Word Prompts (I25): Introduction

Konran Uzumaki – Counterpoise

(Spiral in, storm out.)

She wears wire in her hair, braids of red and metal winding round and round her head. Pins blunt against her scalp, sharp points outward, everything hidden under a bandana rigged to blow.

Uzushio’s legacy, beneath dark cloth.

Kiyoshi Utsugi – (In)Difference

(Neutrality brings peace.)

Lightning thrums under her skin, running along her nerves, writhing. Wind at her fingertips, whipping at her cheek, waiting to be unleashed.

Conscious clear, target in sight: shoot.

Tetsuki Kaiza – Trailblazers / Externality / Iron Will

(Fate worse than death.)

The first time around she is furious-regretful-afraid-satisfied, at least, she will be swiftly avenged.

The second time she is desperate: she doesn’t want to go, doesn’t want to do this again, doesn’t want this curse.

By the third she is hollowed out and resigned.

Aomi (Inuzuka) – B*tch Please

(Humanity is beastly.)

The rage in her has nothing to do with the fangs in her mouth or the growl in her lungs. She dreams of hunting intangible things–justice, strength, the future–plans like shaky ground beneath her paws.

Truth and loyalty require sacrifice.

Windy Strife – Into Thin Air

(Steps ahead, left behind.)

The suit sits heavy on her shoulders, fabric stiff and blue still new. The bow, long carried, doesn’t quite match but it fits perfectly in his hand.

Zie is a weapon, forged and honed, then and now.

Reyniero Chason – Running Backwards

(Battle fiercely for the king.)

There are no options, train on the track, future written down and read in the past. And yet, here I am, poised to defy the fate put on him.

If anyone is the spare, it’s me.

Branton Evans – Growing Strong (Burning Bright)

(Thorns, sparks, and silver linings.)

He knows much about regret, had felt it even as he continued to walk away, needing to follow through. Time doesn’t always heal, sometimes it erodes instead.

Nevertheless, things can still be salvaged.

Haru Kuwabara – (En)Closure

(Winning might be everything.)

Go is a battle, is a conversation, is life–according to her grandfather anyway. But she knows death, so she knows that despite all the drama, go is just a game.

But against gods and murderers and the stark face of justice, it’s a nice thought.

Ember Ketchum – A Year With The Moon

(Knowledge is double edged.)

Sight beyond does not make her immune, does not make her anything but a liability. Her entire existence is a dilemma and now, it seems, she has made the wrong choice.

Behind a glowing wall in her mind, she watches herself attack her brother.


A/N: Surprisingly, the word prompt is relevant to the writing! Except for the last one, each section is basically a motto + three sentence fic (or four sentence fic) summarizing my various OCs. Almost like little trailers for the different series… (The last one isn’t because I realized that Ash having a twin during the first Pokemon movie, ie the one featuring Mewtwo, would have the potential for EPIC FEELS).

Basically, after my weird breakdown/rant/fit of low self-esteem that I had yesterday I kind of wanted to make up for that. Sorry, again, @to-someplace-else, it wasn’t your fault, I go through moods, I hope you (and other readers) enjoy this.

Post Word Count: 422, TOTAL Word Count: 10860

So… last day of November. Unsurprisingly, did not meet the NaNo quota but that’s okay because a lot of my posts this month (like this one) were three sentence fic and for some reason I wrote a lot of poetry…

(In)Difference (2016-06-26)

(Five Teachers Kiyoshi Might Have Had)

Utsugi Kiyoshi stands alongside Katou Dan and Mokume Kunugi and waits for their sensei to appear.

Their sensei, Shimura Danzo.

Kiyoshi tries not to scream.

She manages to hold off until she is alone, at home, a pillow pressed over her face.

Her parents think it is excitement and nerves and, well, they’re not wrong exactly.

Because any hope of not being tangled up in the story of Konoha to be has been irrevocably shot.

She’s not entirely sure what to do–just knows that she won’t stand idly by as Shimura Danzo twists Konoha on itself.

Maybe she’ll stop him or maybe she’ll help him or maybe she’ll usurp him entirely.

But she needs must do something–either that, or she’ll die trying–and isn’t that just the absolute worst of it.


Utsugi Kiyoshi stands alongside Katou Dan and Mokume Kunugi and waits for their sensei to appear.

