(En)Closure (the Stars In His Eyes remix), (2016-08-11)

A/N: A little thing for @esamastation’s Random HikaGo Event (if I’m not too late). A sort of B-side to my series (En)Closure, but this ficlet can be read alone since it’s from Hikaru’s POV and my character is only briefly mentioned and doesn’t actually show up.



Sai has barely begun telling his story before he is rudely interrupted by Hikaru. It is something that he will grow accustomed to in a bewilderingly short amount of time.

“Does this mean I can see ghosts now?” Hikaru asks, looking at his own hands in amazement as if that will explain his sudden supernatural ability.

“Perhaps it is–”

“Or is it only you,” Hikaru continues, turning his gaze toward Sai, narrow eyed and suspicious, “Because if it’s the first one then that means I have a cool new skill that I can do stuff with. But if it’s the second one, then that probably means I’m possessed and you need to exorcised.”

In the bare handful of hours that Sai has known Hikaru, he already knows this: children in these times are willful or, at the very least, Hikaru is. Which means it’s not an idle threat.

There were onmyouji in Sai’s time–and in Torajiro’s time, too–no doubt there are still some to this day. No doubt they could very well exorcise Sai, and how will he play Go then?


Hikaru’s face only pinches up into even more suspicion.

“I, that is,” Sai rescinds, “I am sure such a thing is not needed. Yours is a fledgling talent, perhaps I am meant to teacher you.”

After all, Sai was an instructor for both the Emperor and Torajiro. No doubt, he is meant to do the same for Hikaru. He just didn’t specify which talent; it’s not a lie.

Hikaru considers for a moment, then nods, “You better not be as annoying as Navi.”

A non sequitur, but seeing as how it’s not an outright refusal, Sai will take it and gladly.

Then, Hikaru cheers, “Let’s go find some more ghosts!”

(It’s at this point that Sai realizes he has very little control over what happens next. This is also something that he will grow accustomed to soon enough.)

Given the sheer size, population, and history of Tokyo finding supposedly haunted places is easy.

Getting into them is another story.

“This is the… fifth time, Shindou-kun,” Ueno, the unimpressed police officer, says way more exasperated than the situation calls for. It’s not like Hikaru was actually doing anything wrong besides, maybe, the whole trespassing thing.

“I didn’t know it was private property?” Hikaru tries, because it worked pretty well the first time and decently the second…

And then it got less effective each time. Apparently, going by Ueno’s expression, it’s not going to fly at all this time. Especially since she was the same officer that found him three of the other times.

Sai, too, has gotten used to inside of the small police station–no longer flitting from desk to desk and asking about each little detail while Hikaru tries not to answer out loud. Getting brought in for trespassing is one thing–he doesn’t want the police to think he’s crazy.

This whole ‘seeing ghosts thing’ is way harder than he though it would be.

“You’re…” A grimace flashes across Ueno’s face, before quickly fading into carefully crafted calmness. “Is there a reason why you don’t want to be at home, Hikaru-kun?”

If anyone else were able to see Sai, they’d know that both he and Hikaru had shared a quick glance of mutual confusion.

“… No?” Then because it looks like that won’t be enough of an answer to satisfy Ueno, he admits sullenly, “I just wanted to see if that place was really haunted.”

“Oh god, not another one,” Ueno blurts out, horrified at the prospect and herself. One desk away, another officer bursts out laughing.

Again, confusion.

“I’m not saying I believe,” Ueno begins, rummaging through her desk for something, “but the number of cases solved speaks for itself.”

She then hands Hikaru a business card with a phone number on one side and two lines on the other:

Consulting Medium

“Pretentious, isn’t it?” Ueno says with a shrug, “But I’d rather have you call her than have you running around unsupervised.”

“That’s like telling one puppy to guard the other,” says Ueno’s fellow officer, “Though puppies wouldn’t charge each other an arm and a leg for it.”

At the, no doubt, blatant confusion, Ueno explains, “Kuwabara is a teenager, too.”

Everything goes back on track–Ueno letting him off with yet another warning, though this time far more stern and believable–and when Hikaru and Sai leave the station they both decide to stop trespassing in their search for other ghosts.

When Hikaru doesn’t throw the card away, but he definitely shoves it in a pile of random stuff in his room and forgets about it immediately. He doesn’t need to meet some other psychic kid who’ll just boss him around.

(They’ll end up meeting each other in a few months, anyway, but as an insei and the Honinbou’s granddaughter. She definitely ends up bossing him around.)

The second ghost Hikaru sees isn’t haunting a place but a person. A weird blonde guy in a white suit who has a job involving Go because that’s how Hikaru’s life works, apparently.

