Shrike Things


So currently future!Tim is going by Stephen, as I don’t know if I want future!Tim or tiny!Tim to go by Timothy and Stephen also means honor without meaning “honoring God”, which I think might appeal to him a bit more. But that means that, to keep things from being confusing for myself or others, I write like most people do when Tim is undercover. Stephen will be his new name, the name I call him by throughout the fic. I’m trying to figure out if I should maintain that or make him Tim and tiny!Tim Stephen (or some other name). Thoughts?

I think it depends on what you plan to do regarding POVs. Will it be entirely future!Tim’s point of view? Or will it jump between different POVs?

I think, if it’s entirely/mostly future!Tim’s POV, that it would be better to have future!Tim refer to himself mentally as Tim with tiny!Tim as Timothy. It’s different enough that readers will be able to distinguish between the two when you write without having to constantly connect Stephen to future!Tim.

I do like Stephen as an alias for him, though, given the “honor” meaning and how there’s that Stephen-Stephanie connection. Considering Shrike is going out on his own as a vigilante for the first time ever, he may very well be reminded of Stephanie during her Spoiler days–alone and without the benefit of an established vigilante infrastructure, but going for it anyway.

So you can still have future!Tim in his “undercover” mode referring to himself as Stephen/thinking as Stephen when others are around, but as soon as he’s alone I do think he’d switch back to “just Tim” mode. And you can also have him refer to himself as Shrike during his patrols and such once he establishes a proper identity/personality for the name.

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