Team Medic brainstorm (2016-04-14)







Okay so jounin sensei: battle-medic who is loyal to Konoha…

They needn’t necessarily have been mentioned in canon provided, well… the scale of Konoha is much larger in DoS than it is in canon which is one of the very many reasons I prefer DoS to canon. Given that Masashi Kishimoto has such a narrow scope of the world, a single jounin–even if they are a medic–could easily be overlooked. Especially since we don’t really get a good look at any medic nin until Tsunade and Shizune appear–so, if we do go with the jounin sensei dying in the Sound Invasion, they would have likely also died during the canon Invasion as well and so would not be there when Tsunade and Shizune return. Also, frankly put, if the jounin sensei is female? Well… MK isn’t all that good about female representation.

And there is the fact that, as we brainstormed previously, their originally assigned jounin sensei actually passed them onto the battle medic who was on a sabbatical. So if she had been primarily doing research before being ambushed with a team of genin, then there’d be no reason for her to still mentioned in canon.

My guess is that she might have been, like Rin had, a field medic that was fast-tracked into becoming a combat medic during the Third Shinobi World War only she got to live through to peace time post-Kyuubi. I feel like a lot of that generation–had they survived–would be in a weird limbo? They were the youngest generation to be eligible for fighting during that war so they’re probably all either super strange and mildly traumatized.

So if you want to make that part of the jounin-sensei’s storyline–not exactly like Kakashi’s but a similar sort of coming out of her self-imposed isolation because she begins to care for these three kids–that could be one route. Like maybe the originally assigned jounin sensei was her genin teammate and is the only person she really interacts with outside of a professional capacity of the Medic Corps (a bit like Gai is to Kakashi). Which would make it super sad when/if she dies… Hm… we could come up with alternative story arcs. If this doesn’t appeal to you.

I’m also unsure if I actually want her to die? Maybe injured to the point of retirement from field work–so she can still be a medic and a researcher, but she can no longer be their team leader on the field which is why Team Medic is broken up amongst the other genin teams…

It would help if we had names…

Her dying is mainly useful because balancing 2 OC’s with canon changes feels easier to work with than balancing 3? And having her around would make dispersing Team Medic among their genin peers feel less like a natural progression? But I could be wrong there. Those are both selfish reasons, but it just feels like the right move narratively. But I’m willing to bend on it depending on where we go with her character.

I guess the first thing is what her strengths are. If she’s a combat medic like rin was – which makes sense, given that timeline – then to me it feels like she should have some neat, over-the-top attacks and abilities to help in combat. No clan stuff, but maybe she’s the one with the endless forbidden medical pouch? So she has poisons, painkillers, pain-inducers, inhalents, salves, maybe some enhancement potions… So her working sabbatical was probably spent making more of those kinds of secret-but-highly-effective combat-meds. (The research of which goes back to her students if/when she dies, so they add it to their arsenals. Which would give Sakura more to do in combat later on, which is a plus.)

This could also mean she’s more of a mad doctor-type character? Like one of the reasons the other jounin is skeptical of her taking on a team is that he doesn’t think they can handle her eccentricity. Which works, given she’s dealing with the trauma of the war. But it’s mostly manifested in a manic obsession with her medical work. Or somesuch.

Alternatively, she could be super cold and calculated, known for her cleanliness, intelligence, and orderliness. She runs a tight ship, which is hard for her team to adapt to given she’s running them into the ground at times.

In this case, her combat abilities might be derived more from ninjutsu or from ninja tools. Or she could be genjutsu-heavy, inflicting pain or pleasure on enemies in order to distract them in order to get away. (I mean, Tsunade’s medic-nin laws do prohibit battle-medics from the front lines, at least without the 100 chakra seal. although in this case they’re more middle-lines, and Tsunade may be considering revising her rules if they’re training genin for battle-nin team dispersion.)

Really, the only thing we can rule out is her being knowledgeable in seals, since in that case she would definitely have been spoken of, at least briefly.

