“Hibiscus”. Poison Ivy/Tetsuki, Deuteranomaly!verse a few years down the road.

A/N: Oh generic-name-goes-here, you always prompt the sweetest things that make me blush. (ノ*゜▽゜*)

I actually think I’m gonna write a ficlet for this instead of the event-typical fake fic summary, so I hope you enjoy!

Ivy’s children are far smarter than anyone else gives them credit for–only recently do mainstream scientists even consider that plants feel pain when damaged, one of the most basic traits of living things–but even they have their limitations.

Her warning bell flowers call out to her late on a night so cold and quiet, a night like many other in Gotham, and yet she wonders.

The figure on the edge of her territory is familiar yet not. It’s been years since that first night, months since she last saw her, and yet those eyes haven’t changed at all.

The newest bearer of the Green Lantern title waits on the outskirts of Robinson Park, waiting for permission to enter Poison Ivy’s realm.


The first time Tetsuki leaves Gotham is not entirely by choice.

It’s not as if The Bat had run her out–though she’s heard how awful he is about people with abilities beyond the human norm–but being eagerly shepherded to the west coast by his eldest bird wasn’t exactly at the top of her to do list.

She does not regret it whatsoever: she learns so much from the Titans–more about how to be a teenager and the vigilante lifestyle than than how to use her abilities–and she, perhaps stereotypically, loiters around Japantown whenever possible.

She enjoys the ambient noise of conversations she can understand without conscious effort. The nice couple who run the taiyaki stand give her freebies whenever they see her, as thanks for stopping a robbery early in her stint as an honorary Titan.

It’s fun, and she does enjoy the missions… but it’s not home.


The woman who sits in Ivy’s garden now is not the same girl who first had the honor, but the guardian venus flytraps butt their heads against her in playful recognition and the air plants reach out their tendrils to her.

If Ivy were one for embarrassment and blushing, she would do so now, but as it is she turns her face away.

Tetsuki smiles, distributing pats to the flytraps and reaching back to let the tendrils wrap around her fingers, her hair. She has more control now, doesn’t worry about damaging them by accident, and that confidence carries itself in her shoulders.

She’s no longer that little girl dragging chains in her bloody footsteps, seeking sanctuary desperately. Now she’s a vigilante, a protector if not a hero, and she’s not going to let herself be afraid.


During an earlier night, when they still communicated mostly through gestures and short, stuttering fragments, Tetsuki awoke from a nightmare, screaming, and slightly on fire.

Luckily for her, the only casualties were the sleeves of her borrowed clothes, otherwise she might have been forcibly ejected from her hostess’ home.

But the woman, despite the near disaster, was kind, gentle. She had held Tetsuki’s tear-ridden face between her hands as if she were precious, dear, as much as the delicate flowers and the angry chomping things standing guard, both.

Tetsuki followed the sound of her voice, soothing and undecipherable, then, back into peaceful sleep: green no longer seemed so frightening.


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Deuteranomaly (2017-10-01)

Communication is dreadful at first.

There isn’t much of a Japanese presence in Gotham–not with New York so close and their prevalence on the west coast instead–and although she finds herself fluent in Italian, bewilderingly enough, she has powerful suspicions of how she ended up in this damned city to begin with.

The reigning mafia family recently had a major shipment disrupted… by a figure in glowing green.

One guess on what the shipment was; none for who the figure is.

Needless to say, Tetsuki is reluctant to follow that avenue.

She’d much rather make do with her minimal English and stammering, questioning translations between Romance languages and, when all that fails, complex charades that ends in futility more than success anyway.

But she barely needs to ask for help to get what she needs–she wonders if maybe she looks that pathetic or if, improbably, Gotham isn’t as heartless as she’d appear to be.

By the time she becomes comfortable with the languages of her new life, talking isn’t all that necessary.

Ivy is more than generous, sheltering and protecting and teaching with no payment needed, but there are some things she cannot provide which she says Tetsuki will need.

Especially if she ever wants to live a life outside of Robinson Park and the gifts of kindness Ivy bestows upon her.

But even in this, Ivy is kind, because she knows someone who can help.

Selina Kyle, perhaps the only Gotham Rogue who has never had a stint in Arkham, is also the best at maintaining her civilian life.

Tetsuki is in desperate need of that. She isn’t even sure if Tetsuki is her real name or just something she made up after being revived by glowing green light. The only clothes she has are some hand me downs from Edmundo’s near infinite sisters and the pair of boots she took from a would be mugger with conveniently small feet.

