Gambling Away the Past, 12!

Gambling Away The Past (part 10/?), 12) things you said when you thought I was asleep

Today is their last in the relative safety of Sangaku Outpost and, by unspoken agreement, all of Team Kakashi have decided to spend the day on separate ventures. Soon enough it’ll be back to being just their squad–best to get their fill of other company while they can.

Not that other company necessarily equates to better company, of course, especially given the way some of those stationed at the outpost still look at Kakashi with barbed, pointed glares, but there are a few people Shikako, at least, wouldn’t mind meeting with again in the future and she knows her teammates feel the same. At the very least, Kakashi certainly doesn’t mind the opportunity to summon his ninken in a more peaceful situation than he’d get to once they’re back on duty.

And so the team spends their last day at the outpost apart, helping out where they can or getting in some last minute training, before returning to their tent for the evening. They’ll leave at dawn, back to the camp that Ikoma-san runs and which Minato-san generally considers home base, before being sent out on their next mission.

And so Shikako isn’t surprised about being the first one back to the tent, late afternoon, nor does she feel at all bad about flopping onto her bedroll and immediately passing out. Exhausted after one last grueling training session for her and Wakakusa beneath Heijomaru’s steely hooves, Sembei-obaasan making less than helpful comments from the side.

A few hours later, she surfaces from the depths of unconsciousness at the proximity of other chakra signatures, but decides not to fully wake up when she recognizes her teammates. Still, their conversation filters down to her in her dozing state, words hushed but no less heated.

“–can’t believe you still think that! After everything she’s done?” Obito’s voice, the magma of his volcano bubbling ominously.

“Sensei thinks so, too,” Kakashi’s voice, a weak defense, barely any crackle in the ozone, “He said to watch her.”

“Because he thinks she’s some kind of secret fuinjutsu prodigy, not because she’s a spy!” retorts Obito.

Rin, as always, tries to break the tension, “Ikoma-san wouldn’t put her on our team if she were, and Minato-sensei approved it. He wouldn’t do that to us,” she reasons.

There is a moment of silence, Kakashi acknowledging and accepting her point, before he says, “Her story is inconsistent–what little of it she does tell us, anyway. How’d she end up near where our mission was? What happened to her previous team?”

The silence that follows this time is much longer.

Not because the answer is hard to think of, but because one particular answer comes to mind too quickly. Shikako can almost pinpoint the moment when each of her teammates stumble upon it: Obito’s volcano going dormant once more, temper doused immediately. Rin’s breath hitching, dual fire and water flickering and rippling in distress. Kakashi’s electricity flattening out the way it does when he knows he’s said something awful, but can’t apologize for it.

They are at war. There is one simple explanation for how a shinobi could end up all alone in enemy territory without any back up.

It’s morbid to think of as such, but how lucky for her that they’ve all come to the obvious, but wrong conclusion.


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“close your eyes and breathe in your ruin” fake fic? dos kakashi?

This is definitely not a reference to anything, right? They’re two separate phrases which don’t appear anywhere together, right?

If it is a reference, sorry I missed it. Also, I’m gonna slap some parantheses on here; hope you don’t mind, anon.

close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)

Kakashi considers the shape of his failures and what it actually means to survive.

Or: the Team Sevens that was, never were, and is.

AKA Kakashi is always mourning even when he’s happy. Maybe especially when he’s happy.

We all know that Kakashi is the saddest string bean in existence and the title doesn’t really help matters, so instead of resisting I decided to lean into it.

This would definitely be a lot of Kakashi’s internal thoughts about his now dead team, the various genin teams Sandaime tried to foist off on him which he rejected, and his current team. And it features things like:

Comparing members of his first Team Seven to his current Team Seven. With some surprising match ups like Sasuke and Rin, Shikako and Minato. Though, of course, he does go through all combinations at some point.

The vaguest recollections of those genin teams he failed. Maybe the first one had a Nohara–Sandaime trying to hook him with sentimentality–but it was trite and that Nohara boy was nothing like Rin and Kakashi was offended that Sandaime thought it would work.

Imagining what the world would be like if his first Team Seven were still alive. Naruto would have grown up with a parent, of course, and Sasuke might not be so horribly alone. Would Obito and Rin have had genin teams of their own? Would Rin have been Sakura’s sensei instead of her going to the Medic Corps? Would Minato have a hand in Shikako’s burgeoning fuinjutsu education?

Etc. etc.

Not sure what else I can include in this brainstorm without outrightly starting to write this fic… Sorry it’s so short, anon. Uh please enjoy this fic rec which is the foundation for all my alive!Nohara Rin headcanons: Dinner with the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad by pentapus

Erm, but basically this fic would be about Kakashi the saddest string bean.

Gambling Away The Past, 6/? (2016-12-07)

They get to Sangaku Outpost with minimal disruptions–the pair of Sand shinobi they almost literally stumble over notwithstanding (for this, Shikako hangs back, unsure exactly whether the Sand-Konoha alliance is on or off or even existent at this point)–just in time for a dinner of watery okayu.

The four of them are shuffled into the line by an Akimichi with scars and wrinkles and a kind smile on her face. “It’s not much,” she says, “but it’s delicious and it’s warm–”

“–and it’s not ration bars,” finishes her Yamanaka partner. It’s better than that (though not being ration bars is a huge pro) given that there’s an array of toppings: scallions and umeboshi and dried, shredded pork. In wartime, that’s practically a feast.