Their sensei, Uchiha Kagami.

Kiyoshi doesn’t hide her confusion.

Mostly because… it doesn’t make any sense and she doesn’t know what else to feel otherwise.

An Uchiha? She doesn’t even know which Uchiha this is–if he’s at all related to the specific Uchiha that will come later.

Doesn’t know if he’ll have children and grandchildren, if he’ll live to see Itachi or Obito kill him or if he’ll be dead long before that.

What is she supposed to do? Can she do anything?

Well, at the very least, she can get accustomed to how the Sharingan works. Just in case.

Utsugi Kiyoshi stands alongside Katou Dan and Mokume Kunugi and waits for their sensei to appear.

Their sensei, Mitokado Homura.

Kiyoshi treads lightly.

She doesn’t know much about him–just that he was the Hokage’s teammate, held a place on the Council, and at some point will fall prey to Danzo whether by Sharingan or just normal human manipulation.

Either way, it’s a precarious situation. She’s not sure how any of her actions may change the future–if it will at all. For all she knows, this was meant to be and nothing she does will change anything.

For now, she’ll watch and wait. It’s what her sensei would advise, after all.

Utsugi Kiyoshi stands alongside Katou Dan and Mokume Kunugi and waits for their sensei to appear.

Their sensei, Utatane Koharu.

Kiyoshi smiles, bright and sharp.

She’s met Koharu before, during the special club from kunoichi classes. Nae-chan.

Koharu was never a Nae-chan–too noticeably skilled and part of the Utatane clan on top of that–but she had been the only kunoichi on Team Tobirama. The only kunoichi on the Sandaime Hokage’s Council, and Mito-sama’s (the Nae-chan program’s) connection to legitimacy.

She almost wants to cry because maybe this is a sign–some kind path already forged that won’t make her leave her dreams behind.

Maybe Kiyoshi will never be a Nae-chan, but she can still help, still be a part of it.

She’s not alone.

Utsugi Kiyoshi stands alongside Katou Dan and Mokume Kunugi and waits for their sensei to appear.

Their sensei, Akimichi Torifu.

Kiyoshi gives a quiet sigh of relief.

Given the jounin sensei for the other genin team in their year, she had feared the worst. But Akimichi Torifu is still a respectable choice–more than, actually, given who the genin are.

Minor clans at best, and none of them particularly prestigious at that. But the Akimichi have always been the most open of the four Noble clans, and it actually makes sense in a way.

They are no Ino-Shika-Cho, not yet–three strangers put on a team and told to risk their lives together–but if anyone could get them near to it, it would be an Akimichi.

She’s not afraid.


A/N: I kinda just wanted to go through potential jounin sensei for my (In)Difference team and figure out which I like best. Since I think best when I articulate by yelling or writing, I figured I ought to at least get a post out of it.

I’m leaning most towards Akimichi Torifu just because I don’t really want to plunge Kiyoshi headfirst into “does fate determine my actions” existential crisis right away and I can probably finagle the others into appearing one way or another. Also considering Homura and Kagami…

I really don’t want her to end up as Danzo’s student. And given what I have written for Koharu, she’ll have a role in the story regardless? I dunno…

Shikako being reborn into an older generation and becoming Sakumo’s genin teammate? She and Sakumo remain like best friends and when he has Kakashi, she helps raise him? And, upon Sakumo’s death, Shikako becomes Kakashi’s guardian or something?

Oh, dear sweet angel of an anon. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can fill this prompt. It’s an interesting idea to be sure, but I have a bit of… conflict of interest, I guess you could say.

I already have a series for an SI!OC also in the Sannin/Sakumo generation. It’s called (In)Difference and it’s about Kiyoshi Utsugi–the kunoichi on the same team as Dan Katou (aka, Tsunade’s beau) and Kunugi Mokume (some random ninja who had a full name, is approximately the right age, and was possibly crying when Dan died). And… she’s kind of Kakashi’s mother.

I haven’t written much for it, and not even very recently either, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in diverting my era-specific attentions away from that series. I mean, arguably, since Sakumo’s kunoichi teammate isn’t my character, she very well could have been a Shikako reborn. But that kind of takes away from my story. And I sort of also have plans for Sakumo’s genin teammates. Unfortunate plans.

