If you are still taking these like 2 days before my birthday in March. Would you ever write a mobius-esque story where it has a circular structure and a twist somewhere that would change the context of it? (For at least the second reread.)

Happy Early Birthday, anon! 🙂

I think what you’re describing is more a style/technique than a plot concept.

The essence of a twist is to make everything up to that point mean something else entirely with the new context and so a second reread would be, inherently, different because the reader is informed of what will happen. So what you’ve described in the second half of your prompt is inherent to having a twist.

The first half, though, is interesting because… hm… a mobius-esque/circular structure does not necessarily require a twist. It CAN be that the mobius-esque/circule structure IS the twist (in that, plot twist, the beginning is the ending the characters are caught in an infinite loop) but that is not MANDATORY.

I think it depends on the… vibe? atmosphere?… that is the beginning/ending. If there mobius nature of the story is something that the readers realize (with, perhaps, dawning horror) then that is a twist. If it’s something the readers already know (and accept peacefully) then it’s not a twist, it’s just how the story is written.

But as I said before, anon, this is more of a style/technique than a plot concept, and while I think it would be cool to write I don’t know if I have the skill or appropriate story that would best suit this kind of structure.

I mean, given the recurring themes of this ask box event (or what few asks got through) this would be some kind of time travel / reincarnation / legacy inherited and passed down through the ages…

[Oh shit. This explains my bizarre choices in fanfiction rereads–lately I’ve been (re)reading Dark Is Rising and Inuyasha fic which are not fandoms I would normally associate with each other, but they do kind of have the above mentioned themes, I suppose.]

I mean, okay, in the twist of dawning horror type of story, the easiest thing I can think of is that the hero goes through their adventure and somehow becomes their own villain. Either time travel or non-chronological reincarnation, the hero decides that they have to preserve the timeline by living the villain’s life and then it turns out that there never was an “original villain,” just the hero fighting themselves over and over.

… but that’s not really something that would compel a person to reread it, would it? It’d be more of a “stunned and horrified, let me chew on the concept” sort of reaction, wouldn’t it?

I mean, having already brought up my current binge-reading of Dark Is Rising fic, I’ve always kind of wanted to write a fic in which Will Stanton, as the last Old One, goes back in time to teach Merlin, as the first Old One, because they are canonically part of a Circle. I had vague thoughts about making it a crossover with BBC Merlin and somehow incorporating canonical “normal childhood friend Will” into it, but then I stopped watching BBC Merlin after season two so…

But using that as an example as well as other!anon’s (or, at least, I think you’re a different anon?) missing “out-of-order student/teacher relationship” concept it’d be a whole I taught you but you were my teacher but I’m teaching you cycle. We are both teacher and student, ad nauseum. But in order to get that draw to reread it’d only be one character’s POV as they are teaching the other character and slowly realizing that their student was their teacher via flashbacks and “my teacher said their teacher once ended a war by pretending a crab was god and that sounded like an exaggeration because I definitely didn’t find any records of that, but desperate times call for desperate measures holy shit I can’t believe that worked.”

So that way it’d be more compelling to reread and see what little hints are sprinkled throughout.

All that being said, anon, maybe one day I’ll write something using this technique, but I don’t think I’m anywhere near that level yet… But thank you for the prompt, and again Happy Birthday! 😀


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HP!DOS AU pls. go crazy ;)

A/N: I put a lot of links in this brainstorm/rant, and while they aren’t mandatory to understand the post, they probably do help.


I veeeeery briefly went into such a crossover/fusion in the middle of this massive post, and I did do that one witches!verse TemarixShikako ficlet with some background lore, but seeing as how neither of them are specifically, solely devoted to a HP!DoS AU, I suppose I could go more into it here…


While not as disastrous as Ilvermorny (Lavaeudeen for life!) I’m not very keen on the HP canon of Mahoutokoro or, at least, not as a magical commuter school that somehow has the smallest student body of the eleven great wizarding school. The Hogwarts student body was fucking tiny, no way does the only Japanese magical school have less than that. I’d like to tweak it slightly–so that it just makes more sense–that Mahoutokoro is the only all-magical UNIVERSITY of Japan (though some of the other universities also have magical departments/classes available).

Actually, now that I’ve said that, I kind like the idea of magical education for younger magicians being the equivalent of an after school club or a cram school or a special class that only certain students take (advanced placement or art or foreign languages, etc). So the “main characters” that would be the Konoha Thirteen in DoS would still go to the same school as civilians/genin corps characters but they’d be in the magic club/class.