Hikaru doesn’t realize it’s a ghost, at first. Actually, if it weren’t for the fact that no one else could sense Sai, Hikaru probably would have thought that he was just a weirdo wearing really old-fashioned clothing.

The second ghost’s clothes isn’t nearly so out of date, but it’s definitely not something a kid would wear now. Because that’s what the ghost is–a kid.

At first, Hikaru thought it was a just that blonde guy’s son or something, just some kid making comically exaggerated disgusted faces as the adults next to him flirt. That is, until one of adults’ arms swings right through the kid’s head.

Hikaru stares.

The kid–the ghost–stares back.

At least until the blonde guy walks away, the ghost following as if compelled, into some building which, aggravatingly, kids aren’t allowed into unless they’re insei or, apparently, ghosts.

Sai is perhaps a bit too enthusiastic to voice the obvious solution.

And far too pleased when Hikaru grudgingly goes along with it.

(Hand of God or Destiny? Do all roads lead to the same place?)


A/N: This has nothing to do with esama’s Fallen Stars but I swear I’ve read it SO MANY TIMES IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.

edit: changed HARU to KUWABARA, to make it in line with one of my previous posts in the series

DSS Requirement.xls

I made a spreadsheet for the DSS Requirement crew! WIZARDS IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

So basically… if you haven’t read @esamastation‘s D.S.S Requirement ‘verse then this won’t make any sense, but if you did then, well, this still might not make much sense. Hence why I am explaining it. You can’t really see the text so well in the pictures provided–which is why I suggest downloading it for yourself–but the pictures are here so you can see what I’m referring to. 


Because I am a huge, spreadsheet loving nerd, I decided to make a spreadsheet of esama’s fic listing basically all of the members of the D.A. (book canon as well as guesses at the few movie-only members) and figuring out which of the teams they would be in. (I’ve also written some remix/spin-off fics, here).

The six teams I created are: 1) Command – further split into Administration, Strategy, Business –, 2) Engineering, 3) Information, 4) Navigation, 5) Operations, and 6) Medical.

Except for the Ministry Six, the Weasley Twins, and Lee Jordan (the latter three who were the ones to discover the spaceship in the first place) I went through the fic and took note of when characters were mentioned and in which chapters. For some it helped, for others… not so much. In which case I went to their wiki pages and tried to figure out what they’d specialize in.

I noticed–like with Zacharias Smith in particular–that some characters would be on multiple teams. Which is not so bad, because that means they’d be able to function as multiple roles, but I realized as a method of organization and hierarchy that’d be a bit unwieldy. So everyone has a “primary” team and secondary teams as their abilities/time allows.

Then came symbols. Because if everyone’s armor is colored to their House (Red and Gold for Gryffindor, Blue and Bronze for Ravenclaw, Yellow and Black for Hufflepuff) then there has to be some other way to quickly identify people and what team they’re on. Especially since the armor comes with helmets that cover the face and the armor sizes are a matter of personal preference.


The symbols correspond as such: 1) Command = line/bar, 2) Engineering = triangle, 3) Information = circle, 4) Navigation = diamond, 5) Operations = Shield, 6) Medical = cross. 

Heads/co-heads/deputies of teams also get a bars even if they’re not “Command team” necessarily. As captain, Harry gets three bars; as co-executive officers, Hermione and Ron get two bars; all team heads get a full single bar, all deputies get a thinner “half bar”, and people on the Command team who aren’t officers of other teams get an “empty bar”.

I just went through the designations I figured out in the spreadsheet and created unique symbols for everyone–that’s right: except for the Weasley twins everyone has a unique symbol. So from a quick glance the largest shape/outline is the “primary” team that person is on, and the smaller symbols inside are their secondary teams as well as whether or not they are officers. Probably, everyone gets to recognize people as much by their symbols as their faces, eventually. Though, as a good captain, Harry probably learns it first 😛


It was distractingly fun to create all of these. 

Here are some random headcanons that I had to develop in order to make sense of the movie-only members of the DA.

Basically, JK Rowling was very unclear as to exactly how many Hufflepuff girls in Harry’s year there were. Except for Hannah Abbot and Susan Bones, there might have been two or three others. In the books there was a briefly mentioned Megan Jones who was definitely a Hufflepuff. There was also a Sally-Anne Perks and a Sally or Georgina (apparently her first name was undecided somehow) Smith who might have been either a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin. In the movie there is a Hufflepuff character in Harry’s year who is friends with Katie Bell but is only named Leanne. I didn’t want to add more Gryffindors unless it was absolutely necessary and it’s established that there are no Slytherins in DA, so I made both Sallys Hufflepuffs. And I figured, so as to avoid confusion, they would go by nicknames or their middle names hence Sally-Anne “Leanne” Perks and Sally “Georgina” Smith.

