Only just gotten on board the descendants fandom but AHHHHH!!! I REALLY REALLY ENJOYED YOUR ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN DRABBLE SERIES!!! So, so, so, good. SOOOOOO GOOD. And well-written. And soo cute omg omg you are amaaazing.

Thanks! I really appreciate it. And, welcome to the fandom! 🙂

I have a few other Descendants fic (and, in particular, other Benlos Descendants fic) you might be interested in. If you want to check those out, there’s “A Tale of Two Kingdoms,” a Pacific RimxDescendants crossover/fusion series and… well… actually, a lot of stuff. I didn’t realize until now how much I’ve written for this fandom. You can take a look at my Descendants tag or my Benlos tag for everything else. I’m currently working on a series called “Ain’t No Rest” (but it’s slow going, so I recommend checking out my other stuff first, because I have no idea when that’s going to be finished…)

Anyway, thanks again for reading! I’m glad you enjoy them. And I hope you have a lovely time in the fandom.

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THIS FREAKING FANDOM HAS EATEN MY BRAIN, I SWEAR TO GOD I WAS WATCHING THE MOVIE BECAUSE MY YOUNGER COUSINS WANTED TO WATCH IT AND THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS LIKE… This could be better. There were so many points in the movie where I was just, oh, so close Disney, you have the potential for a movie that honestly could be groundbreaking, but shied away.

Well, you know what? FANFICTION.

Which probably explains why a lot of Only Fools Rush In was written within the week after the movie came out. No other fandom has so quickly and thoroughly held my brain hostage and demanded fic as Descendants. None. Seriously. It’s the recipient of not only my first completed multi-part fic, but my second completed multi-part fic, my first three forays into fanmixes, and I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for at least 75% of my followers. (SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY FELLOW DESCENDANTS TRASH)

So, yes, I hope you do have a lovely time in the fandom. By which I really mean–I know you watched the movie and saw it’s potential and wanted something more TO THE POINT OF DESPERATION that you joined a fandom full of other people similarly desperate.

because that’s really what all of my fic and fanmixes are about. Me, seeing the potential that movie had, and wishing it had reached it. (and also, cute dumb boys being in love. With or without giant robots being involved.)

Only Fools Rush In (a BenxCarlos story)

  1. All The Weird Kids Know by Built By Snow
  2. L-O-V-E by Louis Amanti
  3. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
  4. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
  5. All Of Me by John Legend
  6. I Would Do Anything For You by Foster the People
  7. Fly Me To The Moon by Westlife
  8. What Is Love by Jaymes Young
  9. At Last by Daphne Loves Derby
  10. You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates
  11. Baby, It’s Fact by Hellogoodbye
  12. A Thousand Years by Boyce Avenue
  13. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Michael Schulte

Find it here!
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A/N: Ahahahaha, this is my first fanmix… in commemoration of my first completed multi-chapter fic, Only Fools Rush In. Like I’ve said before, it was a lot of fun to write, so here are some of the songs which helped with that process.

Embarrassingly enough, the most difficult part of this was creating the cover art. I have, like, zero skills, which you can probably tell by how simple and how poorly made it is. Also, I was unsure what Ben’s “symbol” would be since Evie’s is already a crown–I thought maybe a rose? but then he only wears blue… so then I was like, duh. Blue rose. So there you go. I don’t know if the Benlos ship wants to make this the official symbol, feel free to go for it. But please make a superior version of it, because, seriously, the pixels are bugging me!

And again, since this is my first fanmix, there may be some issues with the download link. If there is, please let me know so I can figure out how to fix it. Again, only the zip file is necessary to download the entire mix.


I just wanted to say thanks for writing “Only Fools Rush In”, it was amazing! I started checking tumblr a few time a day to see if you had posted the next installment (should I be embarrassed to admit that?) I kind of shipped BenxCarlos when I first watched Descendants, but after reading your story my head-cannon will never be the same! I like how you gave the characters and their worlds more depth. I hope you feel inspired to write more BenxCarlos some day :)

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to write, and part of that is due to so many people’s enthusiasm. I know a lot of times writers are like “I don’t write for the notes,” and I don’t really but it’s easier to be excited to write something when you know people are reading it. Like, I have a lot of ideas percolating in my brain but since they’re mostly uninteresting to other people I have no motivation to continue.

That was clearly not the case with Only Fools Rush In. I don’t know if it’s because I wrote this at the right time (ie, the first two weeks after the movie) or it’s because the ship is particularly lovely, or if it’s because the fandom is growing, but it’s great! I definitely have a few more BenxCarlos ideas but we’ll see if I can get those articulated enough for a fic. Because those boys totally deserve all the fic I can possibly manage to write about them.

