not really for the a fake fic event, but in the pokemon!dos fusion, if team 7 were pokemon what reflected their personality and such, what ‘mons would they be? Like, I’d imagine Naruto to be Ampharos, haha. They’re electric-types who can light up their tail so bright that they can guide people who are lost. Electric types are also sporadic and tends to be overexcited too! Oh, & Sasuke can totally be a Luxray, what with their temperament + special, enhanced eyesight that can look through things!

(2/3) I want to say that Shikako is a Xatu?? Psychic type, sees the future. (It also “eyes the sun’s movement” a lot) I’m torn between that and Azelf (the latter can learn explosion! woa) And Ino is totally a Florges or Milotic! No questions there aha. Sakura’s a shiny Lopunny who goes into Mega-form when doing her super strength! aaaa it’s so much fun to play in your pokemon!au. Hope you don’t mind that I’m just rambling all over the place. (> v <)

(3/3) I guess my ideas isn’t really “if they were a pokemon, what ‘mon would they be.’ Rather, it’s what fits them best? Like, sure ninetales = kurama, and fire-types can be just as spunky and exuberant, but ninetales is a wise, mystical, almost deity-like pokemon, and that doesn’t really fit Naruto’s character. Ampharos might be a bit of a stretch, but I find their type & special characteristics to be more appropriate, yea?

No worries, anon, ranting about Dreaming of Sunshine and Pokemon is one of my favorite things 😉

The Pokemon teams in my AU were more representative of the characters’ abilities than their personalities, so I never really thought about it. I mean, the clan kids have their “clan Pokemon” of Sawsbuck and Politoed and Talonflame, etc. etc., but I suppose as Pokemon themselves it’d be different.

Like the difference between the normal Pokemon games and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I guess?

At the same time, though, I do like the idea of them being their clan Pokemon and just having different personalities. Like, Shikamaru and Shikako are both Deerling, but Shikako is super adventurous while Shikamaru’s just… nah, I’m gonna chill here. And then whenever someone is exasperated with him they’d be like “Are you a Deerling or are you a Slakoth?”

Although Ino as a Grumpig doesn’t work so well, even though that is what I have as the Yamanaka clan Pokemon. Maybe a Delcatty? She never really had a Feebas phase, so probably not a Milotic… Unless she’s just the most fabulous Grumpig that every lived.

And I figure Sakura would probably be within the Chansey line given they’re healing and the super powerful physical attacks…

But, yeah, I haven’t really thought about making them Pokemon. It’s an interesting idea, anon!


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Indelible, a Dreaming of S(oulmates) tangent (2017-08-27)

A/N1: So psych_girl commented on the ao3 version of Dreaming of S(oulmates) about expanding on the different soulmate AUs, and I gave permission to write double recursive ficlets based on them (hopefully I’ll be able to reblog/post links here), but it put my mind on the subject and I hope I’m not swooping a ficlet out from under them.

So this one in particular is based on the AU (two: inkblot skin).


Shinobi will try to weaponize anything, a subconscious mindset more than active strategy: the symbiotic relationship of Aburame and their kikaichu, Inuzuka and their ninken, are just two examples of such.

Fuinjutsu had originally been created to transport Uzushio’s limited, but varied resources across their islands.

Even something as innocuous as flowers–the Yamanaka as much feared for their poisonous arrangements as their mind jutsu.

Soul marks–the transfer of ink and scars and blood from one soulmate to the other–are not exempt either.


The main issues preventing soul marks from monopolizing intel communications is that they’re not comprehensive and they’re not immediate.

Sometimes, something as insignificant as scraped knees or absentminded grocery lists will transfer over, while death blows and I love you’s remain on only one half. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation in emotion or strength of bond to explain what gets send and what doesn’t. And so something as important as mission specs or front line movements could never be entrusted to soul marks.

On top of that, any of them may transfer in minutes, in hours, in days–the longest recorded gap being three weeks. Again, nothing explaining the inconsistency: not distance, or age, or emotion.

But still, that doesn’t mean that soul marks don’t have very real, very dire consequences.


When his children are almost four years old, they both begin to wear headbands and refuse to take them off in front of anyone.

It doesn’t take a Nara to figure out the why, but the what, exactly, he will later admit to being… hasty.

In his defense, soulmates tend to be born near each other and there’s only one forehead mark in Konoha that is regularly covered up. Given that Shikaku has heard about what ought to be an internal Hyuuga clan matter–the marking of Neji Hyuuga at an abnormally young age, cruel even for a clan that habitually enslaves their own members–it’s a fairly logical assumption to make.

What he does afterwards is less logical and more… fiercely protective.


