Gambling Away The Past 1/? (2015-12-07)

A/N1: … I said I wasn’t going to do it, but here we are so clearly I am a big liar face. For you, anon, and your prompt here.


Shikako falls.

Or flies. Or stumbles. Or she is pushed and pulled and squeezed and stretched all at the same time for an eternity that only lasts a second.

The point is, Shikako is dragged somewhere–somewhen–and the first thing she sees when she comes to are several Iwa nin attacking some kids. So of course she’s going to do something about it.

When she comes back up for clarity after the flurry of battle she almost chokes on air, “S-sensei?”

“State your name and registration number,” a Kakashi Hatake shorter than her says, voice flat and both of his dark eyes staring her down.

“Hey, don’t be like that, bastard! She totally helped us out!” an unmasked and unscarred Obito Uchiha shouts.

By his side, a living, breathing Rin Nohara adds, “She’s wearing a Konoha flak jacket, Kakashi-kun. And that’s the Nara clan symbol.”

A part of Shikako appreciates the support–even if they aren’t from the one person in this situation that she knows and trusts–but the large majority of her is freaking the fuck out.

Shikako falls and knocks an entire timeline off track.


A/N2: Maybe I’ll come back to this…? I dunno, it’s got a title so…

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