Tetsuki is basically a feral cat in human form.

Selina Kyle is well suited to this particular job.

Tetsuki becomes a pimp mostly by accident.

“Pimp” is perhaps the wrong word, but “madame” is even further. Bouncer would work if she were at a specific venue with consistent hours and pay, but as it is, she mostly just drops in and rains fiery green hell on any john who gets too violent and lets their would-be-victims play with her hair until their hands stop shaking.

She makes sure they get the money they earned and takes the rest for herself.

The workers get protection and payment, the Vasquez garage get an influx in cars, and Tetsuki figures out that she can electrocute people with her bare hands if she’s angry enough.

In a matter of weeks, Tetsuki’s nine block territory sees an increase in its night time population.

Deuteranomaly (2017-09-20)

It begins with rumors, as all things in Gotham do.

Unrelated anecdotes that don’t make sense until months and dedicated record-taking and a little bit of conspiracy theorizing correlate the incidents into a whole.

A ghost haunting the streets, the amalgamation of all the women who have died cruel and violent deaths (which is, in Gotham, a very high number indeed.)

A new gang of carjackers and muggers using glow sticks and neon lights to bewilder their victims (never mind that their victims tend to deserve that or worse.)

Alan Scott come again to reclaim his city, deeming Batman unworthy to be her guardian… and so on and so forth.

In a way, all of them are completely wrong…

In a way, all of them are partially right.

The little Asian chica that brings them cars every so often sometimes sleeps in the garage during particularly cold days, curled up by the radiator in the break room or under the office desk like one of his abuelita’s mangy, killer cats.

It’s not like it’s any hardship–hell, sometimes Edmundo spends a night on the break room couch, broken in and uncomfortable as it is, when he’s in the middle of a repair or mod that’s hours long and trickier than it should be (they’re a legitimate garage too, not just a chop shop)–and it’s not like it’s charity: she’s brought in enough cars that she’s almost an honorary member of sorts.

If anything, he kind of feels bad that she won’t let them do more to help.

Ivy’s in her Robinson Park oasis, about to put the few waifs that wander her way to bed, when she hears the call of her warning bell flowers bright in her head. They’re not the angry clamoring of whenever the bat or one of his confused birds fly her way–perhaps another lost child come late.

The girl she meets at the edge of her territory is too old to be a child, physically and mentally. Though most Gotham street kids have old eyes, life hard and cruel to those who deserve it the least, the girl’s are ancient in comparison…

… not unlike her own.

The girl is barefoot and barely clothed, feet dirty and cut up, shivering in the night air. There are manacles around her ankles and wrists, chains still dangling and dragging along.

“No metal,” the girl says when she spots Ivy, never mind that she shouldn’t be able to, blending into the trees, “No metal, please.”


A/N: I’m not sure what I’m going for here. I got a little mixed up in thinking about Tetsuki for Externality and some DCU stuff and so I came up with this idea in which, in one of Tetsuki’s later lives, she ends up in Gotham as a sort of… naturally occuring Green Lantern of sorts?

Not sure if I’m going to stick with this, but I’ve titled it anyway just in case…


in the dc!dos au, would there be an organization that’s the equivalent to justice league of some sort?

Hm… not any time soon. Insuperable would be from when the three of them first start off as heroes, taking on the scourge of Konoha. And it’d be very Konoha centric if all three of them are on the Justice League.

There are heroes in other cities (and the other Amazon bijuu champions disperse there as well) but there aren’t really many crises that go international…

Within Konoha there eventually develops a more official organization of the heroes–the way Batman goes from a single person into the Bat Family into Batman Inc. in the comics–so there’s something like that, yes.

That D.C. Au gave me life!!! Lois Lane Kakashi is the best thing I’ve ever heard of. What do you think the Bijuu would be in this au? If there is any? (if you don’t mind me asking)

😀 I think at this point my propensity for making Kakashi as underpowered as possible is showing. Just let him retire and hang out with his millions of dogs.

Ask away, anon! I always end up developing more headcanons than fits into the brainstorms so I like being able to share them. Alternatively, trying to answer questions and making new headcanons to do so is fun too!

The bijuu of this world are probably more like the Greek Pantheon in Wonder Woman canon than their original Naruto world canon iterations. So instead of being massive sentient natural disasters, they’re lazy busybodies who like to bestow powers onto their preferred Amazons and watch them duke it out. For funsies.

