Hi, so I was wondering will you ever write more for gambling away the past? It’s absolutely one of my favourite DOS au’s and I come back regularly to see if you have updated it. I was just wondering is there any point to that, have you finished writing for that? :(

Hey anon, I’m glad to hear you enjoy my writing–or, at least, the AU that is Gambling Away The Past.

Unfortunately for you, I am not a very consistent writer. Fortunately for you, GATP is not on hiatus. I probably will eventually write more for that series in the future, but it’s really as prompts or my schedule or even my fickle will to write takes me.

Also, anon: I’m not secretly withholding fic from you. I tend to post chapters/sections whenever I complete them and considering they aren’t that long anyway, I usually write in single bursts and post immediately after.

But I would like to say this, anon, and I’m sure you probably didn’t mean it in that way: but I’m sorry you don’t think anything else I post is worth your time. Your phrasing made it seem like you think you’re entitled to something I do in my spare time–which, I’ll admit, I have had less of recently–and which is something I do for my own enjoyment. I’m sorry I can’t generate as much content as you or even I, myself, would like.

If you’re really just checking here for the fic and for none of the person that comes with it, I’d suggest going over to my archiveofourown and subscribing to that. I cross-post there over there because it’s neater for readers and that way when I do update, you’ll know. It’s not always an immediate but, again, this is something I do in my spare time.

Hope that helps, anonymous person on tumblr.

Gambling Away the Past, 12!

Gambling Away The Past (part 10/?), 12) things you said when you thought I was asleep

Today is their last in the relative safety of Sangaku Outpost and, by unspoken agreement, all of Team Kakashi have decided to spend the day on separate ventures. Soon enough it’ll be back to being just their squad–best to get their fill of other company while they can.

Not that other company necessarily equates to better company, of course, especially given the way some of those stationed at the outpost still look at Kakashi with barbed, pointed glares, but there are a few people Shikako, at least, wouldn’t mind meeting with again in the future and she knows her teammates feel the same. At the very least, Kakashi certainly doesn’t mind the opportunity to summon his ninken in a more peaceful situation than he’d get to once they’re back on duty.

And so the team spends their last day at the outpost apart, helping out where they can or getting in some last minute training, before returning to their tent for the evening. They’ll leave at dawn, back to the camp that Ikoma-san runs and which Minato-san generally considers home base, before being sent out on their next mission.

And so Shikako isn’t surprised about being the first one back to the tent, late afternoon, nor does she feel at all bad about flopping onto her bedroll and immediately passing out. Exhausted after one last grueling training session for her and Wakakusa beneath Heijomaru’s steely hooves, Sembei-obaasan making less than helpful comments from the side.

A few hours later, she surfaces from the depths of unconsciousness at the proximity of other chakra signatures, but decides not to fully wake up when she recognizes her teammates. Still, their conversation filters down to her in her dozing state, words hushed but no less heated.

“–can’t believe you still think that! After everything she’s done?” Obito’s voice, the magma of his volcano bubbling ominously.

“Sensei thinks so, too,” Kakashi’s voice, a weak defense, barely any crackle in the ozone, “He said to watch her.”

“Because he thinks she’s some kind of secret fuinjutsu prodigy, not because she’s a spy!” retorts Obito.

Rin, as always, tries to break the tension, “Ikoma-san wouldn’t put her on our team if she were, and Minato-sensei approved it. He wouldn’t do that to us,” she reasons.

There is a moment of silence, Kakashi acknowledging and accepting her point, before he says, “Her story is inconsistent–what little of it she does tell us, anyway. How’d she end up near where our mission was? What happened to her previous team?”

The silence that follows this time is much longer.

Not because the answer is hard to think of, but because one particular answer comes to mind too quickly. Shikako can almost pinpoint the moment when each of her teammates stumble upon it: Obito’s volcano going dormant once more, temper doused immediately. Rin’s breath hitching, dual fire and water flickering and rippling in distress. Kakashi’s electricity flattening out the way it does when he knows he’s said something awful, but can’t apologize for it.

They are at war. There is one simple explanation for how a shinobi could end up all alone in enemy territory without any back up.

It’s morbid to think of as such, but how lucky for her that they’ve all come to the obvious, but wrong conclusion.