Which means that the different villages are different schools in different regions of Japan… which means this has the same set up of a sports shounen manga but instead of sports it’s magic?

Uhhhhhh… now I can’t unsee it.

I mean, a lot of sports manga practically give their characters magic powers ANYWAY, so we might as well just go straight there.


I don’t think I’d want to do Quidditch–only because it’s not very conducive to three person teams, and it originates from the UK anyway–so maybe it’s magical dueling? But that also doesn’t really go with three person teams… Or, alternatively, that’s pretty bloodthirsty for a sport for kids.

Maybe I’ll make up some new sport. Something like magical capture the flag so it’s not just straight up FIGHTING. (I mean, pro-bending in Avatar LoK WAS a thing, but not all that keen on it, either)

Anyway, so the point is… while magic is an important part of their lives (and maybe even THE MOST important part of their lives) they still live amongst non-magical people, unlike in HP.

I also don’t particularly like the whole wooden wands thing. Though I don’t particularly want all Japanese magicians to do wandless magic (it’d basically be ninjutsu and kind of defeats the purpose of transferring it into the HP verse). Maybe part of learning magic is finding/making your own conduit. Which sort of explains why Naruto starts off pretty bad (like all shounen sports protagonists) because for the longest time he just can’t find one that can withstand the sheer amount of power he has. Whereas the equivalent of Shikako’s burgeoning fuinjutsu mastery would be her NOT needing her conduit all the time. Sasuke, as with most Uchiha, has a very traditional mirror conduit–because Sharingan = Mirror Wheel Eye?

Though there are still things that carry over from HP. Like, while it’s not AS huge a deal as it is in Britain, blood purity is still an issue depending on which clan you’re from. The Nara twins are probably halfbloods–but only the worst of the elders really care–but so is Neji which is a HUGE problem for the Hyuuga (especially considering he’s originally more talented than Hinata who is pureblooded).

I mean, I sort of joke about the sports shounen manga thing, so I suppose I could go in the more serious direction of Japan having a real bad Dark Lord problem given Orochimaru, Itachi, Pein/Nagato, Obito/Madara, and Kaguya… (although, the Golden trio never had to fight a literal goddess so that’s pretty cool I guess… although, although, the Golden Trio would probably be pretty good at the three person magical sport I’ll have to make up)

Hm… I guess it depends. Am I just transposing the DoS plot into the HP world, or just the characters?

There’s something I’d like to share, and I hope sharing it with you is appropriate; it goes like this: If I could travel through time and change things, how far back would I go? About a year ago, I’d go very far back, take another run at basically my whole life, make sure that a sibling who died to an accident doesn’t, make sure that harm I could only recognize in hindsight doesn’t get done, that sort of thing. (1/2)

(2/2) These days, I wouldn’t go back more than a couple months, if that. I’ve made a dear, dear friend; she and I started dating, even, and I don’t want to take any chance that we wouldn’t meet–it’s worth the potentialities and “what if"s of a live lived with more experience. But I don’t know if that’s selfish of me, or if being willing to go back in time and start over is more selfish, you know?

I sometimes have this thought as well, anon. Except my reasoning is a little more pessimistic, perhaps. Like: “I’ve done nothing significant with my life, if I went back in time I would try to be a better version of myself.”

Now, in my slightly less depressed but still pessimistic thoughts I think “my life hasn’t been completely awful, who’s to say if I went back and changed things that I wouldn’t just make things terrible or, worse, just end up doing the same exact thing.”

And so basically, I suppose what I’m saying is that being satisfied with your life–accepting what’s happened and how it’s shaped you–is a sign that you’re doing better. That mentally and emotionally, you’ve forgiven yourself, though I doubt you were at fault at all–there is always an amount of guilt that comes from losing someone close to you.

I for one am happy for you that you’ve met someone–someone that makes you want to live this life, this timeline. I don’t think it’s selfish of you at all, even if you were capable of time travel.

You’re allowed to be happy, anon, you’re allowed to be satisfied with your life.

Yes it’s sad to have lost loved ones, that will always be a wound that scars us, but not being constantly weighed down by regret and grief is not the same as being selfish.

I don’t know if this is reassuring for you, anon, or it it’s helpful in anyway, but thank you for sharing and I hope this life continues to be one you want to embrace.

Would the Jinchuriki have Legendaries on their sides, do you think? Or would that be for … hm. I dunno. I feel like Gelel, at least, would be represented by a Legendary. And Minato and Sarutobi summoning Death Itself should definitely be a legendary power… hm/

The bijuu are most likely OP/mutant/ancient “normal” Pokemon–like Kurama is a Ninetails that has lived for centuries even before Mito sealed it into herself and Isobu is a Glalie that is always Mega Evolved?–whereas the gods would be the Legendaries. Or, rather, the Legendaries would be the gods.