According to the wiki of Dumbledore’s Army, the movie version included these names explicitly: Nigel Wolpert, Rionach O’Neal, Luca Michali Caruso and Alice Tolipan. Nigel and Rionach are both Gryffindors according to the movie (tie colors) but Luca and Alice could be anything and I decided to make them Ravenclaws because… balance.

Now who is Peter Jones and why did I include him? Well… the actress suspected to be Megan Jones in the movies has been spotted wearing a yellow tie in one scene and a red tie in a different scene. Rather than just saying–hey, continuity errors–I wanted to have it add to the unwritten story. Peter Jones is a confirmed Gryffindor–Megan and Peter are possibly related due to their last name–and he has has been noted as being somewhat forgetful (he lost his cauldron) so it’s possible that he and his sister or cousin just misplace their ties and don’t want to get docked points for being out of uniform so they just wear whatever tie is on hand.

I also headcanon that Zacharias Smith and Sally “Georgina” Smith are both related and descendants of Helga Hufflepuff because why not?

DSS Requirement.xls

I thought canon had Kyoko as Mist and Hana as Storm? Eh, your fic anyway…




Canon doesn’t actually say one way or the other as far as I know. I made Kyoko Sun because evidence says that these things run in the family (Gokudera, Bianchi, Belphegor, Rasiel and Every Sky Ever) and Hana is Mist because.

Iirc in the manga Reborn shot Kyoko with a dw bullet and she showed a mist flame

I know she was shot with one but I’m gonna need proof on the fact that it was Mist flame she produced.

i wrote a thing about flame types here, but basically:

people can have more than one type of flame–in canon Gokudera, who is predominantly Storm, also has Rain, Lightning, Cloud, and Sun in order to use Sistema CAI

so it’s possible (probable, actually) that Kyoko has both Sun and Mist flames

[[personally i headcanon that women are more likely to have multiple flame types which explains why (besides blatant sexism, that is) there are so few female Guardians–because they don’t have a predominant type so much as a more stable blend of flames, and thus can’t be the (insert flame type here) Guardian]]

Learning How To Fly (a DSS Requirement Zacharias Smith fanmix)

  1. It’s Time (Round Mashup) by Imagine Dragons/Kayla Camacho
  2. Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
  3. Fly Me To The Moon by Westlife
  4. Binary Mind by Ra Ra Riot
  5. Love Love by Take That
  6. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last
  7. What Is Love by Jaymes Young
  8. Give Me Love / Say Something by Song-Masher
  9. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
  10. Invincible by OK Go
  11. I Love You by Woodkid
  12. I Follow Rivers (ft. Max Giesinger) by Michael Schulte
  13. When Can I See You Again? by Owl City

Find it here!
(The link sends you to a mediafire folder, only the zip file is necessary for the entire mix)


A/N: I admit that this won’t make any sense until I write/post my DSS Requirement fic remix drabble featuring Zacharias Smith (and, boy, do I have a lot of feels about that!) but these are some songs off of my “favorites” list that resonated SO NICELY with the drabble to be that I couldn’t help but make this fanmix (also, I didn’t want to have two Missed Posts in a row).

Obviously, Zacharias’ feelings are not as platonic as Marietta’s 🙂

DSS Requirement (the Payoff For Faith remix), Part Two (2015-12-14)

A/N1: Based off @esamastation‘s DSS Requirement ‘verse in which the DA (from the Harry Potter series) find an Asgard ship (of the Stargate variety) and become the first magical crew IN SPACE.


In a different timeline, one with different decisions and different consequences, an impossible phenomenon occurred. Specifically, the three Hallows of Death were gathered by one wizard; in doing so, he became its Master. And while that miracle allows him to come back to life, it would be decades before he realized the full extent of repercussions.

But in this timeline, such a thing never comes to be. Because the Requirement is possessive. Its Captain will never have to rely on Death’s double-edged powers, when the ship can save the world instead.

Death gave to the Peverell brothers a wand, a stone, and a cloak. The Requirement gave its crew lost knowledge, advanced technology, and itself.


Unlike the other teams, the information team isn’t at all cohesive. It’s not a problem, it’s just how they work best. But, frankly, it’s a little alienating.

Angelina is used to the camaraderie of Gryffindor’s quidditch team, to the coordination of three chasers flying separately for the same goal. She’s the head of the information team, but it’s nothing at all like being the quidditch team captain.

Instead of making friends with her team, they remain workplace acquaintances. Efficient, but lonely. Anthony Goldstein is her deputy head, but besides being a Ravenclaw and almost as skilled in Ancient Runes as she is, Angelina knows nothing about him.