And trust me, checking tumblr multiple times a day for a fic installment is not embarrassing (I do the same thing with some of my favorite authors, too!), in fact I’m flattered that you liked my story that much! 😀

I’m also really happy that I managed to help shape someone’s head-canons. If you liked Only Fools Rush In, then I hope you enjoy my Untitled Benlos drabble that I’ll be posting later today. It’s a bit of a different take on the ship, but hopefully just as good.

Only Fools Rush In, part 12/12 (2015-08-10)

Carlos joins him in bed again that night, and for many more nights after that. Not all the time, and not always heady make out sessions. Sometimes they do actually just sleep next to each other, and sometimes they talk instead, whispering secrets to each other beneath the covers.

One night, Ben admits that he doesn’t feel ready to be king. He’s only sixteen, he’s not even finished with school yet, how could he possibly rule an entire kingdom? But he doesn’t say this for reassurance, he just wants a safe place to voice his fears without judgement.

Carlos spends the rest of the night doing his best to hold Ben, both sets of limbs wrapped around Ben’s torso.  He still moves around in his sleep, so the next morning Ben finds himself half way off the bed, but it’s the thought that counts. It was a very well-meaning aggressive snuggling, so Ben’s not even the tiniest bit angry.

On a different night, it’s Carlos who confesses: Before coming to Auradon, he had taken the barrier down around the Isle. But he panicked, hadn’t known what to do, and so the breach had only been temporary. The truth of the matter was that he had been scared of what might be beyond the Isle, had been raised on tales of vicious creatures and human beasts.

But he’s glad that Ben reached out, had given them the opportunity to leave the Isle. Carlos loves his life now. He likes that he and the other Lost kids are finally thriving, not just clawing out their continued survival. Instead of being something to fear, Dude is a stalwart companion Carlos wouldn’t give up for anything. And Ben… makes him happy. He’s happy because of Ben, and he’s happy to be with Ben.

Carlos still can’t quite say he’s in love with Ben, but it’s early days yet. They are happy together and that is enough.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be late!” Evie exclaims, fussing over her dress before holding a napkin out, just as the limo makes a turn. The soda sloshing out of Jay’s cup lands on it exactly.

“You made the both of them change like five times each,” Mal reminds her. Unlike the other passengers, she is completely calm; partly because she’s already been to one such family dinner before, unlike the other three Lost kids, but also because she’s not the one who’s going to inform Ben’s parents about his nontraditional take on relationships.

Although, to be fair, Jay’s energy has less to do with nerves and more to do with the amount of sugary limo snacks he’s been consuming. Maybe spoiling one’s dinner isn’t something that’s warned against on the Isle.

“That’s because he kept trying to wear shirts without sleeves,” Evie says, one thumb jerked at Jay beside her, “And this one apparently doesn’t own actual full-length trousers,” she continues, nudging Carlos playfully with her shoulder. That sets off a miniature domino reaction as Carlos then bumps into Ben, who then sways into Mal.

Carlos, normally exempt from Evie’s fashion scoldings, can only shrug sheepishly in response.

Evie sighs, as if greatly inconvenienced, when everyone knows she had been the one most enjoying the impromptu fashion show earlier, “I can’t believe we’re going to be late for dinner with a queen and king,” she repeats.

“I’m a king and you have dinner with me all the time,” Ben says, just to be cheeky.

Evie looks at him, flatly unimpressed, before breaking her composure and smiling.

“I can’t believe Carlos brought Dude,” Jay says, not because he actually can’t believe Carlos would bring Dude along, but more to make a point.

“Ben said it was a family dinner, if you’re coming then Dude gets to come, too,” Carlos responds. In his lap and being treated to a two-handed head scratch is Dude, decked out in a matching outfit to his chosen human.

“This is going to be hilarious,” Mal says in general, then taps on the chauffeur’s shoulder and asks him, “What do you think, Chip?”

“It’ll be more interesting than the last one, that’s for sure,” he says without turning around. Before he can explain, the limo approaches the drive, “Clean it up, ladies and gentlemen,” Chip advises, before stopping the car and exiting, coming around to hold the door open for them. The five of them, plus Dude, manage to exit the limo on their feet, at least, if not gracefully. Chip snickers before he leaves, muttering about the kitchens being the best vantage point and helping his mother.

Rather than waiting inside, Ben’s family have come to the front door to greet them, pushing introductions sooner than Ben expected.

“Everyone,” he says, addressing the Lost kids, “this is my mother, Belle, my father, Adam, and my grandfather, Maurice.”

Beside him Carlos hisses a breath and tries to subtly elbow him in the ribs. He’s not very successful on the subtle part, but fortunately for him, that’s not the biggest reveal of the night.