I mean, I sort of went into it in the rambling self-reblogs about Xerneas and Yveltal both awakening after their canonical thousand year sleep–which would have been misconstrued/reasoned away given the length of time that has passed and also the fact that Yveltal literally consumes/destroys all living things that encounters it while Xerneas kind of looks around and goes, “I’ll make a forest now,” and peaces out.

I’m not saying Xerneas is Gelel or Yveltal is Jashin (although their roles/abilities do correspond pretty well) but it’s… hrm…

Maybe I’ve been saying it wrong. It’s still the Pokemon world, but it’s Naruto culture/society.

So I guess Gelel doesn’t exist? … shit, did I just write myself in a corner?

I mean, I was going to have Diancie be the Legendary equivalent for Gelel (in the sense that it’s a Legendary Pokemon in a shrine with a heavy gem theme), but I guess the Gelel Empire could have still existed while Diancie takes the place of the Gelel “god” phenomenon?

And so Jashin WOULD be replaced by Yveltal? Which means instead of Jashinists it would be… Yveltalists… or Team Y?

Um. Please enjoy this link to a cool post about the Legendary Pokemon and their roles in the universe/world?

And here’s a POSSIBLE list of which Pokemon the bijuu are. And I know not all of the IRL creatures quite match up, but I’m going more for type/feel/visuals:

Shukaku – Sandslash


Matatabi – Liepard


Isobu – Glalie

Son Goku – Infernape


Kokuou – … RAPIDASH?


Saiken – Goodra


Choumei – Vivillon


Gyuuki – Tauros


Kurama – Ninetails

… I had no idea this was going to be so difficult. Clearly I do not know the bijuu very well…

Also, given that Lunala is the only Ghost type Legendary… does that mean it’s the Shinigami equivalent? Also… doesn’t THAT just make Shikako’s ANBU codename all the more badass and bizarrely relevant 😀



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okay so i was thinking about the Point of No Return, and the suggestion that yoshino just didnt have twins in that one, and i just can’t help but rebel from that idea. because for them that would mean that the reailty they’re changing isn’t really ‘theirs’ it’s a mostly-similar-but-still-different one. (which they would know for certain if it was somethign that happened before they arrived) So i was thinking about it, trying it make a scenrio where it really is just linear time travel.

(2/6) and i liked that option where they come back to interfere with the kyuubi attack. so they show up and sakura sees to kushina, who is not doing that great but will live through the night. meanwhile sai helps to harry tobi, which can either go the way of him still escaping or the Surprise Extras provide enough of a momentary distraction that minato gets enough of an upper hand to knock him out. (and seal his chakra, beacuse it would be foolish not to)

(3/6) i was thinking that maybe the future they came from didn’t get as far as the four war stuff. what actaully happpened was that danzo took over somehow and things got really really bad really fast. so what happens is that in the first few years sakura and sai help to thoroughly deal with everything danzo realated. meanwhile tiny!shikako calms down from her panic about being in naruto because it obviously not naruto-naruto since the fourth is still around.

(4/6) and then once the uprooting has been preety much finished (as much as they can, the rest will take time) sai indulging in a bit of sentimentality (which is encouraged for him now, they’re working on it) and when he comes across the nara in, idk the market, he hangs around and talks to, air? sakura?, saying things that are perfect innocuous and have absolutly no secret meaning whatsoever no sire(about how they took down danzo and things are better now, or they will be, or theyll never get

(5/6) the chance to be bad) and tiny!shikako cant stop herself from turning around and staring right at him, wide eyed.

(6/6) then maybe some stuff happens, shikako has people who safe to tell all the things /she/ knows to and they work on doing what they can to fix that stuff. and shikako gets to grow up without this huge terrifying pressure on her. they’re still shinobi, bad things still happen (like gelel, because this needs to be a constant- maybe nobody could find it until they had a shikako guide towards the music?) but the big bads have either been (mostly) dealt with or are works in progress (akatsuki -nagato-)

Yeah, I think I prefer it being a linear time travel instead of a diagonal time and dimension travel because then there wouldn’t really be any point for them to go back in time and make changes (it would just be them running away). It does seem weird for them to end up in a world without Shikako–because then at that point it would be like… why is (non)existence of the Jounin Commander’s daughter so important? If everything else is the same then why not this?