But he’s a good deputy, quick on the uptake: every time they uncover a new line of research, Anthony can keep up with her. He helps her prioritize the translations, and with allocating who on their team should take over certain topics, and together they hold weekly tutoring sessions for the crew members who aren’t Ancient Runes students.

The work is fulfilling, if not fun, and Angelina honestly appreciates the opportunity. She had been concerned about her future, the way all seventh years do, unsure about what to do next after graduating from Hogwarts. She’d never been passionate about anything–not the way Oliver was about quidditch, or the twins about inventing pranks–and so there was nothing guiding her career path.

Translating the information on the Requirement seems like a natural progression for her, not quite a student anymore but she’ll still be constantly learning. This ship, this team, it’s a worthy cause and a good job; she’s content.


Being a muggleborn in a castle full of magically raised students is similar to being the talkative, know-it-all in a primary school–it means a person is different, and thus disliked. It means having trouble making friends or making trouble your only friend. Either way, it’s difficult to find a place to belong.

But, eventually, they both did. For Hermione, it involved more life-endangering and rule-breaking antics than she would have preferred. For Lee, it involved finding a pair of similarly inclined trouble-makers; but they both did it. They both made friends.

And then, on board the Requirement, they both found a place to belong.

Because their heritage and their intelligence isn’t a burden at all. It should be something to take pride in, to improve their lives, and help them reach their dreams. As co-heads of the engineering team, Hermione and Lee have found the place where being a muggleborn is a strength, where being talkative and a know-it-all doesn’t mean being a nuisance.

It’s not just being a bridge between their past and their present, it’s the foundation for the future. For their future and their team’s and the entire crew of the Requirement.

They are the Requirement’s heads of engineering, and they are finally where they belong.


The members of the command team aren’t the ones in charge so much as they’re the ones who have to keep the rest of the crew on track, reign in the more fantastical ideas and channel it into something productive. It’s a bit like herding kneazles.

Ron hates kneazles.

But being part of the Requirement’s crew is like answering a calling he never even knew existed until now. He knows he has a complex, growing up the youngest son among six; trying to carve out a corner of existence for himself, only to find that his brothers have already broken ground.

Even if it’s not to the extent that Hermione or Harry have grown into their roles, Ron feels settled in a way that he hoped for but never really expected.

The difference between a group of children thrust into war and a crew that will win said war is organization and strategy. Hence, the command team.

It’s not enough that the crew has equipment that will help them survive, if the people they care for aren’t similarly protected. Their small club of twenty eight students can’t fully access all the ship has to offer–lacking expertise and manpower. And it’s not fighting a war if all they do is wait to get hit first.

Business, Administration, and Strategy, the three main objectives of the command team. While the rest of the teams are in the preparation and training stage, command has to begin acting: distributing or selling modified versions of engineering’s technology, building an outside structure to recruit more people, and figuring out how best to turn their captain’s goals into reality.

It’s a bit like herding kneazles, yes, but it’s far more similar to getting ornery chess pieces to play a proper game. Ron is a damn fine chess player, it’s what makes him a great executive officer.


A/N2: … :/ Part Two was more difficult than Part One, but I hope you enjoyed it! I think I have maybe one or two more DSS Requirement fic remixes, but I think I’ll give my brain a bit of time to rest.

Anyway, esama, thanks again for building such a cool world. If you would like me to change anything/delete this, just let me know.

Now for some ranting under the cut:

The information team is the translation/research team (I figured “information” would be sufficient to cover both roles), and its symbol is a circle:

  1. Angelina Johnson (Head)
  2. Anthony Goldstein (deputy)
  3. Katie Bell (also in operations and possibly engineering)
  4. Terry Boot (also in engineering)
  5. Michael Corner (also in operations and possibly navigation and medical)
  6. Justin Finch-Fletchley (also possibly in navigation and command)
  7. Padma Patil (also possibly in medical)
  8. Zacharias Smith (also somehow in navigation, operations, and possibly command)

The engineering team is basically everyone** who is mentioned to have created anything in the story as well as a few crew members whose canon skills would be complementary to engineering. Its symbol is a triangle:

  1. Hermione Granger (co-head)
  2. Lee Jordan (co-head)
  3. Katie Bell (also in operations and possibly information)
  4. Terry Boot (also in information)
  5. Lavender Brown (also probably in command)
  6. Colin Creevey
  7. Seamus Finnegan (also probably in operations)
  8. Luna Lovegood (also deputy of operations and possibly in medical)
  9. Fred Weasley (also probably in command)
  10. George Weasley (also probably in command)

