So just to clarify, are you planning on writing that story about Aoba being Shikako’s archangel or whatever? Because if you are not, I am very interested in trying to give it a shot, that’s such an amazing concept. I’m just not sure if it was an idea or the beginning of something you are planning on fleshing out. I would absolutely give you credit for the idea and everything, I just really like it and would love to read a story about that. Any way I can.

Hey captain, thanks! Glad you like the concept 🙂

I’m going to be honest: while I would like very much to write the Archangel Aoba fic, I don’t think I will do much more than, maybe, three parts at most before getting distracted away from it–and this concept does deserve better than that.

Unfortunately I have some ideas for a few scenes, certain points that I would want this fic to touch on, etc. etc. that makes me reluctant to hand it off entirely to someone else even though I know that’s horribly selfish given what I said earlier.

That being said, is there any way you would be amenable to further discussion about this potential fic-to-be or collaborate brainstorming/world building similar to what I did with the Team Medic!AU with kuipernebula?

Obviously, I would not want to railroad you into following my imagining of this fic, but I hope I can kind of pass along certain aspects that are important to me that you would also enjoy and adopt for your own or maybe we can come up with modifications together…

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