Tumblr is now owned by a phone company, so it’s stopped fighting for Network Neutrality





Yahoo’s sale to Verizon means that Yahoo’s sub-companies – Flickr, Tumblr and a host of others – are now divisions of a phone company, and as you might expect, being on the payroll of a notorious neutracidal maniac with a long history of sleazy, invasive, privacy-destroying, monopolistic, deceptive, anti-competitive, scumbag shakedowns has changed the public positions these companies are allowed to take.

This matters a lot. The previous fights for net neutrality were won in part with the support of scrappy online companies like Tumblr, whose CEO, staff and users worked together to send a strong message to Congress and the FCC about the importance of a neutral internet, free from ISPs who slow down your connections to services unless they pay bribes for “premium” carriage.

With Trump’s FCC set to slay Net Neutality, the internet is once again planning a day of coordinated action: on July 12, sites across the net will send their users to the FCC and Congress to demand that ISPs be held to a public service standard befitting the trillions of dollars in public subsidies they receive every year in the form of access to rights of way through our cities and between them.

However, Tumblr is not among the companies presently slated to participate, and sources within the company told The Verge that the company and its CEO, David Karp (once a staunch Net Neutrality campaigner) have been given orders to sit this one out.


Ahhhh that explains the whole reason why ATT email addresses won’t be allowed to login to Tumblr anymore starting June 30th. (NOT. A. HOAX.)


This btw – is why if you have fic on this site, you should probably work on copying it over to Ao3 now. Because the nature of Tumblr is likely to change with the new ownership… remember strikethru and prepare.

Heyyy everyone
Have you been backing up the stuff you have only posted on tumblr? Because you should
Gentle reminder Tumblr does not count as backup

This. Start backing your shit up. Having lived through a few seismic internet shakeups, I can tell you right now, these tremors feel awfully fucking familiar. Just… bigger.

(Not just your content. Figure out a way to keep in touch with the people you want to keep talking to if all your social media hangouts fall into the ocean. Protip: IRC is the indestructible cockroach of online chat platforms and will probably outlive all of us.)

… I should probably get on this.

Though how I’m going to organize everything to my satisfaction is a mystery :/

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