“You know Mal, my girlfriend,” Ben says, this time to his family, “This is Evie, Jay, and Carlos. My boyfriend.”

His parents, somehow still not used to how unorthodox their son is, stare in silent shock. Grandfather, on the other hand, laughs uproariously, mustache quivering like mad.

“Considering the lack of imprisonment, this is still better than how I found out about your parents,” he assures before turning to Carlos, “Don’t think we won’t continue our discussion on pneumatic cylinders from earlier today, my boy, but first let me see this dog of yours.”

Obediently, Carlos holds out Dude.

“Looks a bit like my old footstool,” Grandfather says, a little nonsensically, but completely understandable, “Come along then, kids, dinner’s waiting, and I know Lumière has prepared a bit of a performance. He makes new ones every time, you see,” the Lost kids, taking the hint, follow after him, leaving Ben and his parents alone. In the silence.

“Mom? Dad?” Ben prompts, worried but unafraid.

His mom shakes off her stupor, before smiling softly at him, a hand reaching out to cup his cheek, “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, you really are my son.”

“Actually, I think in this case I’m more like Dad,” Ben says, which finally seems to get through to him.

His Dad asks, “How so?”

The answer is easy, “I’m lucky to have found love.”


A/N: !!!!!!!!


WHAT?! I finished a multi-part story?! WHAAAAAAT?!

Holy smokes, I don’t even… what?!


Okay, well… uh… congratulations Descendants fandom, you are now the recipient of the first ever completed multi-part story by jacksgreyson/jacksgreysays.

If anyone would like to be a beta and help me polish this up so I can post it onto AO3, just send me a message/ask. Because… this would also be my first AO3 fic if I do that.

And maybe be a beta to help with future BenxCarlos endeavors (BECAUSE I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS BUT NO ONE TO RANT ABOUT THEM TO).

I just wanted to say, this was an absolutely fun nine days of being obsessed with a DIsney Channel Original Movie based on second-generation fanfiction. Absolutely fantastic. Writing this series was kind of the highlight of my week and I probably wouldn’t have been able to get so far (TO THE POINT OF FINISHING?!?!) without so many enthusiastic readers.

Stay rotten to the core, fandom 😉

Only Fools Rush In, part 11/12 (2015-08-09)

It’s not until after classes have ended, until tourney practice, that Ben chooses to face the consequences. Mostly because there is no other option. He’s nervous, and if his grip on Carlos’ hand during the walk there is a little too tight, well, Carlos understands. It’s one thing to have the Lost kids accept him as one of their gang, one thing to have Evie reassure him that most people are actually fine with his relationship, but he’s king. He will one day rule Auradon, he can’t be afraid to hear what his people have to say.

More than that, though, he’s just Ben. He’s a teenage boy in love; he needs to stand up for himself.

Jay enters the locker room before them, always willing to put himself in between his friends and danger, but there are some things that even the strongest intent to protect cannot shield, and this is one of them.

One last deliberate hand squeeze causes Carlos to turn to face him. Ben’s not sure what expression he has, but whatever it is makes Carlos dart in quickly and press a comforting kiss to Ben’s cheek.

With encouragement like that, how could Ben not be brave?

He walks into a conspicuously quiet and tense locker room, and while the other boys don’t overtly look at him, they are as aware of him as he is of them. Carlos, sidling in after him, automatically heads toward Jay. It’s one less thing to worry about, not that Ben expects this to turn into a fight. At least, not a physical one.

He’s braced for an insult, maybe a snide passive-aggressive comment, especially from Chad whose aura of disgust and belligerence could not be thicker unless it were a literal cloud around him. Instead he gets tentative, awkward circling around the point.

“So… yesterday. That was an impressive goal, Carlos,” leads Amir, who sort of nods in Carlos’ direction but also sort of doesn’t due to Jay standing protectively in front of him. While most of the tourney team had been rather laid-back to the Lost kids, Amir included, he’s always been kind of… twitchy with Jay in particular. Unsurprising, considering his parent’s history.

Nondescript agreements ring around, a pathetic echo of yesterday’s cheering.

To Ben’s side, Esteban asks, “Are you and Mal… doing okay?”

“Yes, we’re great,” Ben says, tersely.

“Look, okay, some of us saw that kiss yesterday and the whole school knows about the two of you,” Tyrone, who probably inherited his gumption from his mother, cuts to the chase, “Someone obviously blabbed,” he continues, a pointed glare at Chad’s back, “Not that you were being particularly subtle this morning.”

“Or for the past two months,” Liam, Tyrone’s childhood best friend, interjects mischievously.

“But if it was just adrenaline or… whatever,” Tyrone falters, a little, “We understand.”