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Sorry for the delay, @to-someplace-else!

Okay so think I think I spent like a full day and a half just going through you profile and, ugh, I loveee. My absolute fave little fic you’ve written is “gambling away the past”. It pulls at my feels for some reason (okay it’s totally the young Kakashi and his ~living~ team mates. Also Naras love their family oml almost cried ;_; )

😀 Thanks! I consider my expertise to be feels over plot, so I appreciate knowing that it worked.

I’m not sure if you read my work here on tumblr or over on my archiveofourown but it’s easier to find things there seeing as my tagging system here is somewhat… well, more for my convenience than an actual searching tool.

Alright. “Team training”, either Flip to the Last Page or Gambling Away the Past? (I’m totally not hoping this will inspire you to continue one of these verses. Of course not)

A/N: This is more of a regular prompt than a fake fic title, so I don’t think this does count as part of the ask box, but I do love your prompts in general, to-someplace-else, and I have been meaning to touch base with those series so, what the hell, let’s do this!


Gambling Away The Past, 9/? (2017-11-09)

Wakakusa is a young buck, only in his second antler growth, but he’s strangely tall and stocky–not as much as Heijomaru, of course, but a good combat summon nonetheless.

Where he got his penchant for fire, she has no idea.

“Oh gods,” she moans into her hands, sitting on the side of the training field with the rest of her team… the rest of the humans of her team, anyway.

On the field proper are Wakakusa and Kakashi’s pack of dogs–closer to pups than the grizzled ninken she remembers, paws adorably oversized, but far more experienced on the field than Shikako’s probationary partner.

Rin obligingly douses the flames with an almost lazy and exasperated D-rank water jutsu before Kakashi waves the summons apart to reset the exercise.

“It’s capture the flag, not set the field on fire,” Shikako yells out futilely; Wakakusa tosses his head in response. She’s not yet sure if that’s irritation or embarrassment or, simply, acknowledgement.

“Like you’re one to talk,” Obito nudges her.


This clearly isn’t working–maybe she shouldn’t have expected it to work–Kakashi’s method of training his dogs wouldn’t necessarily work for Wakakusa just because they’re all summons. She’s his summoner, she should be more involved.

She heaves herself onto her feet, plants one hand on her fist with more confidence than she feels, and calls out a challenge, “Dogs versus deer! Obito and Rin will be the judges.”

At their names, the both of them perk up in excitement.

“That’s eight versus one,” Kakashi says slowly, not yet understanding. As far as he’s concerned, Wakakusa can’t even handle his ninken one at a time, much less all eight of them teaming up.

“No,” she corrects, “It’s nine versus two…” She walks over to stand next to Wakakusa who swishes his tail casually in a simple one-two. This, she knows, is a much more positive reaction.

“… unless you think you’re going to need help?” she continues, goading.

Kakashi’s eyes narrow. Around him, his summons drop their doggy grins and focus.

Challenge accepted.

If you don’t mind, I can totally prompt you some more. Gambling Away The Past, more Shikako and Minato interaction? Alternatively, does Sembei ever bring the deer contract?

I have been meaning to continue that series, so thanks for the prompt, to-someplace-else! Please enjoy!  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


Gambling Away The Past, 8/? (2017-07-25)

Shikako reluctantly but dutifully wakes up with the sun.

It is excruciating.

Because they are in an outpost and relatively safe, she allows herself to whine noisily into her makeshift pillow.

Obito kicks out a leg, and because the tent they’ve been assigned is so small, it actually connects…

… with Rin’s thigh. She delivers a swift slap in retribution, before going back to sleep.

Kakashi, because he’s clearly inhuman, is already awake and looking down at his team unimpressed.

And fond, but largely unimpressed.

Shikako huffs another whine, before grudgingly going vertical, hating the morning and whichever cruel god invented it.

“You have to meet your clan member,” Kakashi prompts, when it looks like Shikako might just fall asleep sitting up.

“I’m going, I’m going,” she grumbles, splashing some water on her face to wake herself up, before leaving the tent.

An outpost during wartime, especially one so centralized and bustling as this one, is like having a piece of the village out in the field. It’s not home–not even the Konoha of this time would really be home–but it’s definitely a balm after months at war.