The Byakugan may not have been as storied as the Sharingan, but the Hyuuga’s dojutsu was more dependable and with the decline of the Uchiha–in both numbers and reputation–the Hyuuga enjoyed a loftier, more lenient position than many other clans. Even the other noble clans.

In comparison to the Aburame–whose southern apiaries had been decimated during the Kyuubi attack–and the Akimichi, who spent as much time cultivating their financial and political enterprises as they did their martial prowess, the Hyuuga were more invaluable to Konoha.

But invaluable does not mean immune.


They meet, once, while they’re both still at the Academy.

It’s difficult. They’re in different years, which is part of it, but primarily it’s because all of Konoha is keenly aware of the political cold war happening between the clans and all of the teachers are taking measures to prevent any incidents from happening.

Further incidents, that is: a spar turned hostile in the graduating class, resulting in suspensions for the Akimichi and Hyuuga involved. Invisible lines drawn amongst the students from clans, rearranging friendships and even future genin team proposals.

As the pair at the heart of the problem, they are especially monitored. But just once, just for a short time, they manage to meet.

Neither of them will reveal what was said, but afterwards Neji goes without a headband: baring his cursed seal provocatively, almost incendiary.

Shikako becomes all the more paranoid about hers.


Eventually, it’s revealed that Shikamaru’s forehead is as blank as the day he was born but, one twin or both, that doesn’t alter the path Konoha is already on.

In contrast, the Uchiha clan, sensing the winds of change, circumvent their fate entirely: allying themselves with the enemy of their enemy and integrating back into, at least, half of the village. Hundreds of lives are spared, though only Danzo, thwarted, and Shikako know.

Not all is good, though: Hinata, already shy and secluded, is deliberately isolated. Where Ino leads, the other girls of the class follow; even though Shikako tries to mitigate the issue, Ino is ruthless in defending what she considers hers.

The mood of Konoha is fraught, tensions high enough for even the civilians to notice, streets of peace and prosperity now dangerous opportunities for public altercations.

Such a small action leading to such far reaching consequences.

Time marches on.


Konoha puts on a pleasant face for the Chuunin Exams, united only on the surface in front of foreign shinobi.

Team Seven meets the Sand siblings, Shikako sees the match to her soul mark.

She hesitates.


A/N2: I’m not very satisfied with the ending–I had the greater idea but not an actual plot, as you can see–so I kind of just… mreh?

I guess another reason for this ficlet is that I wanted to explore how even things that are supposed to be romantic–like soulmates and soul marks–have non-romantic consequences. So even if this is set in a Shikaara soulmate AU, this ficlet is gen.

I was actually considering some other repercussions of the misunderstanding: Hiashi possibly buckling under external and internal pressures and disavowing Hinata as his heir early on and marking her with the seal–which further splinters the already divided Hyuuga clan–but that seemed VERY CRUEL to Hinata who I already had shunned by everyone in class.

And also, would Sand and Sound still invade Konoha if the Uchiha clan isn’t killed? The Sand Siblings would still be at the Chuunin Exams, of course, but I don’t know if they’d be there as part of the invading force. Konoha isn’t as outwardly weakened, after all.

It seems more likely that if Orochimaru were to invade still, he’d probably have Danzo and ROOT make up the other part of the invading force, but even then if in this AU “I’m a pacifist” mass murdering kin-slayer Itachi is less of a giant hypocrite, I wouldn’t mind him being seriously considered for Hokage which would seriously deter both Orochimaru and Danzo, right?

I don’t know. They were vague thoughts at best.

Heeee, I can’t help but imagine Ino as one of the Boar clan, a small squealing piglet or something.

Yeah, I realize the whole Yamanaka/Ino vs actual literal boars of the Princess Mononoke film might get a little confusing… um.

As adorable as literal boar piglet!Ino would be, she is human in the Reasons To Keep Living ‘verse, so… sorry to rain on your parade, anon.

There might be a boar piglet which is familiarly sassy which “the stranger” decides to call Ino, but that’s probably as close as I can get.

Shikaara royalty!AU. When Ino found out

I see you, anon, and I like what you’re thinking. ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७


Shikako tries to return to her seat without catching anyone’s notice–restless feet is no excuse for further international faux pas–but considering she’s sitting right next to Ino, there’s no escaping it.

Especially not when she stumbles right into her, eyes still dazed from the multitude of camera flashes. Shikako’s just a minor peer–those picture probably won’t end up in the news, right?

Ino lends her a steadying hand, one eyebrow raised in appraisement, “What were you doing?” she murmurs beneath her breath.

Shikako flushes, embarrassed again at the memory, “I just ran into someone,” she says. And looked like a total idiot, she doesn’t add.

Ino holds a stare for a beat, Shikako’s cheeks turning further red, before letting the matter drop.

She’ll find out soon enough, anyway.