It’s an offer to write it off, Ben realizes, they’re waiting for his lead.

“No. Not adrenaline,” Ben says lowly, before catching Carlos’ gaze. Ben can do this, “I love Carlos. Mal is still my girlfriend, but now Carlos and I are dating, too.”

There’s an immediate swell of noise, but surprisingly, most of it is enthusiastic. Some of the boys, like Chad, have grim, repulsed expressions, but for the most part the rest of the team seems… relieved.

“Finally! I thought we’d have to watch this thing for another two months,” Ben hears Amir say to Manny.

“Well, at least we didn’t have to do a song and dance number this time,” Manny shoots back.

“Okay,” Tyrone says simply with a companionable slap to Ben’s shoulder. Matter concluded, the locker room returns to normal.

Ben can’t help but feel lighter now; not because he’s told other people he loves Carlos–it was never something he wanted to keep a secret. But whether due to kingship or honorary Lost kid status, he had been steadily dissociating from the rest of Auradon’s students and only just realized how much that had been weighing on his mind.

Now he knows though: his fellow Knights, most of them at least, will stand by him. He may not be as close to them, but they accept him. They’re still his team, his friends. He’s happy.


A/N: Weird ending and kind of short, sorry, but the next part I am almost completely sure will be the last and it has more of an epilogue-y feel to it, so this one had to be separate.

Okay so I cannot, for the life of me, find that post someone incredibly awesome did of backstories for the other tourney team players, but I adopted/adapted their name choices. I hope you don’t mind, OP.

Amir is Aladdin and Jasmine’s son; I just used the alternative A spelling to go with the whole… everyone’s children’s names are ridiculously close to their own.

Liam (the shortened form of William) is the son of Lottie (the shortened form of Charlotte). And, like their mothers, is childhood friends with Tyrone, Tiana and Naveen’s son. (The Princess and the Frog)

I went with Manny, aka Manuel, for Audrey’s son instead of Miguel, though. Because her father was named Manuel and Manny just kind of sounds more like Audrey. (Atlantis)

Esteban is Esmeralda and Phoebus’ son. (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Tbh, I don’t think Auradon is ALL of the Disney kingdoms combined. I think it’s probably a mix of several of the pseudo-European ones, particularly the Golden Age movies, but that everyone else’s kids are there because Auradon Prep is actually “Preparation to Reign” not “Preparation for University”. So while the kingdoms in Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast (and Hunchback of Notre Dame because if France is included, all of the French-set movies should be too), and maybe a few others, have combined into Auradon not all of the movies. So Agrabah, China, Corona (Tangled), Scotland (aka the Highlands, Brave), and Atlantis, for example, are still separate.

Only Fools Rush In, part 10/12 (2015-08-08)

They go to the dining hall for breakfast, early enough that it’s not too busy, but still after the girls.

The first thing Evie says when she sees them is, “You’re clashing with yourself.”

“I know, right?” Carlos exclaims back, “It’s Jay’s fault.”

Mal, as equally fashion-blind as Ben, shrugs a greeting.

“I suppose in that case you should be grateful your shirt still has sleeves,” Evie jokes.

“I don’t think I have the biceps to pull that off,” Carlos says doubtfully, pulling up his sleeve and flexing. While he has been improving in tourney, it’s fair to say that it’s more due to strategic thinking than muscles.

The two of them continue to dominate the conversation, dragging Jay into an unwilling fashion lesson when he eventually joins their table. But that doesn’t prevent Ben and Mal from communicating with each other.

From across the table she stares at Ben, her eyes catching pointedly at Ben’s mussed hair and rumpled clothing, before her gaze slides sideways to Carlos. Carlos wearing an apparently clashing outfit, having arrived with Ben and not Jay like usual, and his own disheveled appearance. Her raised eyebrow is eloquent enough without words; Ben blushes.

The rest of breakfast continues much the same until the bell rings, an advance notice for classes starting. None of the Lost kids have their first class together, but Ben does share his with Mal.

For all that this thing with Carlos is still new, it doesn’t feel odd to lean over and press a kiss to Carlos’ cheek as they disperse. The Lost kids certainly don’t react to it beyond somewhat distracted smiles.

But the other students stare as he and Mal walk by, Ben’s arm draped over her shoulder casually. He’s been the object of other people’s scrutiny since birth, so the attention paid to him over the course of the day doesn’t unnerve him. But he’s aware of the rumors buzzing around, even if he never hears them, and the constant pseudo-itching sensation between his shoulder blades tell him about the eyes following his every move.