**[Okay, technically, Zacharias Smith also used the replicator to create a silver box for Slytherin’s locket but in comparison to the other feats of engineering I wasn’t sure if that ought to count. Also, that would mean Zacharias is on literally every team except medical, gotta give him a break…]

The command team is loosely split into three subdivisions/specialties–Business, Administration, and Strategy. Their symbol is a vertical line/bar. Also, even if Heads/Co-heads/deputies are not explicitly part of the command team, they probably also have the vertical line/bar on their symbol to denote their rank:

  1. Harry Potter (Captain)
  2. Hermione Granger (co-XO and also co-head of engineering)
  3. Ron Weasley (co-XO)
  4. Susan Bones (Strategy/Administration, also possibly in operations)
  5. Lavender Brown (Business, also in engineering)
  6. Marietta Edgecombe (Administration, also deputy of navigation)
  7. Justin Finch-Fletchley (Administration/Business, possibly also in information and navigation)
  8. Parvati Patil (Administration/Business, probably also in navigation)
  9. (maybe) Zacharias Smith (Strategy, also somehow in information, navigation, and operations)
  10. Fred Weasley (Business, also in engineering)
  11. George Weasley (Business, also in engineering)

DSS Requirement (the Payoff For Faith remix), Part One (2015-12-12)

A/N1: Based off @esamastation’s DSS Requirement ‘verse in which the DA (from the Harry Potter series) find an Asgard ship (of the Stargate variety) and become the first magical crew IN SPACE.


Seven is a magical number, but for them, six is better. Even and stable and unifying. Two sets of three or three sets of two.

Six like the number of sides in a hexagon, the strongest and most efficient shape. Six like the colors of their suits, red and gold and blue and bronze and yellow and black. Six like the number of teenagers that would have crept into the ministry, if their world hadn’t made a small but crucial shift several months ago.

Yes, six is a good number.

Medical, Operations, Navigation, Information, Engineering, and Command.


Hannah Abbott becomes one of the co-heads of the medical team because she is literally the only crew member with any healing experience. She’s been helping Madame Pomfrey in the infirmary for the past two years worth of weekends in lieu of the bimonthly greenhouse sessions Professor Sprout mandates for all of her Hufflepuffs. Except for the first years, who can’t really be trusted with much more than fetch and carry (and even then, sometimes mess that up), Hannah is the only Hufflepuff not on the Herbology chore rota (she has the worst allergies).

A fact which makes the identity of the other co-head of the medical team somewhat ironic–Neville Longbottom is the only non-NEWT level, non-Hufflepuff on said chore rota.

To be honest, Neville isn’t really all that suited to be on the medical team, let alone be one of it’s co-heads. In comparison to the other members, he’s mediocre at Charms and absolute bollocks when it comes to Potions (no surprise there). No, Neville will never be a Healer, and he knows this.

It’s not as if he’s never had hopes as a child–that one day he’d become a brilliant wizard and cure his parents and they’d all live happily together. Eventually, though, he became resigned to the fact that it didn’t matter what kind of wizard he was. Magic couldn’t fix his parents.

But maybe science could.

He’s been learning runes as much as the next crew member–he’s not good enough to be one of Angelina’s team of translators–but he’s a lot more motivated to tackle the medical research than anyone else is. Neville doesn’t need to be a magical Healer, to be a medic on the Requirement.


Ginny’s father is in a coma. She is fourteen years old, one of the strongest combatants amongst the Requirement’s crew–let alone in Hogwarts–and she is angry.

Her father is in a coma and the Order will not let her do anything or even tell her what is going on. It’s no wonder she’s angry. She is tired of sitting on her hands and letting shit happen to her. Ginny hates being the victim, so she’s not going to let this keep on.

She doesn’t need the Order’s permission to act. And neither does the rest of her team.

Before they were just kids playing around, making toys and candy and reveling in their new secret clubhouse. Now, as part of the Requirement’s new direction, the crew will be using their unique advantages to do what the Order cannot–war is coming, and the Requirement is going to be ready when it comes.

The operations team has three main purposes: combat, security, and retrieval. Eventually the entire crew will be taking part in such missions–no matter how much the captain says the don’t have to–but similarly to how the other teams are learning and preparing, Ginny is training her team to be the leaders. It’s not unlike quidditch, except that these practices will one day save lives.

It’s a lot of responsibility for one fourteen year old girl. Which is why Luna is her deputy.


Cho doesn’t feel as empty when she’s charting the Requirement’s path. Space is a void–like the vacuum clawing away at her chest whenever she stops and thinks about how it would’ve been their anniversary soon–but there are asteroids and planets and stars. There’s an entire galaxy waiting for her out here and every day she gets to go somewhere new, somewhere no human has gone before.

