Word Prompts (S32): Shame

Eyes closed. Try to remember. Fail. Breathe.

Open your eyes, something is wrong. No aches, no pain. Lungs fine. Full range of sight in both eyes.

Your hands aren’t tied, but the room is locked, empty, concrete and metal.

The door has reinforced glass.

There are other rooms like the one you’re in. An entire hallway of them. All empty.

Hallway half lit, light slanting into your cell.

What happened?

You’ve lost a lot. Family, friends, hope.

You had dreams once, opportunities gleaming before you.

Your younger self wouldn’t recognize you. Wouldn’t want to be you.

You honed yourself, changed yourself, sanded down and shaped yourself, whittled down to one thing.

And then that was taken from you.

What happened?

Except for your complete lack of context, you seem to be perfectly fine.

The twinge that used to plague your right pinky is gone. Your hair is shorter. You’re missing some scars.

There’s nothing in this room but you.

You’re clothed, thankfully, but even without the bland shirt and sweatpants you don’t think you’d be cold.

It’s been hours, but you’re not hungry or thirsty or tired.

What happened?

They took your inheritance, took your name, took your life.

You thought you were giving–presents to be appreciated, to be treasured–instead they took and took and took.

You just wanted to help. Maybe that’s the problem. You didn’t ask for more.

You helped them, they helped themselves, your mind and heart and body ravaged and drained.

You were empty before, but you’re broken now.

What happened?

You sleep because there’s nothing else to do.

You tried screaming and breaking out, but eventually you got bored of that.

You sleep and you dream and you remember.

Surrounded, but alone, cloudy night sky and bright red lights zooming toward you. Tinny voices in your ear, last confessions and ignored orders.

You love them so much. You’ve lost so much. You can’t survive this, but you can’t survive losing anyone else either.

Breathe. Fail. Try to remember. Eyes closed.

What happened?


A/N: Mrgh… gonna be honest, I’m having Tim feels as per usual, because I checked out some DCU Rebirth and I’m just like… well. On the one hand, they understand he’s a vital part of the Bat family. On the other hand they literally “took him off the field”


Post Word Count: 337, Running Word Count: 3451

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