Given the set up of genin teams now–how each team is created with a specific function in mind, Team Ten being infiltration, Team Eight being tracking, Team Gai being bodyguard, Team Seven presumably being the heavy hitters–the jounin sensei may not necessarily have to be as ridiculously strong as Kakashi since it’s highly implied that Kakashi was on his generation’s Team Seven. Which means that our medic jounin sensei may have been on a team with a different primary function. And while the rest of Konoha Twelve do end up being total beasts when it comes to battle it’s still pretty clear that Team Seven is a cut above the rest when it comes to extreme techniques.

Also, I think if combat medic jounin sensei and originally assigned jounin sensei (uh, CM-jounin and OA-jounin from now on to keep things clear?) had been on a genin team together and their third teammate (and their own sensei) had died that would explain a lot? And it was war time so it’s not too unusual…

I do like the idea of her basically being a walking pharmacy of badassery, since we took that option away, and it would kind of explain on both sides, why she’s so isolated. Because she herself would deliberately delve into research so as not to make attachments to other people and other people wouldn’t want to get close to her because she’s crazy about research.

Though perhaps this would explain why Kabuto mentors Youbirin–we had been thinking that Kabuto was going after something the Nohara clan had, but the Nohara are (presumably) fairly common in the Medic Corps. If he’s after something that the CM-jounin has–some kind of compound or drug that she created but deemed too dangerous to produce and so destroyed all her notes (but not in an “it’s poisonous way” but in the way that the Tajuu Kage Bunshin is a forbidden art? Like ideally it would be super helpful, but in practice it’s far more likely to kill someone than help)–and pinpointed Youbirin as an opportunity to steal that? Well…

I would prefer the eccentric, off-kilter kind of personality more than cold and controlling–Doctor Who more than Sherlock… or maybe Elementary’s version of Sherlock more than the BBC version–because we do want her to have that connection to the genin before we coldly rip her away. I’d also be worried about likening her too much to Orochimaru if she’s too cold and controlling, especially if she’s been research obsessed? Konoha wouldn’t tolerate a possible Orochimaru take two right under their noses…

Also it kind of goes with the vibe of Team Medic being a slapdash, last minute creation. Technically, the genin failed OA-jounin’s test–they should have been shuffled into the Genin Corps or the Medic Corps–them being handed off to CM-jounin isn’t following proper procedure and I highly doubt that someone who is all cold and calculating and controlling would put effort into getting this team if it were a casual suggestion from her old teammate. Of course, Konoha bureaucracy doesn’t actually mind this jounin-sensei swap because as far as they’re concerned three jounin-trained combat-medics-to-be is a lot better than three Academy graduates being shuffled off into either of the Corps.

I wonder if, at first, a lot of the team’s “D-rank missions” is actually just helping CM-jounin organize all of her research or acting as her paperwork gofers in the hospital. Their C-ranks would then be following her out of the village as she goes to gather more ingredients and whatever… I mean, she probably has a lot of things to juggle–she strikes me as the kind of person who would be researching several substances concurrently, and on top of that she has to teach three genin how to be medic-nin? Yeah, best to multi-task and have the chore missions be something that is useful instead of wasting her time having to monitor her genin painting a fence or something stupid like that.

(Also, do you have any ideas regarding her name? I basically just looked up Japanese legends and medicine, got redirected to a list of Japanese deities, found this tiny sparkling gem “Sukuna-Biko-Na (少名毘古那) A small deity of medicine and rain, who created and solidified the land with Ōkuninushi.” So we can probably find something there?)

Good to know we’re on the same page about Badass Pharamcist! If used correctly, it can really make her and the team a huge threat in battle. Not on the front lines, given they’re medics, but certainly as support and for fights where they have no choice but to be in, or special missions. (Does that count as “front lines”? I have to question the wording of Tsunade’s rules. But I think those are established later on? Which is annoying, because it’d be super cool to have her first lesson be Tsunade’s rules.)

Would Sukuna Masumi work for CM-jounin? Sukuna isn’t a common surname as far as I can tell, but I’ve seen it used elsewhere to reference the same deity so it’s probably not that far-fetched. Thankfully for us, Kanji isn’t a factor because Kishimoto made literally everyone’s names in Hiragana and Katakana instead. (I haven’t read the original, but the wiki isn’t giving me kanji for any names, meaning there wasn’t any to give)

As for her missions… I imagine the vast, vast majority are just errands for her “disguised” as missions. She still probably files through the village and stuff, but she’s also a researching doctor and 9 times out of 10 the drug she’s making goes back to the village so they fund her research-related missions for her.  Or somesuch.

