Hmm… This could actually put Youbirin in an interesting position. He’s a clan kid, yes, so he’s better off than Sakura or Jiro. But he’s not from a clan that doesn’t actually have anything other than a fast-track through medical practices? Which would mean he’d have to find something – anything, really – to get him up to snuff with point-blank super strength and chain lightning. Maybe he could form a summoning contract later on, as a desperate attempt to stay relevant? Or something like that.

Yes, that exactly! Like–Youbirin probably either explicit or implicitly lords his clan kid status above his teammates (oh, you don’t know how to do this already? when it’s something not taught in the Academy… a shortcut for starting campfires or something) and it’s this foundation that keeps him ahead of them…

At first.

And while Sakura doesn’t get her point-blank super strength until after Tsunade comes back (which means after the Chuunin Exam / Sound Invasion and thus after Youbirin loses his mentor) she does have perfect chakra control which canon!Sasuke got jealous of during the Wave arc. And while I’m unsure how soon you want Jiro to get his chain lightning, Youbirin basically grew up with Jiro as his minion–as his inferior–so any hint that Jiro might at all be better than him, no matter how insignificant would be grating.

So this inferiority complex is already the reason why he gets pushed towards Kabuto… if he does get the summoning contract I think it should be for a different reason. Like having realized his mentor was a traitor to Konoha and that he might have–even minimally, even unwittingly–added to that is what pushes him to temporarily take leave.

And so he retreats to his clan–some of whom are basically like, you can just go back into the Medic Corps where it’s safe, tons of Nohara are there, there is honor in this–some of them even bring up the last time a Nohara was a field/combat medic–Youbirin’s very namesake–and she died!

But maybe someone–the Nohara that has a summoning contract, maybe–is like. There is no shame in making a mistake, but not trying to correct that mistake? That is shameful. And maybe Youbirin brings up how even if he were to go back, he’s so behind, and that Nohara is like… if that is actually your concern and not just some excuse then you can sign this scroll. Insert-creature-here will decide if you are worthy.

… Yeah? Maybe? I don’t want to hijack the plot or anything…

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