Oh, could you also do 32 (Wouldn’t Understand), for basically any “from another world” person? I love seeing the ways having a remembered past life from another culture makes someone feel/appear separate from the people around them.

32) things you said I wouldn’t understand

Viridescent: Or, Tetsuki Goes Feudal

“Consider me your private tutor,” says the girl seated at the table beside Kagome’s family. The weirdest thing isn’t that the girl is a stranger and yet has settled in as if she’s always had a place, or that she’s not far from Kagome in age and yet Mama and Grandpa look so trusting of her, or even that she’s wearing a sharp black suit more suited to business men than teenage girls in their very traditional shrine house.

No, the weirdest thing is the way that, when Kagome enters the house after an exhausting and filthy two weeks in the feudal era, Inuyasha just a few steps behind her, the girl doesn’t seem surprised at all.

She can definitely see Inuyasha–the both of them had been flat-footed, hadn’t thought to be wary of strangers in the house proper–but she keeps her eyes on Kagome.

“No worries,” the girl adds, after Kagome and Inuyasha have exchanged an entire conversation of looks, “I’m very discrete and very good at my job.” Mama nods, reassured.

“Which is… my private tutor?” Kagome asks, baffled. It’s true that her grades have been slipping what with all the absences in favor of time traveling, demon-slaying adventures, but getting her a private tutor seems ineffective at best and a hindrance at worst. She’s not entirely sure what Mama is thinking.

“Yes. We’ll make quite the warrior priestess out of you yet.”

The private tutor, Reborn, as she prefers to be called, is only more bewildering the longer Kagome gets to know her. She prowls around the shrine–looking for what, Kagome doesn’t know–barely bats an eye at Inuyasha even when he bares his claws at her, and has set up a makeshift archery range towards the back of the property with an array of targets and an alarming pulley and rope system.

“Traditional kyuudo is, of course, lovely and useful in its own way. An internal core of peace and discipline is nothing to scoff at,” Reborn lectures even as she physically herds Kagome toward the archery range. Kagome, who has just returned home from school after a grueling day of exams, is in no state to put up much of a fight. Nor is she in a state to go through with some kind of archery gauntlet, either.

“But it’s not terribly practical, now is it?” Reborn asks as she finally places Kagome inside of a small circle denoted by a rope braided with paper. “In a world of creatures much stronger than you, the only way archery will be able to do anything is if you’re fast and accurate.” She hands Kagome a bow and steps back to where a series of ropes hang down.

“Hit one hundred targets and protect your circle,” Reborn says, a bright, expectant, and somewhat sadistic smile spreading across her face. She tosses what looks like a water balloon up in the air and catches it; Kagome doesn’t think the water balloons are filled with water.

Kagome tries to back away, out of the circle, and finds that she cannot. “You didn’t give me any arrows!”

“One hundred targets,” Reborn almost sing-songs in response, “I won’t let you out a moment sooner.”

After a grueling several of hours of manifesting spiritual energy into arrows, trying and frequently failing to hit the moving targets, getting covered in slime that somehow reminds Kagome of that one fight against a slug youkai but far worse, Reborn finally breaks the barrier.

Then she breaks out the gardening hose even though it’s late fall, nighttime, and the water is no doubt barely above freezing. “It would be rude to track slime into the house,” Reborn scolds, “Mama already has so much to do. And plus, a warm bath will just be a quick sprint away; surely you’ve had much worse during your travels.”

True, but Kagome’s not used to having to deal with that in the modern times!

“Now, what was your first mistake?” Reborn asks pleasantly even as she blasts Kagome with frigid water.

She screeches at the temperature, “You’re awful!”

“Maybe,” Reborn acquiesces with an easy shrug, “But that doesn’t answer my question. If you really didn’t want to go through this entire ordeal, your first mistake was not breaking the barrier.”

“But you said–”

“I said I wouldn’t let you out until you hit a hundred targets–which took far longer than I would have expected, we’ll work on that–but I didn’t say that you couldn’t let yourself out.”

“But I don’t know how to,” Kagome argues, teeth starting to chatter. Futilely, she wraps her arms around herself for warmth.

Reborn raises an eyebrow at that, an almost disappointed look gracing her face. Then she sighs, shakes her head, and tosses a towel directly at Kagome’s face. “I guess we’ll have to work on that, too.”

After a bath and dinner, right before Kagome tries to speak to Mama privately about the whole Reborn situation–namely, how to get rid of her–the devil herself stops her.

