“find me where the wild things are,” dos dragon rider au, shikaara??

Uh… dragon rider!AU… I had to go back in my catalogue and since they’re not tagged by anything in particular it took me a while to find them, but here are those posts.

So to stay compatible with those previous posts of dragon rider!AU, Team Seven is the crew of Pakkun–the Hatake clan’s middleweight dragon–and Gaara is the captain of a near-feral Shukaku who is Sand’s heavyweight.

Hrm… how do I get Shikaara from this set up?

It’s gotta be a Gelel thing, right?

Then again, minus Kakashi, Team Seven and Pakkun were canonically fighting Shukaku during the Konoha Chuunin Exam/Sand and Sound Invasion so it could be a situation in which middleweight Pakkun takes on heavyweight Shukaku without his captain, and… nah, that’s their first meeting how would I make that Shikaara? Unless it’s just an adaptation of canon Shikako and Gaara interactions into this dragon rider!AU, but that’s not very…

ARGH! I think I’ve been falling into a trap with these brainstorms of trying to stick too closely to canon or something I’ve already done, and that’s not fair at all!

So I’m going to disregard all that and go with what I would write in a sideways world without previous posts to hold me down:

find me where the wild things are

Beyond the forest,
over the mountains,
across the desert dry,
Is a land full of
adventure where both
humans and dragons fly.

Or, Shikako comes from a clan of ground walkers, but that’s not what will save her friends.

A little bit of the already established dragon rider!AU mixed with some fairy tale-esque vibes. I think this version of dragon rider!AU would draw more heavily from the How To Train Your Dragon mythos than Temeraire.

I like the idea that there is a different story going on between Naruto, Sasuke, the Kyuubi, and the Akatsuki madness which Shikako is trying to extricate them from but won’t actually be part of until, like, “book two” of this imaginary now-trilogy.

Book one is about Shikako traveling to Sand where she knows other dragon riders are in order to petition their help or something, and she meets Gaara not knowing he is both the prince and the rider of Sand’s strongest dragon until the time for her official royal audience which, because bureaucracy, is a few weeks away.

Possibly Gelel is a dragon that Shikako stumbles upon and bonds with–alternatively it’s some magical technique which can calm/heal/control dragons? Unsure. Whatever it is, she uses it on Shukaku to his and Sand’s benefit which bumps her up in the petition queue (understandably).

And then there’s the “reveal” when Gaara commits to helping her, and while she’s grateful for that she’s also somewhat hurt that he “lied” to her about his identity, etc. etc.

ooohhh your dragon rider!team 7 au sounds so fascinating?? what sorts of dragons would they ride? what would they even do as dragon riders??

Ooh, okay, okay. So there’s some differences between the Temeraire style versus the How To Train Your Dragon style of dragon riding, and I feel like in order to best translate the Naruto world, I’d have to pull bits and pieces from each.

So in HTTYD, the dragons are more like pets–cats/dogs/birds–with roughly the same level of intelligence. Maybe the bigger ones (the Queen and the Alphas/Bewilderbeasts) are a little more intelligent but, over all, they’re animals. Amazing, magical animals yes, but animals all the same.

In Temeraire, the dragons are sentient (if not sapient–because they are a different species and would have different way of thinking/prioritizing) and they’re massive. The majority of the dragons in HTTYD would be in the courier or light combat classification, and Temeraire has an additional two larger classes of middleweight and heavyweight.

Maybe the Queen and Alphas/Bewilderbeasts are middleweights? But the heavyweights are like ships–they have captains and flight crews of up to forty people as well as a ground crew and they can straight up carry smaller dragons easily. The larger the dragon, the longer the lifespan and dragon’s captaincies tend to be passed down in a family for multiple generations.

And while Temeraire style dragons don’t quite have a telepathic bond with their captains there’s a little bit of a… imprinting process? Like, if newly hatched dragons don’t imprint on a person, they go feral and won’t ever take a captain. And while captaincies can and will eventually be transferred it’s not as good as the original imprinted captain. (I think? It’s been a while since I read any Temeraire stuff)

Probably, the bijuu are the only heavyweights that exist in this dragon rider AU. The problem is, though, that I’m pretty sure the Uchiha clan would at least have had some light combat dragons that Sasuke would have inherited–if not middleweight–and those also require crews (but probably smaller, about ten people). Unless Itachi killed them all? But how would that even… hrm…

Okay so if we want Team Seven to have similar relationships in this AU as what they have in canon, then they either need to be part of the same dragon’s flight crew OR they are each captains of different dragons who are part of the same flight formation. On the one hand, Naruto really ought to be captain of Kyuubi and Sasuke ought to be captain of at least one if not multiple Uchiha clan dragons, but it would be weird for Shikako (from a “clan of ground walkers”) to be captain of her own dragon as well.

