Hi, so I was wondering will you ever write more for gambling away the past? It’s absolutely one of my favourite DOS au’s and I come back regularly to see if you have updated it. I was just wondering is there any point to that, have you finished writing for that? :(

Hey anon, I’m glad to hear you enjoy my writing–or, at least, the AU that is Gambling Away The Past.

Unfortunately for you, I am not a very consistent writer. Fortunately for you, GATP is not on hiatus. I probably will eventually write more for that series in the future, but it’s really as prompts or my schedule or even my fickle will to write takes me.

Also, anon: I’m not secretly withholding fic from you. I tend to post chapters/sections whenever I complete them and considering they aren’t that long anyway, I usually write in single bursts and post immediately after.

But I would like to say this, anon, and I’m sure you probably didn’t mean it in that way: but I’m sorry you don’t think anything else I post is worth your time. Your phrasing made it seem like you think you’re entitled to something I do in my spare time–which, I’ll admit, I have had less of recently–and which is something I do for my own enjoyment. I’m sorry I can’t generate as much content as you or even I, myself, would like.

If you’re really just checking here for the fic and for none of the person that comes with it, I’d suggest going over to my archiveofourown and subscribing to that. I cross-post there over there because it’s neater for readers and that way when I do update, you’ll know. It’s not always an immediate but, again, this is something I do in my spare time.

Hope that helps, anonymous person on tumblr.

Okay so think I think I spent like a full day and a half just going through you profile and, ugh, I loveee. My absolute fave little fic you’ve written is “gambling away the past”. It pulls at my feels for some reason (okay it’s totally the young Kakashi and his ~living~ team mates. Also Naras love their family oml almost cried ;_; )

😀 Thanks! I consider my expertise to be feels over plot, so I appreciate knowing that it worked.

I’m not sure if you read my work here on tumblr or over on my archiveofourown but it’s easier to find things there seeing as my tagging system here is somewhat… well, more for my convenience than an actual searching tool.

Hi there… I’m new to your page and I was wondering where I can read your stories because I just read a post where you were explaining your thoughts on team placements and I got excited and wanted to read 😅

Hi! Welcome to my page 🙂

Most of my posts here are fairly organized tag-wise, so you can find whatever you might be looking for via those. 


So for example, any Naruto fanfiction/brainstorms/meta analysis would be at jacksgreysays.tumblr.com/tagged/naruto. Though my “meta-analysis” type posts are tagged with “rant” instead of meta analysis.

If you just wanted the fiction writing, then I also have an ao3 account here, but I think some of the brainstorms and rants also have some merit (though I have not and won’t be transferring them over to ao3).

Hope that helps, and again, welcome!

AO3 Cross Posting – Progress Report #5

Up to date with ao3 cross posting. Except for brainstorms (and Externality, which I’d like to edit a bit before uploading), everything is now on my archiveofourown! I’ve got to fiddle around with series and tags and such before I’m completely satisfied, but that’s something I can do over time and not a desperate, burning need to get done.

I also could not make sense of my ao3/ “master list” page to reflect everything, so I just got rid of the attempt at a master list.

I’ll still post things on here primarily, don’t worry, but I would suggest going over to ao3 for an easier reading environment.

AO3 Cross Posting – Progress Report #3 / Missed Post (2017-07-03)


Uh… so… I’ve gotten through to October of 2016… I haven’t included any brainstorms, unfortunately, because those would be VERY difficult to format in–what with mostly being responses to asks–and also… very messy to categorize.

I’ve now come upon the Three Sentence Fic Ask Box Event, though, which I’m not sure whether or not I want to also upload onto ao3? What does everyone think?

Look at how many tags there are on this thing and it’s only 15 chapters and 5.8k words O_O

AO3 Cross Posting – Progress Report #3 / Missed Post (2017-07-03)

Uh… so… I’ve gotten through to October of 2016… I haven’t included any brainstorms, unfortunately, because those would be VERY difficult to format in–what with mostly being responses to asks–and also… very messy to categorize.

I’ve now come upon the Three Sentence Fic Ask Box Event, though, which I’m not sure whether or not I want to also upload onto ao3? What does everyone think?

AO3 Cross Posting – Progress Report #2 / Missed Post (2017-07-01)

My writing workshop table read is tomorrow, so I was mostly focussing on that, creativity-wise… but I also kept up with the ao3 cross posting whenever my brain needed a break and I’m now in December of 2015, so…

I have so many not-series that I don’t know how to categorize :/

AO3 Cross Posting – Progress Report #1

As relating to this post, by which I mean, my easily panicked self is beginning to cross post EVERYTHING (even the awful cringe-y stuff, for posterity) to archiveofourown.

It won’t be as easy to find things without a unique/individual tagging system but I guess this just means I have to start making sense of my own tags and collect the loosely related ficlets into one… collection. Most of them are just called “___”, The Miscellaneous Archive, because until I actually start on properly writing certain series, all I have are ficlets that jump all over the place and may no longer be “canonical”

I’ve been going at it for over two hours and I’m only at 2015-02-22 which is frankly, ridiculous…

Tumblr is now owned by a phone company, so it’s stopped fighting for Network Neutrality





Yahoo’s sale to Verizon means that Yahoo’s sub-companies – Flickr, Tumblr and a host of others – are now divisions of a phone company, and as you might expect, being on the payroll of a notorious neutracidal maniac with a long history of sleazy, invasive, privacy-destroying, monopolistic, deceptive, anti-competitive, scumbag shakedowns has changed the public positions these companies are allowed to take.

This matters a lot. The previous fights for net neutrality were won in part with the support of scrappy online companies like Tumblr, whose CEO, staff and users worked together to send a strong message to Congress and the FCC about the importance of a neutral internet, free from ISPs who slow down your connections to services unless they pay bribes for “premium” carriage.

With Trump’s FCC set to slay Net Neutality, the internet is once again planning a day of coordinated action: on July 12, sites across the net will send their users to the FCC and Congress to demand that ISPs be held to a public service standard befitting the trillions of dollars in public subsidies they receive every year in the form of access to rights of way through our cities and between them.

However, Tumblr is not among the companies presently slated to participate, and sources within the company told The Verge that the company and its CEO, David Karp (once a staunch Net Neutrality campaigner) have been given orders to sit this one out.


Ahhhh that explains the whole reason why ATT email addresses won’t be allowed to login to Tumblr anymore starting June 30th. (NOT. A. HOAX.)


This btw – is why if you have fic on this site, you should probably work on copying it over to Ao3 now. Because the nature of Tumblr is likely to change with the new ownership… remember strikethru and prepare.

Heyyy everyone
Have you been backing up the stuff you have only posted on tumblr? Because you should
Gentle reminder Tumblr does not count as backup

This. Start backing your shit up. Having lived through a few seismic internet shakeups, I can tell you right now, these tremors feel awfully fucking familiar. Just… bigger.

(Not just your content. Figure out a way to keep in touch with the people you want to keep talking to if all your social media hangouts fall into the ocean. Protip: IRC is the indestructible cockroach of online chat platforms and will probably outlive all of us.)

… I should probably get on this.

Though how I’m going to organize everything to my satisfaction is a mystery :/