can I prompt some of that foundation of yesterday outsider pov?

A/N: So… I know I just did a Into Thin Air ficlet which is, of course, set in FFVII but… the problem is anon, I haven’t actually played FFVII?

And like, that’s mostly the reason why Into Thin Air kind of rehashes the same ideas and is VERY VAGUE, because I don’t know the timeline in enough detail to make things specific (which is why Unto The Climate is easier for me since I’m more familiar with Naruto canon and it’s only Windy–and Kaguya/Jenova–who is from FFVII).

And given Foundation of Yesterday is primarily set in FFVII with Naruto characters being summoned/awakened there, that explains why the brainstorm was just a brainstorm and not a ficlet. And then there’s the whole… set up of it…. Although, to be fair, that was more of me stream-of-consciousness coming up with the idea as it came to me as opposed to attempting to write it so, what the hell, it’s the ask box advent calendar, I’ll give it a shot!


Foundation of Yesterday, Prologue (2017-12-15)

The Shichidaime Hokage goes missing without a trace. The Elemental Nations begin to freak out: it’s been decades since the world was so close to destruction, but that their primary defender has gone is alarming.

It is only the beginning.

Kaguya is uncovered from her icy prison and experimented on, the foolish mortals playing at gods, but their folly shall be her triumph.

Her first two sons were traitors, but her third? Oh, she’s certain Sephiroth will do her proud.

There is an unstoppable countdown, jinchuuriki disappearing despite everyone’s best efforts as if chakra itself were reclaiming them.

Shikako and Sasuke have not stopped searching for Naruto but their hope is steadily dwindling.

They are running out of miracles.

Vincent knows his eyes are unnerving–unnatural, demonic–but Lucrecia is the first to ever say she loves them.

Too bad she loves science more.

But honestly, the cursed existence that follows after his death isn’t entirely her fault.

“It’s time to sleep,” Gaara tells his children, a bewildering, solemn statement from the only remaining jinchuuriki. It’s the last clue they get before he, too, disappears.

For Shikako, it’s also the last straw.

When Yuffie is six, father gives her a necklace, the pendant a dark stone with shining green flecks–a family heirloom: if she protects it, it will protect her in turn.

Obviously just a superstition, Yuffie thinks years later as her homeland is conquered and destroyed.

Not quite.

The loss of the jinchuuriki is never solved, and though sad, time marches on. Children grow up, take their own place as heroes and leaders, and eventually it becomes just another tale to tell.

They never think to connect it to the vanishing Shikabane-hime.

Where a Strife walks, trouble follows, names well earned. They are living, breathing natural disasters, bringers of storms and change.

It’s not a coincidence that they end up in Nibelheim.

The Planet works in mysterious ways.


A/N: … hrm… this is probably overly referential to the brainstorm, but it just didn’t want to flow :/ Hopefully it’s still a fun read, though, anon!

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Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love Windy Strife and hope to read more of her life (whether in FF7 or in the Naruto world)

Nobody likes Windy Strife.

They like who zie could be. They like how zie can and will change to be what they want.

Mom, too, never really liked Windy. She loved hir, of course, an unconditional mother’s love, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she liked Cloud better. A daydreamer son over the grim and jaded child forever roaming the wilds–in mind, if not also in body.

Windy’s still sorry that zie couldn’t be the daughter that she wanted.

It’s not the first time Windy’s been on Rufus Shinra’s cargo ship–at some point every Turk does a guard rotation on it, Winter not exempt from this–but it’s certainly the first time as a stowaway.

The accommodations aren’t too different, sadly, but zie definitely agrees with the others that finally getting hir feet on the ground of Costa del Sol is a relief.

Still AVALANCHE is technically a terrorist group–and Windy an accessory if not already a ShinRa traitor–and so they have to maintain a low profile while securing a place to rest and recover.

Thankfully, zie has an idea.

“Aerith?” zie asks her, “Can I borrow your spare dress for a bit?”

Everyone else, preferring to pretend zie doesn’t exist, turns to hir with suspicion, but that’s hardly anything new.

“Of course,” Aerith answers, because Winter’s former charge is the nicest and only person that tolerates hir presence. “Though I don’t think my jacket will fit you,” she says while rummaging through her pack.

