Sakako with crow summons feels like the perfect mix between shadows and her dad’s hawks!

A/N1: OMG, anon! I’ve been going through Sakako posts recently as well and I was thinking about doing something in that ‘verse so…

I’ve consulted the Holders of Fanon™ over at the Discord (ie Pepperdoken! and frolic/wafflelate) regarding the… lineage?… of crow summoners because your statement is very loaded and I’m not sure whether or not you know that… so… um… here are some feels which are only peripherally related to Sakako that I’ll attempt to disguise with drama/mystery?

Walking Around (Flying Together)

After the sixth time Sakako summons Hansha on a mission–in all fairness, five of those were legitimate emergencies–the hawk gives her and Dad an ultimatum:

“It was fine when she was still a chick, but now she flies.” Hansha says, wings lifting partially in an awkward imitation of a human shrug. As if she, too, disliked the situation but had no choice but to comply. “She must sign a contract with us or I can no longer fly with her.”

Sakako and Dad exchange a glance. She’s not entirely sure what expression is on her face, but it must be telling, because Dad responds to Hansha with a firm, “One week. I’ll talk to Garuda-sama personally, if need be, but give her one week to decide.”

Hansha bobs her head, another borrowed human gesture, before she leans forward. Sakako, obediently and somewhat sadly, does the same, bowing her head so that Hansha can  fondly preen through her hair even if it’ll mess up her braids.

It won’t be the last time, surely–even if Sakako doesn’t sign the hawk contract, surely Dad can summon Hansha to visit–but it feels so much like the end of something that Sakako can’t help but think she already misses this.

Sakako knows that when it comes to personal matters–emotions and goals and friendships–she’s fairly… slow. She likes taking her time to think things over, analyzing all of her options and pondering the differences. Surely such important life decisions deserve proper consideration?

Mum says it’s definitely her Nara side showing through–“though I’m sure Ino will say it skipped a generation with me”–while Dad says it’s something that the Uchiha clan could have used more of. Either way, it means that her parents are indulgent when she asks them questions about their own choice of summons.

Mum explains her logic: variety in combat abilities, clan tradition, the ever present drive to be stronger, a desperate need for someone she could trust unerringly.

Dad’s reasoning is shorter, but equally weighted: “Hawks eat snakes.”

Her parents are not the only one she asks.

“What about cats?” Itachi-oji suggests.

Sakako shrugs, mouth matching with a twist of uncertainty.

“The Uchiha clan had an alliance with the Neko-baa for generations.”

Sakako nods; she is the heiress, she should know her clan’s past.“I’ve been to Sora-ku,” she says, then considers the possibility. Denka and Hina are competent ninneko, they and their clowder would be reliable and trustworthy partners… but it’s not…

“It’s not what you want?” Itachi-oji asks. Sakako shakes her head.

Back to square one.

Understandably, the rest of the Uchiha clan ghosts aren’t keen on sharing space with the man who killed them.

Sakako has been helping them move on–a blend of her heiress and medium duties–and while some of them eagerly went on to the Pure Land without a second glance, others have elected to stay. Similar to Itachi-oji, but in separate areas of the compound.

Shisui-oji is one of them, but while he also avoids Itachi-oji’s ghost, he does so for an entirely different reason.

She’s been told that the Uchiha bloodline is prone to madness. Obsessive, possessive, consuming love that easily turns into insanity. But Sakako knows better–the most powerful Uchiha manifestation of love is not madness.

It’s guilt.

Mum’s career is long and storied. Literally. The amount of plays and movies inspired by some of her Mum’s adventures would be ridiculous if some of the more accurate and educational ones weren’t also occasionally shown at the Academy. Maybe that makes it even more ridiculous.

But there are some stories that aren’t shared with the public. Some that are just for her, Sakako falling asleep to the sound of Mum’s voice, quiet and somewhat scratchy and soothing despite the action of the tale.

There are a few that Mum holds back–with promises to tell her in the future when she’s older–but there’s one that doesn’t even get a mention.

In fact, the only reason that she knows it exists is because she stumbles on it by accident.

To Sakako, the majority of ghosts look like the living except for a slight translucence that wavers. When she was younger–before she could more clearly discern between them–it used to get her in trouble. She would look at a ghost or move around one and garner attention for her strange behavior. Thankfully she’d never been caught talking to one, but that has more to do with her reticent personality than luck.

The majority of ghosts.

There’s one in particular that looks different.