He glances between the clan crest on Shikako’s uniform and Kakashi’s distinct hair color, considering, before ushering the team to the table where his Akimichi has already settled.

It brings a different kind of warmth to Shikako, knowing that even decades out of place, some things do not change.

Kakashi is taciturn as always, but Obito’s natural affability more than makes up for it along with Rin’s polite inquiries of the infirmary situation. Shikako hardly has to talk, though she comments about Ikoma-san when prompted and circles around to Sembei-obaasan after a bit.

Like her deer summons, Sembei-obaasan has adopted a more crepuscular schedule, and given her advanced age (the specific which still remains a mystery), Shikako won’t be able to meet with her until tomorrow morning.

With dinner savored as much as can be, and their welcome committee off to fulfill their roles in the outpost, the four are left to their own devices. As team leader, Kakashi goes to report with the jounin in charge, while Rin–ever dutiful–checks in with the medics and offers her services.

Which leaves Shikako alone with Obito in a peaceful place for what might very well be the first time ever.

They grin at each other, perhaps a tad awkwardly (definitely on her part, anyway) fully realizing that they have been fighting side by side for weeks without having had a conversation that didn’t somehow include the war, their teammates, or a shared appreciation for explosions.

Well, at least they have that.

It’s not as if she’s been avoiding him–not as if such a thing is really possible on a team of four–but she hasn’t exactly gone out of her way to befriend him. With Rin, it’s easy–minimal prior knowledge means there’s nothing to bias Shikako one way or another. With Kakashi, it’s easy in an entirely different way: then and now, he’s always been steady yet standoffish; she can’t push him too far, but she can trust him to be there.

With Obito? She knows entirely too much about what he might have been, and nothing at all about who he currently is.


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Gambling Away The Past, 5/? (2016-12-02)

Shikako wakes up.

Not with a start–it wasn’t her sense of danger that prodded her from unconsciousness–no need to wake up Rin’s sleeping form, gentle breathing beside her.

It reminds her of her childhood, in a skewed and almost desperate way, curling up next to her brother for warmth and comfort. In war, comfort is a scarcity, she will not take it from Rin if she doesn’t have to.

Shikako keeps her movements slow, doesn’t stiffen up either, opens up her chakra sense to investigate what woke her. Rin’s dual nature calm and soothing, Obito’s volcano banked for now. Kakashi, then. Which makes sense, considering it is his watch right now.

She eases away from her bedroll, lined up parallel to Rin’s so close as to nearly be touching, and silently makes her way over to where the newly summoned Pakkun sits.

In her chakra sense, summons are multidimensional (pun only slightly intended). Each creature has their own chakra, their own signature, but summons have an additional layer of their summoner’s chakra:

Pakkun is familiar to her–both then and now–rich and thick and surprisingly dense for a dog his size, like the best kind of hot cocoa. With the added zing of Kakashi’s electric-ozone signature, she can easily picture a stormy day, lightning incoming, enjoying it from the safety of her own home.

The pug gives her an ear flick–acknowledgement and not so subtle request for scritches–and, once she’s seated, jumps into her lap.

“He’s restless,” Pakkun says in a voice that isn’t at all higher than the one she remembers, “Went to check out the perimeter.”

Shikako doesn’t bother to ask if he took some of the other summons with him, Kakashi isn’t stupid, but it still seems… risky. Overly confident, maybe.

The Kakashi she knows has decades and a Sharingan on this one, and she still worried about him.

There’s no campfire–not much of a camp, really, just an arrangement of their bedrolls to reduce wind chill and detection, and traps all around–but the moon is nearly full, and it’s just enough to cast a weak shadow.

Pakkun critiques her shadow puppets while they wait for Kakashi to return.

Dawn rises, cold morning light turning the sky a gentle lilac for a few, breathtaking moments. She is tired, but she doesn’t regret sitting up despite Kakashi’s terse words then or the brutal pace he sets now.

After all, they’re heading to the Sangaku Outpost for her benefit: Sembei-obaasan is stationed there, deer summons a vital part of Konoha’s intel dispersion.

Which is just a fancy way of saying glorified messenger hawks, but no Nara would dismiss the importance information in battle.

“Are you excited?” Rin asks cheerfully, as they jump from branch to branch, both of them ignoring the way Obito complains at Kakashi for the demanding speed. They’re all still on alert despite heading inland and nearer to Konoha–home doesn’t always mean safety, she learned (will learn that) long ago–but hours of travel is still boring regardless of if it’s in a vehicle or by her own two feet.

“About the summoning contract?” Shikako clarifies, perhaps a bit unnecessarily, considering the whole point of this mission is to meet with Sembei-obaasan. Ostensibly Team Kakashi is delivering some of the more critical intelligence reports to the Sangaku Outpost, but they all know the real reason.

“Yes,” Rin confirms, “I think it must be nice to have summons,” she muses, “The Nohara clan isn’t exactly big, and we’re mostly medic nin–well, obviously–so there aren’t many of us in the front line, so there isn’t much need for summons, I suppose…

“There might be someone who has a contract with cranes,” she continues after a considering pause, “but I don’t think I’ve met them.”

Shikako nods, wondering herself about such a summoning contract. As far as she can remember, no one in her time uses crane summons. While she isn’t close with anyone from the Nohara clan, they and the Nara are both entrenched the Medic Corps. Surely such a useful summon would have been mentioned at least once.