“In comparison to my predecessor, I’m being kind,” Reborn says, in pajamas and bare feet, hair soft and loose and slightly damp–the soft hallway lighting of Kagome’s home and no slime balloons in sight–she really does look like a normal teenage girl and not the youkai sent to torture her in modern times.

The smile Reborn gives this time is rueful, regretful, “I suppose such a standard isn’t hard to beat given he used to literally shoot us with guns–” an alarming statement that she brushes right over, “–but the thing that he messed up from the beginning was never telling his student the intent behind every awful, cruel lesson. I won’t make that same mistake, mostly because I don’t have the luxury to do so.

“He could follow his student in his adventures and if things really got tough, not only beyond the limit but beyond capabilities, then he could step in and help,” at this Reborn meets Kagome’s eyes, “I can’t do that with you. I have to make you strong enough to stand on your own. And I know you have your friends, your own guardians, but they shouldn’t have to worry about protecting you all the time. If anything, you should want to be stronger so that you can protect them, too. Lead them, even.

"If that’s not something that you want, then go ahead. Tell Mama to send me away. I wouldn’t want to teach someone like that anyway.” At that, Reborn steps back, bare feet padding towards the spare room, leaving Kagome alone to process her thoughts.

She talks to Mama.

The next day, Kagome–with only a little complaint–steps into the circle, bow in hand. Mama and Grandpa and Souta all watch from a safe enough distance away, the remains of a  picnic set up as they get ready for the main event.

And Reborn, smiling, bright, expectant, and somewhat sadistic, says, “Because you’ve had a nice rest a good lunch and your wonderful family to cheer you on, now you have to hit two hundred targets!”


A/N: … I’ll be honest, lionheadbookends, this prompt was pretty difficult? I started and stopped a lot of different ideas and I’m not really all that satisfied with this one nor do I think it matches the prompt but I got about halfway through and decided this was probably the closest I would get so… here it is. Tetsuki in the Inuyasha world, training Kagome to be a better warrior.

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 8/? (2016-11-02)


(1 – anonymous – Team Seven as dragon riders)

The Uchiha have always been people of fire, dragons passed down throughout the generations.

Naruto was born bonded to the strongest dragon in the world.

Shikako comes from a clan of ground walkers–a family satisfied with their forests and herds–but she’s always dreamed of flying.


(2 – anonymous – music Shikako has shared with her friends)

They are a crowd of colorful silks and beautiful patterns, a troupe of pretty musicians invited to perform for the daimyo: with Yakumo’s genjutsu, as far as the audience knows, all five performers are on stage even though two of them are sitting off to the side.

Further in the palace, kimono traded for stealthier outfits, the strains of music reach Ino and Shikako’s ears–familiar music, even.

Shikako murmurs with a smile, “Smooth Criminal, really?”


(3 – anonymous – more 6.3, Shikako/Gaara, youkai!AU / Inuyasha!AU)

For someone meant to be the reincarnation of a priestess, she finds herself empathizing with the demons more than those on their supposedly holy mission.

“Step aside, Shikabane, this demon is not worth your efforts,” the cloaked priest says, hand extended towards them.

She stays where she is, unwilling to move from her spot in front of Gaara’s prone form, “My name is Shikako, and I won’t let you hurt him.”

(4 – anonymous – even more 3.4, Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU)

She fidgets, tries not to, keenly aware of how literally outclassed she is here; she knows she’s wrinkling her outfit and hopes that Ino won’t notice.

He keeps blinking, so tired but unable to sleep, insomnia combined with secondhand nerves and the duties of being one of Her Majesty’s younger brothers.

They bump into each other, an awkward clash of limbs and a flurry of stilted apologies–the photos instead capture a theatric tableau of love at first sight.


(5 – @captainlibrarynerdstuff – even more 6.1, Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU, outsider POV)

“It’s all luck,” Netsui snarls, leaning in close when the cameras are away, “You’d never have gotten this far without it.”

The other models observe, judging: it’s obvious which designs are at the bottom this week, and Netsui’s designer has never won a challenge.

Haku smiles, silent, and walks away.


A/N: No worries, still doing this, though I may start using prompts that’ve been languishing on my to-do list from before I started this three sentence fic meme. I hope those prompters don’t mind.

Post Word Count: 319, Running Word Count: 717

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 6/? (2016-10-29)

(1 – anonymous – Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU)

“I could dress him in garbage,” Shikako groans from where she’s mashed her face onto the table, “and the judges wouldn’t even notice because he’s so damn beautiful.”

Kiba stares at her, unaware or uncaring of the bright fuchsia sparkles smeared across his face, “You have, actually, dressed him in trash; you won that week’s challenge.”

