I am your lionheart? For the prompt thing?

Okay so this is clearly a reference to the Of Monsters and Men song King and Lionheart which is about the artists who are brother and sister. So with that alone and no specific fandom or character for context I guess I’ll shuffle through a couple of potential fics I’d write for this title?

So the thing is…

The nearest fic I have that I think best embodies a “you’re my king and I’m your lionheart” vibe would be my FFVII fic Into Thin Air, in which my SI!OC is Cloud’s genderfluid twin. (And, well, given that I’ve always pictured Windy to have curly hair then it’s kind of hilariously on point since Cloud’s spiky hair could be a crown and Windy’s curly hair would be a mane). Except, obviously, that’s already titled.

It may also apply to the Into Thin Air x Naruto crossover series I play with every now and then. It does have an additional layer of feels, beyond the parallel of Naruto is Cloud’s distant descendant, since in the beginning Windy is depressed and traumatized and grieving and doesn’t have the energy to be brave for this strange child that looks so much like her brother but zie tries anyway. For this familiar looking touchstone, zie’ll try.

I don’t think I’d do a DoS fic for this since it’s very obviously a “Shikako’s feelings about Shikamaru” and that’s already included in Dreaming of Sunshine so anything I’d write would be redundant? (I’m actually surprised that this song hasn’t already been recced for the DoS Soundtrack for the Nara twins. Especially for the Land of the Moon arc… I’ll just scuttle over there and do that real quick)

Hm, let’s see…

… Maybe if I were a little more keen I’d do a Katsuki siblings fic for Yuri on Ice, because surely Mari has a lot of thoughts surrounding her glass hearted national skating ace baby brother except I would rather read this fic than write it because I have no idea what those thoughts would be and how best to articulate them… (… or 映利’s POV)

I think I’m getting off track, anon.

Okay, flat out from the title alone–no trying to shoehorn it into a series I already have, no adhering too much to the song and the artist’s meaning–I’m getting Katekyo Hitman Reborn vibes but for two different fic which is… okay.

One fic would be from Kyoko’s POV, in a Kyoko-is-Sun-Guardian!AU or even in my Trailblazers ‘verse, and it would be about her growing up from cardboard-cutout-of-a-shounen-love-interest into a vital part of an international crime organization and it would definitely include her determination from Ryohei (and Tetsuki), her platonic feelings about Tsuna, and her opinion of Vongola.

Character study, basically.

The other fic I don’t think I’d ever actually write, given I already have Trailblazers as an SI!OC fic, but I think I’ve actually done a fake fic summary for this idea? (Ah, here it is)

Basically, Tsuna has a female twin. One who isn’t as disastrously dame as he is, but is still plainly average. The Sawada twins are Vongola’s “spare and mare” (in the nobility used to have three children the heir, the spare, and the mare) but given that all the heirs are dead (or unfit and frozen in magical ice) that means Tsuna and Nina (short for Giannina and to match the 27 thing?) are the only heirs left.

And while pitting the twins against each other in a competition to inherit a crime organization doesn’t automatically have the same emotional resonance as the song, I do kind of think at the root of Nina’s conflicted emotions about the situation that she’s doing this for Tsuna. The world of the mafia is dangerous, her brother can barely get through a school day without a bruise or scrape of some sort, he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t want to be part of the mafia. So she’s going to defeat him and become Decima so that he doesn’t have to.

He’s “king” in the sense that he’s the most important person to her and she will brave the sins of Vongola for him, but only so long as he doesn’t actually become “king” of Vongola.

Fake Fic Summaries 12/?, the Return and Twist edition (2016-04-01)

A/N: So these are fic ideas that have been plaguing my mind and preventing me from doing anything else… so here’s a way to purge my desktop of all the files…


This first one, I don’t really want to do as fanfic but the brainstorming is originating that way, so maybe if I can figure out how to twist it into definitively original fic I’ll return and do so. But I can’t quite figure out how to pull it out of the context so here’s this mess of a brainstorm.

Mare vs Spare

The heir, the spare, and the mare: the Sawada twins were only ever meant to be the latter two–until all the viable heirs in line before them were killed off. Now both of them are left fighting each other for a role neither of them want.

Family is supposed to be everything.

So, basically: the Tsuna’s female!twin story

Okay, so why is this interesting to me? Well besides the fact that the dearth of women in Katekyo Hitman Reborn continues to be a pain in my heart, I haven’t actually seen a twin sister fic for KHR. I’ve seen PLENTY of twin brother (ie a “Gary Tsuna” who is generally evil and so real Tsuna has to take over as Decimo in order to bring peace to Vongola etc etc) but not twin sister fic which is actually really interesting to me because usually… twin sister fic is the go to for exploring a fandom.