It’s a sense of control she hasn’t had since–the third task, seeing him walk into the maze and out of her life–since ever. Cho can control a ship bigger than Hogwarts with a mixture of astronomy, arithmancy and muggle math. It’s flight without the reminder of quidditch–of the way their brooms would circle around each other, looking for the snitch. It’s dancing without the aching feet–and the new high-heeled shoes she wore to match her dress she was still so much shorter than him.

It’s freedom without loss, silence without sorrow. Cho feels more like herself than she has in a long time; settled and, if not happy, then satisfied.

She knows Marietta is relieved, sees it in the way her smiles are less strained, in the absence of her. Now instead of awkward silences, they talk about the navigation team and Marietta’s continued endeavors to make the captain more professional. They actually eat meals together, instead of Marietta eating and Cho pushing the food around on her plate. They are friends again, because Cho is herself again; and she will always be grateful to the Requirement for giving that to her.


A/N2:  … well… I did warn you… Part One of Two because I said so?

Some unnecessarily long reasoning and ranting under the cut.

Uh, but before that–again, esama, thanks for building such a cool world. If you’d like me to change anything/take this down please just let me know.

Anyway, at the end of Chapter Ten of DSS Requirement, Captain Harry gave his crew a “homework assignment” to figure out an organization system for the ship. Having been hit in the feels, to the point where I made a spreadsheet of the crew members and came up with different occupation allocations, I was like… well. I guess I did it… I should probably get something out of all this effort.

Truthfully, I’m a little embarrassed by how long I spent on it, combing through each chapter to see if a certain name gets mentioned even briefly, but I’m also a little proud? Like… it was also kind of fun, but my brain just kept pestering me to figure this out.

So I figured six different teams/departments (as listed in the tiny first section). As of the main story of DSS Requirement (apparently esama might do a Christmas update oneshot, fingers crossed) there is no operations, medical, or command team but I interpreted certain sentences as going in that direction. Like Neville when he was visiting his parents, Ginny and Luna’s spar, the team breaking into Umbrdige’s office to steal back Ginny’s armor, etc.

Anyway, here is the who’s who of the medical, operations, and navigation teams.


  1. Hannah Abbott (co-head),
  2. Neville Longbottom (co-head),
  3. Michael Corner (also in operations, and possibly navigation and/or information),
  4. Luna Lovegood (also deputy of operations and in engineering),
  5. Ernie Macmillan,
  6. Padma Patil (also in information),
  7. Alicia Spinnet (also in operations)


  1. Ginny Weasley (Head),
  2. Luna Lovegood (deputy, also in medical and engineering),
  3. Katie Bell (possibly also in information and/or engineering),
  4. Susan Bones (possibly also in command),
  5. Michael Corner (also in medical, and possibly navigations and/or information),
  6. Dennis Creevey,
  7. Seamus Finnegan (also possibly in engineering),
  8. Zacharias Smith (somehow also in navigation, information, and possibly command),
  9. Alicia Spinnet (also in medical),
  10. Dean Thomas (also in navigation)


  1. Cho Chang (Head),
  2. Marietta Edgecombe (deputy also in command),
  3. Michael Corner (also in operations, and possibly medical and/or information),
  4. Justin Finch-Fletchley (also possibly in information),
  5. Parvati Patil (also possibly in command),
  6. Zacharias Smith (somehow also in navigation, information, and possibly command), 
  7. Dean Thomas (also in navigation)

Frankly, a lot of people were never mentioned in the story. Period. Some whose names were mentioned had like one line of dialogue with no clue as to what they are doing the entire time. Zacharias Smith was mentioned in a whopping six out of ten chapters and he is doing something productive in at least four of them on different teams. That boy is busy.

So really it’s a lot of guessing and looking at the HP wiki and seeing whose skills would be best where (which is how I found out that Hannah Abbott actually becomes a Healer so…)

As for the section headers, I figure since–completely against my Star Trek influenced brain–the uniform colors are related to House and not jobs, that they’d probably have to figure out a different way to differentiate team members on sight. So basic symbols in painted in white possibly on their back of on their shoulders or somewhere easily visible. So medical is the classic cross shape (apparently it’s called a Greek cross when all arms are equal length and it is not slanted), operations are a heater shaped shield, and navigation is a diamond (though I’m not sure if I just want a regular diamond like a diagonal square or if I want the skinny slanted thing so that it looks like a compass needle).

Information, engineering, and command I had the weird persevering thought that they represented the three Deathly Hallows? So information is a circle (like the resurrection stone–like the communication stones), engineering is a triangle (like the Invisible cloak of both the magic and scientific varieties), and command is a vertical line/bar (like the Elder Stick, because wands are the only things that the Requirement can’t give them… possibly).