Ben’s more concerned about Carlos and Mal. He can only imagine the terrible things being said to them, about them as a result of his actions. He spends most of his classes fidgeting, inattentive to the lessons. During every passing period he checks up on both of them, even goes out of his way to do so; neither of them report any out of the usual harassment, and while they both look bemused they also indulge his tactile reassurance.

Caught up in his own worries, Ben failed to catch what the rest of the school actual thought.

“Most people think it’s cute,” Evie says during lunch, assuaging most of Ben’s nerves, “Lonnie and I share Home Ec,” she answers Ben’s unasked question about her knowledge, this time at least.

“Most people?” Ben repeats grimly, remembering Chad’s toxic opinion.

“Others are… confused,” she explains diplomatically, mouth twisted into a grimace, giving Ben a better idea of what those others really think. “That’s more because of us, though, than the situation. Although that does apparently actually confuse some people.”

If he weren’t the one living it, Ben would probably admit that such a nontraditional arrangement might baffle him, too. Having a platonic girlfriend and a romantic boyfriend simultaneously? The latter alone is unorthodox.

The Lost kids don’t seem to have any qualms about the situation, and he wonders if this is just another matter than can be chalked down to differing cultures. Evie, having been taught the idea of monogamy by her mother at least as an intellectual practice, is the best to translate for both sides.

“Gang activity instead of dating?” Ben tries to understand, seeking confirmation from Mal.

“If we were still on the Isle, you’d be part of our gang.” Mal says, patting his arm fondly, “Definitely something to be proud of,” she tacks on.

“Yeah, we’re the worst of the Isle,” Jay adds with a smirk.

“Which means that we’re the best,” Carlos clarifies, a little nonsensical but perfectly understandable to Ben.

“We don’t really use the term boyfriends and girlfriends, so the definitions seem constrained,” Evie continues to explain, “And dating is pretty vague. Technically, you might be dating all of us.”

Ben sputters, flushing a bright red, while the others laugh.

“You’re not, we know,” Mal says before he can stumble through a denial.

“So on the Isle, this, what we have, makes sense?” Ben asks.

“It’s this place that’s the problem,” Evie agrees, though she tempers it with, “But it’s something that can change, I think. And who better a trendsetter than the king?”


A/N: Okay, we’re definitely nearing the end, but it’s not quite yet upon us.

This part really was just an excuse for me to do a study on culture clash and conservatism vs liberalism in that world. There was supposed to be a little more, but that last sentence seemed like a really cool ending line for me so… yeah. I’ll just shove the next scene into tomorrow’s installment.

As far as I see it, on the Isle, “gangs” are like animal packs. Some of the members’ relationships may be sibling-like, or even platonic without being related, but it’s also not unusual for there to be ‘mating’ within packs (so long as, you know, no incest). So while it’s not actually expected for Ben to be romantically involved with all of the Lost kids, on the Isle, it wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise or scandalous.

Also, I think the Isle views reproduction differently–more of an attempt at immortality via legacy than an opportunity at domesticity–hence everyone having a kid, the kids being named after them, but not actually being married or forming nuclear family units. From the way it was portrayed in the movie, I interpret Maleficent, EQ, Cruella, and Jafar’s cohabitation as a statement that the four of them are a gang. Now, whether that means Jafar is all of the Lost kids’ father (as I suggested in this other drabble) or the ladies just found a random guy to provide half the DNA, none of whom joined their gang, I don’t know. But it’s something that really interests me for some reason.

Only Fools Rush In, part 9/12 (2015-08-07)

Ben wakes up in the morning with an unusually warm head. Probably because, sometime in the night, after they had both drifted off to sleep, Carlos had moved around until his back was pressed against the headboard, torso arched around Ben’s head like a very large, living, breathing hat. And, somehow more impressive, they had kept their hands clasped together.

Ben wants to wake up to this every morning.

Well, maybe not exactly like this considering now Ben’s arm is numb, having been wrenched at an awkward angle across his body. Carefully, he extricates himself, gritting his teeth against the sensation of pins and needles as blood rushes back to his arm. Still, he is happy.

A knock on the door startles him into action, but even as he goes to stand by the door, he waits.

The second knock is more of a bang and, fortunately, is accompanied by the sound of Jay’s voice, “You better both be dressed in there.”

Hastily, Ben reaches for the doorknob, opening the door to Jay’s unimpressed face. Ben’s not too insulted, though, considering his still sleep mussed clothes, flyaway hair, and possible pillow creases on his face. Jay, in contrast, looks to be prepared for the day already; more than, as Ben spots Carlos’ bag hanging off one shoulder next to Jay’s.

“He’s, uh, still asleep,” Ben says rather inanely, gesturing at the figure on the bed unnecessarily.

