Hi there… I’m new to your page and I was wondering where I can read your stories because I just read a post where you were explaining your thoughts on team placements and I got excited and wanted to read 😅

Hi! Welcome to my page 🙂

Most of my posts here are fairly organized tag-wise, so you can find whatever you might be looking for via those. 


So for example, any Naruto fanfiction/brainstorms/meta analysis would be at jacksgreysays.tumblr.com/tagged/naruto. Though my “meta-analysis” type posts are tagged with “rant” instead of meta analysis.

If you just wanted the fiction writing, then I also have an ao3 account here, but I think some of the brainstorms and rants also have some merit (though I have not and won’t be transferring them over to ao3).

Hope that helps, and again, welcome!

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