It’s true that Windy has broader shoulders, but thankfully the dress itself is sleeveless and feminine enough to suit hir purposes.

“This isn’t the time for a makeover,” Lockhart scoffs, “though at least you’ve finally acknowledged that you need one.”

Windy grits hir teeth and tries not to visibly react, but hir gratitude to Aerith is strained.

A quick change and Windy’s current outfit is replaced with Aerith’s pink dress and Winter’s button up shirt folded and coyly tied as needed. It’s hardly anything to swipe a pair of sandals from an outdoor stall–as easy as undoing hir bun–and in a matter of moments it’s not Windy or even Winter the Turk standing there but someone else entirely.

Wendy goes to work.

When the twins had traveled from Nibelheim to Midgar, they had stopped in Costa del Sol. Passage to the Eastern Continent is expensive for one, two is more so.

Beyond the reach of Mt. Nibel’s harsh climes, Windy learns to be softer, warmer. Smile sweetly and look demur, but never promise more than zie can give.

Wendy is just a girl from the boondocks trying to get to the big city, what else would she be?

Surprisingly enough, Butch remembers Windy. Or, rather, Wendy.

Zie was fifteen and new to creating aliases, though zie hasn’t gotten much more creative.

“Wendy, babe, sexier than ever!” Butch calls out from his shop when he spots her approach. “I knew you couldn’t resist this for long,” he gestures to himself, eyes raking up her form. She knows what he sees: she’s taller than before, increase in height greater than her increase in bust, but she’s a fully grown woman now.

Yeah, Butch is sleazy, but he’s pretty well off and, more importantly, well connected in Costa del Sol.

And, unlike some people Wendy met, all talk.

Wendy smiles, leaning against the counter, forearm pushing up and emphasizing her assets.

“Midgar just doesn’t compare to Costa del Sol,” she sighs–perhaps meaning something besides the cities, perhaps not–looking up through her lashes. “Unfortunately, I’m only here to prepare for a party being thrown next week–and of course I can get you an invite–but I need to make sure accommodations are perfect.” She bites her lip, looking away for a second as if checking for eavesdroppers, “I can’t say who it’s for, of course, but let’s just say it’d make quite the buzz.”

Even across the ocean, Honey Bee Inn is famous.

“Is that so?” Butch asks, unconvincingly casual and completely hooked.

Wendy’s smile–or, rather, Winter’s smile–grows sharp, “I don’t suppose you could help me get the key to The Villa?”

In Midgar, the Strife twins were still the Strife twins, but they were Wind and Cloud–brothers both trying out for SOLDIER.

Wind was a man’s man–or, at least, a man in the making in comparison to the utter boys that some of his fellow cadets were. Smart and skilled and surprisingly charismatic, everything a future SOLDIER should strive to be.

Too bad Wind Strife was never real.

Technically The Villa is called Shinra Villa–built by the President as a summer home–but considering the sheer opulence and scale of it, no other villa in Costa del Sol deserves the epithet.

Of course, much like it’s derelict sibling Nibelheim, it hasn’t been owned by Shinra in a long time. But, alas, no one else can afford such an obnoxious piece of real estate, and so it remains empty.

But not necessarily unused.

Windy is still in hir Wendy headspace, flashier and more feminine than hir real self, and so she presents the doors of The Villa with all the flair of a showgirl.

Zie’s actually really proud of hirself, so the continued blankly suspicious stares from the majority of the party aren’t exactly what zie hoped for. Aerith, at least, seems pleased at having an actual bed to sleep in.

Well, it’s not like zie’s unused to going unappreciated.

But it is, admittedly, nicer than the Inn would be and so the group spread out to claim their own piece of luxury.

Except for her brother whose brow is furrowed, eyes clearer than they have been in weeks.

“What’s wrong, Cloud?” zie asks, once everyone else has left the foyer. They don’t often get time alone–how strange, when that’s how they lived more than half of their lives–and zie’s certain it’s on purpose.

He’s quiet for long enough that Windy thinks maybe he’s just going to ignore hir until he finally asks: “Was that a you thing, or a Turk thing?”

There are no female SOLDIERS.

It’s bullshit, yes, but it’s bullshit couched in enough scientific and legal jargon that some country hoyden isn’t going to change their mind, no matter if zie was top cadet.