“Of course he is,” Jay sighs, before stalking towards Carlos, grabbing his ankles and yanking him up and off the bed. Ben twitches forward, in a futile attempt to stop Carlos’ collision with the floor. Thankfully, due to height difference and Jay’s sheer upper body strength, Carlos dangles upside down, outstretched hands barely brushing the carpet.

Amused, Ben is grateful that he closed the door before anyone else could witness this.

“No,” Carlos moans, uncooperative but also unsurprised, clearly used to such treatment. And awake, which is all that Jay needs to deem himself successful.

“I brought your stuff. And clothes,” which he throws beside Carlos’ body, after throwing Carlos himself back on top of the bed.

“It’s too early,” Carlos complains, though he sits up and paws through Jay’s offerings.

“I was going for my morning… jog,” Jay hesitates, eyes shifting from Carlos to Ben then back.

Obviously not actually jogging, but Ben doubts it’s anything too bad.

“Can’t have you walk of shaming back to the dorm room,” he explains, and this time Jay’s glance towards Ben is more of a glare.

Ben flushes, part embarrassment and part indignation because nothing shameful happened. But before he can defend himself, them both, Carlos squawks out, “I can’t wear these!” waving black, red, and white fabric around.

“They’re your clothes,” Jay argues.

“They’ll clash!” Carlos argues back.

“They’re your clothes,” Jay repeats, confused and irritated at this conversation.

Ben, whose wardrobe consists of blue suits of varying formality and school paraphernalia, has no idea what is happening either.

“Different patterns!” Carlos says, then his volume drops into a grumble, “You couldn’t have checked with Evie first?”

“I’m not going to go to the girls dorm this early. You should be grateful I’m bringing your stuff at all.”

Carlos, rather than showing any gratitude, sticks his tongue out. Then he falls backwards, flinching away from Jay’s feint. “Ugh, fine, thanks,” he says disgruntled.

And that seems to settle the matter, at least until Carlos reaches for the hem of his sleep shirt to change clothes, and Jay cuffs him on the back of the head.

“What now?” Carlos grouses, rubbing at his head in exaggerated pain.

“Bathroom,” Jay says with a jerk of his head towards Ben’s en suite.

“Seriously? We change in the locker rooms after tourney practices. For all you know, last night we–”

“I don’t want to know,” Jay interrupts before simply manhandling Carlos and his clothes into the conjoined bathroom and shutting the door.

Carlos must decide to give in rather than waste time trying to fight back against superior strength, because there are only two frustrated bangs against the door before the muffled sounds of rustling cloth.

“And you,” Jay says, this time towards Ben who, to be honest, was rather enjoying being a spectator during this whole interaction, “I still don’t want to know. But take it slow.” The ‘or else’ is silent, but no less potent.

Ben nods, a solemn, wordless promise.

Satisfied, Jay leaves for his… ‘jogging’.

Then, having to live up to his promise, Ben changes clothes as quickly as possible. His seams are somewhat askew, but he finishes just as Carlos leaves the bathroom. They smile at each other, a little sheepish, before Ben breaks the silence with, “Good morning.”

Starting the day with Carlos’ laughter is something else he looks forward to in the future.


A/N: I know, way after my midnight deadline. But, I have spent 11 out of the past 24 hours in a car towards my sister’s place so… yeah. Well, actually, it was a fairly productive car ride in regards to this story at least (and potential future stories, here are teasers: a Detective vs Criminal AU and a Pokemon AU/fusion) because I was able to outline different scenes I wanted to get to. But the actual change from outline to prose was difficult without a laptop, then with a laptop but all of my family members around me.

That being said, this is definitely not the last installment of this series. But still probably no longer than twelve parts.

This has been fun, and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this as well.

Only Fools Rush In, part 8/12 (2015-08-06)

When Carlos pulls, Ben lets himself be led easily, helpless to resist. He guides the both of them to the bed, comfortable and self-assured, as if this were his room and not Ben’s. As if this weren’t the first time Carlos has been in this room.

The moonlight paints everything sensual, but while Ben’s libido wants to interpret this in one particular way, he knows that this is not the case.

Carlos peels back the covers and, with a tug, prompts Ben to go beneath them. With some shuffling, the two of them end up lying on their sides facing each other. Bodies curled towards each other like parentheses, heads resting on the same pillow.

Ben has only ever witnessed this before, and only twice at that; the Lost kids huddling together in one bed whenever one of them felt unwell or needed comforting. The first was after a game with the Highland Bears, one player not reacting well to Jay’s skills, and having more than enough muscle mass to back up their displeasure. Jay had ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a concussion.

He remembers entering the boys’ dorm room and stopping at the sight of all four of them on one bed. Jay’s head in Evie’s lap, her hands gently carding through his hair, Carlos and Dude carefully coiled around his uninjured arm, and Mal laid over top his legs protectively, furiously flipping through the pages of her spell book.