Like, even the D-ranks (beyond the catch Tora mission that probably every team in Konoha has done at some point in their career) were probably like, running errands for her, grabbing ingredients that are at most in a village just outside of Konoha (One of the nearby ones, y’know?), doing menial tasks at the hospital or for a med-nin heavy clan (So maybe they spend some time among the Nara medical-nin? Would make for neat interaction with Shikako and Sakura, at least), etc.

Their C-rank, I feel like, should be either a medicine delivery job to a village of significant distance from Konoha – like how the original C-rank for Team 7 went all the way to the Land of Waves – or maybe going into a quarantine zone to administer treatment. If the latter, then Sukuna wouldn’t take on the mission until she was absolutely sure the team could handle it, since you don’t send out doctors who aren’t fully prepared. 

(For drama, the C mission probably ends up going awry. Sakura does, after all, still have Team 7 karma. But it probably wouldn’t upgrade to A-rank the way the Land of Waves arc did. Maybe B-rank, though. Unless the disease involved in the mission is because of an enemy ninja, which might be A-rank depending on the threat level of the ninja. I’ll think on it.)

There’s also the question of what drug Kabuto is after. That overkill painkiller is still an option; it causes the body to painlessly overexert itself in much the same way as the Eight Gates, increased output while also causing intense, permanent damage. (Kabuto probably has a contingency around that, though. Because he’s Kabuto…)

Other options: an experimental drug to increase Chakra output by the body (slowly burns the subject up from the inside from excess, uncontrolled chakra; no one knows how or when it was tested, probably for the best), an amnesia-inducing pill (completely destroys the subject’s mental faculties), an anti-biotic that targets foreign chakra (specifically developed for cursed seal-type situations or combat enemy techiniques like Tenketsu Blocking Strikes; may work too well without distinction between types of chakra), a truth serum (developed for interrogation and works by changing brain chemistry; not sure on side effects, but honestly they can’t be good and may be similar to the amnesia-inducing pill’s), or a transformational drug (changes the body’s makeup slowly and painfully over time into something else)

Whatever the drug is, there’s probably only one or two other people who know it exists. If it’s one of the more morbid options (or an additional option of a particularly potent/painful poison), then it’s possible she developed it during the war for the enemy while she was a POW, and destroyed all of her research and notes about it in order to cover it up, meaning only her rescuers know much/anything about it. For the more helpful ones, it was probably something she was working on for the village, but abandoned when the risks became clear. (Meaning the Hokage has to know about it in order to forbid other medics from researching the drug she’d developed, and she destroyed her notes.)

On a different note: I’m still curious if defibrillators exist in-universe. (Or, rather, if they are common. Because DoS canon tells us early on that ninja have strict control of what technologies do and do not exist.) If so, then it’s an easy jump for Jiro to develop his “Heart-Starting Hands” technique and the battle-derivative “Heart-Stopping Hands.” If not, it would make both jutsu more impressive and useful, although how he’d get the idea to try it in that case is a bit beyond me.

And also, how dedicated we are to the crane thing being a Nohara clan thing. I like the whole Takama being guilt-stricken over not giving Rin the technique to protect her, but I’m not sure what the excuse would be. My best thought is that it’s something like only 1 in every 1000 Nohara (Or the best/”first” of 1000 or whatever) can be taught the technique as part of the contract the queen of the cranes has with the clan? Such that Takama didn’t give it to Rin because he wasn’t sure if she was the right choice. 

Otherwise, it’s possible that Takama’s contract with the cranes is a more personal thing, not being connected to the bloodline per se but Takama never had the time to give Rin the contract due to the timing of the war.

I think so long as Team Medic aren’t the first shinobi on the scene then that would be believable. Like–Team Medic would never go on a recon mission, would never be sent on bodyguard missions where there are no other shinobi either at the destination or also part of the Konoha contingent. But probably, as with your C-rank suggestion, so long as a different team scouted ahead or if there’s a permanent outpost of Konoha nin stationed there then Team Medic would be sent without it being “front lines.”