Sembei-obaa-san and the deer summons are being used mostly as messengers rather than warriors–rather beneath their abilities, but unsurprising without a combat capable summoner. They’d be housed permanently within the outpost, dorm building instead of a tent outside, closer to the commander where information is more vital.

People around the camp take note of her and wave her along with a nod or a smile–no doubt recognizing the Nara symbol of her uniform–but she doesn’t really need the guidance: Heijomaru’s antlers, tall and decorated, are easily visible from this distance.

She’s a little nervous, eager and worried: if she doesn’t sign the contract, then their trip here was for nothing. If she doesn’t sign the contract then Sembei-obaa-san and Heijomaru have found her unworthy.

The deer contract doesn’t mean home, but it’s another piece of it that’s close enough.


A trial run, Heijomaru had said, after Sembei-obaa-san read the letter of introduction from Ikoma.

She doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

When she had first met Heijomaru, he had been somewhat reluctant even then–even though Sembei-obaa-san had been much older and hadn’t been able to summon him in years.

She’s even more of a cocky upstart now, apparently, which matches the summon she’s been assigned: Wakakusa, the only pyromaniac deer of the herd.

He’ll fit right in with Team Kakashi.


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i love your drabbles!! will shikako find a way back to her original universe, or will someone (cough team 7 cough) reach through time and alternate dimensions to get her back?? wonder how minato’s team 7 will react then… or is shikako stuck for good?

Gambling Away The Past was one of my earliest DoS recursive fic, so I hadn’t really thought it completely through because… well… no one had asked then, I guess.

I think, in comparison to Semi-Phenomenal Nearly Cosmic–wherein Tobirama summons Shikako and it turns out that she was meant to time travel because there’s ultimately only one timeline–Gambling Away The Past is definitely a different timeline. Is it an alternate dimension? I’m not sure…

Because having Shikako think about paradoxes at some point is kind of cool.
By saving Obito, did she completely rewrite her timeline and thus there is no future for her to return to? Or does the universe self-correct and anyone who is fated to die will die even if it’s not in the same set of circumstances?

Or by acting, did she create a new branch/dimension–and, if so, is it even possible to travel between dimensions? Like… maybe going back was just a time thing, but if she tries to go forward she’s stuck in this particular branch. Whereas to get back to her version of Konoha she’ll have to go forward and diagonal somehow.

Like a train on a track,
lever switching rails,
once she’s passed the intersection,
is it possible to jump across?

But, poetry aside, I have no idea what I’m doing with Gambling Away The Past.

To that end, I’m not if anyone can get her. Either they don’t know she’s gone, or if they do know they don’t have the skill/ability to get her. She probably only accidentally did the time travel, so for someone else to figure out time travel and dimension travel on purpose seems… unlikely?

Gambling Away The Past, 7/? (2016-12-11)

She’s never been one to sit back and let things happen. Not when acting meant hope and the alternate meant nothing but regret and despair. She may fail, but she may also succeed, and isn’t that chance worth it?

Oddly enough, for this situation, the best choice of action might be to actually not.

Or, rather, she’s already acted and now she just needs to monitor the consequences.

Obito’s grin falters for a moment, turns into an expression of confusion not unlike Naruto’s until she explains something and it clicks.

And perhaps that’s the strategy she should take here: supporting doesn’t mean interfering, and it’s a far step better than just passively watching.

He’s as much a blank slate as she is, he just doesn’t know it.

“Sorry,” she says, for the silence gone taught and long, frantically trying to think of something else to say, “… what’s something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t?”

Obito’s smile returns, bright and blinding.

Kakashi and Rin, following the sounds of laughter and cheering, find their teammates holding an impromptu play.

Shikako’s voice threads through the noise, “And then the princess turned into…”

“… a bear!” Obito chimes in, “Who wandered the lands, searching for…”

“… the famous magician of the forest.” it switches back to Shikako, and as they approach the see what’s happening. Obito creating a steady flame in his hand, casting a large shadow against the side of a huge tent which Shikako manipulates from her seat. At the moment, the silhouette of a bear lumbers between trees, approaching a tower.