Kurama is only a little embarrassed that its new champion is half human, except with all the shenanigans that Naruto gets up to with Sasuke and Shikako he’s actually the most entertaining champion the bijuu have had in a while. (Because having their champions fight each other in perpetuity gets boring. But seeing their champions take out the weird criminals humanity has to offer? Now that’s some hilarious shit right there).

Which is probably how the other jinchuuriki get involved in the story–suddenly, invasion of the Amazons! Benign, of course, they’re pretty bored of fighting each other over and over again, too.

Greek pantheon bijuu explains so much because the Greek pantheon were the most sordid reality television with the thinnest veneer of religion.

The idea of the bijuu all just being overpowered immortal siblings and using their jinchuuriki as avatars to argue about that one time a couple of centuries ago when Kurama stole Shukaku’s favorite teapot and then blamed Matatabi is basically the most hilarious interpretation of the giant grumpy balls of chakra that I could think of while still being believable.

Seven Deadly Sins was AWESOME!!! I have a one word title for you, DoS Team seven or just Shikako please :) : “Insuperable”


Listen, anons, I don’t mean to depreciate your separate prompts, but I saw these all and they just clicked together like some kind of beautiful triforce that turned into:


And, okay, I know that Gotham!anon wanted Shikako as the James Gordon equivalent once she starts to emulate Ibiki, but why not just have Ibiki as James Gordon and Shikako as Batman? She CAN work within the system, but she prefers not to because it’s not as efficient.

And the way Ibiki tacitly covered for them during the Land of Tea arc–yes, mostly because of Idate, but still–very Commissioner Gordon plausible deniability, I think. Alternatively Shikaku could be a pretty good Commissioner Gordon for his daughter-the-vigilante.

And the gif, come on, the gif!

So, basically, superhero!AU with Shikako as Batman, Sasuke as Superman, and Naruto as Wonderwoman. Equivalents, of course. They need some tweaking to their respective backstories because Shikako’s the only one who isn’t an orphan, Sasuke is no boy scout, and as much as I love Naruto, he’s no Wonderwoman.

I suppose Shikako has a background more like Batgirl–the Barbara Gordon version, that is. Sasuke’s background might be more like Starfire’s (last loyal son of Uchiha, yeah, but maybe instead of genjutsu torture Itachi had him enslaved). And while Naruto is not Wonderwoman, per se, maybe Kushina was–Uzushio as Themyscira?–and so he’s the half human half Amazon son of Wonderwoman and super genius human Minato (who is basically Lex Luthor except, you know, not evil). Which I guess means he’s like Superboy–the Kon-El version, that is.



Konoha: city of crime, corruption, and misery–too much for one vigilante to handle.

But three? Well, they can certainly try.

Maybe they’re not heroes, but they’ll definitely be remembered.

I just realized, I think Kakashi is the Mayor or the DA and also all of their (platonic) Lois Lane. The number of plans targeting him is kind of ridiculous, but what’s even more ridiculous is the number of times he ends up being carried princess-style by one of the three vigilantes. Even though they’re all shorter than him. 🙂

There are separate arcs, of course–How Shikako’s family find out about her alter-ego. Itachi coming to Konoha and ruining everything (as he does) and Sasuke has to face his demons. Naruto finding out about Themyscira and having to decide between the home he knows and possible family–but the story would be mostly about how these three weirdoes first of all even become the heroes of Konoha, then how they rise to the level of the DC Trinity.

yooo babe I just saw ur ask abt the batboys and their body types and id like to point out that somewhere in canon jason mentions that tim is actually the heavy hitter of the two while jason is faster (pretty sure I saw that somewhere)




Really???? I’d be curious where you found that given that Jay is so much bigger and Tim is tinier. He doesn’t give the impression that he’d be able to harder than Jay

Thank you everyone who replied! For some reason, tumblr isn’t letting me post replies anymore. But apparently it’s from New 52 Teen Titans #16, around the Death of the Family Tie In. I’m still calling Bullshit because they can write w/e they want but no WAY 6’ Jason who’s built like a tank is gonna hit weaker than 5’3 tiny Tim. Like sorry, Tim got punch but not like Jay do. Thank you to all who replied!!!!