Anyway, the fake summary sort of touches on what appeals to me about this: because there is misogyny in KHR–even the fictional magical version of the mafia are very clearly sexist–and so a twin sister of Tsuna would suffer the brunt of that. Even if Tsuna is the unlikely spare to the Vongola family, his sister (who I have for now named Nina to go with the whole 27 thing; but also, maybe she’s named Giannina or something) would be at best considered a potential marriage token. Or, skeevier, a way to strengthen the bloodline if one of the Ninth’s sons actually lived.

Which lysapadin’s A Year in the Life (it’s absolutely fantastic, go read it. Though, warning: it’s WIP and possibly abandoned) explores really well with a female!Tsuna. But the reason why I specifically want a female twin is because then the “spare” and the “mare” would have equal claims to the “throne” and while traditionally the spare would win out–it’s literally in the name, spare heir–Tsuna is No Good.

Vongola has had a female Boss before (just the one, but one is enough for precedent) so it would then be a decision between which civilian would they rather have as a mafia boss: the subpar boy or the probably average girl? But then, there’s also the aspect of Guardians.

I’d want Tsuna’s canon Guardians to stick with him and they are all very powerful indeed. But I want to see other characters become Nina’s Guardians. I want to see Kyoko and Haru and Hana and I-pin and Bianchi become Guardians. I want Nina to see people who are being disregarded because of their gender and make them hers. I want Fran to be their token guy… maybe… I don’t really know much about Fran.

Actually, no. I don’t want these characters in this world with this strange magical mafia. I want this situation in a different universe. I want the political ramifications of this scenario transcribed into an original fic.

For this second one, I actually wrote a few paragraphs before it stuttered to a stop. In part because I know where I want to go next but not quite how to bridge between the beginning and the meat of the actual story. And also, in part, because I realized I was writing fanfiction of a fanfiction of an OC who writes fanfiction for a movie that’s about a movie. Basically: ever heard of the movie Galaxy Quest? Well, there’s a fanfiction called SMOF by hollimichele that you may be interested in and which I highly recommend. Especially if you’re going to continue reading my recursive fanfic for it.

SMOF (the every story’s a love story remix)

It’s not like they have an understanding (except for maybe how they might) but Brandon and Casey sort of have… a thing.

The kind of thing that two (or more) people might have an understanding about. If said understanding hadn’t ever been verbally acknowledged and more implied in a very roundabout way in the less than two months they interacted with each other… which wasn’t even entirely in person.

Okay, so maybe it’s more of an understanding about having an understanding but, well, it’s certainly more than either of them would have expected given her previously antagonistic opinion towards his mere reputation and his complete lack of awareness of her until Katelyn almost literally shoved it in his face.

“Read it,” she had said, once Brandon stopped squawking about being unable to see, breathe, whatever, stop whining, and don’t mess it up. She paid good money for a print version, “It’s great.”

It wasn’t as if Brandon held himself above fanzines–he is, above all else, a fan and it doesn’t matter how big his name is in the fandom or what secrets he’s privy to or even what his impending job prospects are–but with all the recent goings on he hadn’t really had as much time to enjoy the fandom as he used to. Not when the fandom aspect of his life was stretching out beyond hobby and into something bigger and more encompassing.

But in a way, reading the fanzine was sort of like preparing for his new job. Or at least the handing off of his old one. Or maybe the …..

aaand that’s all I got. Basically, I wanted it to be a year long getting-to-know-you-long-dstance-and-then-fall-in-love kind of deal with Brandon in space trying not to die and Casey on Earth trying not to have an entire fandom implode. Nerds in love, basically.

I actually do want to figure out how to finish this one as recursive fanfic (if hollimichele isn’t, like, horrifically offended by this) but there’s just this massive block and it’s been on my desktop for a week. I also reread to see if Casey’s pronouns were specified in any way but they actually weren’t which is cool. I used she/her so that I can keep track of which pronouns are Brandon’s and which are Casey’s, and also because the only Casey I know in real life goes by she/her, but I know Casey is a gender-neutral name so I might revisit this with a he/him or they/them Casey? I probably ought to have more written before worrying about that.


A/N: This is not an April Fool’s thing… I just really couldn’t think of what to write? Also I got home from work super late again so…