So… thanks for the prompt, anon, but I don’t think I’ll be filling this one. I’d be more than happy to help you brainstorm the idea if you want to take a stab at it yourself–similar to the back and forth collaboration I have with @kuipernebula for Team Medic–but I’m afraid I can’t commit to anything more than that.

Word Prompts (P12): Pen and Paper

Sometimes, especially in times like now, when she has a profusely bleeding leg wound and nearly depleted chakra, she’ll think about how none of this is real. In a way, it’s comforting–if it’s not real then her actions don’t have real consequences, she can make mistakes and do as she pleases.

But, in a completely opposite way, it’s terrifying: if none of this is real, then she’s not real; which means all of her pain–her impending death–means absolutely nothing.

“Hold on, Kiyoshi,” Dan says, pale hands pressed shakily over her thigh. Kunugi’s back is warm against hers, even through the layers of cloth. Or maybe she’s just that cold.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” she says, teeth chattering. For getting injured to the point of immobility. For thinking, even for just a moment, that neither of her teammates might be real–that they might just be drawings in a story in another world, “I’m s-so sor-rry,” she begins to slur, her vision greying out.

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Kunugi says, the vibration of his words and the rhythm of his breathing filtering through to her own unsteady chest.

“Yeah, that’s my job,” Dan tries to joke, but the concern in his voice is too audible.

She wants to laugh, anyway, to make him feel better, but all that comes out is a slightly harsher exhale.

“Hey! Stay awake Kiyoshi,” Dan says, breaking out what they like to call his future Hokage voice. The tone that would one day command a village.

But she doesn’t respond.


A/N: Something real quick because work was ridiculously bleurgh. And, as usual, the word prompt is still not in the actual drabble 😛

(In)Difference drabble (2015-07-12) [2]

The Utsugi clan compound is hardly deserving of the name. There are maybe eight smaller families, siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles to each other, and really it’s more of a massive extended single house than a neighborhood.

She was born during a low birth peak meaning that, unlike her other cousins who have at least three age mates to grow up with, the nearest Utsugi relatives to her on either side have a gap of over eight years. She’s far from lonely though, a trail of children not yet old enough to be at the academy beseeching her to play ninja. Older cousins ruffling her hair in congratulations for passing, their own flak jackets as new as her headband. An uncle, who may or may not be ANBU, gives her a booklet of shock tags, a handsome graduation gift indeed.

Her parents, as enthusiastic over their only child’s achievements as ever, have begun planning a clan wide celebration. Though, to be fair, there was a celebration for cousin Tetsuo’s promotion to tokujou last month and anyway, her father is the clan head; a celebration was expected.

It should be a good day.

But as she watched her friends get placed on teams obviously slated to fail, and herself put on a team with two of the better male students in their class, she couldn’t help but feel the weight of her plan twelve years in the making crumble around her.

She could have been a Nae-chan, she thinks. She would have been free. Instead, Kunugi Mokume stares dispassionately at her while Dan Katou smiles, young and very much not dead.

Her eyes flick between him and the only other viable team–the one with the Rookie of the Year, the frustratingly skilled dead last, and the Senju Princess.

Likely sensing her gaze, Tsunade looks back and smiles hesitantly.

She could have been free.


A/N: Aaaaand some Kiyoshi Utsugi feels, also brought about by my seven hour bus ride to my sister’s.

Also, this derailed itself very quickly. I was going to have it be about how minor clans operate within Konoha–but then I apparently felt like having existential “oh god, I can’t escape canon” feels.

A Year With The Moon / (In)Difference drabble (2015-03-16)

They try not to think too often about their first attempt at the Jounin Trials. Not that they comported themselves shamefully, but it was still embarrassing to be denied something you wanted in such a public manner.

The Jounin Trials are far different than the Chuunin Exams–the latter focusing on teamwork, strategic thinking, and, to put it crassly, staying power. You don’t always have to win in order to make chuunin, you just have to last long enough and be impressive while doing so.

In contrast, the Jounin Trials were determined by the number of victories scored. Jounin trials were unique to each village, some needing a jounin hopeful to kill a current jounin in order to be promoted (no guesses as to which village that was) but Konoha, touting their friendly peace-time reputation merely needed their ninja to be good enough to win against other chuunin in the running and two jounin moderators.