And then, for those crew members who are on multiple teams, they would have multiples symbols with their main team being the largest and their other designations being smaller and inside. So for example Luna, who is deputy of operations and also in engineering and medical, hers would be a shield with a cross and a triangle inside. (I have no idea what Zacharias Smith’s would look like).

In Part Two I will talk about the information, engineering, and command teams. 😀

DSS Requirement (the Gold Over Silver remix) (2015-12-10)

A/N1: Based off of @esamastation’s D.S.S. Requirement ‘verse, in which the DA (of Harry Potter series) find an Asgard ship (of the Stargate variety) and become the first magical crew IN SPACE.

Seriously, go read it. You don’t even really need to know anything about Stargate to understand it.


Marietta almost became a traitor.

She knows it. She’s owned up to it. She’s even admitted as such to the captain.

But almost is an important word.

Marietta almost became a traitor, but she didn’t. She chose not to.

She chose the ship, she chose the crew, she chose the captain instead.

Marietta chose to be the best version of herself, and that does not include being a traitor.

Despite how petty sounding it may be, it’s difficult to be Cho Chang’s best friend.

Cho is pretty and athletic and smart, she has a nice family and pocket money and the most handsome boyfriend in school.

Until he dies, that is.

Then Cho is a weepy mess, still somehow attractive to other people, but they’re not the ones who have to sit beside her in the middle of the night when she can’t stop crying in the bathroom. They’re not the ones who have to remind her to eat, at least a little bit, or wake her up on the weekends so she doesn’t spend the entire time in bed doing nothing.

And then the DA happens, and Cho, finally interested in something (or maybe, that snide part of her thinks, interested in someone) drags Marietta along.

That snide, petty part of Marietta still begrudges Cho for that. The rest of her, the majority of her, is so grateful.

She can’t imagine what her life would be like without the Requirement.

For once, being second to Cho is how Marietta prefers it. Cho is better at astronomy and arithmancy, she’s more suited to be head of the navigation team. Marietta is content with being deputy head, because that gives her time to turn their captain from a messy haired, teenage schoolboy into a messy haired, potential employer.

“No one’s going to take you seriously if you don’t have an office or some kind of meeting room,” she says to him, eyeing the storage pods lining the walls, “And then how are we supposed to convince recruits that we’re a legitimate enterprise?”

It’s not that Harry is lacking as a captain. He has the respect of his crew and he wears his authority well–he has the presence of a leader, the kind that fills a room and makes his people want to work harder be better.

But to outsiders, he’s still just a Hogwarts student.

Well, for now. Marietta’s part of the command team, too; she hasn’t started working yet.

In another world, in another life, Marietta would have been a traitor.

She could never do that now. Not because there’s a threat of punishment stopping her, but because she chooses not to.

Choices. Every day is about choices.

The best part about her job is when the captain asks, “Where are we going?”

Maybe it’s in a literal sense–as deputy head of navigation, she and Cho are the ones who decide how and when and where the Requirement moves. Maybe it’s in a figurative sense–as one of the aministrative officers, she has influence over in what direction this organization of theirs will grow.

She’ll never have to be a lowly clerk in the Ministry, belittled and constrained the way her mother was.

Marietta doesn’t have to follow the captain, but she’s a part of the Requirement’s crew–she’ll follow him anywhere.

And in space? That’s a lot of anywhere to promise, but that’s what she wants. So that’s what she chooses.


A/N2: I’ve been in an esama re-reading binge lately (this happens to me at least twice a year) so no one should be surprised by this.

What I am surprised by is how many feelings my re-reading of DSS Requirement gave me–like, for some reason, it touched me more emotionally now than it did the first time around? I guess it’s because I didn’t fully realize the implications of certain things.

I mean (spoilers!) this Marietta Edgecombe not betraying DA is an obvious one, but there are several other parts of esama’s fic which struck me and, heads up, I have had many feels. So there will probably be several more DSS Requirement fic remixes headed your way.

Brace yourselves. 😀

Also, esama, again, thanks for making such a cool world to play in. If you would like me to change anything or take this down I will, just let me know.

Island of Fire (the Eyes and Teeth remix) (2015-12-09)

A/N1: I’m basically playing around in the sandbox that is @esamastation’s Island of Fire ‘verse. The second section, specifically, is based on the information we get from the Battle for Atlantis arc–which is meant to be a doubly translated transcript of a conversation from William Laurence’s recollection of the events from several years previous. Also he probably made assumptions that aren’t even correct, so who knows how legit any of his info is.

Anyway, if you haven’t read it… this really won’t make any sense.


On Atlantis, the victim gets to choose the perpetrator’s punishment.

