Are you a fanfiction writer or reader? Help us out by taking a survey!


I’m Casey Fiesler, a longtime fandom community member and also a professor in the Department of Information Science at University of Colorado Boulder. This semester I am teaching a research-based class in online fandom, and we are conducting a survey that covers many different questions of interest to information science or fan studies researchers about fanfiction! We do ask that you are at least 18 years old to participate; though this is mostly for a class project, we have gone through typical ethics review at our university and this study includes a consent form.

The survey is a mix of multiple choice and open answer questions, and you can answer as much or as little as you like. On average, the survey takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete.

We will ask for some basic demographic information (any of which you can skip), but won’t require any identifying information – unless you want to give us your email address so that you can be updated about any results from the survey.

Because of some of the research questions that groups in my class want to answer it would be particularly great to get participants who write or read in the following fandoms: Sports RPF, Overwatch, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are also questions that relate to things like fandom lifecycles, videogame fanfic, identity in fanfiction, and ethics and privacy in fandom. Many of the questions in this survey were drafted by first-time student researchers!

Whether you participate or not, please consider sharing this survey with your social networks!  And if you’d like to find out more about Casey’s previous research about fandom, see these Tumblr posts: Fan Platform Use Over Time and design of Archive of Our Own

Reblogs are appreciated, and thank you!  You can email me at if you have any questions or comments.




This is the un-formatted script I wrote for Bindlestiff’s 2019 Love Edition show. Unsurprisingly, especially since I wrote 7/10 pages three hours before the deadline, it didn’t make the cut. Also, this particular script was like pulling teeth and I didn’t stumble on the plot until five pages in so…

I figured part of the problem was that I didn’t have the opportunity to do the workshopping and feedback process (literally the draft I turned in was 1.2, when usually I get to at least the 3rd version by deadline). I don’t know when or if ever I’ll use this script, but I thought it would be fun to share. And while the script itself isn’t the best I’ve done, I quite like the concept even if I didn’t hammer it out fully.

ANYWAY, with all that wishy washy rambling as an intro, how could you resist? 😛


WHOA!~ Those pictures are great! :D They really capture an energy from the show; I hope it really was as great as those pictures make me think it was

Thanks! We still have one more week left of the run, but it has been absolutely fun to be involved. Stressful, yes, but the good kind of stressful where the stress pushes you to problem solve and create.

Like, the demands to make this distinctive, science fiction world into a concrete set was so crazy. But all of the materials are reclaimed or were already in the theater storage room (but long since forgotten). We were able to do the same thing with many of the props, too.

It was so much fun. But it’s definitely going to be the last show I’m involved with for 2018 because I am EXHAUSTED.


It’s October 4th! That means Silver Queen is a year older! Some folks got together and made a collection on AO3 for SQ’s birthday, and it’s full of works you can look at right now.

Silver Queen Appreciation 2018

Happy birthday, Silver Queen! Thank you for your wonderful fic of monstrous length. Our vague theme was focusing on ways Shikako has improved people’s lives.

The collection is open and unmoderated, so anyone who wants to add a belated gift to the collection should feel free to do so.

If you want to discuss individual works, stop by the recursive channel on the discord for a free-for-all or drop in on the subreddit for threaded discussions about individual works!

(thanks to @unorganized-shelf for the banner)

Hi, so I was wondering will you ever write more for gambling away the past? It’s absolutely one of my favourite DOS au’s and I come back regularly to see if you have updated it. I was just wondering is there any point to that, have you finished writing for that? :(

Hey anon, I’m glad to hear you enjoy my writing–or, at least, the AU that is Gambling Away The Past.

Unfortunately for you, I am not a very consistent writer. Fortunately for you, GATP is not on hiatus. I probably will eventually write more for that series in the future, but it’s really as prompts or my schedule or even my fickle will to write takes me.

Also, anon: I’m not secretly withholding fic from you. I tend to post chapters/sections whenever I complete them and considering they aren’t that long anyway, I usually write in single bursts and post immediately after.

But I would like to say this, anon, and I’m sure you probably didn’t mean it in that way: but I’m sorry you don’t think anything else I post is worth your time. Your phrasing made it seem like you think you’re entitled to something I do in my spare time–which, I’ll admit, I have had less of recently–and which is something I do for my own enjoyment. I’m sorry I can’t generate as much content as you or even I, myself, would like.

If you’re really just checking here for the fic and for none of the person that comes with it, I’d suggest going over to my archiveofourown and subscribing to that. I cross-post there over there because it’s neater for readers and that way when I do update, you’ll know. It’s not always an immediate but, again, this is something I do in my spare time.

Hope that helps, anonymous person on tumblr.