Fake Fic: ‘Immortals (just not for long)’ ….Chronicles of Narnia

This song is edgier than I generally relate to Narnia. My brain–for just a second!–dipped into my Once Then Always ‘verse because of the vibe, but I veered away from that because it’s not what you prompted, anon.

So instead of that, I’ll follow my other feeling which is canon!fic “Five Times The Pevensies Should Have Died” kind of thing because I’ve always wondered about that. Like… none of the humans from the real world ever die in Narnia–or, well, kind of Edmund one could argue, but not to the extent as to permanent or strange because of it’s non-permanence.

Like. Lucy’s magic potion and Aslan were there. But what about in other situations, later, when they were in war but Aslan wasn’t involved. They spent a lifetime in Narnia before returning to the real world–they fought giants and reclaimed Narnia from the White Witch’s clutches and rebuilt a kingdom from the ground up surrounded on all sides by, if not outrightly hostile, then skeptical neighbors.

One of them should have died.

Except they didn’t.

So is this a situation where they literally could not die? (So long as they are in Narnia, they are immortal) Or is it that before they died they got sent back to the real world?

For fun and fic’s sake, it’s probably the first one. Like… can you imagine how useful but also hilarious that would be? How many times did they get sent poison gifts and just eat it and nothing happens? Or they get stabbed through with a sword and just get back up?

What kind of fearsome reputations are they building? And, well, it makes sense considering even after their reign they are still remembered as legends.

Pevensies are unkillable, basically, which perhaps puts an interesting twist on their lives/fates in the real world. Were they reckless? Were they extra cautious? Did Susan, for a long time after, not fully believe the finality of her siblings’ deaths?

And for a darker take, imagine being on the inside of that. Of being a teenager and surviving assassination attempts not because you were protected or the assassin failed, but because you literally cannot die. Do you still feel the poison coursing through your veins? How torturous must it be to have to keep getting up from every fatal blow? For Narnia, for Aslan, but really you just want it to be for the last time.

And then you get back to the real world–and no wonder they thought it was all a dream at first. More than the magic and creatures and royal prophecies–getting up after dying is so impossible…

I do love the Pevensies, though, really. (。◝‿◜。)

And here’s an author rec for CoN whose fic I absolutely love: burntcopper on ao3!


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Fake fic title: pro patria mori. From the Latin saying “it is sweet and honorable to die for one’s country.

So pro patria mori is only the “die for one’s country” part of that phrase which is a fairly important distinction from the full version. The implication then is that there is no sweetness or honor, which influences the story that would match this title.

And, since you did not specify a fandom I’m going to step away from DoS (anyway, they’re a militaristic society, that’s an easy choice) and go with…

I’m getting some very strong Harry Potter vibes–unsurprising, given the Latin–but I’m also getting some Kingdom Hearts vibes so…

I could do two separate brainstorms or one fusion brainstorm. Let’s see.

The thing is, for the Kingdom Hearts fic I know I’d want to do keyblade wielders who died in the war, but that would involve OCs and while I love the KH franchise, I love it because of the characters not the bewildering story so… unless I adapt characters from somewhere else as keyblade wielders.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many OCs and I love them but this fic would call for at least three of them in the KH world before the events of the games and that doesn’t sound appealing to either write or read. Like. I will stick an OC in the events of story that could use a shake up (and a dash of feminism), but that’s different from multiple OCs in the world but not plot of a story–at that point I might as well adapt it into original fiction.

Alternatively, it’d be multiple vignettes of the last moments of various Disney characters as their world fall into darkness (and as they possibly become summons as the last survivors/strong spirits). Which isn’t as unappealing but doesn’t exactly evoke much of a story/summary.

So Harry Potter it is, I guess.

Or, hey, you know what? Most of my Chronicles of Narnia stuff is “four kids in place of the Pevensies” because I love crossovers/fusions, but I do actually love the Pevensies and I especially love canon divergences in which Peter, Edmund, and Lucy don’t die and we get to find out what kind of badasses all the Pevensies grow up to be in the real world.

And timing wise that might match up with Tom Riddle’s own rise to power. The Pevensies aren’t magical, but they aren’t exactly normal muggles either, and I do love the idea of Pevensies battling the Death Eaters. But it’s so removed from the battles of Narnia that it’s not the same.

It’s not for glory or honor or for protecting their kingdom. It’s bloody and exhausting and horrific. For a good while I think they begin to doubt themselves, especially when the magical world (as ungrateful and useless as in canon) consider them invading muggles who need to obliviated and imprisoned in Azkaban.

And… I think they die. Or at least, three out of the four of them die, and Susan as in canon lives on and decides to live on. Away from the horrific tragedy that took her family from her. And arguably that could very well be compatible with HP canon seeing as how we don’t know all of the details of Voldemort’s first rise. Yeah?

Pro Patria Mori

Britain is still their home, for all that it’s not Narnia, and they’ve never been one to let evil freely reign. But they are not the kings and queens they once were:

There is no magnificence or gentleness, no justice or valiance–there is only war.