It is one of the few laws of the island–like “those who do not work, do not eat” (later modified to “those who do not contribute, do not benefit”) and “dragons are not allowed inside communal buildings”–and like those laws, it is brought about because of how small and tightly knit their society is.

In a country numbering in the millions, one person hurting another is unfortunate, yes, but ultimately insignificant. In a society of less than a hundred, such a crime is not tolerated. Repeat offenders are not something that exist on Atlantis.

And so, barring death or banishment, of course, or inflicting harm greater than what was originally done to them, the victim gets to choose the perpetrator’s punishment.

There is an exception to the law–all rules may be fluid, so long as justice is not–but not in the way one might think.

When the British Navy arrived and attacked, several Atlanteans had been wounded. For the most part, nothing major, nothing that their small infirmary couldn’t fix with a spell or two. Except for one girl who took a shot to the leg–Ophelia Michaelson.

The healers, themselves not having completed their training, didn’t know if they’d be able to save her. And then, after several hours of grueling spell and rune work, weren’t sure if they’d be able to save the leg. But she was alive, and the entire island had been so relieved that they wouldn’t have to make a sixth grave so soon.

But the Council had to think further ahead. They, too, were relieved that it hadn’t gone any worse, but they had to make a decision and act. How would they deal with the invaders?

Charlie’s idea had been to scare them off: use their numerous dragons as a show of force. Cedric’s suggested mass Obliviation–though it wasn’t a skill that any of the schools had actually taught. Viktor wanted to seize everything but the bare minimum the sailors would need to survive, and send them on their way. Fleur thought they should seize everything–the ships, the supplies, the weapons, even the people themselves–make them literally pay for and work off their crimes.

Harry stayed silent.

For this, they would make an exception to the law–more of a modification, actually. If Ophelia wanted all of the attackers executed, even those British remaining on the three warships, they would do it.

Harry would have done it.

But instead, she just wanted them gone; completely and as quickly as possible. The French Navy, too.

And so both groups were spared, unknowing of how insecure their fates had been.

On Atlantis, almost everything is communal–food, water, clothing, shelter, knowledge, even baths–so the idea that something can be stolen seems… unlikely. After all, in order for theft to happen, there has to be proper ownership first.

However, there are a few, rare things that are private and personal. Besides wands, of course, but no one would dare steal someone else’s wand. Wands and magic are what allow the Atlanteans to work, to function, to live. But there are other personal items, things that people managed to bring with them from the other world.

It’s mostly wearable things–for example, Hogwarts students treasure their House scarves, even if the weather is too warm for it, the Beauxbatons girls their cufflinks, the Durmstrang group the medallions which allowed them passage in a school they would never return to–but particularly jewelry, and gifts from family members at that.

Luna’s dirigible plum earrings probably set a bad precedent. She had given them to Neville of her own free will, only after the first greenhouse had been built, that is. And yet, everyone had been so angry at her–had felt entitled to it because even if they had been her earrings they were resources–potential food, wood that could one day be made into something.

Of course, that kind of reasoning could be extended into metals. Silver and gold, especially in the hands of some of the older islanders, the ones who could turn a necklace or a bracelet into something more with a few spells and runes. Creating devices to predict storms, as one such possibility. Couldn’t it be argued that, for such a cause, Atlantis was entitled to a mere shiny trinket.

And yet, Petra Eszes had not asked; nor had Anne-Laure Valluy assented. It didn’t matter that her father’s pocket watch no longer worked–salt water and a lack of magical engineers–it was still hers to keep and cherish. Now it was warped and destroyed and changed–it could not be returned to its original state.

This was not something that could or would be tolerated, regardless of whether or not Petra’s storm predictor worked, but the Council could not decide on a fitting punishment.

Anne could. She wanted Petra to forfeit her Durmstrang medallion as communal property. The Council agreed it was a fair decision and stood by it; and thus the Atlantean law for punishments was created.


A/N2: Anyway, some random thoughts:

I figure the five-person council is probably the four champions plus Charlie as the dragon “champion/representative.“

Ophelia Michaelson I made up because most of the Hogwarts sounding names were canon characters that would have been older than fourteen at the time of Battle for Atlantis, but Petra Eszes (probably Durmstrang) and Anne-Laure Valluy (probably Beauxbatons) are names pulled from different POV snippets in Island of Fire.

Truthfully, that last section dragged on longer than I wanted it to, but I couldn’t figure out what parts to trim. If anything I was going to go off in a different (longer) direction involving Luna and bullying but then I realized that bullying is really impractical and would be even more stupid in society like Atlantis. Also, it ended abruptly but… :/

Anyway, esama, thanks for creating such a cool ‘verse. If you would like me to make changes or take this down, I totally understand and would be willing to do so. Just let me know.