“The prince!” Ino shouts, bursting through Shikako’s bedroom door without any hesitation. Cruelly, she walks over to the window and flings open the curtains. “You ran into the prince?”

Shikako groans, curling into her pillows and away from the light.


There’s an indignant flapping of paper, before Ino heaves a sigh and pounces.

She’s not heavy, but with a high enough trajectory and the element of surprise, Shikako’s breath leaves her in a rush, “No…”

“You didn’t tell me you ran into Wind Country’s prince. Spill now or else,” Ino threatens, yanking a pillow from beneath Shikako’s head and brandishing it like a weapon.

What torments could she possibly inflict that is crueler than waking someone up?

Well… it is Ino.

“Wind Country has two princes,” she says instead, just to be contrary.

Ino smacks her with the pillow. “You know who I’m talking about! The dreamboat with the gorgeous eyes and perfect cheekbones,” another smack, “Just what happened?”

“Nothing happened… I just bumped into him, said sorry, and then returned to my seat?” Confused, Shikako finally cracks open her eyes.

In Ino’s hand is a newspaper, the front page dominated by a color photo of Shikako and the younger Wind Country prince, his arm around her waist, her hand on his shoulder: they had literally bumped into each other and just barely managed not to fall to the ground in a flail of limbs. That’s all.

Ino looks less gleeful, now; she hands over the paper, “Not according to this.”


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Never Lookin’ To Come Back + Meeting up with the Ino-Shika-Cho?

Okay, anon, thanks for waiting. This doesn’t quite fill the prompt but it is related so… author’s cut? Anyway, enjoy!


When you join the brown coats, your past doesn’t matter. Who you were–who you used to be–where you came from? That doesn’t mean anything.

Everyone has secrets from their past.

The only thing that matters when you wear that brown coat is what you believe.


Akimichi has two moons, Nara and Yamanaka, both as important to the Alliance as their planet.

Also like their planet, the moons are ruled by respective clans, though by title they are ministers not chancellors.

The current Nara minister has two sons.

No one mentions anything about a daughter.


They’re on the moon of Nohara–closer to the Core than either Kiba or the captain like, tension high in their shoulders, the slightest misstep enough to make Akamaru growl–when Shino comes back with a passenger.

It’s not unusual for Shino to bring back passengers–given how long the Teacher as been on the ship, he’s practically a crew member by this point, never mind that he pays them–but this passenger isn’t the same as the others.

She’s got a wicked smile on her face for one–instead of the typical serene blankness of other practitioners of the Will of Fire–and she even has a last name.

A worryingly recognizable last name.

“We already have the Hyuuga chancellor’s missing daughter and her asshole of a cousin, I don’t see how anyone could be a bigger risk than that,” Kiba grouses, voices contained to the engine room for that extra privacy.

TenTen wasn’t exactly happy at being kicked out of her domain, but she hadn’t argued at the look on the captain’s face.

“We don’t exactly need word of that getting around to the Core, now do we?” Shikako snipes back, but it’s a moot point. Whether or not they take Yamanaka as a passenger, her keen eyes have already spotted the telltale features of one Hyuuga who normally wouldn’t be caught dead on a bucket of rust and bolts like this.

Kiba bares his teeth, “Why are you lying to me?”


In the system, the captain’s name is Shikako Heijo; the same name she used to sign up with the brown coats.

Why would it be anything else?


Kiba and the captain stomp out of the engine room towards the cargo hold where Shino and their potential passenger are politely chatting as if they were having a tea party and not surrounded by graffitied crates of dubious content, instead.

“We’re not heading any closer to the Core than this,” Shikako says, practically throwing down a gauntlet for the Yamanaka minister’s daughter.

“What a coincidence,” she says, smile gleaming and sharp, “neither am I.”

Kiba doesn’t understand why that makes Shikako bristle something fierce, but he’s still pretty annoyed by all the sidestepping. She was never half as resistant to the Hyuuga bastard on their ship, and as far as he knows, Yamanaka is going to leave after one trip.

Or at least he hopes so, they’re flying a ship, not running a halfway house.

She turns to him, hackles raised, “Your passenger, your problem,” she says before stomping away again.

Kiba huffs in response, off balance and unwilling to show it. “So where are you heading to, then?” he asks, because if he’s going to get some cargo on this boat then he ought to know where they’re headed.

Yamanaka’s smile has dimmed, shrunk into something soft and sad, eyes following after the captain. “The Katou moon,” she answers, “I’m looking for someone.”

Kiba shrugs, “Hey, we don’t need to know why you’re going, we just have to get you there.”


As it turns out, knowing who Yamanaka was looking for would have been welcomed information.

After all, it’s hard to stay beneath the ROOT’s radar when you’re on the trail of the last Senju.