“I am excited,” she says, finally answering Rin’s original question, “And a little nervous,” she admits, “as far as I know, Sembei-obaasan is the only summoner for the deer contract and I don’t know whether or not she’ll let me sign it.”

Just because she did in the future (past?) before, doesn’t mean she will again.


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I guess the advent calendar thing is a no go, but have some more winter imagery anyway courtesy of Pakkun’s hot cocoa chakra!


Team Medic brainstorm (2016-04-14)







Okay so jounin sensei: battle-medic who is loyal to Konoha…

They needn’t necessarily have been mentioned in canon provided, well… the scale of Konoha is much larger in DoS than it is in canon which is one of the very many reasons I prefer DoS to canon. Given that Masashi Kishimoto has such a narrow scope of the world, a single jounin–even if they are a medic–could easily be overlooked. Especially since we don’t really get a good look at any medic nin until Tsunade and Shizune appear–so, if we do go with the jounin sensei dying in the Sound Invasion, they would have likely also died during the canon Invasion as well and so would not be there when Tsunade and Shizune return. Also, frankly put, if the jounin sensei is female? Well… MK isn’t all that good about female representation.

And there is the fact that, as we brainstormed previously, their originally assigned jounin sensei actually passed them onto the battle medic who was on a sabbatical. So if she had been primarily doing research before being ambushed with a team of genin, then there’d be no reason for her to still mentioned in canon.

My guess is that she might have been, like Rin had, a field medic that was fast-tracked into becoming a combat medic during the Third Shinobi World War only she got to live through to peace time post-Kyuubi. I feel like a lot of that generation–had they survived–would be in a weird limbo? They were the youngest generation to be eligible for fighting during that war so they’re probably all either super strange and mildly traumatized.

So if you want to make that part of the jounin-sensei’s storyline–not exactly like Kakashi’s but a similar sort of coming out of her self-imposed isolation because she begins to care for these three kids–that could be one route. Like maybe the originally assigned jounin sensei was her genin teammate and is the only person she really interacts with outside of a professional capacity of the Medic Corps (a bit like Gai is to Kakashi). Which would make it super sad when/if she dies… Hm… we could come up with alternative story arcs. If this doesn’t appeal to you.

I’m also unsure if I actually want her to die? Maybe injured to the point of retirement from field work–so she can still be a medic and a researcher, but she can no longer be their team leader on the field which is why Team Medic is broken up amongst the other genin teams…

It would help if we had names…

Her dying is mainly useful because balancing 2 OC’s with canon changes feels easier to work with than balancing 3? And having her around would make dispersing Team Medic among their genin peers feel less like a natural progression? But I could be wrong there. Those are both selfish reasons, but it just feels like the right move narratively. But I’m willing to bend on it depending on where we go with her character.

I guess the first thing is what her strengths are. If she’s a combat medic like rin was – which makes sense, given that timeline – then to me it feels like she should have some neat, over-the-top attacks and abilities to help in combat. No clan stuff, but maybe she’s the one with the endless forbidden medical pouch? So she has poisons, painkillers, pain-inducers, inhalents, salves, maybe some enhancement potions… So her working sabbatical was probably spent making more of those kinds of secret-but-highly-effective combat-meds. (The research of which goes back to her students if/when she dies, so they add it to their arsenals. Which would give Sakura more to do in combat later on, which is a plus.)

This could also mean she’s more of a mad doctor-type character? Like one of the reasons the other jounin is skeptical of her taking on a team is that he doesn’t think they can handle her eccentricity. Which works, given she’s dealing with the trauma of the war. But it’s mostly manifested in a manic obsession with her medical work. Or somesuch.

Alternatively, she could be super cold and calculated, known for her cleanliness, intelligence, and orderliness. She runs a tight ship, which is hard for her team to adapt to given she’s running them into the ground at times.

In this case, her combat abilities might be derived more from ninjutsu or from ninja tools. Or she could be genjutsu-heavy, inflicting pain or pleasure on enemies in order to distract them in order to get away. (I mean, Tsunade’s medic-nin laws do prohibit battle-medics from the front lines, at least without the 100 chakra seal. although in this case they’re more middle-lines, and Tsunade may be considering revising her rules if they’re training genin for battle-nin team dispersion.)

Really, the only thing we can rule out is her being knowledgeable in seals, since in that case she would definitely have been spoken of, at least briefly.

Given the set up of genin teams now–how each team is created with a specific function in mind, Team Ten being infiltration, Team Eight being tracking, Team Gai being bodyguard, Team Seven presumably being the heavy hitters–the jounin sensei may not necessarily have to be as ridiculously strong as Kakashi since it’s highly implied that Kakashi was on his generation’s Team Seven. Which means that our medic jounin sensei may have been on a team with a different primary function. And while the rest of Konoha Twelve do end up being total beasts when it comes to battle it’s still pretty clear that Team Seven is a cut above the rest when it comes to extreme techniques.

Also, I think if combat medic jounin sensei and originally assigned jounin sensei (uh, CM-jounin and OA-jounin from now on to keep things clear?) had been on a genin team together and their third teammate (and their own sensei) had died that would explain a lot? And it was war time so it’s not too unusual…

I do like the idea of her basically being a walking pharmacy of badassery, since we took that option away, and it would kind of explain on both sides, why she’s so isolated. Because she herself would deliberately delve into research so as not to make attachments to other people and other people wouldn’t want to get close to her because she’s crazy about research.