So maybe… maybe the Uchiha only had the one middleweight–for the clan head’s line–and a bunch of light combat/couriers. So Itachi could have killed his father, inherited the family dragon, and killed all the light combat/couriers leaving Sasuke without a dragon to captain. Then the Kyuubi, who had not liked Kushina and won’t even give Naruto the time of day, is hibernating away. The threat of his existence is enough to deter the other countries from invading, but it’s true that they can’t utilize his full potential until Naruto can convince him to fight on Konoha’s behalf.

So Team Seven is the crew of Pakkun, the Hatake clan’s middleweight (and maybe the other dog summons are Pakkun’s ground crew?). The other members of Pakkun’s flight formation are Ningame carrying Team Gai, Enma (who Asuma has a strained relationship with) carryin Team Ten, and… Akamaru carrying Team Eight?

Yeah, so, Enma is the oldest dragon and has loudly stated that he prefers Hiruzen–his first captain–to Asuma so there’s that drama. Pakkun and Ningame are about the same age and imprinted on their respective captains at about the same time. Akamaru is the youngest and only recently imprinted on Kiba–so while they have enough potential to be combat ready, and Kiba is technically Akamaru’s captain, Kurenai is captain of the crew. Hinata might or might not inherit her father’s dragon–or, like in canon, it might end up with Hanabi.

Erm, well, most likely because battle styles are different, flight formations aren’t used very frequently so the different Teams are independent of each other.

In Temeraire, this is during the Regency Era so Britain is at war–hence flight formations and flight crews. While I’m reluctant to say there’s full-blown war going on in the Elemental Nations, it’s very likely that the Air Force is meant to maintain the territories/borders. Akatsuki is probably trying to instigate full blown war in order to capture the bijuu (as per canon) although this time they’re actually doing it to take over the world not to do a giant genjutsu or summon an alien princess monster.

So they’re starting a world war as a distraction for some heists and murders to take over the world? … yeah. That sounds about right. And, hey, this actually makes Nagato’s Uzumaki heritage important rather than just some bullshit throwaway thing that wasn’t explored at all! 😀

So Shukaku is near feral. Technically Gaara is his captain, but only technically–Karura was his captain before and, as per canon, died in childbirth, and Shukaku is so pissed off and bitter and basically Shukaku and Gaara have a worse relationship than Enma and Asuma, not even bringing up how Shukaku is at least twice as big and powerful as Enma.

The Nibi and Hachibi are, again, as per canon, pretty well behaved and captained by Yugito and Killer B. Professional, if not intimate. Sanbi has already been stolen and is captained by Kisame. Akatsuki’s threat is due to that they probably have a way to rewrite dragon imprinting/brainwash them like Drago and the Bewilderbeast in HTTYD2. Etc. etc.

I like the idea that Waterfall has Nanabi–the sole heavyweight not owned by the Big Five–and no middleweights whatsoever. Only couriers and light combat class. So there’s just this massive sparkly dragon surrounded by tiny dragons.

I feel like the jinchuuriki who are missing nin wouldn’t translate all that well because how do you lose track of a 50 ton dragon? And their forty person crew. It’s not like being a single jinchuuriki where it’s just like I, an individual, will leave the village in the middle of the night and hide from hunter nin. A bijuu leaving would be like a battleship just sailing away and no one being able to find it–not only would the entire crew have to agree, the captain and bijuu would have to as well and continuously hide?

… Actually… I guess that’s not too out there if they focus more on threats than subtlety. “I am leaving now, if you try to make me and my captain stay I will attack you and I am the most powerful dragon in your military” instead of “Lalala, I’m a massive dragon disappearing in the night, no one can find meeeeee.”

And a lot of the adventure is Team Seven flying around, stumbling across the Akatsuki conspiracy, and trying to convince the other countries to listen/trying to convince the missing captains to join the efforts to stop Akatsuki/trying to convince Kyuubi to accept Naruto as his captain.

Ultimate big bad in this AU would be Pein aka Nagato, I think, because I don’t know how an Obito-Madara storyline would work, much less the Zetsu-Kaguya and Indra-Ashura nonsense. LET THE UZUMAKI NAME BE RELEVANT!

Island of Fire (the Eyes and Teeth remix) (2015-12-09)

A/N1: I’m basically playing around in the sandbox that is @esamastation’s Island of Fire ‘verse. The second section, specifically, is based on the information we get from the Battle for Atlantis arc–which is meant to be a doubly translated transcript of a conversation from William Laurence’s recollection of the events from several years previous. Also he probably made assumptions that aren’t even correct, so who knows how legit any of his info is.

Anyway, if you haven’t read it… this really won’t make any sense.


On Atlantis, the victim gets to choose the perpetrator’s punishment.

