That D.C. Au gave me life!!! Lois Lane Kakashi is the best thing I’ve ever heard of. What do you think the Bijuu would be in this au? If there is any? (if you don’t mind me asking)

😀 I think at this point my propensity for making Kakashi as underpowered as possible is showing. Just let him retire and hang out with his millions of dogs.

Ask away, anon! I always end up developing more headcanons than fits into the brainstorms so I like being able to share them. Alternatively, trying to answer questions and making new headcanons to do so is fun too!

The bijuu of this world are probably more like the Greek Pantheon in Wonder Woman canon than their original Naruto world canon iterations. So instead of being massive sentient natural disasters, they’re lazy busybodies who like to bestow powers onto their preferred Amazons and watch them duke it out. For funsies.

Kurama is only a little embarrassed that its new champion is half human, except with all the shenanigans that Naruto gets up to with Sasuke and Shikako he’s actually the most entertaining champion the bijuu have had in a while. (Because having their champions fight each other in perpetuity gets boring. But seeing their champions take out the weird criminals humanity has to offer? Now that’s some hilarious shit right there).

Which is probably how the other jinchuuriki get involved in the story–suddenly, invasion of the Amazons! Benign, of course, they’re pretty bored of fighting each other over and over again, too.

Greek pantheon bijuu explains so much because the Greek pantheon were the most sordid reality television with the thinnest veneer of religion.

The idea of the bijuu all just being overpowered immortal siblings and using their jinchuuriki as avatars to argue about that one time a couple of centuries ago when Kurama stole Shukaku’s favorite teapot and then blamed Matatabi is basically the most hilarious interpretation of the giant grumpy balls of chakra that I could think of while still being believable.

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