“The magician was rumored to perform any magic in exchange for…”

“… meat!” One of the audience members yells out, the rest begin to laugh. Shikako obligingly makes the shape of a cow which comically keels over.

“How fun!” Rin cheers, winding her way to sit beside Shikako, the chuunin already there scooting over to make room.

Kakashi, unsurprisingly, hangs back, turning to the spectator next to him and asking, “They’re not being a nuisance, are they?” He is team leader, responsible for any trouble the rest might make.

“Hardly,” the man says, “There’s not much to do here when you’re off-duty. This is the most entertaining thing that’s happened in weeks.” He turns to look at him about to continue before a familiar something shutters in his eyes and he goes silent once more.

Kakashi considers leaving–there aren’t any more free bunks inside the outpost, but the jounin in charge offered a tent big enough for four, and it is late–but then he hears,


His team waves him over, even Obito, which makes the flames flicker wildly.

Some of the audience look tense, recognizing him, but for the most part they remain congenial, parting so he can get to his team.

Well, he is responsible for them.


A/N: … :/ … unsure where I’m going here…

Gambling Away The Past, 6/? (2016-12-07)

They get to Sangaku Outpost with minimal disruptions–the pair of Sand shinobi they almost literally stumble over notwithstanding (for this, Shikako hangs back, unsure exactly whether the Sand-Konoha alliance is on or off or even existent at this point)–just in time for a dinner of watery okayu.

The four of them are shuffled into the line by an Akimichi with scars and wrinkles and a kind smile on her face. “It’s not much,” she says, “but it’s delicious and it’s warm–”

“–and it’s not ration bars,” finishes her Yamanaka partner. It’s better than that (though not being ration bars is a huge pro) given that there’s an array of toppings: scallions and umeboshi and dried, shredded pork. In wartime, that’s practically a feast.

He glances between the clan crest on Shikako’s uniform and Kakashi’s distinct hair color, considering, before ushering the team to the table where his Akimichi has already settled.

It brings a different kind of warmth to Shikako, knowing that even decades out of place, some things do not change.

Kakashi is taciturn as always, but Obito’s natural affability more than makes up for it along with Rin’s polite inquiries of the infirmary situation. Shikako hardly has to talk, though she comments about Ikoma-san when prompted and circles around to Sembei-obaasan after a bit.

Like her deer summons, Sembei-obaasan has adopted a more crepuscular schedule, and given her advanced age (the specific which still remains a mystery), Shikako won’t be able to meet with her until tomorrow morning.

With dinner savored as much as can be, and their welcome committee off to fulfill their roles in the outpost, the four are left to their own devices. As team leader, Kakashi goes to report with the jounin in charge, while Rin–ever dutiful–checks in with the medics and offers her services.

Which leaves Shikako alone with Obito in a peaceful place for what might very well be the first time ever.

They grin at each other, perhaps a tad awkwardly (definitely on her part, anyway) fully realizing that they have been fighting side by side for weeks without having had a conversation that didn’t somehow include the war, their teammates, or a shared appreciation for explosions.

Well, at least they have that.

It’s not as if she’s been avoiding him–not as if such a thing is really possible on a team of four–but she hasn’t exactly gone out of her way to befriend him. With Rin, it’s easy–minimal prior knowledge means there’s nothing to bias Shikako one way or another. With Kakashi, it’s easy in an entirely different way: then and now, he’s always been steady yet standoffish; she can’t push him too far, but she can trust him to be there.

With Obito? She knows entirely too much about what he might have been, and nothing at all about who he currently is.


A/N: Something about this series just makes me think about wintertime… or the wintery theme of my writing makes me think about this series?

I didn’t know Gambling Away the Past was a thing?? I’m so interested now! It was really cool!

Thanks! 😀

It’s been a couple of months since I wrote anything for it, but it’s still definitely a thing. (Though there was a time when I was wondering whether or not I should officially on hiatus, mostly because I was worried it overlapped too much with @cyb-by-lang‘s Catch Your Breath). I’m definitely fond of it, though, and I kind of feel like it’s the most probable series for a Kakashi-POV though I’m still a ways off from that, I think.

A lot of my other DoS recursive fic is listed on my fanfic master list so if there are any other oldies-but-goodies you’ve missed you can check them out there.