So actually, what it could be–depending on how much you want the mission to go awry–is that Team Medic are to deliver medicine to a village a significant distance away (but probably not actually outside Fire Country) where there is a permanent outpost of Konoha ninja. Theoretically, perfectly safe for a genin team’s first C-rank mission. Except when the team gets there, it turns out everyon in the village–including the outpost guards–have fallen sick. Possibly a biological weapon from an enemy ninja.

I think, though, so as not to bump it all the way up to A-rank, the enemy ninja already left probably off to the next village to wreak havoc. But it’s not Team Medic’s job to pursue–it’s their job to heal the village though they do, of course, send a missive back to Konoha updating them about the situation so that they can send a tracking team their way (maybe it’s Team Eight–though probably unlikely given that enemy ninja is usually at least a B-rank if not higher depending on the threat level). So since the mission wasn’t just a simple delivery, it does get bumped up to B, but since it didn’t actually involve fighting enemy shinobi it’s not quite A-rank.

Sukuna Masumi totally works! I know Sukuna is a last name (though not the same kanji, of course) so the slight reference is enough.

I have this idea that her D-ranks are also helping the team to familiarize themselves with being a medic. Yes they are combat medics, but they are mainly, primarily, medics which means that she’s not going to teach them cool jutsu or make sure they’re maintaining their taijutsu skills. No, they can do that on their own time. And maybe at first the D-ranks do seem like just errands, but maybe at some point one of them cracks and is like–this is useless!

So then she asks them something: where are the sedatives stored in the hospital?And they answer because one of the “missions” was taking inventory of the drugs in the hospital and checking up on all of the storage rooms. Then she asks–if a patient comes and has X, Y, and Z symptoms, where do you direct them? And they had to work a stint at reception but it’s also basically quick diagnosis and split second decision making on how they should be treated. etc. etc.

And while it’s not the same as the school set-up of the Medic Corps, they’re still learning. More importantly, they’re learning in a real-life, practical setting. If they’re going to be battle medics they won’t necessarily have the luxury of scheduled shifts and clearly defined medical history or an entire team of fellow medics to help out. No, they’re going to be out in the field and responding to the worst sort of injuries and they have to be able to know what’s going on and where everything is subconsciously.

I like the drug to increase chakra output (which ends up eating away at the subject, etc, etc), the anti-foreign chakra, and the transformational drug because those do seem like things made with good intentions that just backfired horribly as opposed to some of the more deliberately malicious drugs which might cross the too-similar-to-Orochimaru line.

I also have no idea where you came up with the POW background, but I really really like it. Because that would explain so much! Okay so, during the war, Sukuna and OA’s genin+jounin team were sent on a mission that went horribly awry and only OA was able to escape. By the time OA comes back with reinforcements, they find the bodies of third genin team and jounin sensei and assume that Sukuna was also killed. Except she wasn’t. Because… I dunno, ~reasons~, but the point is, she wasn’t even freed on a deliberate rescue attempt but because a different Konoha contingent raided the enemy base where she was being held, found her only after basically razing it to the ground, and brought her back to Konoha where she was eventually reunited with OA who feels hella guilty about assuming she was dead and not looking for her, etc.

Which is probably why he still looks out for her even decades after the war, even though she’s basically deliberately retreated into research because she’s been hurt by people (losing them, being imprisoned and probs tortured, being abandoned)…

Unsure about defibrillators in-universe. It seems like a very specific technology that wouldn’t have been created since most medical “technology” in the Naruto world are seals? Do they even have heart monitor machines?

I’m unsure if I want Takama’s contract to necessarily be a Nohara clan thing–or like, since the Nohara are mostly medics, it’s like having that one great-uncle who can do a specific trick that isn’t very relevant and so no one really wants to talk to him at family reunions. Also, if he is VERY old then it could be that the rest of the clan forgot he even had it?

I mostly assumed Takama hadn’t given the contract to Rin due to the timing of the war–although didn’t she technically survive the war only to end up the temporary jinchuuriki of the Sanbi and then killed herself via Kakashi? It could be one of those things that he only regret after the fact like–after news of her death came back–he was like, ah, I should have offered her the contract, even though he never really considered doing so when she was alive…

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