I’d say you could keep each arc theme from DoS, while adapting the characters and circumstances to the plot. Like, the Wave Arc wouldn’t have the bridge, necessarily, but it could still have Naruto and the group learning about Haku and Zabuza, who are “Dark Wizards”, but not bad people–they’re just in an unfortunate situation. (I’m not the prompting anon, though, so)

I’d be a little reluctant to do a DoS-plot rewrite but transcribed into the HP world because then it’s just… well… replace jutsu with magic and then shake slightly.

I mean, bizarrely, I guess I’d be interested in putting the Lucky Sevens in the HP plot? Like… Philosopher’s Stone is pretty much Mizuki as Quirrell trying to steal the Forbidden Scroll?

So “Naruto Uzumaki and the Forbidden Scroll” except considering that’s basically resolved in the first episode of Naruto… hm…

And if Shikako’s knowledge of canon would be the equivalent of being a Seer…

I think I’m more interested in the worldbuilding, anon.

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