But there are female Turks.

And the Turks are certainly interested in a candidate who can keep a secret under scrutiny.

Windy is recruited. Cloud is not.

Maybe that’s where it all went wrong.

Windy’s responding smile isn’t the sharp smirk of Winter or the coy curve of Wendy, it’s small and sad and honest.

“You never did like when I pretended to be other people,” zie says helplessly.

Having witnessed the vacant Cloud and the Cloud that is a vessel for Zack Fair–neither of them hir Cloud–zie finally understands.


A/N: Thanks for the prompt, saltykrispycake! I also love Windy, but alas zie does not get much love within Into Thin Air. Perhaps that changes in Unto The Climate? Anyway, I appreciated getting the chance to write more of hir life (even if it is bleak… and repetitive from some earlier ITA ficlets. I really ought to make a cohesive timeline)

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Unto The Climate, part one (2017-03-21)

Winter chokes, breath punched out, unable to even cough or speak.

Windy’s last moments:

Sephiroth descending.

Hir own desperate shove at Aerith.

Cloud’s stunned expression–blank and open, as if he could not even begin to understand what he was seeing.

One final gift to hir brother.

Winter’s ultimate duty fulfilled.

Windy dies in a temple below the Forgotten Capital in the place of the Last Ancient.

(The Planet is not ungrateful)

Windy gasps awake, blind and desperately flailing. There are voices around her, but she does not recognize them; Winter cannot understand the language, either.

Hands grip at hir, hold him down.

She screams.

Pressure and warmth–skin on skin contact–before the slickly flowing rush of a spell flows over her.


(You are not finished yet)

The Planet is not ungrateful, but neither is it kind.

Windy’s first moments:

Blinking, placid consciousness. Breathing undeterred.

A room, a bed; bright light and white curtains.

Murmuring, unintelligible voices–but no hands, no magic–no one in sight.

A hospital.

Winter does not bother feigning sleep.

The problem is clear early on. The solution less so.

Winter was taught to understand Wutaian–to read and write and listen–all the better to eavesdrop, all the better to spy.

Windy was never taught how to speak it, the words garbled by her double layered accent: the short country Nibel clip mimicking the drawl of urban Midgar. It would be embarrassing if it weren’t for the fact that whatever these people are using isn’t even proper Wutaian.

He’d assumed some kind of cribbed code at first, but it’s not recurrent enough, too expansive.

And if it were, why would they even try to use it with her?

As it is, zie is lucky body language is universal enough that keeping his hands flat and visible at all times is enough to signal that she has no qualms about these strangers and she is no threat whatsoever.

(Windy did always excel at subterfuge)

They give hir a pencil, noticeably dull, and a paper with a single question.

For this, both Winter and Windy Strife write their truth.


A/N: In line with revamping some of my own old fanfic, here is the finally titled Into Thin Air x Naruto series, Unto The Climate Although this one is less a remix and more of a proper chronological writing of it, instead of bouncing around the place with vague ideas. Don’t know how far I’ll go with it, but it’s nice that it has a proper title at least.

I am your lionheart? For the prompt thing?

Okay so this is clearly a reference to the Of Monsters and Men song King and Lionheart which is about the artists who are brother and sister. So with that alone and no specific fandom or character for context I guess I’ll shuffle through a couple of potential fics I’d write for this title?

So the thing is…

The nearest fic I have that I think best embodies a “you’re my king and I’m your lionheart” vibe would be my FFVII fic Into Thin Air, in which my SI!OC is Cloud’s genderfluid twin. (And, well, given that I’ve always pictured Windy to have curly hair then it’s kind of hilariously on point since Cloud’s spiky hair could be a crown and Windy’s curly hair would be a mane). Except, obviously, that’s already titled.

It may also apply to the Into Thin Air x Naruto crossover series I play with every now and then. It does have an additional layer of feels, beyond the parallel of Naruto is Cloud’s distant descendant, since in the beginning Windy is depressed and traumatized and grieving and doesn’t have the energy to be brave for this strange child that looks so much like her brother but zie tries anyway. For this familiar looking touchstone, zie’ll try.