Ben’s entrance had made them freeze, caught off guard and vulnerable. With a silent conversation consisting mostly of eyebrow movements, Mal stood up from the bed to occupy him with a conversation on what level of payback would be seen as rightful revenge versus despicable evil. By the time he looked back, the other three had untangled themselves.

The second time had been after Evie had pulled consecutive all-nighters for her Home Economics project. Needless to say, her series of gowns more than blew the competition out of the water, but the pressure to over-achieve because of her teacher’s prejudice had gotten to her. The eventual and much needed seventeen hour sleep was less of a cuddling session and more of a guard rotation. Ben had actually been included, and had been honored to be so trusted, but while the Lost kids had clambered into bed with her, Ben kept a respectful distance by sitting in a chair.

But those were hardly anything in comparison to now, curled up with Carlos, just the two of them under the covers. This close, Ben can see every individual freckle, every eyelash; he can let himself trace cheekbones with his gaze, the dips and curves of plump lips. A squeeze from Carlos’ hand, still intertwined with his, grabs Ben’s attention.

“You kissed me,” Carlos says, voice low, no need for loudness this close.

Ben nods, cheek rubbing against fabric, the movement no doubt disheveling his bangs.

“Why?” He asks, less rhetorical than expected, considering the obvious answer.

Obvious to Ben, at least. “Because I love you,” he says simply, proximity and moonlight making the confession easy.

“But you love Mal,” Carlos refutes, and though his words are looking for a contradiction, his eyes are searching for reassurance.

And I love Mal,” Ben corrects, because its true; he loves Mal and Carlos. Ben loves them both but its different for each of them.

He loves Mal the way an optimist loves life: hopeful and admiring for the future. He wishes for her happiness, would gladly provide whatever that may take, regardless of if that criteria includes him or not. He loves her like an ideal, like a king should love justice. He looks at her and knows that if he can make her happy, then he is doing the right thing.

But with Carlos, Ben’s love is… selfish. He wants to be the one to make Carlos happy, he wants to be the one Carlos desires. He wants to be the one who makes Carlos feel safe and be the one to satisfy him. He adores Carlos, and he wants to cherish Carlos for however long he can.

He wants hours of video games that Carlos always wins, wants the sweat and effort of the tourney field. He wants more nights like these, the matching curves of their bodies underneath blankets. He wants mornings together, sunlight casting a golden glow on their tangled limbs. He wants years, he wants forever.

With Carlos, Ben wants.

He tries to explain this, sentences stumbling off his tongue. Ben feels more like a beast than he ever did, clumsy and awkward, with the horrifying potential to hurt Carlos with one wrong move.

But Carlos understands, or at the very least seems to, because he scoots closer. Their foreheads touch, noses bumping gently, and Carlos huffs a laugh, Ben smiles back, and they breathe each other’s air. Emboldened, Ben reaches out his free hand to lay it against Carlos’ cheek. His thumb traces along a line he has only ever looked at before, reveling in the touch of skin, in the knowledge of freckles hidden beneath his fingers.

“I don’t have anything,” Carlos says, which is confusing, until he continues, “I don’t have magic like Mal, and I’m not royalty like Evie, and I don’t–”

“Carlos,” Ben interrupts, squeezing their joined hands, “I don’t want you to be Mal or Evie or Jay, I want you to be you. Because I love you,” He repeats, which is enough to get rid of those worries, at least for now.

Then, because they are so close, Ben has to ask, “Carlos, can I ki–”

This time, Carlos interrupts him, taking initiative to press their lips together. Their noses bump again, and this time Ben is the one to laugh, but he smooths an apology with his thumb, to assure that he wasn’t mocking. Carlos flicks his tongue out in response, faux-petulant, but it’s also testing, teasing. He follows it with a gentle scrape of teeth, and Ben can’t help the small gasp that escapes, absolutely thrilled.

So Ben throws himself completely into it; now that he has permission, he’s going to kiss for all he’s worth. He surges forward, what little space remaining between them disappearing, their entwined hands trapped between their bodies. He catches Carlos’ bottom lip between his own, finally getting to taste, and even though it’s not chocolate, it’s still delicious. He bites down, before soothing the pain away with his tongue; he knows that’s something Carlos enjoys because now his eyes are half-lidded with pleasure, and he’s clutching at Ben’s shirt like he can drag the larger boy even closer.

They continue to kiss, the sound of whimpers and sighs harmonizing with the wet slick slide of lips and tongue and teeth, until the lack of oxygen forces their mouths apart. Panting, breathless, they share air and space. Ben’s hand, having moved to Carlos’ neck, can feel the rhythm of his pulse matching Ben’s own pounding heartbeat.

