In remember to sleep. What if Naruto’s parents somehow got his body to Uzu. The Uzumaki were killed out in a gang war but thier old stomping grounds remain untouched because of the AI they were famous for still patrol waiting for an Uzumaki to return. Kakashi hasn’t looked there because he can’t. They are not nice robots.

Ooh… hm… I wonder if the Uzumaki vitality is their ability to somehow resist EMP? So the area around Uzushio is basically a no electronics area except for Uzumaki tech.

I do like the idea of wild feral angry guard robots, too, so maybe they are also there and, because Uzumaki tech, impervious to the Uzushio EMP.

Normally guard robots wouldn’t be a problem for Kakashi (as much as a walking trash can as he is, he is very skilled in his job) but the EMP makes him baseline human.

And hey, guess who are baseline human and Uzumaki tech? 😀

I mean, I still don’t know if Naruto’s body is out there, but this would be a good “we need to find out more about your origins” adventure.

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