For the sake of having it in one place:


Counterpoint to Titans from Robin #177, although I consider 52 to be a different continuity from Preboot so YMMV:


Although I don’t really like that description much, either,
because excuse the fuck out of you, Jason is smart. I’m 1000% on board with one
of the differences in styles being that Tim fights smarter, paying more attention to where and how he can hit to
maximize impact, vs Jason having a style that relies more on brute strength
because he has it and he didn’t have
to compensate for a small size like Tim did for anywhere near as long, but
ugggggh comics stop trying to convince me that Jason’s dumb. He was trained by Batman.

…anyway. tl;dr earlier canon supports Jason being the
heavy hitter.

Part of me wonders if the “I hit harder, he hits more often,” thing is meant to reflect a mentality/strategy of fighting than actual strength. Like maybe, as you said, Tim does fight “smarter” in that his way of fighting is very trained into him–by martial arts classes then Batman and Shiva–so it’s very much so “save all of my strength for one or two critical hits.” Not that he actually physically hits harder, but that as a ratio of their respective overall power, each of Tim’s punches are maybe a third or half of his energy while Jason’s are more like one twentieth of his.

Not that Jason’s pulling his punches, so much as Tim’s way of fighting is (as in the Preboot example) more about dodging and using the environment to his advantage. A lot of his career as Robin was surrounded by supers who all outclassed him when it came to sheer strength. Tim isn’t going to hit often, but when he does he needs to make each one count. And, also, assassin training so there’s that.

Contrast with Jason who learned fighting on the streets. Yes, he was trained by Batman as well, but that’s more honing the foundation which is a brawler style. In that you hit your opponent whenever you can, as a more in the present kind of fighting than planning out the fight as a whole. 

And also Jason on the streets/as Robin didn’t have the same build and brute strength as he does now. He was the scrappy kid who had to weave around Batman and full grown adult criminals. As Red Hood, no doubt, he’s modified his fighting to accommodate his full grown size and strength, but I wonder how much of that street style “wear them down” mentality is still in effect.

Basically, in video game form, if you could see the floating quantification of energy above either of them, one punch of Tim’s going to wipe out a good chunk of his energy but won’t do much more (possibly, might even be weaker) than one of Jason’s punches which he can do a dozen of no problem.

Shrike Things


So currently future!Tim is going by Stephen, as I don’t know if I want future!Tim or tiny!Tim to go by Timothy and Stephen also means honor without meaning “honoring God”, which I think might appeal to him a bit more. But that means that, to keep things from being confusing for myself or others, I write like most people do when Tim is undercover. Stephen will be his new name, the name I call him by throughout the fic. I’m trying to figure out if I should maintain that or make him Tim and tiny!Tim Stephen (or some other name). Thoughts?

I think it depends on what you plan to do regarding POVs. Will it be entirely future!Tim’s point of view? Or will it jump between different POVs?

I think, if it’s entirely/mostly future!Tim’s POV, that it would be better to have future!Tim refer to himself mentally as Tim with tiny!Tim as Timothy. It’s different enough that readers will be able to distinguish between the two when you write without having to constantly connect Stephen to future!Tim.

I do like Stephen as an alias for him, though, given the “honor” meaning and how there’s that Stephen-Stephanie connection. Considering Shrike is going out on his own as a vigilante for the first time ever, he may very well be reminded of Stephanie during her Spoiler days–alone and without the benefit of an established vigilante infrastructure, but going for it anyway.

So you can still have future!Tim in his “undercover” mode referring to himself as Stephen/thinking as Stephen when others are around, but as soon as he’s alone I do think he’d switch back to “just Tim” mode. And you can also have him refer to himself as Shrike during his patrols and such once he establishes a proper identity/personality for the name.

Word Prompts (S32): Shame

Eyes closed. Try to remember. Fail. Breathe.

Open your eyes, something is wrong. No aches, no pain. Lungs fine. Full range of sight in both eyes.

Your hands aren’t tied, but the room is locked, empty, concrete and metal.

The door has reinforced glass.

There are other rooms like the one you’re in. An entire hallway of them. All empty.

Hallway half lit, light slanting into your cell.

What happened?

You’ve lost a lot. Family, friends, hope.

You had dreams once, opportunities gleaming before you.

Your younger self wouldn’t recognize you. Wouldn’t want to be you.

You honed yourself, changed yourself, sanded down and shaped yourself, whittled down to one thing.

And then that was taken from you.

What happened?