It is one of the few laws of the island–like “those who do not work, do not eat” (later modified to “those who do not contribute, do not benefit”) and “dragons are not allowed inside communal buildings”–and like those laws, it is brought about because of how small and tightly knit their society is.

In a country numbering in the millions, one person hurting another is unfortunate, yes, but ultimately insignificant. In a society of less than a hundred, such a crime is not tolerated. Repeat offenders are not something that exist on Atlantis.

And so, barring death or banishment, of course, or inflicting harm greater than what was originally done to them, the victim gets to choose the perpetrator’s punishment.

There is an exception to the law–all rules may be fluid, so long as justice is not–but not in the way one might think.

When the British Navy arrived and attacked, several Atlanteans had been wounded. For the most part, nothing major, nothing that their small infirmary couldn’t fix with a spell or two. Except for one girl who took a shot to the leg–Ophelia Michaelson.

The healers, themselves not having completed their training, didn’t know if they’d be able to save her. And then, after several hours of grueling spell and rune work, weren’t sure if they’d be able to save the leg. But she was alive, and the entire island had been so relieved that they wouldn’t have to make a sixth grave so soon.

But the Council had to think further ahead. They, too, were relieved that it hadn’t gone any worse, but they had to make a decision and act. How would they deal with the invaders?

Charlie’s idea had been to scare them off: use their numerous dragons as a show of force. Cedric’s suggested mass Obliviation–though it wasn’t a skill that any of the schools had actually taught. Viktor wanted to seize everything but the bare minimum the sailors would need to survive, and send them on their way. Fleur thought they should seize everything–the ships, the supplies, the weapons, even the people themselves–make them literally pay for and work off their crimes.

Harry stayed silent.

For this, they would make an exception to the law–more of a modification, actually. If Ophelia wanted all of the attackers executed, even those British remaining on the three warships, they would do it.

Harry would have done it.

But instead, she just wanted them gone; completely and as quickly as possible. The French Navy, too.

And so both groups were spared, unknowing of how insecure their fates had been.

On Atlantis, almost everything is communal–food, water, clothing, shelter, knowledge, even baths–so the idea that something can be stolen seems… unlikely. After all, in order for theft to happen, there has to be proper ownership first.

However, there are a few, rare things that are private and personal. Besides wands, of course, but no one would dare steal someone else’s wand. Wands and magic are what allow the Atlanteans to work, to function, to live. But there are other personal items, things that people managed to bring with them from the other world.

It’s mostly wearable things–for example, Hogwarts students treasure their House scarves, even if the weather is too warm for it, the Beauxbatons girls their cufflinks, the Durmstrang group the medallions which allowed them passage in a school they would never return to–but particularly jewelry, and gifts from family members at that.

Luna’s dirigible plum earrings probably set a bad precedent. She had given them to Neville of her own free will, only after the first greenhouse had been built, that is. And yet, everyone had been so angry at her–had felt entitled to it because even if they had been her earrings they were resources–potential food, wood that could one day be made into something.

Of course, that kind of reasoning could be extended into metals. Silver and gold, especially in the hands of some of the older islanders, the ones who could turn a necklace or a bracelet into something more with a few spells and runes. Creating devices to predict storms, as one such possibility. Couldn’t it be argued that, for such a cause, Atlantis was entitled to a mere shiny trinket.

And yet, Petra Eszes had not asked; nor had Anne-Laure Valluy assented. It didn’t matter that her father’s pocket watch no longer worked–salt water and a lack of magical engineers–it was still hers to keep and cherish. Now it was warped and destroyed and changed–it could not be returned to its original state.

This was not something that could or would be tolerated, regardless of whether or not Petra’s storm predictor worked, but the Council could not decide on a fitting punishment.

Anne could. She wanted Petra to forfeit her Durmstrang medallion as communal property. The Council agreed it was a fair decision and stood by it; and thus the Atlantean law for punishments was created.


A/N2: Anyway, some random thoughts:

I figure the five-person council is probably the four champions plus Charlie as the dragon “champion/representative.“

Ophelia Michaelson I made up because most of the Hogwarts sounding names were canon characters that would have been older than fourteen at the time of Battle for Atlantis, but Petra Eszes (probably Durmstrang) and Anne-Laure Valluy (probably Beauxbatons) are names pulled from different POV snippets in Island of Fire.

Truthfully, that last section dragged on longer than I wanted it to, but I couldn’t figure out what parts to trim. If anything I was going to go off in a different (longer) direction involving Luna and bullying but then I realized that bullying is really impractical and would be even more stupid in society like Atlantis. Also, it ended abruptly but… :/

Anyway, esama, thanks for creating such a cool ‘verse. If you would like me to make changes or take this down, I totally understand and would be willing to do so. Just let me know.