Though perhaps this would explain why Kabuto mentors Youbirin–we had been thinking that Kabuto was going after something the Nohara clan had, but the Nohara are (presumably) fairly common in the Medic Corps. If he’s after something that the CM-jounin has–some kind of compound or drug that she created but deemed too dangerous to produce and so destroyed all her notes (but not in an “it’s poisonous way” but in the way that the Tajuu Kage Bunshin is a forbidden art? Like ideally it would be super helpful, but in practice it’s far more likely to kill someone than help)–and pinpointed Youbirin as an opportunity to steal that? Well…

I would prefer the eccentric, off-kilter kind of personality more than cold and controlling–Doctor Who more than Sherlock… or maybe Elementary’s version of Sherlock more than the BBC version–because we do want her to have that connection to the genin before we coldly rip her away. I’d also be worried about likening her too much to Orochimaru if she’s too cold and controlling, especially if she’s been research obsessed? Konoha wouldn’t tolerate a possible Orochimaru take two right under their noses…

Also it kind of goes with the vibe of Team Medic being a slapdash, last minute creation. Technically, the genin failed OA-jounin’s test–they should have been shuffled into the Genin Corps or the Medic Corps–them being handed off to CM-jounin isn’t following proper procedure and I highly doubt that someone who is all cold and calculating and controlling would put effort into getting this team if it were a casual suggestion from her old teammate. Of course, Konoha bureaucracy doesn’t actually mind this jounin-sensei swap because as far as they’re concerned three jounin-trained combat-medics-to-be is a lot better than three Academy graduates being shuffled off into either of the Corps.

I wonder if, at first, a lot of the team’s “D-rank missions” is actually just helping CM-jounin organize all of her research or acting as her paperwork gofers in the hospital. Their C-ranks would then be following her out of the village as she goes to gather more ingredients and whatever… I mean, she probably has a lot of things to juggle–she strikes me as the kind of person who would be researching several substances concurrently, and on top of that she has to teach three genin how to be medic-nin? Yeah, best to multi-task and have the chore missions be something that is useful instead of wasting her time having to monitor her genin painting a fence or something stupid like that.

(Also, do you have any ideas regarding her name? I basically just looked up Japanese legends and medicine, got redirected to a list of Japanese deities, found this tiny sparkling gem “Sukuna-Biko-Na (少名毘古那) A small deity of medicine and rain, who created and solidified the land with Ōkuninushi.” So we can probably find something there?)

Good to know we’re on the same page about Badass Pharamcist! If used correctly, it can really make her and the team a huge threat in battle. Not on the front lines, given they’re medics, but certainly as support and for fights where they have no choice but to be in, or special missions. (Does that count as “front lines”? I have to question the wording of Tsunade’s rules. But I think those are established later on? Which is annoying, because it’d be super cool to have her first lesson be Tsunade’s rules.)

Would Sukuna Masumi work for CM-jounin? Sukuna isn’t a common surname as far as I can tell, but I’ve seen it used elsewhere to reference the same deity so it’s probably not that far-fetched. Thankfully for us, Kanji isn’t a factor because Kishimoto made literally everyone’s names in Hiragana and Katakana instead. (I haven’t read the original, but the wiki isn’t giving me kanji for any names, meaning there wasn’t any to give)

As for her missions… I imagine the vast, vast majority are just errands for her “disguised” as missions. She still probably files through the village and stuff, but she’s also a researching doctor and 9 times out of 10 the drug she’s making goes back to the village so they fund her research-related missions for her.  Or somesuch.

Like, even the D-ranks (beyond the catch Tora mission that probably every team in Konoha has done at some point in their career) were probably like, running errands for her, grabbing ingredients that are at most in a village just outside of Konoha (One of the nearby ones, y’know?), doing menial tasks at the hospital or for a med-nin heavy clan (So maybe they spend some time among the Nara medical-nin? Would make for neat interaction with Shikako and Sakura, at least), etc.

Their C-rank, I feel like, should be either a medicine delivery job to a village of significant distance from Konoha – like how the original C-rank for Team 7 went all the way to the Land of Waves – or maybe going into a quarantine zone to administer treatment. If the latter, then Sukuna wouldn’t take on the mission until she was absolutely sure the team could handle it, since you don’t send out doctors who aren’t fully prepared. 

(For drama, the C mission probably ends up going awry. Sakura does, after all, still have Team 7 karma. But it probably wouldn’t upgrade to A-rank the way the Land of Waves arc did. Maybe B-rank, though. Unless the disease involved in the mission is because of an enemy ninja, which might be A-rank depending on the threat level of the ninja. I’ll think on it.)

There’s also the question of what drug Kabuto is after. That overkill painkiller is still an option; it causes the body to painlessly overexert itself in much the same way as the Eight Gates, increased output while also causing intense, permanent damage. (Kabuto probably has a contingency around that, though. Because he’s Kabuto…)

Other options: an experimental drug to increase Chakra output by the body (slowly burns the subject up from the inside from excess, uncontrolled chakra; no one knows how or when it was tested, probably for the best), an amnesia-inducing pill (completely destroys the subject’s mental faculties), an anti-biotic that targets foreign chakra (specifically developed for cursed seal-type situations or combat enemy techiniques like Tenketsu Blocking Strikes; may work too well without distinction between types of chakra), a truth serum (developed for interrogation and works by changing brain chemistry; not sure on side effects, but honestly they can’t be good and may be similar to the amnesia-inducing pill’s), or a transformational drug (changes the body’s makeup slowly and painfully over time into something else)

Whatever the drug is, there’s probably only one or two other people who know it exists. If it’s one of the more morbid options (or an additional option of a particularly potent/painful poison), then it’s possible she developed it during the war for the enemy while she was a POW, and destroyed all of her research and notes about it in order to cover it up, meaning only her rescuers know much/anything about it. For the more helpful ones, it was probably something she was working on for the village, but abandoned when the risks became clear. (Meaning the Hokage has to know about it in order to forbid other medics from researching the drug she’d developed, and she destroyed her notes.)

