This is the un-formatted script I wrote for Bindlestiff’s 2019 Love Edition show. Unsurprisingly, especially since I wrote 7/10 pages three hours before the deadline, it didn’t make the cut. Also, this particular script was like pulling teeth and I didn’t stumble on the plot until five pages in so…

I figured part of the problem was that I didn’t have the opportunity to do the workshopping and feedback process (literally the draft I turned in was 1.2, when usually I get to at least the 3rd version by deadline). I don’t know when or if ever I’ll use this script, but I thought it would be fun to share. And while the script itself isn’t the best I’ve done, I quite like the concept even if I didn’t hammer it out fully.

ANYWAY, with all that wishy washy rambling as an intro, how could you resist? 😛


WHOA!~ Those pictures are great! :D They really capture an energy from the show; I hope it really was as great as those pictures make me think it was

Thanks! We still have one more week left of the run, but it has been absolutely fun to be involved. Stressful, yes, but the good kind of stressful where the stress pushes you to problem solve and create.

Like, the demands to make this distinctive, science fiction world into a concrete set was so crazy. But all of the materials are reclaimed or were already in the theater storage room (but long since forgotten). We were able to do the same thing with many of the props, too.

It was so much fun. But it’s definitely going to be the last show I’m involved with for 2018 because I am EXHAUSTED.