“Yes,” Carlos says, more air than noise, sly grin somewhat less effective with shiny, reddened lips, “you can kiss me.”


A/N: I AM BOTH EXTREMELY PROUD OF THIS POST AND SOMEWHAT HORRIFIED. The latter is due to the fact that I spent a lot of the time shrieking to myself, “I can’t, he’s just a baby!” while I was writing this part. Because Cameron Boyce is adorable and precious and even almost fictionally putting him in a sexual situation is really uncomfortable for me. Like, that kissing really stretched the boundaries of my writing skills (which is what this blog is all about so great practice) so I doubt I even could do sex.

Which, yeah, I’m gonna say it outright: There will be no sex in this series. Cameron Boyce’s adorable baby face prevents me from doing so. But, as any ace person can tell you, sex is not the end all be all of love.

Also, staring at pictures of his face does really terrible things to my heart.

Uh… this was much longer than I expected it to be and covered bases that I wasn’t even really thinking to reach until like… later in the ambiguous non-outline I have for this fic. That being said, this series will probably end at nine or ten parts.

Don’t get me wrong, I have somehow incepted myself into loving this ship beyond my usual shipping levels. But I think for this particular iteration, I’m fairly tapped out. There may be different stories in the future but I make no promises.

Only Fools Rush In, part 7/12 (2015-08-05)

Later, when Ben reconsiders what he said to Chad, he admits to himself and his empty single dorm room, that his words may have been… hasty. True, but hasty.

He’s not so committed to the crown that he would doom himself to a life without happiness. And it’s not as if there aren’t literally a dozen other princes and princesses who would be more than happy to have the throne. If he did abdicate.

But he was raised as crown prince, to the idea that his privileged lifestyle was only due to his responsibilities to the kingdom. What kind of king could he possibly be if he were willing to abandon his country? He doesn’t even know if Carlos likes him back!

At that, he smashes a pillow to his face to muffle his groan. He kissed Carlos. He just… kissed Carlos. All of his plans to court Carlos properly, or at the very least ask Carlos verbally if he would even consider going out with Ben, just… gone. All because of a preemptive kiss.

There are bound to be repercussions, but he has no idea what they are because Ben hasn’t seen Carlos since that kiss.

He lets out another muffled yell into his pillow, before pulling it away to breathe.

There’s a knock at his door.

He stares at it, uncertain. It was a fairly soft knock, if there even was one, he could just be imagining things. And, anyway, it’s after curfew, who could possibly–

This time the knock is much louder and far more persistent. So much so that Ben nearly falls while scrambling to the other side of the room to open the door just so that it will stop. And he nearly ends up with a fist in his eye for his troubles.

“Carlos!” He says, then winces at his own volume. He sticks his head out to check in either direction if anyone else heard. The hallway lights are dimmed to night time levels, but the moon is full and the windows let in enough of the glow to see clearly. No one. No one except Carlos, that is. “What are you doing here? It’s after curfew.”

“Aren’t you going to let me in?” Carlos asks, small sideways smirk curling his lips.

Suddenly Ben can’t help but wonder what that would feel like against his own mouth. If laughter filled kisses are better than regular ones.

“Ben?” Carlos asks, hesitantly this time, hands beginning to curl into the fabric of his pajamas.

“Yes, yes, of course. Sorry, right. Yes.” Ben blurts, shaking away his own distracted thoughts, and moving out of the way so Carlos can slip into his room. Ben tries to close the door as quietly as he can, but the click of the latch still seems unbearably loud.

They stand and stare at each other for a while, neither of them sure who should make the first move or even what the first move should be. Ben’s heartbeat thuds heavily in his ears, and the sense memory causes his arms to feel unacceptably empty, makes the distance between him and Carlos seem impossibly far.

He steps closer. And closer. And closer still, until they are in arms length from each other. Ben could easily curl a hand around the back of Carlos’ neck, wouldn’t have to lean too far to press foreheads together. But he doesn’t, because Carlos is staring up at him–not afraid, but tense–and they are only in this situation because Ben acted without asking. So he waits.

He’s not disappointed.

Carlos reaches out, and so Ben reaches back.

In the quiet, moonlit night, holding hands is far more intimate than all of Ben’s attempts at seduction. 


A/N: I meant for this part to be Ben thinking all philosophically about his ~feelings~. But then he ended up being this dorky teenage boy and then Carlos butted in and demanded more screen time and I was just like… well… okay then, fictional characters, you do whatever you want.

Aaaand I suppose it’s a weird spot to end, but the next part will pick up immediately from where this leaves off. So… enjoy?

Let’s pretend it’s still before midnight.