31+DOS+ platonic team seven

I love the way your face lights up
when someone says,
“It might be dangerous.”
(I am glad we are friends.)


Sasuke smirks, Naruto laughs, and Shikako tries to suppress an unprofessional giggle–it’s not their clients’ fault that they’ve hired a team of adrenaline junkies.

“We’ll be fine,” she assures them, perfectly polite smile on her face, before the three of them set off.

Supposedly there’s a monster in the forest preying on the citizens of the town, a behemoth with claws and teeth and no real solid description: it’s just as well, they’ve been kind of bored lately.


(Strong In The Real Way)

“You’re a researcher, not a fighter,” Sasuke says, trying to discourage her, trying to protect her.

“I’m a scientist,” she corrects, “danger isn’t unfamiliar to me.” She steps forward to complete the line–her and Sasuke and Naruto, ready to take on whatever force Home World may be sending, “We’ll both stand with you, Naruto”

Naruto looks over at the two of them–surprised and more than a little touched, eyes suspiciously shiny–and grins.


(Remember To Sleep)

The old Uzushio stomping grounds are a nightmare ghost town–teeming with erratic Uzumaki tech and an unstoppable electromagnetic field–but it might hold a clue about Naruto’s past and that’s all the reason Shikako needs to make the trip.

“What are you doing here, bastard?” Naruto shouts, more surprised than actually angry–it’s just as well they’re not aiming for stealth right now.

“As if I’ll let the two of you go without me,” Sasuke scoffs, “Who knows what kind of trouble you’d get into.”


(Call On Your Angels)

“You said that about the last one, too, but the worst that happened was that thunderstorm knocking over a tree and almost flattening Sasuke,” Naruto responds when Shikako brings up her newest expedition.

Sasuke glares at him, “Yeah. How boring,” he says, deadpan, but he starts packing up his stuff alongside Naruto–she’s honestly a little surprised. “Even if it is just looking at rocks all day, of course we’re coming with you.”

Unfortunately–or maybe fortunately–it is not just looking at rocks.



“This is my city, all the people I love live here,” she says, gearing up, “I may not have powers like either of you, but I’m going to do what I can to defend my home.”

Shikako is human walking alongside an alien and a demigod, ready to take on an ancient horror.

She can’t fly–urban myths aside–but they hold out their hands to her and she soars.


A/N: Thanks for the prompt, oliviaphoenix! I don’t know if this is the format I’ll be taking with the all of the prompts for the a softer ask box event, but for this one in particular it felt right.

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In remember to sleep. What if Naruto’s parents somehow got his body to Uzu. The Uzumaki were killed out in a gang war but thier old stomping grounds remain untouched because of the AI they were famous for still patrol waiting for an Uzumaki to return. Kakashi hasn’t looked there because he can’t. They are not nice robots.

Ooh… hm… I wonder if the Uzumaki vitality is their ability to somehow resist EMP? So the area around Uzushio is basically a no electronics area except for Uzumaki tech.

I do like the idea of wild feral angry guard robots, too, so maybe they are also there and, because Uzumaki tech, impervious to the Uzushio EMP.

Normally guard robots wouldn’t be a problem for Kakashi (as much as a walking trash can as he is, he is very skilled in his job) but the EMP makes him baseline human.

And hey, guess who are baseline human and Uzumaki tech? 😀

I mean, I still don’t know if Naruto’s body is out there, but this would be a good “we need to find out more about your origins” adventure.

‘When the Fires at my Feet Again’ Shikako or just DOS Team 7. And it’s in reference to a newish song I just heard called Rise by Katy Perry

This is a post-bad-guys-win!AU. A comeback!AU, if you will.

I don’t know if this is also a time travel / dimension travel!AU as well…

Oh. Actually! Agh… I know I said I would try not to reuse previous brainstorms, but this title definitely feels like a “if evil had won and Shikako had escaped via diagonal dimension travel into not-DoS!canon ‘verse where she is approximately Kakashi’s age and becomes the equivalent of Jiraiya’s Shizune but not”

That is, option 1 from this post long ago.

So this Shikako is even more determined to save the world but also knows that because of her existence/interference her dimension failed. So she’s far less hesitant to make changes that might “blow her cover” (because what does she care anymore? anything to succeed) but she’s also afraid that she might just make things worse (again.)

Once Kakashi has dropped his grudge against her “trying to be Minato by being Jiraiya’s new student” and let’s her (back) into Team Seven’s weird family, she does her best to make sure everyone is as strong as can be and don’t fall for any of Danzo’s bullshit.

… yeah, I don’t really know what else to write

when the fire’s at my feet again

Not every story has a happily ever after, not every hero gets to live–sometimes the villains win in the end.

She might not get the perfect ending this time, but anything is better than nothing in a zero sum game.