He glows, which is the biggest difference, a light so bright that she can’t actually make out his features. Just a vague, general shape. The only reason she knows it’s a ghost is because she’s the only one who can see him during the sporadic visits. He only shows up when Mum is around and given her traveling lifestyle, Sakako’s not sure how frequent he checks in with her.

Sakako can’t hear him, if he even is trying or capable of speaking, but she’s pretty sure he waved at her one time.

According to Kisuke-san, his name Aoba Yamashiro and he’s the First. The first what, he won’t elaborate, but the name alone is enough for her to work with.

He died before Sakako’s time, but he is far from forgotten. And besides, death is hardly an obstacle for her.

There’s a lot about the Uchiha which Sakako isn’t proud of–these are the histories which she learns nonetheless, because to forget them puts her fledgling clan in danger and already she will not stand for that–but there are others which are valuable. Tales that, like her Mum’s stories, are an important part of her heritage.

She will not sign a contract with the hawks or the deer, but her parents’ reasons applicable in their own way.

A balance of clan tradition and personal necessity. Flight and shadows, sharp eyes and sharper minds. Someone that she can trust.

Crow summoners may not have had the kindest of fates, but Sakako knows that fate is something that can be changed.


A/N2: I’m not terribly keen on the ending… but hopefully it’s still a fun read? Also, for all my pestering of the Holders of Fanon™ I only barely mentioned Shisui?! Ugh, I’m awful… a disgrace to the discord.

13 days until the show!

I meant that it wasn’t a “would you ever write” question, lol. :) And I meant “he” in reference to Ibiki. In my mind it went “Aoba talks to Kisuke, who reports to Ibiki, and because of that close interaction, Aoba has to deal with how scary Ibiki is as well as the various deities.”

Oh, okay. That makes sense. 🙂

I think there’d definitely be one point when Aoba is getting menaced by a deity and in his head he’s just like… Ibiki is way scarier than this. And then he’d be horrified by the thought of Ibiki being himself with additional ~CELESTIAL POWERS~ and that’s what makes him flinch.

It’s not really in theme with the ask box event, but I just re-read the Fear to Tread tag, and I wondered if Ibiki would scare Aoba in that because he was acting as the go-between between Kisuke and the real world, being in that department? But I’m not sure if ghost-ninja reports to anyone above the Hokage?

Oh, there’s no official theme of the ask box event, it’s just a pattern I noticed with ask box events–certain vibes happen and then compounds on itself, a little bit like ripples building up to a wave.

Fear to Tread is such a neat ‘verse isn’t it? We still get those delightfully angsty post Land of Hot Springs feels but we also still get to enjoy Aoba’s presence!

I’m not sure if I understand the question though… is the “he” acting as go-between for Kisuke and the real world meant to refer to Ibiki or Aoba?

I’m pretty sure Kisuke’s existence is an S-rank secret known only to Ibiki, Shizune, Tsunade, Sasuke, and Shikako? I don’t think they would have included another person even if it would mean less work for Ibiki.

Mostly I just mentioned Ibiki as being someone Aoba is afraid of because even if he is beyond death, he’ll probably always be scared of Ibiki a little bit. And part of it is hyperbole, a continuous exaggeration of Ibiki’s naturally intimidating presence, but some of it is legitimately respectful fear: Ibiki has been through shit and only come out stronger (and sadistic).

“Fear to Tread”. the archangel Aoba one?


So the full quote is “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” and it’s basically what it says on the tin–rash people attempt things that wise/more experienced people avoid. But if we take it literally (in the sense that post Land of Hot Springs!Aoba is now god in the making!Shikako’s first archangel) then this would be an Aoba afterlife shenanigans fic.

Or maybe not shenanigans. Maybe something honestly frightening for Archangel!Aoba to do. And, like, what would scare an archangel who has already died?

I have two very different answers to this.

The first is “the god that killed him,” AKA Jashin who HATES Shikako for denying him entry into the world and drowning it in pain and despair and thus hates Aoba by proximity. And this version of the fic would be some actual feels of Aoba overcoming this fear for the sake of being Shikako’s celestial ambassador/advocate and making sure they don’t smite her while she’s mortal.

The second is Ibiki.

