I had a sudden, wild idea, which I’m hoping might inspire something in you: Solarpunk Battle Fortifications. In the context I had the idea: entire planets designed to resist alien invasion using Solarpunk techne and aesthetics.


Anon, I LOVE SOLARPUNK! I used to be part of a FATE campaign that went cyberpunk instead of solarpunk as a setting (and, like, ~80s version of cyberpunk which… okay…) and I was so disappointed.

Off the top of my head, a fic I can think of set in a solarpunk ‘verse is esama’s Blazing Sun, but as the fic will tell you that’s more the… beginnings of a true solar punk movement, and full on SOLARPUNK setting is more… expansive, as you’ve mentioned.

I have a ‘verse which would best match your idea, but my Triptych ‘verse isn’t all that… hm… popular, so I’m not sure if that particular ficlet would be appreciated and it… well, that specific ‘verse has always been a bit of an albatross for me.

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I do appreciate the prompt. Is there a particular ‘verse you’d like to see with a solar punk setting, anon?


Hm, it’s true. Those ‘verses are particularly… malleable… though given that the Harry Potter series is mostly set in the UK and they’re almost constantly cloud-covered, I don’t think solar technology/magic would be very effective there.

And while I do love the idea of the Hashirama trees having something more to them (and which kinda touches on what I was going to do with Triptych) if I were to say any village goes for solarpunk, it wouldn’t be Konoha, it’d be Suna. I mean, what do they have in Suna? Sun, sand, manpower, and–given their Puppet Corps–a more mechanically inclined culture.

This feels like something that would work best with the NGSS. Like, “the NGSS prove themselves true members of the Kazekage clan” or “how the NGSS dragged Suna into the future kicking and screaming” or something like that…

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