Guess who finally finished the denim witch hat!

It’s a lot rougher than I had originally conceptualized, but there was a point where I realized: because it was imprecisely measured scraps of jeans hand sewn, it would never be neat per se, so I just leaned into that rough patchwork look. Like the Sorting Hat but AMERICAN.

… I kind want to wear all of my denim stuff and make a Jean Witch™ outfit

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Recently got a malong on my travels. I know there are traditional styles of dress with it, but I wanted to incorporate these ancient Greek chitons for fun.


The safety pins alone were a little too flimsy, so a few stitches, a waist belt, and tada!

The fold is long enough I could make it a peplum or even a sort of hood, so that’s some fun variety.

I’ll probably make some tweaks before it’s fully ready to wear… but hooray! I finally did a thing!