Shikako sighs wistfully, remembering the distressed vintage-inspired wedding gown she made out of discarded coffee cups: gods, Haku had looked so good in it, and he was so kind about her last minute meltdown when the zipper broke and she had to practically hot glue him into the gown–he’s so out of her league.

(2 – anonymous – Shikako/Deidara, fanboy-ing over Touch Blast)

Sasori glances at his partner: the irritation is normal, the embarrassment is familiar, but the bewilderment? That’s new.

“She touched my face,” Deidara sighs almost dreamily; the seal sequence is inert–Deidara is an S-rank demolitions expert, if he doesn’t want something to explode it won’t–but he’s kept the pattern on his face as if it were an autograph.

(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Gaara, youkai!AU… Inuyasha!AU?)

“Gaara,” she says as calmly as possible, though she can hear the wavering in her voice, “You need to give me the Gelel shard, please, I haven’t purified it yet.”

His green eyes, normally so kind, are clouded over, the markings on his face more vibrant and lethal.

The moon is full tonight.

(4 – anonymous – Shikako/Sasuke, Hades and Persephone!AU)

“He just needs a place to lay low for a bit,” says Naruto, god of tricksters, wind, and the only deity who regularly visits her home.

The Underworld isn’t exactly a welcoming place, but it is the last place people would think to look for the god of summer’s little brother, and she could do with some company.

If Shikako had known it would lead to a six month long literal cold war and a semipermanent roommate she wouldn’t have–well, no, she’s fond of Sasuke, the half year long siege was worth it.

(5 – anonymous – Walking Around ‘verse Team Seven, What Would Sakako Do?)

When Shikako was younger and needed guidance–needed to be wilder or braver or kinder–she would ask herself: What Would Naruto Do?

Over twenty years later, she’d be pleased to know, his son does the same with her daughter.

What Would Sakako Do?


A/N: Should I post these on ao3? And if so, as a separate work or as chapter(s) on Dreaming One Shots…

If you could cross DoS over with one other fandom, what would it be and why?

OMG! Anon, you do not know how happy this ask made me 😀 … but also, very conflicted. Because–just one? How could I possibly choose? O_O

I guess it depends on how you mean by “crossover.”

Like… the DoS world and a different world are actually the same (via different continents or time travel, perhaps)? Or take the characters of DoS and transplant them into a different world (aka a “fusion” as I call them)? Or even, keeping in mind how many derivative fanfiction of “the second reincarnations of Shikako Nara,” in which world would I choose to have her reincarnate yet again? (Also, I’m assuming you’re not including the canon Naruto world…)

So, just to cover all my bases, I’m going to answer ALL THREE! And three times over at that! >:D

1) Crossover worlds (same universe)

In no particular order, the three fandoms I would choose as crossovers are: Star Wars, Final Fantasy VII, and Akagami no Shirayukihime. Why? Well… because in my mind each of them have different ways to be within the same universe–now whether or not that means the characters of DoS actually meet the characters of the other worlds would depend on what kind of story I’m going for.

With Star Wars, at first I thought it would be absolutely thrilling to Shikako to realize that the Naruto world was in the same universe (specifically, the same far far away galaxy) as the movies from which her beloved lightsaber originated. But then the more I thought about it–when in the Star Wars timeline this is, would make Shikako absolutely horrified.

Because it’s one thing to help prevent the (many numerous) excess deaths of certain people–essentially tweaking canon to be a little bit better–but it’s another thing entirely to… let’s say… prevent Anakin Skywalker from turning to the dark side. Not that that’s necessarily the storyline I would go for, but it would up the stress levels to ridiculous levels.

Of course… now that I think about it even more, it’s far more likely that all the shinobi in the Naruto world would be considered Sith which would make the Jedi (or at least, some Jedi) question what exactly is good and evil, etc. 

I’m cheating a little bit with the FFVII decision, only because I’ve explored this crossover before in my FFVII series, “Into Thin Air,” with my own SI!OC character Windy Strife, but the reasoning remains the same. There’s something about both fandoms’ mythology which almost resonates with each other and makes it seem like they are the same world but maybe a few millennia apart.

