Untitled Archangel Aoba Brainstorm (2017-04-15)

A/N: Because posting time/ability is scarce for these few days, but I didn’t want to have a third missed post in a row, so please enjoy whatever this is…

Okay, so, given how much speculation there is about Shikako’s godhood and the repercussions of having fended off the Jashinist ritual my brain’s been percolating this idea and it’s like… I suppose it’s somewhat me trying to salvage the Hail To The Queen, “she who has divine right” without actually going that route.

So the basic premise is that in the pantheon of Naruto gods (of which we canonically have “met” three–the Shinigami, Gelel, and Jashin–with the implication that there are many more possibly including the Fire Temple? and other places and spirits and people that have ascended into godhood) Shikako is not only the youngest, but also the one with the fastest ascension and it’s a matter of contention amongst the gods. About whether or not she should be struck down while she’s still mortal or if they should sort of begin training her because at the rate she’s going she’ll be too powerful for most other gods to control or something, and it’s basically divine politics regarding Shikako’s future which she has no idea about because, you know, she’s still in the mortal world.

Like, I have this idea that the two sides of the argument are Gelel–who Shikako had freed from millennia of imprisonment–and Jashin–who Shikako had fended off from entering the material plane and drowning the world in pain and hatred–meanwhile the Shinigami has some mysterious stake in her ascension but nobody really knows what (was her being reincarnated into this world an accident or a plan implemented? is her ability to survive multiple near death experiences an irritation or a sign?), and whenever (or if ever) other gods come into play then they’d have cameos and such, but the main thing I want with this idea is…

… it’s all from Aoba’s POV.

Because, okay, so Aoba is the first person that Shikako was close to that died on her watch and he was at ground zero when she fended off Jashin (and some might even construe that his death instigated her defiance against the Jashin ritual) and pretty much I have the strange notion that when Shikako does ascend into godhood fully that Aoba will be her first… not disciple or servant but like… the first member of her celestial retinue? Basically, one of her archangels. (Kisuke Maboroshi might be her second one once Aoba figures out that, hey, there’s a ghost acting as an active shinobi who can go between the spiritual world and the material world and act as messenger between him and Shikako maybe? And also, Shikako did save him from an eternity of the purgatory that is being sealed to a rock so…)

So Aoba’s afterlife is as vanguard for Shikako’s impending godhood, trying to figure out which gods are on her side, which ones aren’t, which ones are neutral and can be swayed, and what the hell the Shinigami wants with her. So pretty much “cryptography” on a divine level… Aoba as her celestial ambassador/champion?

I mean, obviously, there would be parts that focus on him coming to terms with being dead. And then with realizing that Shikako is a god to be–and that he’s her representative. And occasional popping into check on her life and just worrying about this overstressed teenager who has no idea what kind of bureaucracy she’s going to have to deal with in the afterlife.

I don’t know. Aoba feels and godhood feels melding together, I guess.

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