On a different note: I’m still curious if defibrillators exist in-universe. (Or, rather, if they are common. Because DoS canon tells us early on that ninja have strict control of what technologies do and do not exist.) If so, then it’s an easy jump for Jiro to develop his “Heart-Starting Hands” technique and the battle-derivative “Heart-Stopping Hands.” If not, it would make both jutsu more impressive and useful, although how he’d get the idea to try it in that case is a bit beyond me.

And also, how dedicated we are to the crane thing being a Nohara clan thing. I like the whole Takama being guilt-stricken over not giving Rin the technique to protect her, but I’m not sure what the excuse would be. My best thought is that it’s something like only 1 in every 1000 Nohara (Or the best/”first” of 1000 or whatever) can be taught the technique as part of the contract the queen of the cranes has with the clan? Such that Takama didn’t give it to Rin because he wasn’t sure if she was the right choice. 

Otherwise, it’s possible that Takama’s contract with the cranes is a more personal thing, not being connected to the bloodline per se but Takama never had the time to give Rin the contract due to the timing of the war.

I think so long as Team Medic aren’t the first shinobi on the scene then that would be believable. Like–Team Medic would never go on a recon mission, would never be sent on bodyguard missions where there are no other shinobi either at the destination or also part of the Konoha contingent. But probably, as with your C-rank suggestion, so long as a different team scouted ahead or if there’s a permanent outpost of Konoha nin stationed there then Team Medic would be sent without it being “front lines.”

So actually, what it could be–depending on how much you want the mission to go awry–is that Team Medic are to deliver medicine to a village a significant distance away (but probably not actually outside Fire Country) where there is a permanent outpost of Konoha ninja. Theoretically, perfectly safe for a genin team’s first C-rank mission. Except when the team gets there, it turns out everyon in the village–including the outpost guards–have fallen sick. Possibly a biological weapon from an enemy ninja.

I think, though, so as not to bump it all the way up to A-rank, the enemy ninja already left probably off to the next village to wreak havoc. But it’s not Team Medic’s job to pursue–it’s their job to heal the village though they do, of course, send a missive back to Konoha updating them about the situation so that they can send a tracking team their way (maybe it’s Team Eight–though probably unlikely given that enemy ninja is usually at least a B-rank if not higher depending on the threat level). So since the mission wasn’t just a simple delivery, it does get bumped up to B, but since it didn’t actually involve fighting enemy shinobi it’s not quite A-rank.

Sukuna Masumi totally works! I know Sukuna is a last name (though not the same kanji, of course) so the slight reference is enough.

I have this idea that her D-ranks are also helping the team to familiarize themselves with being a medic. Yes they are combat medics, but they are mainly, primarily, medics which means that she’s not going to teach them cool jutsu or make sure they’re maintaining their taijutsu skills. No, they can do that on their own time. And maybe at first the D-ranks do seem like just errands, but maybe at some point one of them cracks and is like–this is useless!

So then she asks them something: where are the sedatives stored in the hospital?And they answer because one of the “missions” was taking inventory of the drugs in the hospital and checking up on all of the storage rooms. Then she asks–if a patient comes and has X, Y, and Z symptoms, where do you direct them? And they had to work a stint at reception but it’s also basically quick diagnosis and split second decision making on how they should be treated. etc. etc.

And while it’s not the same as the school set-up of the Medic Corps, they’re still learning. More importantly, they’re learning in a real-life, practical setting. If they’re going to be battle medics they won’t necessarily have the luxury of scheduled shifts and clearly defined medical history or an entire team of fellow medics to help out. No, they’re going to be out in the field and responding to the worst sort of injuries and they have to be able to know what’s going on and where everything is subconsciously.

I like the drug to increase chakra output (which ends up eating away at the subject, etc, etc), the anti-foreign chakra, and the transformational drug because those do seem like things made with good intentions that just backfired horribly as opposed to some of the more deliberately malicious drugs which might cross the too-similar-to-Orochimaru line.

I also have no idea where you came up with the POW background, but I really really like it. Because that would explain so much! Okay so, during the war, Sukuna and OA’s genin+jounin team were sent on a mission that went horribly awry and only OA was able to escape. By the time OA comes back with reinforcements, they find the bodies of third genin team and jounin sensei and assume that Sukuna was also killed. Except she wasn’t. Because… I dunno, ~reasons~, but the point is, she wasn’t even freed on a deliberate rescue attempt but because a different Konoha contingent raided the enemy base where she was being held, found her only after basically razing it to the ground, and brought her back to Konoha where she was eventually reunited with OA who feels hella guilty about assuming she was dead and not looking for her, etc.

Which is probably why he still looks out for her even decades after the war, even though she’s basically deliberately retreated into research because she’s been hurt by people (losing them, being imprisoned and probs tortured, being abandoned)…

Unsure about defibrillators in-universe. It seems like a very specific technology that wouldn’t have been created since most medical “technology” in the Naruto world are seals? Do they even have heart monitor machines?