In my “Into Thin Air” series, I have the Naruto world being the distant future of the FFVII world with my SI!OC somehow being summoned and mistaken for a Namikaze. I also greatly hint at Kaguya being a remnant of Jenova. For a DoS crossover, however, I think I would still have FFVII being the past but… I think Kaguya would actually be a sort of failed Ancient 2.0? (For those of you who don’t know–in FFVII there is a race of basically Tolkien’s elves but by the main game, there is only one left aka Aerith and she dies before the game ends so…) 

Like… the giant tree with the chakra fruit is meant to be the Planet bestowing Ancient powers onto whomever eats it to restart the Ancient race but the Planet has been showed to be pretty bad at judging things? So it’s no wonder why Kaguya went berserk. It also draws parallels between the bijuu and WEAPONs which, as far as I understood, was the Planet creating giant monsters to defend itself from humanity.

Unsure how exactly Shikako would get involved with this all? I’m thinking most likely Gelel–because that’s the only thing that she would have had that no one else has had access to and which her reincarnation from “our world” doesn’t explain. So the Gelel stones were probably derivatives of materia (FFVII magic stones), and the voices of Gelel speaking to Shikako during her possession were actually probably the original Ancients.

Okay so, now that I type it out, the plot I would most likely go for is that Kaguya was meant to be Ancient 2.0, which backfired horribly, and Shikako gradually becomes Ancient 3.0 via exposure to her Gelel stone. So the Planet is urging Shikako to, basically, clean up their mistake (of Kaguya). Which, she was going to do anyway? But there’s some resistance because Shikako doesn’t appreciate being told what to do 😡

Akagami no Shirayukihime is now an anime! 😀 I primarily know it through the manga–but either way, it’s super cute. For this crossover, I do actually see the characters interacting with each other more directly. The lands/kingdoms mentioned in AnS would probably be a different continent than the Elemental Nations but still the same world and point in time.

Given the lack of world-ending melodrama in AnS, this crossover would probably be the most mild. As in, it would at most be similar to one of the filler episode missions that take up maybe two or three chapters and ends with no one almost dying or grievously injured. Frankly, the shinobi are just too strong for it to be a matter of battling between the two worlds, so the crossover plot would probably be something more political.

2) Fusion worlds (transplanted characters)

In no particular order, the three fandoms I would choose as fusions are: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Harry Potter, and the DC universe. Mostly because they aren’t as compatible as the previous three fandoms with the Naruto world, but I do like the world structures inherent or at least implied in each.

So KHR is about a “normal kid” who turns out to be heir to a mafia famiglia in a world where organized crime also sort of has magic “Flames” based on the rainbow? Sort of. With this one, I would actually consider doing both a fusion and a crossover–in the sense that the characters of DoS are transplanted into the KHR world but they also get to meet the KHR characters. I think I’ve seen a fanart which kind of… let me see if I can find it… HERE IT IS! OMG, it’s been many a moon since I’ve seen this, but the bare bones of the idea still fits. The KHR characters would make a cameo but they wouldn’t necessarily be vital to the story line so…

So Tsuna, the main character of KHR, is the Juudaime of the Vongola Famiglia and I would have the DoS characters be yakuza members–in that similarly odd way that the mafia works in this world. Probably the Hokage position (and doesn’t that name work well given the magical Flames) is not actually the head of the yakuza so much as a Champion?

I guess it would be… the Clans of Konoha are actually separate yakuza clans, but they are all subject to the Hokage. Except there isn’t always a Hokage? Like… there are a series of challenges which a person must undergo in order to become Hokage–and each one corresponds a different Flame type/clan. Obviously, Naruto’s goal is to become the next Hokage and the various Konoha Twelve are his Guardians.

The Harry Potter series, as most everyone knows, is a fascinating world which is hindered by the titular character’s lack of knowledge of the world. While I have done a series of character analyses for which DoS characters would go in which Hogwarts House, I wouldn’t actually put them in Hogwarts. Given that… well… they are not British so why would they? And this would be an interesting exercise in adapting the Naruto world into the HP world.

Right off the bat, you have who are “pure-bloods” and “muggle-borns” being clan members versus non-clan. You can actually go further and do something like… Neji is a half-blood while Hinata is a pure-blood which makes his skill all the more damning for her. I dunno, something like that. I’m not sure what the storyline would be here, though? Beyond just, again, adapting the DoS/Naruto plot into the HP world.

DC universe, again, is an interesting world that suffers from its US-centric POV. Mostly it’s just an excuse for superpower AU which, again, would be fun to adapt. Take the clan specialties and crank them up into full-blown superpowers. 

Actually, the plot for this one comes easier to me–probably something like… the Konoha Twelve have to form a sort of Teen Titans to take down Orochimaru/Akatsuki/Madara. Or… maybe something like… Ra’s al Ghul takes one of the Big Bad’s place and you get some character crossover from DC as well–most likely Tim Drake (because he’s my favorite) and the other Bat family. OR maybe the League of Assassins aren’t just nameless cannon fodder and are in fact the shinobi of Konoha, but some members (basically, the Konoha Twelve) rebel against him–basically taking Danzo’s place?