I don’t think Sai and Sakura would be so careless as to talk about the uprooting of Danzo out in the open–or, rather, their role in it given I doubt the uprooting of Danzo could be so completely hidden–especially if there’s the possibility that Danzo has contingencies in place to avenge himself, but I do think a tiny!Shikako would make the obvious connection of older!Sai and older!Sakura existing and the changes in her knowledge.

She would have to be the one to approach them because as far as they know, she’s perfectly normal Shikako and not Shikako-who-knows-a-version-of-the-future (which is normal Shikako). Although I think, given how cautious she is in the earlier chapters of canon DoS, she wouldn’t do so just yet.

I think after the Danzo Uprooting, Sai and Sakura would be on a destroy oppression kick and would be after the Hyuuga clan next–or, at least, stopping the Cloud kidnapping Hinata thing so that Hiashi and Hizashi can deal with their issues and get on that themselves–which is maybe when Shikako first learns about the existence of older!Sai and older!Sakura tangentially through her father but she’s not entirely sure yet.

(older!Sakura, being a loyal Team Anko member, does work on helping out her teammates much sooner as well, while Sai gets to be the proud guardian of two dozen would-have-been-ROOT-agents including his “brother” Shin)

She definitely does not make contact until after Academy, though. Whether that’s because A) there’s a sudden increase in new students because the would-have-been-ROOT-agents have been added to the school as a new class and one of them is tiny!Sai who Shikako knows DEFINITELY wasn’t here before in her memories or B) the Uchiha massacre never happens because not only has the uprooting already happened but also Kushina and Mikoto have always been best friends and it’s hard to alienate an entire clan for the murder of the Yondaime Hokage and his wife if both of them are still alive and also close friends with that clan.

What I’m saying is, Shikako probably doesn’t approach them until maybe RIGHT before she needs their help (and maybe even then, not really) so it’s a lot of older!Sai and older!Sakura trying to chase her down and help her, damn it, we’re the adults, you’re the child, we’re supposed to help you. Stop running towards that obviously dangerous situation, small child, why do you have exploding tags?!

I quite like the idea of Sai becoming an Academy teacher (they’ll need another one, after all, with the influx of would-have-been-ROOT-agents students) and then Sakura becoming a jounin sensei–but not for her younger!self because she’s already made it so that Team Anko is a thing from the beginning–but maybe for younger!Sai and… uh… other people. Ami would be a perfect match, I think–or, at least, my headcanon version of Ami.

… I think I’ve gotten off track… but I really appreciate reading your thoughts about Point of No Return, wildtabbykat, so thanks! 😀


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Hello! I’m prompting for DoS!Canon. The score is Ludovico Einauldi’s Primavera. The other score is the 23 minute Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack. Thank you! Hope you have fun writing this!

So given these two songs/soundtracks are very, hm, traditionally instrumental (and, also, the fact that I’ve been reading a lot of Hikaru no Go fic lately), I’m getting a distinctly Tobirama Senju’s ghost–whether literally or figuratively–through Shikako’s life?

And also, you mentioned in our messages the idea of arch-nemesis soulmarks and how, in DoS, Shikako’s arch-nemesis would be Danzo and I kind of…

Let me try to articulate this properly.

The idea of legacies and rivals that aren’t necessarily pre-determined by fate, but marked by fate. So there’s the grander “Will of Fire” being an actual, physical mark on someone–an intangible optimism and determination passed from Hashirama to Hiruzen to Naruto–versus the more intimate mark of Dan on Tsunade to make the Medic Corps, to train Shizune, and be the kind of Hokage that he might have been.

But it’s not always what people expect.

For example, Danzo had Tobirama’s mark and thought that meant he would be Sandaime–literal inheritor/successor of the Nidaime–which is what drove is megalomaniacal desperation for the hat. Maybe instead it was supposed to be Danzo supporting Hiruzen the same way Tobirama supported his brother (the way Hiruzen actually though was happening), or maybe it was his destruction of the Uchiha clan (which a younger, more war-minded Tobirama had wanted once upon a time).

So the possibility that someone else might have the same mark isn’t necessarily a bad thing–after all, people have different goals in life perhaps different goals went to different inheritors–but it’s not very common and much less so a legacy mark from someone who died long before you were born.

Shikako having Tobirama Senju’s legacy mark is, of course, very unusual. And yet. Consider what she’s done so far: she’s a fuinjutsu master in the making, a community leader of sorts, she wields his legendary sword, she’s brokered peace with the Uchiha (sort of, in the sense that she’s prevented Sasuke from defecting) and is slated to rebuild the KMP, she’ll definitely support the next few Hokages in a way that Tobirama would have wanted (the way Danzo should have), so it’s not completely out of left field.