And, well, that is funny. But at the same time could lead him to coming to terms with being dead. Peeking in on the world of the living and being sad at no longer being able to return, but also knowing that he has a purpose now and there is no going back now. Although, if he does make contact with Kisuke and get him to be Shikako’s second archangel that would be a method to get messages across…

But both of those ideas are important to the brainstorm, not really separate spinoffs. Frankly, anon, the archangel Aoba brainstorm doesn’t have a title so “Fear to Tread” would be good for the entire idea as a whole…

Sorry, I don’t really know what else to do with this. I mean, I have more ideas about the archangel!Aoba ‘verse than what was the original post, but most of that I passed along to @captainlibrarynerdstuff so I don’t know what they might or might not want to use…

So just to clarify, are you planning on writing that story about Aoba being Shikako’s archangel or whatever? Because if you are not, I am very interested in trying to give it a shot, that’s such an amazing concept. I’m just not sure if it was an idea or the beginning of something you are planning on fleshing out. I would absolutely give you credit for the idea and everything, I just really like it and would love to read a story about that. Any way I can.

Hey captain, thanks! Glad you like the concept 🙂

I’m going to be honest: while I would like very much to write the Archangel Aoba fic, I don’t think I will do much more than, maybe, three parts at most before getting distracted away from it–and this concept does deserve better than that.

Unfortunately I have some ideas for a few scenes, certain points that I would want this fic to touch on, etc. etc. that makes me reluctant to hand it off entirely to someone else even though I know that’s horribly selfish given what I said earlier.

That being said, is there any way you would be amenable to further discussion about this potential fic-to-be or collaborate brainstorming/world building similar to what I did with the Team Medic!AU with kuipernebula?

Obviously, I would not want to railroad you into following my imagining of this fic, but I hope I can kind of pass along certain aspects that are important to me that you would also enjoy and adopt for your own or maybe we can come up with modifications together…

Untitled Archangel Aoba Brainstorm (2017-04-15)

A/N: Because posting time/ability is scarce for these few days, but I didn’t want to have a third missed post in a row, so please enjoy whatever this is…

Okay, so, given how much speculation there is about Shikako’s godhood and the repercussions of having fended off the Jashinist ritual my brain’s been percolating this idea and it’s like… I suppose it’s somewhat me trying to salvage the Hail To The Queen, “she who has divine right” without actually going that route.

So the basic premise is that in the pantheon of Naruto gods (of which we canonically have “met” three–the Shinigami, Gelel, and Jashin–with the implication that there are many more possibly including the Fire Temple? and other places and spirits and people that have ascended into godhood) Shikako is not only the youngest, but also the one with the fastest ascension and it’s a matter of contention amongst the gods. About whether or not she should be struck down while she’s still mortal or if they should sort of begin training her because at the rate she’s going she’ll be too powerful for most other gods to control or something, and it’s basically divine politics regarding Shikako’s future which she has no idea about because, you know, she’s still in the mortal world.

Like, I have this idea that the two sides of the argument are Gelel–who Shikako had freed from millennia of imprisonment–and Jashin–who Shikako had fended off from entering the material plane and drowning the world in pain and hatred–meanwhile the Shinigami has some mysterious stake in her ascension but nobody really knows what (was her being reincarnated into this world an accident or a plan implemented? is her ability to survive multiple near death experiences an irritation or a sign?), and whenever (or if ever) other gods come into play then they’d have cameos and such, but the main thing I want with this idea is…

… it’s all from Aoba’s POV.

Because, okay, so Aoba is the first person that Shikako was close to that died on her watch and he was at ground zero when she fended off Jashin (and some might even construe that his death instigated her defiance against the Jashin ritual) and pretty much I have the strange notion that when Shikako does ascend into godhood fully that Aoba will be her first… not disciple or servant but like… the first member of her celestial retinue? Basically, one of her archangels. (Kisuke Maboroshi might be her second one once Aoba figures out that, hey, there’s a ghost acting as an active shinobi who can go between the spiritual world and the material world and act as messenger between him and Shikako maybe? And also, Shikako did save him from an eternity of the purgatory that is being sealed to a rock so…)

So Aoba’s afterlife is as vanguard for Shikako’s impending godhood, trying to figure out which gods are on her side, which ones aren’t, which ones are neutral and can be swayed, and what the hell the Shinigami wants with her. So pretty much “cryptography” on a divine level… Aoba as her celestial ambassador/champion?

I mean, obviously, there would be parts that focus on him coming to terms with being dead. And then with realizing that Shikako is a god to be–and that he’s her representative. And occasional popping into check on her life and just worrying about this overstressed teenager who has no idea what kind of bureaucracy she’s going to have to deal with in the afterlife.

I don’t know. Aoba feels and godhood feels melding together, I guess.