Except for your complete lack of context, you seem to be perfectly fine.

The twinge that used to plague your right pinky is gone. Your hair is shorter. You’re missing some scars.

There’s nothing in this room but you.

You’re clothed, thankfully, but even without the bland shirt and sweatpants you don’t think you’d be cold.

It’s been hours, but you’re not hungry or thirsty or tired.

What happened?

They took your inheritance, took your name, took your life.

You thought you were giving–presents to be appreciated, to be treasured–instead they took and took and took.

You just wanted to help. Maybe that’s the problem. You didn’t ask for more.

You helped them, they helped themselves, your mind and heart and body ravaged and drained.

You were empty before, but you’re broken now.

What happened?

You sleep because there’s nothing else to do.

You tried screaming and breaking out, but eventually you got bored of that.

You sleep and you dream and you remember.

Surrounded, but alone, cloudy night sky and bright red lights zooming toward you. Tinny voices in your ear, last confessions and ignored orders.

You love them so much. You’ve lost so much. You can’t survive this, but you can’t survive losing anyone else either.

Breathe. Fail. Try to remember. Eyes closed.

What happened?


A/N: Mrgh… gonna be honest, I’m having Tim feels as per usual, because I checked out some DCU Rebirth and I’m just like… well. On the one hand, they understand he’s a vital part of the Bat family. On the other hand they literally “took him off the field”


Post Word Count: 337, Running Word Count: 3451

Blood and Water (the Loss and Life Remix), (2016-10-19)

A/N: Based off @bluethursday’s Blood and Water which is a DCUxAvatar the Last Airbender remix… you should probably read that first?


The first time Tim met Ra’s, he thought it was a curious and fascinating happenstance.

He never made that mistake again.

Your mother was water–the ocean and the rain and every drop in between–flowing and swelling and inescapable. Your father was the air–free and flighty, head too much in the clouds to worry about the ground.

Combined they made you.

Yet people still wondered why you had ice in your veins.

Bruce remembers his first impression of Tim: a smart but shy boy, demurely following at Ra’s heels. Only a few years younger than himself, a fellow fire bender wanting to learn from the master.

He was wrong on nearly every count.

Water benders are master healers, air benders the experts in spiritual matters. Or, at least, that’s what nature intended.

But your mother pushed and your father reached, and in the intersection they found a secret.

It was meant to be a gift.

Dick’s first impression was similarly wrong, yet somehow in an entirely different way.

A victim of Ra’s that Bruce had rescued, traumatized and reeling and seeking sanctuary with the Fire Nation King.

After all, Tim was clearly from the destroyed Water Tribes, he might have been a bender if Ra’s hadn’t killed them all.

Dick was very nearly right, if things were altered and rearranged.

You turned seventeen-eighteen-nineteen and realized that you hadn’t changed at all. No new scars, but you never had many in the first place, no wrinkles or additional height.

Perfectly preserved.

An abomination, a monster.

Cass is the one to help Tim leave, sees the fear of staying in one place too long, the fear of a threat already vanquished.

She knows he is hiding something, but he knows she knows, and besides everyone has secrets, so she doesn’t confront him about it.

Cass’ father thought he could make her the Avatar–she understands inheriting sins of the parent.

There is a pool of water that no right minded water bender would touch. Not that any water bender has had the opportunity to do so in centuries, so well-guarded is the Pit.

But your parents didn’t need the original to mimic it’s effects–no, not mimic… master.

Jason never met Tim, not properly, only saw him from a distance.

Jason thought he was the Consort of the Fire Nation King–just a fancy term for whore.

He wasn’t right… not yet.

If things were different, you might have chosen death. If the collective leaders of the remaining bending nations hadn’t banded together to take Ra’s out, you would have died to get rid of him.

Anything to even try to make amends, all those villages obliterated as Ra’s hunted you down, blood on your hands.

But your mother was a scholar, your father a dreamer, and combined they made you.

Maybe one day someone will find you and ask to be taught.

Damian is still a child when he hears the name–more myth than reality. It’s for old tales and nostalgia, nothing relevant, until he needs a water bending teacher.

Dick thinks he is sending Damian to a hermit, one who is aged, if not outrightly old. Jason does little more than smirk, but Cass gives a supportive shoulder pat.

Bruce stays entirely silent on the matter.

You are a monster, but there is place in the world for monsters.

Better you than someone else.

(But don’t all monsters think that?)