bake.”

Except maybe Cedric does get it because, “I can’t like him. He’s a fourth year. And a boy.” Oh, be still my inner CedricxHarry shipper heart. And OC’s just like, “The only thing wrong about it is that I’m pretty sure you’ve only said like… ten words to him. You should probably fix that.”

And if it is a self-insert, well. Muggleborn, that way OC can’t know for sure what’s happening until he turns eleven. And so let’s say Cedric is only two years older, well OC isn’t amazing, doesn’t have any special powers, only has moderate magical abilities and no protagonist luck like the Golden Trio seem to do. He doesn’t want to change the world, really. He just wants to make sure his best friend lives. Because Hufflepuff loyalty and all that shite, his best friend isn’t going to be casualty number one in a war.

I guess it’s just something that struck me as particularly feasible? Because for the first eleven years of OC’s life he probably just thinks he’s been regularly reincarnated… back in time. Because JK Rowling didn’t publish the first book until 1997 which is, you know, basically completely after the events of the books. So OC doesn’t think it’s weird that they don’t exist… uuuntil he gets a certain letter.  And, because of that–because he wasn’t expecting to be in the HP series, he didn’t make plans to change the world. So… I guess as an overarching issue, OC has given up on making the world a better place even before he tries?

If I do actually want to get him involved in the main plot outside of the GoF mess, though, I guess he takes Divination and cheats with his book-knowledge, but then Dumbledore takes notice and is like “Finally, a reliable seer.”

I dunno what else, though.

[EDIT: I’ve written a prequel! Also, this is titled Running Backwards]