I’m unsure if I want Takama’s contract to necessarily be a Nohara clan thing–or like, since the Nohara are mostly medics, it’s like having that one great-uncle who can do a specific trick that isn’t very relevant and so no one really wants to talk to him at family reunions. Also, if he is VERY old then it could be that the rest of the clan forgot he even had it?

I mostly assumed Takama hadn’t given the contract to Rin due to the timing of the war–although didn’t she technically survive the war only to end up the temporary jinchuuriki of the Sanbi and then killed herself via Kakashi? It could be one of those things that he only regret after the fact like–after news of her death came back–he was like, ah, I should have offered her the contract, even though he never really considered doing so when she was alive…

Oh and interesting aside: I’m in the process of redoing those Youbirin and Jiro designs I did a while back. At the moment I’m stuck on a color scheme for Youbirin; honestly I was never in love with Youbirin’s blue-and-purple, so I yanked the dark red from Rin’s socks and it’s… passable. Not great, but more subdued than before. Any ideas on good color schemes or other design influences? I have different hair for both of them that I like better, so it’s a start.

If you do dark red for Youbirin… is that not too close to Sakura’s pink and red ensemble? I mean the “canon Youbirin” which Silver Queen based the characters on was admittedly dorky looking but if you want to salvage his turquoise and orange vibe? Or maybe not orange since that’s Naruto’s color… but turquoise? Or… hm… that’s still a little close to the blue, isn’t it?

I mean… what you could do is what’s the spirit behind Rin’s outift. It’s dark colors, mostly, except for the white skirt/apron thing. Well… maybe the apron thing is supposed to act as scrubs? Like how surgeons wear green to contrast with blood… Like the Nohara clan aren’t combat strong, they wear dark colors so they won’t be noticed in battle, but they’ll wear white if it makes them better healers even if that puts them at risk.

So maybe it’s be best to go with dark purple and blue for him, with a white something. Probably not a full on lab coat like with the Medic Corps uniform SQ made for Sakura in this picture but still something that shows the Nohara sensibility to be medics before combat shinobi. 

Hmm… This could actually put Youbirin in an interesting position. He’s a clan kid, yes, so he’s better off than Sakura or Jiro. But he’s not from a clan that doesn’t actually have anything other than a fast-track through medical practices? Which would mean he’d have to find something – anything, really – to get him up to snuff with point-blank super strength and chain lightning. Maybe he could form a summoning contract later on, as a desperate attempt to stay relevant? Or something like that.

Yes, that exactly! Like–Youbirin probably either explicit or implicitly lords his clan kid status above his teammates (oh, you don’t know how to do this already? when it’s something not taught in the Academy… a shortcut for starting campfires or something) and it’s this foundation that keeps him ahead of them…

At first.

And while Sakura doesn’t get her point-blank super strength until after Tsunade comes back (which means after the Chuunin Exam / Sound Invasion and thus after Youbirin loses his mentor) she does have perfect chakra control which canon!Sasuke got jealous of during the Wave arc. And while I’m unsure how soon you want Jiro to get his chain lightning, Youbirin basically grew up with Jiro as his minion–as his inferior–so any hint that Jiro might at all be better than him, no matter how insignificant would be grating.

So this inferiority complex is already the reason why he gets pushed towards Kabuto… if he does get the summoning contract I think it should be for a different reason. Like having realized his mentor was a traitor to Konoha and that he might have–even minimally, even unwittingly–added to that is what pushes him to temporarily take leave.

And so he retreats to his clan–some of whom are basically like, you can just go back into the Medic Corps where it’s safe, tons of Nohara are there, there is honor in this–some of them even bring up the last time a Nohara was a field/combat medic–Youbirin’s very namesake–and she died!

But maybe someone–the Nohara that has a summoning contract, maybe–is like. There is no shame in making a mistake, but not trying to correct that mistake? That is shameful. And maybe Youbirin brings up how even if he were to go back, he’s so behind, and that Nohara is like… if that is actually your concern and not just some excuse then you can sign this scroll. Insert-creature-here will decide if you are worthy.

… Yeah? Maybe? I don’t want to hijack the plot or anything…

Gambling Away The Past 1/? (2015-12-07)

A/N1: … I said I wasn’t going to do it, but here we are so clearly I am a big liar face. For you, anon, and your prompt here.


Shikako falls.

Or flies. Or stumbles. Or she is pushed and pulled and squeezed and stretched all at the same time for an eternity that only lasts a second.

The point is, Shikako is dragged somewhere–somewhen–and the first thing she sees when she comes to are several Iwa nin attacking some kids. So of course she’s going to do something about it.

When she comes back up for clarity after the flurry of battle she almost chokes on air, “S-sensei?”

“State your name and registration number,” a Kakashi Hatake shorter than her says, voice flat and both of his dark eyes staring her down.

“Hey, don’t be like that, bastard! She totally helped us out!” an unmasked and unscarred Obito Uchiha shouts.

By his side, a living, breathing Rin Nohara adds, “She’s wearing a Konoha flak jacket, Kakashi-kun. And that’s the Nara clan symbol.”

A part of Shikako appreciates the support–even if they aren’t from the one person in this situation that she knows and trusts–but the large majority of her is freaking the fuck out.

Shikako falls and knocks an entire timeline off track.