Hm… :/

3) Reincarnated worlds

In no particular order, the three fandoms I would choose for Shikako’s second reincarnation are: the Tolkien universe, A Song of Ice and Fire (the Game of Thrones books, not the TV series), and… hm… it’s actually a bit of a toss up between Pokemon and Inuyasha. This is going with the same sort of set up of other recursive fanfiction in which Shikako has been reincarnated, yet again, into a different world by herself and a strange mixture of trauma and yearning for the DoS world. These worlds, though completely different from each other, all have an almost alien sociocultural mindset that forces Shikako to get some closure in one way or another.

Tolkien straight up has humanity not even the most important sentient race in his universe–hobbits are apparently where it’s at. Which I would actually have Shikako be–and, trying to hold on to her DoS roots, she’d try to be some kind of deer herder. Odd, but not that bad since she’d probably be a Brandybuck or a Took… or maybe a Proudfoot? I don’t think any of the LotR hobbits are from the Proudfoot clan and I wouldn’t want to overlap much… Either way, one of the genteel families so she’s forgiven for being a bit odd.

Of course, then Gandalf comes along and either whisks away Bilbo Baggins or Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and Pippin and she’s just like: “No, these hobbits have no idea what kind of madness lays in store for them–I can’t let this happen,” and she goes along with them.

In Tolkien universe, regardless of which fellowship she’s part of, Shikako slowly integrates herself into the group and finally… not lets go of her DoS life, but comes to accept the loss.

ASoIaF will go in the complete opposite direction–I mean, the Tolkien one would still require Shikako to use her shinobi skills, but she is very much so just acting as a bodyguard for her fellow hobbits–here she has to actively embrace her ruthless side. Not even necessarily her training as a ninja but the constant lying by omission; she has to use every bit of her DoS earned cunning to not only survive but enact justice for her Family. Because, let’s be real, she’d be a Baratheon. Not sure which Baratheon, but definitely a Baratheon.

I’m actually guessing she’d be one of Robert’s bastards but, like Edric Storm, a noble-born, and definitely one of the older ones–maybe around Gendry’s age… Like–Cersei would definitely want to keep an eye on her as the oldest Baratheon noble born heir, but not necessarily consider her a valid threat. Unsure if she’d be in King’s Landing or not (and held semi-hostage like Sansa) or, instead, sent to the Westerlands or… actually. That might be best? Because then it’d be hilarious if Shikako has to rely on the Iron Island pirates to get her out of there.

ASoIaF will definitely make her miss DoS even more–especially the relationships she made, her family and her teammates and her friends–but she also has to let go of those memories not out of any healthy reason but sort of out of shame. Because she’s no longer the “Shikako Nara” that those precious people of hers knew and loved–she’s a Baratheon, and she’s playing the Game of Thrones (the thing is, she doesn’t even want to be queen–she just doesn’t want the Lannisters to win).

Pokemon and Inuyasha, despite being very different worlds, both have a wishing component. In either world, Shikako is trying to find the wishing component in hopes to return to her DoS life. Obviously, that’s not how it turns out in either world, but that’s what she aims for at first. In both she starts off very much so as an animal preferring loner–much like in her Tolkien incarnation–it’s not that she’s bad at human interaction it’s just that, in her mind, she doesn’t want anyone to erase her past relationships.

In Pokemon she’s known as a legendary hunter (not in a hunt and kill way, but more like a storm chasing way) and she contracts with the laboratories. Unsurprisingly she runs into Ash/Satoshi (because I’m pretty sure he has literally met every single legendary) and ~somehow~ realizes that she can’t really go back. She can only go forward. (Or probably even Pokemon who are gods in this world can’t reverse reincarnation).

In Inuyasha… well. Frankly, I’d like her to have been reincarnated into the “present day” and think it’s just the normal world, then be completely blindsided by the Feudal Era demon nonsense, but I guess that takes away from Kagome’s story. I’m unsure, then, who Shikako should be instead. But regardless, she wants the Shikon no Tama, actually realizes that it’s more ofa monkey’s paw than a legit wishing tool, and commits to helping the group take down Naraku (and doesn’t his name offend her).


A/N: Anon, I hope this giant sprawling mess was entertaining for you. It certainly was fun for me–it took me several hours, hence why it’s after midnight.