Gambling Away The Past, 5/? (2016-12-02)

Shikako wakes up.

Not with a start–it wasn’t her sense of danger that prodded her from unconsciousness–no need to wake up Rin’s sleeping form, gentle breathing beside her.

It reminds her of her childhood, in a skewed and almost desperate way, curling up next to her brother for warmth and comfort. In war, comfort is a scarcity, she will not take it from Rin if she doesn’t have to.

Shikako keeps her movements slow, doesn’t stiffen up either, opens up her chakra sense to investigate what woke her. Rin’s dual nature calm and soothing, Obito’s volcano banked for now. Kakashi, then. Which makes sense, considering it is his watch right now.

She eases away from her bedroll, lined up parallel to Rin’s so close as to nearly be touching, and silently makes her way over to where the newly summoned Pakkun sits.

In her chakra sense, summons are multidimensional (pun only slightly intended). Each creature has their own chakra, their own signature, but summons have an additional layer of their summoner’s chakra:

Pakkun is familiar to her–both then and now–rich and thick and surprisingly dense for a dog his size, like the best kind of hot cocoa. With the added zing of Kakashi’s electric-ozone signature, she can easily picture a stormy day, lightning incoming, enjoying it from the safety of her own home.

The pug gives her an ear flick–acknowledgement and not so subtle request for scritches–and, once she’s seated, jumps into her lap.

“He’s restless,” Pakkun says in a voice that isn’t at all higher than the one she remembers, “Went to check out the perimeter.”

Shikako doesn’t bother to ask if he took some of the other summons with him, Kakashi isn’t stupid, but it still seems… risky. Overly confident, maybe.

The Kakashi she knows has decades and a Sharingan on this one, and she still worried about him.

There’s no campfire–not much of a camp, really, just an arrangement of their bedrolls to reduce wind chill and detection, and traps all around–but the moon is nearly full, and it’s just enough to cast a weak shadow.

Pakkun critiques her shadow puppets while they wait for Kakashi to return.

Dawn rises, cold morning light turning the sky a gentle lilac for a few, breathtaking moments. She is tired, but she doesn’t regret sitting up despite Kakashi’s terse words then or the brutal pace he sets now.

After all, they’re heading to the Sangaku Outpost for her benefit: Sembei-obaasan is stationed there, deer summons a vital part of Konoha’s intel dispersion.

Which is just a fancy way of saying glorified messenger hawks, but no Nara would dismiss the importance information in battle.

“Are you excited?” Rin asks cheerfully, as they jump from branch to branch, both of them ignoring the way Obito complains at Kakashi for the demanding speed. They’re all still on alert despite heading inland and nearer to Konoha–home doesn’t always mean safety, she learned (will learn that) long ago–but hours of travel is still boring regardless of if it’s in a vehicle or by her own two feet.

“About the summoning contract?” Shikako clarifies, perhaps a bit unnecessarily, considering the whole point of this mission is to meet with Sembei-obaasan. Ostensibly Team Kakashi is delivering some of the more critical intelligence reports to the Sangaku Outpost, but they all know the real reason.

“Yes,” Rin confirms, “I think it must be nice to have summons,” she muses, “The Nohara clan isn’t exactly big, and we’re mostly medic nin–well, obviously–so there aren’t many of us in the front line, so there isn’t much need for summons, I suppose…

“There might be someone who has a contract with cranes,” she continues after a considering pause, “but I don’t think I’ve met them.”

Shikako nods, wondering herself about such a summoning contract. As far as she can remember, no one in her time uses crane summons. While she isn’t close with anyone from the Nohara clan, they and the Nara are both entrenched the Medic Corps. Surely such a useful summon would have been mentioned at least once.

“I am excited,” she says, finally answering Rin’s original question, “And a little nervous,” she admits, “as far as I know, Sembei-obaasan is the only summoner for the deer contract and I don’t know whether or not she’ll let me sign it.”

Just because she did in the future (past?) before, doesn’t mean she will again.


A/N: I missed this series, I’ll be honest.

I guess the advent calendar thing is a no go, but have some more winter imagery anyway courtesy of Pakkun’s hot cocoa chakra!