A/N2: Maybe I’ll come back to this…? I dunno, it’s got a title so…

Could you do a ShikakoxKakashi that is completely accidental? Like somehow, out of no where, Shikako seemed very pretty? And Kakashi’s horrible habits somehow become endearing and charming? And it’s all very WTF on both sides?

I don’t sh– hm… well… I mean, I guess if it’s–but they– hm…


Okay, so I am a multi-shipper at heart and, unrelated, I am always fascinated in trying to mesh two different fandoms into a cohesive crossover/fusion. So it’s not entirely out of my interests to ponder how two people would function in a romantic relationship.

That being said, I’m also extremely wary of ships that have inherent problems–such as a teacher-student pair becoming lovers (long story short, I once played with fire and sort of shipped a thing which I knew going in was problematic, but didn’t realize until after I clawed my way out of the fandom just how problematic it was)

It’s not the age difference that bothers me (because, if I’m going to continue being candid, I’ve shipped things with bigger age gaps) but rather the power imbalance that a teacher-student relationship represents. Even if Shikako is no longer Kakashi’s student, being promoted to tokubetsu jounin, that’s still the basis which their relationship is built on–he’s teaching her kenjutsu and helping with her sensing, etc.

Like, not that I do ship it, but I’m less squicked with the idea of ShikakoxAoba than I am with ShikakoxKakashi, even though they’re the same age. Because Aoba, while taking a mentor-like role, is more of a “senpai” than a “sensei.” Yes, he helps her out and yes, he’s teaching her the way of an Intel ninja, and yes, she does follow his lead. But she could and has refused his orders (arguably, if you consider him asking about her missions as orders) and it’s a very finite mentorship–it’s more like on the job-training than an open-ended teaching of life skills like Kakashi. (Oh no, have I convinced myself to ship ShikakoxAoba?)

THAT BEING SAID, while I am reluctant to ship ShikakoxKakashi as they are in DoS canon, I am wondering at the possibility of shipping them in a AU/alternate dimension/time-travelling sort of situation.

Now that I ponder it in a non-DoS-canon context, I can immediately think of two ways to do it:

1) older!Shikako x canon!Kakashi (via diagonal dimension travel)

Shikako falls diagonally into a different Naruto dimension, possibly canon so she doesn’t exist, and preferably aged up enough to about… Anko/Shizune’s age, maybe? (A little like @ladyhallen’s DoS Switch) She doesn’t land in or anywhere near Konoha, but she does end up thankfully close to where Jiraiya currently is; a Jiraiya who is a month away from heading to Konoha because the Chuunin exams are going to be held there.

With some persistence and hella ridiculous amounts of fuinjutsu discussion, Jiraiya believes her and agrees to take her on as a sort of apprentice in order to stop all of the horrible shit that will otherwise go down without her there. So they get there, a little earlier than Jiraiya would have done by himself, and so Kakashi meets Jiraiya’s newest student–the woman who dared to take the place of his idolized sensei.

At first, they do not get along. Kakashi because he can be an immature jerk and Shikako because she has literally never been on the wrong side of Kakashi’s ire. But it does differentiate canon!Kakashi enough from her sensei DoS!Kakashi, that I don’t feel weird about shipping them (even though, at first, Shikako probably is greatly bewildered by these sorts of feelings for someone who is literally a carbon copy of her sensei). Obviously, Shikako shows how much of a total badass she is and saves a good chunk of Konoha lives in general, but his students’ lives in particular that Kakashi just kind of drops all of his hostility towards her.

And thus begins the weirdest courtship between two mostly apathetic people in existence.

2) Shikako x younger!Kakashi (via linear time travel)

Insert fuinjutsu experiment gone horribly awry, Shikako ends up back in time. Specifically, during the Third Shinobi World War. Even more specifically, when certain teenaged Konoha ninja are being attacked by adult Iwa ninja. Acting mostly on instinct, she saves them and only later realizes that she has greatly shifted the timeline by preventing a) Rin’s kidnapping, b) Kakashi’s eye injury, c) Obito’s almost-death… so on and so forth, Madara no longer has a convenient Uchiha body to do his bidding, and so no attack during the Naruto’s birth, no Kyuubi rampage, no Uchiha almost-coup and subsequent massacre, etc, etc.

But before that, all she knows is that she’s landed in the middle of a war and the only person she trusts is an asshole teenager who has no idea who she is.

Given her obvious Nara looks, and some more persistence+fuinjutsu discussion, and the fact that she saved his students’ lives Minato totally (re)instates her as a Konoha ninja, in particular as a fifth member of their team. Anyway, it’s actually more like the fourth member of the Kakashi+Obito+Rin team since, being the Yellow Flash and all, Minato is called away to missions completely out of his students’ league and most solid teams have four members.

Cue a bewildered and stranded-out-of-time Shikako interacting with Team Minato and there are definitely opportunities for shipping there.

(Although, I’d be a little concerned that it overlaps too much with @langwritesCatch Your Breath. Not that Shikako and Keisuke are the same, but rather if you want to read about an SI!OC kicking ass and taking names in the Kakashi Gaiden era, you really should be reading that. It’s great)

edit: i’m weak and began writing this idea in “Gambling Away The Past.” it may turn into a series–i don’t know.