In remember to sleep I like the idea that Naruto’s body is asleep somewhere. It could be part of thier mission, quest, thing to find his body to see if he and Kurama can be separated as well as show Naruto how to human.

See I like that idea, too, but I don’t know why the Uchiha would allow it? Unless they don’t know–and they don’t actively use Naruto because they wanted the Kyuubi, not a child AI, not knowing that the android contains both.

In which case, where is Naruto’s body? If Kakashi really is trying to find the truth behind his teacher’s/foster parents’ death then wouldn’t he have already search all of the Namikaze-Uzumaki properties? That he knows of… secret lab?


So in the reminder to dream au what would have happened to his parents lab? Attacked by the corrupt police with Kurama? Oh maybe the tailed beasts are actually part of an ancient entity that the police stumbled upon and had put a piece in an Android to try and control. The one they used to attack Naruto’s parents escaped so they uploaded it along with Naruto?

@donapoetrypassion’s questions:
(I’m just gonna float some ideas/questions your ways as they occur to me): Shikamaru has a new cybernetic arm- in this verse, how did he lose his flesh one?

Does Shikako’s hypersensitivity diagnosis have an in-universe equivalent?

Oooh… Danzo’s stolen mind-control eye… in a universe where so much runs on robotics and (presumably) many people have robotic limbs…

If the word ‘enslaved’ possibly applies to Naruto, what word applies to this world’s equivalent of Sai? And why?

Shikako seems like an adult with a job- that do the other Konoha 12 do?

(Does the internet affect what kind of shogi/strategy games Shikamaru plays? Who he plays? Are there competitions? Is he a professional shogi player who doesn’t actually need an income from another kind of job?)

(As you can see, I took that invitation and ran with it. I’ll stop bugging you now, though.)

Oh wow, okay, I totally asked for this and I’m grateful for the questions, so let me just wade through these first… (Also, dona, your questions are in no way bugging me. Actually your questions almost always make me contemplate deeper ramifications for my AUs, so thanks!)

I’m still not entirely sure what happened to Naruto’s parents exactly, but I do think they were probably working on something to do with the Kyuubi. The problem is I don’t know what it is exactly, either, beyond something like a… sentient “nature-made” AI. Like… something on the scope of the internet. Or The Machine from Person of Interest. A sort of cybernetic eldritch horror that lives in machines and consumes code… so maybe the bijuu are a virus?

Um, yeah. So whatever Kyuubi is, the Uchiha probably had some kind of secret epic code to control it and the Kyuubi in turn took over the lab Naruto’s parents were working in?

Maybe they were working on putting the Kyuubi in a robot body so it could properly “live” except the Uchiha found out about it, wanted the Kyuubi robot, tried to buy it from Naruto’s parents, and ended up just taking it by force. Leading to the deaths of the Namikaze-Uzumaki family. (Unsure if I also want Naruto to have physically died but been uploaded into the robot body along with the Kyuubi, or if he’s still alive but doesn’t know it and his body has some kind of uplink connecting him with the Kyuubi robot body).

Shikamaru probably lost his flesh arm in an incident involving Shikako. I’m thinking something like… a tech expo and an overzealous rival/fan attacked her? But then Shikamaru got on the way and so there’s still guilt on Shikako’s end, as per canon–maybe this was pretty recent and the reason why she hasn’t gone home for family dinners in a while?

Shikako’s hypersensitivity diagnosis… it might be that she can’t have any cybernetic implants/mods. I know in cyberpunk universes, nearly everyone is modded to some extent, so the people who aren’t are unusual for some reason. Everyone has a ID chip, at the very least, but Shikako doesn’t even have that? (Which does make it a little ironic that she’s a genius with cybernetics)

Yup. Danzo’s got a Sharingan. I think in this AU the Uchiha clan are still alive, but Danzo might have stolen more the design for the Sharingan than actually plucking out Shisui’s eyeball. Then again, that imagery is gruesome enough to fit him.

“Enslaved” does also fit Sai, though perhaps it’s more… oh no… “groomed.” Danzo’s ROOT are actually human, but they have an implant that basically lets him wipe their memories and such and turn them into meat puppets.

All of the Konoha Twelve? I guess it depends mostly on what the clans would be in this ‘verse… except for Sakura who is, like in canon, a doctor/medic, TenTen who is also an mechanical engineer (though not so much cybernetics), and Lee who… what does Gai do?

As for the clans, they are probably like companies (or yakuza crime families) in the sense that the clan as a whole runs a business and the clan heads/heirs are probably the CEOs/training to be CEOs or are major shareholders who CAN live off the company but decide to work anyway. So for example, the Nara clan is probably a huge pharmaceuticals company (beginning to branch into cybernetics due to Shikako) but Shikamaru is also a professional shogi player.

Hm… what do the other clans do?