Obviously most everything else is the same except some people have legacy marks connecting them to people who have passed away. For example, most clan heirs are born with the mark of their clan just because that’s how it works–a continuation of the clan leadership all through the generations (which helps in the rare occasions when clan heads don’t have children because then the elders can just look for the child with the clan symbol on it and know that they’re going to be the next clan head). But not all legacy marks are there from birth: some people probably have multiple legacy marks and it’s not unusual for them to develop more as they grow.

I don’t know how the clash should go.

Danzo doesn’t immediately see her as a threat, but there must be a point where he starts to.

Unless the marks are hidden? I mean, I don’t think there’s any actual taboo surrounding legacy marks (why would there be? it’s not something private, necessarily, nor is it something to be ashamed of) but tactically it might be dangerous to so outrightly have certain legacy marks–killing the person with the Will of Fire mark would pretty easily cut the ideal line of Hokage succession.

And anyway, I enjoy the idea that Tobirama’s legacy mark is very understated. Like… given that Tobirama’s fanon summons are snow leopards, maybe it’s a few leopard spot on the forehead. It kind of just looks like bruises, really, easily hidden by bangs or headbands or BANDAGES (-_-).

So maybe it’s just that unless it’s something very obvious or very personal, people don’t necessarily know who the legacy marks are from. And unless the mark is very obviously a a symbol or a picture or a word maybe no one even knows it is a legacy mark.

Danzo knows what his is, of course, Tobirama was his sensei. But as far as Shikako and her family are concerned she just has an awkwardly placed birthmark. It’s hard to report legacy marks if they’re so ambiguous, so Danzo just doesn’t hear about the Jounin Commander’s daughter also having Tobirama Senju’s legacy mark. (And probably Danzo has been hiding his for so long that no one except people of an age with him remember what it looks like anyway).

And maybe there’s a hint of self-fulfilling prophecy in this as well.

People can share legacy marks without any conflicts–but it’s not until one party MAKES it a rivalry that it becomes one. Maybe fate decided that Danzo wasn’t properly fulfilling Tobirama’s legacy (or only fulfilling the most twisted versions of it) and so it gave Shikako the same legacy mark to correct that. If Danzo had just done it properly, there would be no need for that. Or if he had bowed out and accepted that he was already fulfilling it, then there would be no clash.

Sorry, I’m not sure if I’m conveying the idea fully or if I’m just going around in circles.

So, well, except for a few weird birthmarks on her forehead, Shikako’s life in this strange world would pretty much be the same as canon DoS. Her legacy mark wouldn’t become relevant until Danzo makes it so and given we haven’t yet seen a in person Shikako vs Danzo interaction (only his Big Brother-esque monitoring of her research on the Uchiha post-Tsukuyomi and, of course, his attempted kidnapping after the Land of Hot Springs) it could still be easily slotted into a canon plotline.

There’s just something about the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack in particular that makes me think it would be a good battle not between different ideologies but rival executions of the same ideology. That one ideology–in this case, Tobirama Senju’s–can be so twisted in one direction but still technically be the same as the original.


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Actually, could I prompt you for something in the Gravity Falls universe, by any chance? I discovered that show this summer and I am so. thirsty. for new fic.

Gravity Falls is an amazing show, definitely, but I kind of wonder if maybe it’s too amazing–is such a thing makes sense. Like it’s very comprehensively satisfying–there’s not many loose ends or critical points that I want to change. Kind of like Leverage (which I adore) it’s a perfectly compact blend of world-building and characters that I’m not sure what, if anything, I could do with it. As much as I love Leverage I hardly ever read any fic for it because the show is so much more satisfying.

At most, maaaybe future fic, but even then it’s kind of… or maybe past fic about either one of the Grunkles’ adventures? Hm…

Having considered it, I suppose my question to you would be if you’d want GF universe fic or GF character fic which are very different things indeed.

I mean, canonically, Ford DID travel through endless dimensions–though the “main world” is itself already absolutely fascinating and with a multitude of (im)possibilities, and surely Gravity Falls can’t be the ONLY hot spot of bizarre supernatural activity.

Then again, a huge part of what makes the show so great is the characters and the idea of this family–both blood and found–of misfits loving and supporting each other while also still having conflicts is something that can easily crossover to any AU.

Which is a fairly popular idea given the number of AUs floating around–with fantastic artwork attached!–I think my favorite is the Fullmetal Alchemist crossover/fusion by @mistrel-fox

I don’t really have any fic recs for GF either, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Also, Ask Box Advent Calendar is on!)