There are probably many more, but those two are the ones that spring to mind right now as ways I would be comfortable in even trying. I know this doesn’t really fill your prompt, but I don’t think I can do a proper one–both the ideas above are pretty big fic as I imagine them, and I don’t quite have the chops to pull either one of them off yet :/

However, if anyone else would like to adopt one of the ideas and run with it (or even further discuss what these potential fic would entail) then I would be more than happy to help out with that. I love brainstorming fic and would honestly be happy to see anon’s prompt get filled by someone, even if that person is not me.

Counterpoise drabble (2015-07-30)

This is our legacy, Zakuro thinks, as he watches Riichi-sensei’s indolent composure break to scream at his genin teammates. Anko-senpai and Satsuma-san do not hesitate to scream back.

“This is your fucking Exam, Anko, how do you not know when that bastard sneaks in as one of the contestants. He fucking spoke to you!”

“Don’t push this on me, Satsuma’s the one whose entire genin squad was a sleeper cell of his spies. They might as well have had Sound headbands on, you four-eyed idiot!”

“Riichi’s band of perfect little soldiers could hardly keep their covers through the preliminaries. Talk about not knowing your team–you didn’t even know what your student’s hair color is!”

“You have no right to talk about my team when they’re just cleaning up after the massive steaming pile of shit you call your squad!”

Back and forth the shouting goes, flinging insults and blame and accusations at each other. Yet no one actually says the name which started it all.


Konran, no longer quite as short as she used to be, yet still small enough to fit comfortably under Ringo’s chin–due to their own growth spurts–is huddled there. Her hood and bandana are in tatters, revealing the bright red mess that remains of a once neatly pinned up braid. Ringo, arms still shaking from nerve poison, tries to comfort her as best he can.

We don’t have to end up like them, Zakuro hopes, watching the adults tear open old wounds just to make each other hurt.

He joins his teammates, wrapping around them as best he can, as if so long as they were hidden they would be safe. He removes the shredded headband from Konran forehead, surprised it had stayed on even that long, and replaces it with his own, clumsily tying it in her preferred bandana style. For Ringo, he gently pulls his arms down, rubbing at biceps and forearms, in an attempt to massage away the pain.

It’s still obvious her hair is red, and Ringo’s the medic, not him, so he has no idea what he’s doing, but he tries. He wants to help.

They don’t say anything, both still in shock in their own ways, but Konran grabs the fabric of his shirt and pulls him even closer, and Ringo’s face presses into the curve of his neck and shoulder. Zakuro doesn’t ignore the spots of dampness, but he doesn’t say anything.

Every so often, Ringo gets gifts. It’s just… something that happens; has been happening since he was born and his parents decided to name him Ringo after his late aunt.

His father says they’re from Hatake Kakashi who, despite being an elite jounin, is kind of socially stupid. It’s survivor’s guilt, his father explains, because he was on a team with your aunt.

His mother contradicts: It’ll take a lot more than trinkets to make up for what he–

And that’s when father shushes her, at least when he can sense Ringo. Which, so far, has been every time.

But he can guess what mother was going to say. It’s… well… not public record, necessarily, but next of kin do get more details on cause of death, if not quite the full story. And, well, it’s hard to hide medical records from an entire clan of medic nin.

So, yeah, gifts. And despite what mother says they’re not really what he would call trinkets. Ringo gets a lot of really nice gear–top of the line mesh and weapons and the higher grade soldier pills. Not exactly out of his family’s pay range, but if he didn’t already get it for free, he’d probably end up buying the cheaper stuff for himself.

He also occasionally does get stuff that he would consider trinkets. Little pots of medicinal plants, books and scrolls, non-perishable food, and once, a particularly shiny and colorful rock. Small, inconsequential things, closer to annoying than useful, but he keeps everything regardless.

But… to be honest? He doesn’t think it’s just one gift giver. Ringo can tell which ones come from Hatake Kakashi–they usually follow after the occasions when he senses the familiar electric-bright shock of chakra on the roof opposite his bedroom. They tend to be… pointed, if not practical. If he tears one of his favorite shirts, a new, similar one will be given to him within the week. If he stares too long at the bookstore’s display for the next installment of Tokuina Bubun, then a brand new copy will end up on his windowsill.

But… some of them are really random. He doesn’t use senbon, but occasionally he’ll receive some. He doesn’t use elemental ninjutsu either, but D through B rank water and fire jutsu scrolls fill up his bookshelves. He wonders why water and fire, specifically, but he wonders why ninjutsu scrolls in general so… Or even, occasionally, girl’s clothing. Which is weird and which is the only stuff he doesn’t keep–unless sharing snacks counts as giving away. He passes those onto Konran who takes it with both confusion and aplomb.

So, yeah, possibly two gift givers. He’s not going to say anything, because this has literally been going on his entire life and there’s no need to make it an issue now all of a sudden. But he is curious. And… okay, maybe a little concerned?

Because if one of the gift givers is Hatake Kakashi who does it out of survivor’s guilt (or atonement)… then who is the second and for what reason are they doing it?


A/N: Oh god, I’m so sorry. I said I wasn’t going to do this series, but apparently I’m just a big liar face. So here’s some more Counterpoise! Featuring Zakuro and Ringo this time because, you know what? This series is about more than just Naruto’s twin sister, it’s her story and that includes the people that are important to her.

Aaaand, yes, I am implying that Obito is being a little creepy and giving Ringo gifts he would give to Rin if she were alive. Hahahaha. Are they courting gifts? Are they apology gifts? Who knows?

Well, I suppose Kakashi is also being a little creepy too.

And I firmly believe that Ringo will never refer to Kakashi with anything other than his full name. Always.