A/N: No Chouji or Shikamaru, sorry, but I figure Chouji wouldn’t really be able to leave planet Akimichi considering he is the heir and the whole twin meeting would be an entirely separate ordeal. And I more wanted to get into the set up of why the Ino-Shika-Cho aren’t on the ship.

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8 – for Ino?

Ah, unrequited love.

When your best isn’t enough.
(Participation medals of the heart)

Ino falls in love, easy as breathing.

Falling out of love is a lot harder.

If she were less self-aware, she’d blame it on her clan’s bloodline: there is a certain amount of empathy needed to do their family jutsu, a keen sense of observation, and a fluidity of self.

Yet, conversely, knowing oneself–maintaining and cultivating what makes her Ino instead of whatever body she may inhabit–is vital. It’s why she knows, for a fact, that her propensity to fall in love has nothing to do with her bloodline, and everything to do with her own heart.


Ino is an only child without any cousins close to her in age and an awful lot to learn even before she gets to the Academy.

People tend to forget that, or never even consider it, that maybe her sociability isn’t an expression of a natural friendliness. It’s a skill, honed and polished like any other, and one that serves her well.

Which is not to say that she’s faking it all the time, but there’s a reason why even though she’s popular she only really has a few close friends.

On her first day of kunoichi classes, Ino meets Shikako and Sakura.

She never stops loving them.


Ino thinks she knows true love when she is eight. Sasuke is handsome and so cool, like a tragic hero from the stories just waiting for the healing touch of the right woman (Mum doesn’t even bother trying to hide her romance novels anymore).

But she is her father’s daughter–the future seventeenth leader of her clan who will carry on the Yamanaka name and bloodline–nothing can come of it.

Still, a girl can dream can’t she?

And even though later, years from now, she’ll know definitively that it can never be. Well, she’ll still love him, in a different way, and maybe one day he’ll love her back, too.


They are Ino-Shika-Cho.

It’s not something they’re born into, not really, not mandated by their blood nor written in their bones. It’s something they choose, something they work towards, a gathering of compatible hearts that beat as one and say, yes, this is where we will build our home.

How could Ino not fall in love?

But they’re not each others’ everything. They live their own lives and love their own loves.

(She will watch the next generation with pride and a bit of wistfulness: what if?)


Ino falls in love, easy as breathing, and never stops.


A/N: … please enjoy this Ino ficlet, anon 😀

Number + Ship + (optional) AU –> my ask box

““flower shop and tattoo parlor”!AU revolving around Ino and Shikako” Is it weird I could see this happening post canon? Ino already has the flowershop going, throw in Shikako doing seals for whatever ninja want to pay money for skin-seals… (Sai doing the artwork? idk) and the set up for it is already there…

I know, right? Like, it’s a very small step away from canon which are my favorite kind of AUs.

I’m not sure how much Sai would want to be involved in putting seals on people (given his own childhood trauma) but I do think he would flourish fabulously in the flower shop as Ino’s assistant (that frequently has to step up to the register because Ino has gone across the street to hang out with Shikako).

So if Shikako is Iron Man, does that make lost-everyone -around -him Sasuke into Captain America? Or mystical-family-power Thor? RAGEKyuubi mode is the Hulk? Oh! Not-worthy-of-heirloom-weapon is Kakashi isn’t it?? (I know it wasnt supposed to be a one to one comparison but still).

Hm, I hadn’t really thought it all the way through but let’s see:

Ibiki is definitely the Nick Fury equivalent (with Aoba and Anko as the Phil Coulson and Maria Hill equivalents).

Ino is probably the Black Widow equivalent–I’m thinking her codename is either Belladonna or Aconite or Oleander (very poisonous, but very pretty flowers).

I was actually thinking Sakura would be the Thor equivalent–in the original comics form? Where Thor-the-hero wasn’t the literal Norse god, but someone who had received Thor’s powers by being worthy of wielding Mjolnir. In this case, Sakura has received Tsunade’s powers by wielding… I don’t know, powerful gloves? (I think the Sannin are the actual ancient alien deities.)

And while RAGE!Kyuubi-fied Naruto would be an admittedly great Hulk, I was leaning more towards him being Captain America. Or… Captain Uzushio? And then have Sasuke be Winter Soldier… Sharingan Soldier? The story line for them aren’t nearly as perfect a match as Shikako as Iron Hart, but it does put Danzo in the excellent position of Hydra leader so…

I don’t think Kakashi is an Avenger. The point of it was to have the Konoha Twelve be the Avengers (and the Akatsuki be the Young Avengers/Big Hero 6), and Kakashi wouldn’t really fit that dynamic? Unless…

Is Kakashi Deadpool?

… no, wait… um… probably he’s more like Wolverine–old and immortal and tired of everything, but goddamnit he will adopt all the angry children. All of them.