Would the Jinchuriki have Legendaries on their sides, do you think? Or would that be for … hm. I dunno. I feel like Gelel, at least, would be represented by a Legendary. And Minato and Sarutobi summoning Death Itself should definitely be a legendary power… hm/

The bijuu are most likely OP/mutant/ancient “normal” Pokemon–like Kurama is a Ninetails that has lived for centuries even before Mito sealed it into herself and Isobu is a Glalie that is always Mega Evolved?–whereas the gods would be the Legendaries. Or, rather, the Legendaries would be the gods.

I mean, I sort of went into it in the rambling self-reblogs about Xerneas and Yveltal both awakening after their canonical thousand year sleep–which would have been misconstrued/reasoned away given the length of time that has passed and also the fact that Yveltal literally consumes/destroys all living things that encounters it while Xerneas kind of looks around and goes, “I’ll make a forest now,” and peaces out.

I’m not saying Xerneas is Gelel or Yveltal is Jashin (although their roles/abilities do correspond pretty well) but it’s… hrm…

Maybe I’ve been saying it wrong. It’s still the Pokemon world, but it’s Naruto culture/society.

So I guess Gelel doesn’t exist? … shit, did I just write myself in a corner?

I mean, I was going to have Diancie be the Legendary equivalent for Gelel (in the sense that it’s a Legendary Pokemon in a shrine with a heavy gem theme), but I guess the Gelel Empire could have still existed while Diancie takes the place of the Gelel “god” phenomenon?

And so Jashin WOULD be replaced by Yveltal? Which means instead of Jashinists it would be… Yveltalists… or Team Y?

Um. Please enjoy this link to a cool post about the Legendary Pokemon and their roles in the universe/world?

And here’s a POSSIBLE list of which Pokemon the bijuu are. And I know not all of the IRL creatures quite match up, but I’m going more for type/feel/visuals:

Shukaku – Sandslash


Matatabi – Liepard


Isobu – Glalie

Son Goku – Infernape


Kokuou – … RAPIDASH?


Saiken – Goodra


Choumei – Vivillon


Gyuuki – Tauros


Kurama – Ninetails

… I had no idea this was going to be so difficult. Clearly I do not know the bijuu very well…

Also, given that Lunala is the only Ghost type Legendary… does that mean it’s the Shinigami equivalent? Also… doesn’t THAT just make Shikako’s ANBU codename all the more badass and bizarrely relevant 😀



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