I don’t think I’d do a DoS fic for this since it’s very obviously a “Shikako’s feelings about Shikamaru” and that’s already included in Dreaming of Sunshine so anything I’d write would be redundant? (I’m actually surprised that this song hasn’t already been recced for the DoS Soundtrack for the Nara twins. Especially for the Land of the Moon arc… I’ll just scuttle over there and do that real quick)

Hm, let’s see…

… Maybe if I were a little more keen I’d do a Katsuki siblings fic for Yuri on Ice, because surely Mari has a lot of thoughts surrounding her glass hearted national skating ace baby brother except I would rather read this fic than write it because I have no idea what those thoughts would be and how best to articulate them… (… or 映利’s POV)

I think I’m getting off track, anon.

Okay, flat out from the title alone–no trying to shoehorn it into a series I already have, no adhering too much to the song and the artist’s meaning–I’m getting Katekyo Hitman Reborn vibes but for two different fic which is… okay.

One fic would be from Kyoko’s POV, in a Kyoko-is-Sun-Guardian!AU or even in my Trailblazers ‘verse, and it would be about her growing up from cardboard-cutout-of-a-shounen-love-interest into a vital part of an international crime organization and it would definitely include her determination from Ryohei (and Tetsuki), her platonic feelings about Tsuna, and her opinion of Vongola.

Character study, basically.

The other fic I don’t think I’d ever actually write, given I already have Trailblazers as an SI!OC fic, but I think I’ve actually done a fake fic summary for this idea? (Ah, here it is)

Basically, Tsuna has a female twin. One who isn’t as disastrously dame as he is, but is still plainly average. The Sawada twins are Vongola’s “spare and mare” (in the nobility used to have three children the heir, the spare, and the mare) but given that all the heirs are dead (or unfit and frozen in magical ice) that means Tsuna and Nina (short for Giannina and to match the 27 thing?) are the only heirs left.

And while pitting the twins against each other in a competition to inherit a crime organization doesn’t automatically have the same emotional resonance as the song, I do kind of think at the root of Nina’s conflicted emotions about the situation that she’s doing this for Tsuna. The world of the mafia is dangerous, her brother can barely get through a school day without a bruise or scrape of some sort, he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t want to be part of the mafia. So she’s going to defeat him and become Decima so that he doesn’t have to.

He’s “king” in the sense that he’s the most important person to her and she will brave the sins of Vongola for him, but only so long as he doesn’t actually become “king” of Vongola.

Dialectic (The Eros and Psyche Remix), part 1/? (2015-07-20)

“You can just pretend it never happened,” said Aerith, thoughtful look on her face… But he couldn’t.

What he could do, however, was push it to the back of his mind. He had other things to occupy his time and thoughts; such as preparing Radiant Garden for its grand opening.

His past experience with the delivery service was not as helpful with running Midgar’s first plant nursery as he would have hoped. There was more to gardening than throwing seeds in the dirt and hoping for the best, and with the taint of mako in soil, it was all the more difficult. Moreover, except for the few species of miraculous flowers that Aerith had in her church, nearly everything had to be imported from places beyond the city.

Thankfully, the expenses were covered by ShinRa–the next big project of the Urban Development Department. Reeve, unfortunately, had quite the black thumb and couldn’t do much but fling money and greenhouse designs at Cloud, but his enthusiasm was still obvious. In contrast, Elmyra was a great help with the hands-on aspects, having helped her daughter on occasion.

Aerith would have been the most help, but she had her plate full. Cloud still could hardly believe it: Aerith Gainsborough, Head of the Science Research Department, the position Hojo had once held and used to experiment and torture both of them. The only thing more unbelievable than that would be if Aerith were married to Rufus Shinra–which, actually, was a possibility if Aerith didn’t win their bet. She had one year to increase revenue by fifteen percent by providing an alternate energy source to mako. She certainly had her work cut out for her. If anything, the few times she was able to appear in Radiant Garden, Aerith spent most of the visit napping amongst the seedlings, soothed by their natural presence. Although, that in itself was helpful, the buds’ growth rate improved in the presence of the last Cetra.

And so for a while, distracted by concern over soil samples and seedling imports and greenhouse designs and irrigation systems and Aerith’s ongoing science rivalry/business courtship with Rufus Shinra of all people, Cloud could honestly say that as the days passed, Sephiroth never once appeared in his thoughts.

