‘When the Fires at my Feet Again’ Shikako or just DOS Team 7. And it’s in reference to a newish song I just heard called Rise by Katy Perry

This is a post-bad-guys-win!AU. A comeback!AU, if you will.

I don’t know if this is also a time travel / dimension travel!AU as well…

Oh. Actually! Agh… I know I said I would try not to reuse previous brainstorms, but this title definitely feels like a “if evil had won and Shikako had escaped via diagonal dimension travel into not-DoS!canon ‘verse where she is approximately Kakashi’s age and becomes the equivalent of Jiraiya’s Shizune but not”

That is, option 1 from this post long ago.

So this Shikako is even more determined to save the world but also knows that because of her existence/interference her dimension failed. So she’s far less hesitant to make changes that might “blow her cover” (because what does she care anymore? anything to succeed) but she’s also afraid that she might just make things worse (again.)

Once Kakashi has dropped his grudge against her “trying to be Minato by being Jiraiya’s new student” and let’s her (back) into Team Seven’s weird family, she does her best to make sure everyone is as strong as can be and don’t fall for any of Danzo’s bullshit.

… yeah, I don’t really know what else to write

when the fire’s at my feet again

Not every story has a happily ever after, not every hero gets to live–sometimes the villains win in the end.

She might not get the perfect ending this time, but anything is better than nothing in a zero sum game.