HP!DOS AU pls. go crazy ;)

A/N: I put a lot of links in this brainstorm/rant, and while they aren’t mandatory to understand the post, they probably do help.


I veeeeery briefly went into such a crossover/fusion in the middle of this massive post, and I did do that one witches!verse TemarixShikako ficlet with some background lore, but seeing as how neither of them are specifically, solely devoted to a HP!DoS AU, I suppose I could go more into it here…


While not as disastrous as Ilvermorny (Lavaeudeen for life!) I’m not very keen on the HP canon of Mahoutokoro or, at least, not as a magical commuter school that somehow has the smallest student body of the eleven great wizarding school. The Hogwarts student body was fucking tiny, no way does the only Japanese magical school have less than that. I’d like to tweak it slightly–so that it just makes more sense–that Mahoutokoro is the only all-magical UNIVERSITY of Japan (though some of the other universities also have magical departments/classes available).

Actually, now that I’ve said that, I kind like the idea of magical education for younger magicians being the equivalent of an after school club or a cram school or a special class that only certain students take (advanced placement or art or foreign languages, etc). So the “main characters” that would be the Konoha Thirteen in DoS would still go to the same school as civilians/genin corps characters but they’d be in the magic club/class.

Which means that the different villages are different schools in different regions of Japan… which means this has the same set up of a sports shounen manga but instead of sports it’s magic?

Uhhhhhh… now I can’t unsee it.

I mean, a lot of sports manga practically give their characters magic powers ANYWAY, so we might as well just go straight there.


I don’t think I’d want to do Quidditch–only because it’s not very conducive to three person teams, and it originates from the UK anyway–so maybe it’s magical dueling? But that also doesn’t really go with three person teams… Or, alternatively, that’s pretty bloodthirsty for a sport for kids.

Maybe I’ll make up some new sport. Something like magical capture the flag so it’s not just straight up FIGHTING. (I mean, pro-bending in Avatar LoK WAS a thing, but not all that keen on it, either)

Anyway, so the point is… while magic is an important part of their lives (and maybe even THE MOST important part of their lives) they still live amongst non-magical people, unlike in HP.

I also don’t particularly like the whole wooden wands thing. Though I don’t particularly want all Japanese magicians to do wandless magic (it’d basically be ninjutsu and kind of defeats the purpose of transferring it into the HP verse). Maybe part of learning magic is finding/making your own conduit. Which sort of explains why Naruto starts off pretty bad (like all shounen sports protagonists) because for the longest time he just can’t find one that can withstand the sheer amount of power he has. Whereas the equivalent of Shikako’s burgeoning fuinjutsu mastery would be her NOT needing her conduit all the time. Sasuke, as with most Uchiha, has a very traditional mirror conduit–because Sharingan = Mirror Wheel Eye?

Though there are still things that carry over from HP. Like, while it’s not AS huge a deal as it is in Britain, blood purity is still an issue depending on which clan you’re from. The Nara twins are probably halfbloods–but only the worst of the elders really care–but so is Neji which is a HUGE problem for the Hyuuga (especially considering he’s originally more talented than Hinata who is pureblooded).

I mean, I sort of joke about the sports shounen manga thing, so I suppose I could go in the more serious direction of Japan having a real bad Dark Lord problem given Orochimaru, Itachi, Pein/Nagato, Obito/Madara, and Kaguya… (although, the Golden trio never had to fight a literal goddess so that’s pretty cool I guess… although, although, the Golden Trio would probably be pretty good at the three person magical sport I’ll have to make up)

Hm… I guess it depends. Am I just transposing the DoS plot into the HP world, or just the characters?

Untitled (2015-01-19)

The Lavaeudeen School of Magick or rather, the North American School of Sorcery and Enchantment, is much less rigid than it’s British counterpart. While it does sort students into different houses, it doesn’t factor much into students’ every day lives beyond administration purposes. All students of each year live together, regardless of house, and classes are organized by skill not age. It makes inter-house and even inter-year friendships much easier, though seeing as how most students are thrust into a new environment, they tend to migrate towards those they already know.

So it’s not surprising that it took two years for Norman Babcock and Dipper Pines to meet. To begin with, they were in different years–the Pines twins being a year above Norman–and different houses. Norman had been sorted into Hawkridge, the house of honesty, intelligence, and patience. Dipper had been sorted into Bearglove, which encouraged bravery, curiosity and leadership in its students. Norman, descended from the Prenderghast family, specialized in Divination and Extrasensory Perception. Dipper, in contrast, preferred the more physical supernatural sciences such as Magical Flora and Fauna.

If anything, it was surprising that they met at all, considering Lavaeudeen’s population size. Those two years had been filled with near misses, like broomsticks passing in the night. They had overlapping social circles and had heard of each other, but never actually met.

During Norman’s first year he, like most other first years, clung to those he already knew. Which meant that, except for his Wolfthorn-sorted best friend, Neil Downe, he sought out his cousin Coraline Jones despite the age and house difference (she was two years older and sorted into Lionpride). She rather welcomed it, having only one other close friend herself, one Wyborn Lovat of Foxcrest house.

Although the cousins would have been content with that, their social circle grew nonetheless.

The earlier statement about houses not factoring much into students’ everyday lives was perhaps an overly generalized statement. House sorting doesn’t affect what students have to do, but like any unifying label, people enjoy connecting with similar people. So really, their tiny multi-house group of four should have expected to increase via house networking. What was unexpected were which houses. And considering how shy both Norman and Wybie were.

But Lili Zanotto was difficult to deter on good days, impossible to refuse otherwise, and Mabel Pines was some kind of all-powerful force unto herself. And with them came their respective, male, Bearglove counterparts–Lili’s boyfriend, Raz, and Mabel’s brother Dipper.

It’s funny that it took so long for Norman and Dipper to meet, funnier that they were the last to meet within their group of eight (although the way Neil and Raz met was far more hilarious). Because they sure as hell were getting along quite nicely, if the blushing and handholding were any indication.


A/N: Ha! That’s right, I did a Mystery Kids x Lavaeudeen crossover in order to ship Parapines. Am I late to all three fandoms? Yes, yes I am.

For those of you who have no idea what some of those are, and are unsure of where to go looking for that let me give you a quick rundown:

Mystery Kids is the fantastic crossover of Paranorman, Gravity Falls, Coraline, and Psychonauts. Specifically of each movie/show/game’s two respective main kids. There’s a fan-created show (only one so far), which is pretty rad. There’s also two(?) blogs for it on tumblr, here and here.

Lavaeudeen is the “American Hogwarts” and the houses are, funnily enough, based on the Old Spice deodorant types: Foxcrest, Hawkridge, Bearglove, Wolfthorn, and Lionpride. The characteristics and amazing backstories of the first four houses can be found here, the fifth one I tried do justice since the OP didn’t know Lionpride existed at the time. There’s also a general Lavaeudeen tumblr, here.

And finally Parapines… I’m honestly not sure if that’s the crossover name or a ship name but it seems to be used interchangeably for the crossover strictly between Paranorman and Gravity Falls, and the ship between Norman and Dipper Pines (and/or Mabel Pines?)

But… yeah. Hahaha… I’ve had all three on my mind so I guess it was just… SQUISH THEM ALL TOGETHER.

Now for the headcanons which are behind this drabble:

Norman and Neil are the youngest, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn respectively.

Raz, Lili, and the Pines twins are a year older–Raz and Dipper are again both in Bearglove while Lili is Hawkridge and Mabel is Foxcrest.

Coraline and Wybie are the oldest, Lionpride and Foxcrest respectively.