(The nights were a different matter entirely)


A/N: Some explanation necessary–this fic is a remix/sequel to linggan’s Dialectic which is itself an epilogue fic for their Juxtaposition series. Highly recommended reading. It’s a very beautifully concise story and doesn’t require you to remember every single little detail of FFVII in order to enjoy it. Go read it, seriously.

If you don’t want to, but are for some reason reading this, the fic basically (VERY basically) is a time travel fic in which Cloud somehow becomes Sephiroth’s secretary and accidentally and so subtly changes Sephiroth’s and Aerith’s lives that they save the world… kind of on accident. The drabble above is kind of reiterating what happens at the end of Dialectic (or the parts of the end that I don’t want to remix), and will probably do so for the next part at the least before getting into my modifications.

In a sentence: this drabble series is about the awkward antisocial romance between gardener!Cloud and baker!Sephiroth with added Aerith world-conquering shenanigans. For a more detailed (if, somewhat unreadable due to being a giant stream-of-conscious-brainstorm) outline, you can check out my lj post here.

By the way, linggan, I mean no offense by this drabble series. If you would like me to take this down, however, please let me know and I will do so immediately.

Into Thin Air x Naruto drabble (2015-07-14)

Windy and Cloud Strife.

She was always an adjective–clever, skillful, ruthless, transient–and it was all fine. Fine, another adjective. It was good enough, she was good enough. Her brother, well, he may not have been as clever, as skillful, but he had big dreams and a heart of gold. He wasn’t an adjective, he was a noun. He could be a hero. She could be helpful, but fleeting.

That’s just the way it had always been.

Zie learns, much much later, after the significance of the name Namikaze, that sealing–fuinjutsu–is not a common skill. In fact, the talent to not only wield it effectively, but to understand it, is very rare.

The last person to gain the title of Fuinjutsu master was also the last person to use the name Namikaze.

It’s not something zie actively takes advantage of, but it certainly is a nice bonus.

The problem, or perhaps, the opportunity arises, because as far as Windy can tell, seals use the same writing system as normal text. Arranged in specific ways, yes, but still just normal text.

Code-breaking zie knows, taught by the Turks, coding as well. Sealing is simply both, zie concludes, where the symbols are adapted Wutaian.

But zie thinks it’s a common skill. Zie sees a lot of the shinobi using tags and scrolls with seals–to explode, to contain, to summon–even low ranking ones. So zie thinks it’s normal.

Windy masters fuinjutsu before zie becomes fluent in the spoken language.


A/N: Hahahaha… I have no idea. I guess it’s all my SI!OCs nostalgia feels coming up. So here’s some Windy Strife. Still don’t actually want to write a crossover with Naruto because of my consistent and persistent belief that the language barrier will remain. And that’s always so tricky and frustrating to read and write both. Buuuut I seem to be fond of it despite that? Who knows…

Into Thin Air drabble (2015-06-18)

“You think I didn’t grieve for you?” Windy spits at her stupid brother, so small and so trusting of everyone else except for her, “You think just because I’m wearing this suit, because I didn’t choose to start bombing random buildings, that I don’t love you? That I stopped being your sister?” She hates that they even have to have this conversation, but she hates that they’re having this out in front of fucking Lockheart and the rest of the ragtag band of AVALANCHE terrorists even more.

Cloud says nothing. Because he’s always been taciturn and shy but in this case it’s probably because to him Windy’s just some stranger with a similar face. Worse, a ShinRa stooge with a similar face. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t owe her anything.

Windy shakes off that thought, straightens his back, and continues his tirade, “You are my brother, Cloud. You will always be my brother. I have always tried to help you. Even now. Even now when you don’t remember who you even are, much less who I am. When you think of me as an enemy. I don’t need you to like me back, and I don’t need you to love me back, and that fucking,” zie chokes out, voice thick in hir throat, “It fucking tears at me, okay? But that doesn’t mean I won’t help you.”

Zie’s trying not to cry, but is obviously failing spectacularly because zie can feel the twin trails of wetness on her cheeks. In her peripheral vision, blurred as it by her tears, she can see the rest of AVALANCHE shift uncomfortably but remain in their watching. His hand, bereft of his bow, clenches compulsively around empty air.

