DSS Requirement (the Gold Over Silver remix) (2015-12-10)

A/N1: Based off of @esamastation’s D.S.S. Requirement ‘verse, in which the DA (of Harry Potter series) find an Asgard ship (of the Stargate variety) and become the first magical crew IN SPACE.

Seriously, go read it. You don’t even really need to know anything about Stargate to understand it.


Marietta almost became a traitor.

She knows it. She’s owned up to it. She’s even admitted as such to the captain.

But almost is an important word.

Marietta almost became a traitor, but she didn’t. She chose not to.

She chose the ship, she chose the crew, she chose the captain instead.

Marietta chose to be the best version of herself, and that does not include being a traitor.

Despite how petty sounding it may be, it’s difficult to be Cho Chang’s best friend.

Cho is pretty and athletic and smart, she has a nice family and pocket money and the most handsome boyfriend in school.

Until he dies, that is.

Then Cho is a weepy mess, still somehow attractive to other people, but they’re not the ones who have to sit beside her in the middle of the night when she can’t stop crying in the bathroom. They’re not the ones who have to remind her to eat, at least a little bit, or wake her up on the weekends so she doesn’t spend the entire time in bed doing nothing.

And then the DA happens, and Cho, finally interested in something (or maybe, that snide part of her thinks, interested in someone) drags Marietta along.

That snide, petty part of Marietta still begrudges Cho for that. The rest of her, the majority of her, is so grateful.

She can’t imagine what her life would be like without the Requirement.

For once, being second to Cho is how Marietta prefers it. Cho is better at astronomy and arithmancy, she’s more suited to be head of the navigation team. Marietta is content with being deputy head, because that gives her time to turn their captain from a messy haired, teenage schoolboy into a messy haired, potential employer.

“No one’s going to take you seriously if you don’t have an office or some kind of meeting room,” she says to him, eyeing the storage pods lining the walls, “And then how are we supposed to convince recruits that we’re a legitimate enterprise?”

It’s not that Harry is lacking as a captain. He has the respect of his crew and he wears his authority well–he has the presence of a leader, the kind that fills a room and makes his people want to work harder be better.

But to outsiders, he’s still just a Hogwarts student.

Well, for now. Marietta’s part of the command team, too; she hasn’t started working yet.

In another world, in another life, Marietta would have been a traitor.

She could never do that now. Not because there’s a threat of punishment stopping her, but because she chooses not to.

Choices. Every day is about choices.

The best part about her job is when the captain asks, “Where are we going?”

Maybe it’s in a literal sense–as deputy head of navigation, she and Cho are the ones who decide how and when and where the Requirement moves. Maybe it’s in a figurative sense–as one of the aministrative officers, she has influence over in what direction this organization of theirs will grow.

She’ll never have to be a lowly clerk in the Ministry, belittled and constrained the way her mother was.

Marietta doesn’t have to follow the captain, but she’s a part of the Requirement’s crew–she’ll follow him anywhere.

And in space? That’s a lot of anywhere to promise, but that’s what she wants. So that’s what she chooses.


A/N2: I’ve been in an esama re-reading binge lately (this happens to me at least twice a year) so no one should be surprised by this.

What I am surprised by is how many feelings my re-reading of DSS Requirement gave me–like, for some reason, it touched me more emotionally now than it did the first time around? I guess it’s because I didn’t fully realize the implications of certain things.

I mean (spoilers!) this Marietta Edgecombe not betraying DA is an obvious one, but there are several other parts of esama’s fic which struck me and, heads up, I have had many feels. So there will probably be several more DSS Requirement fic remixes headed your way.

Brace yourselves. 😀

Also, esama, again, thanks for making such a cool world to play in. If you would like me to change anything or take this down I will, just let me know.

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