And still Cloud says nothing.

“We’re the Strife twins. We were the pariahs of Nibelheim and we traveled half the world to go try out for SOLDIER and fail out because they’re sexist prigs and you had more heart than skill and I helped you through all of that. And I’m sorry I wasn’t there when General Sephiroth went mad and burned our shitty hometown to the ground and nearly killed you, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there when that asshole Hojo faked your death and spent the last four years experimenting on you, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you were apparently wandering around in a catatonic state for anyone,” zie pointedly does not look at Lockheart, “to pick up and indoctrinate. But I’m here now, okay? And if you want to blow up my employer’s property then I will help you do that. If you want to kill Hojo, I will more than gladly help you do that. So please–”

“Windy,” Cloud finally says, brow furrowed.

“What?” Zie responds immediately, both in confusion and for clarification.

“Your name is Windy. Not Winter.”


“Not Wind, either.”


“Cloud and Windy Strife,” he adds, unhelpfully.

“Excuse you, it’s Windy and Cloud Strife. I’m older,” she argues automatically, before biting off whatever else she was going to say because…

Cloud steps closer, hand outstretched. Zie freezes, eyes opened wide, as he carefully brushes away hir tears.

It’s not very comfortable, the fabric of his gloves rough against hir face, and it’s not very effective either because it’s still obvious that zie had been crying, but it’s the thought that counts.


A/N: I haven’t actually played the game so I don’t know shit. That being said, I personally don’t hate Tifa. I just think that Windy, having grown up in Nibelheim alongside Cloud and Tifa would not like Tifa very much as a kid and then especially not after her honest misunderstanding basically brainwashed Cloud.

Into Thin Air x Naruto drabble (2015-05-27)

Spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes?

Well, zie can’t deny it–the kid would be a shoe-in for Nibelheim’s most infamous siblings. And vice versa apparently.

Hir grasp of the Wutaian language is shaky to passable; on top of that, what the people speak here isn’t quite the same. More like a distant relative. Or descendant.

The kid is staring at hir with wide hopeful eyes, somehow more painfully earnest than hir brother during his most naive moments. He hasn’t looked away from hir since he and his team entered the room.

It’s fair, since zie keeps hir own gaze darting around, only briefly landing on him before moving on.

The old man next to hir plays at being feeble and soft, but zie knows better. Zie would be defeated quite soundly if it came to it. And that’s not including the two hidden guards, or the silver-haired man slouching against the wall.

Zie tries not to shudder in apprehension. It’s the same color as General Sephiroth’s hair, though far more unruly. He might be a clone. Zie can’t tell, due to the mask and strange slanted headband. It wouldn’t be a surprise, considering the Strife look alike.

Perhaps this is all a hallucination, or a fever dream. Aren’t dreams supposed to take faces and images from real life?

The stoic black haired boy might as well be a young Vincent in blue instead of red.

But that wouldn’t make any sense. Because as far as zie remembers, zie’s dead. Dead dead dead dead dead.

And not ever coming back.

That’s what happens when you get stabbed through the heart by a sword taller than you.


No. Dead.

But zie did die in the Forgotten Capital of the Ancients. In place of the Last Ancient. Surely…

The old man says something to the kid, which somehow makes his stare even more intense. The lone visible eye of the masked clone widens slightly.

So something… significant, but not dangerous. The pink-haired girl, at least, hasn’t given hir more than a passing glance. A mildly shocked look, before fading away into polite disinterest.

The old man then says something to hir. Which zie doesn’t understand why, considering they’ve already hit up against a serious language barrier.

But he writes down something, and while the oral language is an effort in futility, the written language at least is comprehensible.


He passes the pen over to hir, a prompt for hir to answer.

There is no reason to lie. So zie doesn’t.

Namikaze, zie learned long ago, is written with the kanji for waves and wind. But a more poetic interpretation of the name is strife. It’s easy enough to remember, and convenient, as it encompasses hir full born name.

Namikaze, zie later learns, is the name of a dead hero.

A hero with spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes.


A/N: Yet another terrible crossover with and OC. This time, my genderfluid twin sibling of Cloud Strife, aka Windy Strife aka Winter the Turk aka many other things, wakes up in the world of Naruto after hir death (which… spoilers?… I was going to have hir die trying to protect Aerith from Sephiroth).

I don’t really have a cohesive outline/plot for this. It was a random idea I had when I was at work and then I had to wait until I got home to type it out so it’s a bit haphazard than I would normally do.

Don’t think I’m going to continue this, anyway, since the whole language barrier thing would get really annoying and unwieldy pretty early in.

Into Thin Air drabble (2015-05-19)

It’s a miserable situation for all involved. He with untrustworthy memories and contradictory stories. She with a dead hometown and the trauma of having survived. And zie with an amnesiac brother, a hateful childhood tormentor whispering in his ear, and stuck with an entire troop of terrorists working against hir employer

Well, at least they haven’t killed hir yet. But Winter the Turk certainly doesn’t have any friends amongst AVALANCHE, and hir allies number in two: said amnesiac brother and the Ancient that ran away from home under hir watch.

If AVALANCHE isn’t the one that kills hir, then ShinRa will certainly be eager to step up on that front.

But perhaps zie can make the argument that technically hir orders were to safeguard Miss Gainsborough. If she happens to throw her lot in with a group of terrorists then it’s only right for Winter, as her Turk bodyguard, to ensure that she comes to no harm during her… endeavors.

Ugh. As soon as the going gets tough, Windy will be the first left behind, or killed because of paranoia. If zie had to choose, zie’d want it to be in the line of duty, would want it to be hir choice.

But until then, Winter the Turk gets to be the disliked member of this little gang–lingering around like an unwanted reminder or a bad smell.

Perhaps the only one to not look at Windy with hate of varying levels would be Valentine. It makes sense, though, that an stoic ex-Turk gunner would be the most… sympathetic towards a silent current-Turk archer. If his placid apathy could be considered sympathy. But Valentine himself is accepted amongst the group where zie is not. An ex-Turk killed and experimented on is much different than one who still wears the blue suit.

This sucks.


A/N: Having some Windy feels… haven’t actually played enough FFVII to know what happens when so I’ve kept everything vague on purpose.

Some background: Windy Strife is, yes, my OC. Specifically, a gender-fluid twin sibling of Cloud who–once it came out that she was biologically female–was kicked out of the SOLDIER trials and joined the Turks instead. For more drabbles in this universe either follow the Windy Strife tag or the Into Thin Air tag.

Into Thin Air (2015-05-04)

Windy’s seventh training mission in Midgar coincides with hir first time meeting Don Corneo. It’s part of the reason why Cloud will end up needing to cross-dress in the future. Zie will never tell him.

The mission didn’t actually involve Don Corneo, that’s just the way it turned out. It didn’t need Windy to assume an identity either, but it was one of the things which had appealed to the Turks for her recruitment. Which was why, for that mission, Windy was going by the name Wayne.

The mission started simple–establish a contact in the Honey Bee Inn–but in the way that, apparently, both Strife twins’ lives worked even minor tasks were needlessly complicated. Most of the brothel girls were very kind, but sex workers don’t give favors out for free.

Thankfully, Wayne was a very accommodating young man, whose open country-boy face prompted people to be generous in turn. And so the girls would ask him to complete little tasks in exchange for information. A delivery here, a purchase there–little things which sent Wayne running throughout the different sectors.

It was easy work, nothing which required him to break character, and it helped Windy form a mental map of the slums. Being from Nibelheim was a disadvantage when so much of ShinRa’s activities were in cities. She had a lot of catching up to do.

Though undemanding, Windy’s seventh mission was tedious, and ended up taking almost two weeks. While Turk training missions didn’t necessarily have a deadline, surely hir speed, or lack thereof, was a poor showing for a Turk recruit. Zie needed to step up hir game. Wayne needed to meet the Inn’s Madame; he needed to meet the Queen.


A/N: … I was going to continue… basically, the Queen would give Windy/Wayne an “impossible” task aka something to do with Don Corneo. Which Windy would complete, and which would make the Queen hir contact.

And which ends up impressing the Turk recruiters, etc. etc. The reason why Cloud can’t be a guy around Don Corneo (besides the whole… only women allowed thing) is because he’ll look too much like a younger Windy cross-dressing as Wayne (Windy was taller/bigger than Cloud). Whom Don Corneo has a grudge against.