Fighting chuunin hadn’t been a problem, no matter that some of the other jounin hopefuls were almost twice their age. But it was when they were fighting the two jounin moderators that they realized–together the twins fought like two jounin, but alone they were always outmatched.

There had been a few other candidates promoted, but they had been found unowrthy. In the face of their father, who declined to make a decision, the Jounin Commander and the Chuunin Commander their hopes were rejected.

Instead, they had been made tokubetsu jounin, specialty “teamwork,” which was ridiculous because, except for each other, they never had any permanent teammates.


A/N: I was going to continue… but then I have a cold and the next scene didn’t seem to flow together so well…

A Year With The Moon / (In)Difference drabble (2015-03-15)

They are not opposites, nor are they two halves of a whole. They are similar, but not the same; complementary, resonating, twins. They are the children of a genius and a prophetess, and they see the world around them with open minds ready to learn. Her first word is “how,” his is “why;” and it is a theme which follows for the rest of their lives.

As younger siblings they are always a step behind their older brother. It’s not so bad, because at least they walk together. Their brother graduates from the Academy at six years old, they do so at seven. He achieves the rank of chuunin at eight, they at ten; he becomes jounin at twelve, they do so at fifteen after spending a year as the in-between tokubetsu rank. They are still leaders of the pack, of course, but they look forward when they run and all they can see is themselves falling behind their older brother no matter how they strive.

The war ends abruptly in the spring between their ninth and tenth birthday. By that time, they have already served for two years and are considered veterans. For the most part, their missions were low-risk, no one wanting to endanger two of the Hokage’s children. But they still reach for their blades at sudden movements, begin gathering chakra when any noise seems out of place (they have not been in the village for seven months, so every movement seems sudden, every noise out of place).

Their age-mates, the ones who have just barely missed war-time graduation protocols, complain about being stuck in school for another three years. These students will be utilized in reconstruction, small chores that will gradually be turned into low-rank missions as peace settles over the world. Some of them smile in relief at not having to go to war, but others still dream about the adventures and glory of being real ninja.

The twins know that there is no such thing.


A/N: Just some drabbles about Hatake Satsuki and Satoshi of a theoretical future to (In)Difference. I was trying to figure out the timeline of events and how old they should be to fit properly, it’s a lot of incorrect grammar and parantheses and numbers but if you’re interested you can find it on my lj here. But basically, the twins are the same age as Iruka (four years younger than Kakashi) but while Iruka just barely missed the war-time graduation the twins were already genin.

(In)Difference drabble (2015-03-12)

She makes plans, has arrangements waiting in the wings, to leave. But she holds, because she doesn’t want to do so in the dark night, like a secret. She’s not running away, fleeing like a criminal, like prey, but it is leaving. She lets her friends know, murmurs it to them in between snippets of normal conversation. She states her intentions, because she is not going to be convinced otherwise. But there is one person whose blessing she needs, whose word would make her postpone but not completely forgo her plans.

Her eldest son is six years old, a child still, but with knives in his hands and an even more dangerous mind. Technically, with that stamped metal plate tied around his head, he’s a soldier and so an adult. But he’s just a boy, and while she knows he can do amazing things without her, she’s not just going to abandon her son.

The twins are only two, too young to fully understand, and though it breaks her heart, they may not even remember her (but their eyes gleam with that same cognizant genius that allowed her eldest to skip years ahead of the pack). Her eldest, though, he may see her leaving as betrayal, as her picking his newest baby sibling over him.

She goes down on her knees before him. Ostensibly to put them at similar eye levels, but it feels almost supplicant. They are at home, at the house so large and protected, like an empty shell; they can speak freely because no one is there to eavesdrop. She is sometimes struck with the thought that she tried to fill it with children, only to have doomed them to rattling around this prison with her.

But her eldest darling boy understands too well, has tried to do the same with pups of every breed. He listens and, after a tense silence, acquiesces. He is envious, but he knows it is too late for him and for the twins.

It is the last time they see each other for a decade.

A caravan of civilians are making their way out of Konoha, among their number is a black-haired woman breast-feeding a similarly black-haired baby. In the comfort of their own home, the gate guards are lax and as squeamish as any single man–they do not look at her closely; and anyway, two groups behind the caravan is the Sannin Tsunade, scowl on her pretty face and as frightening as ever.

The Yondaime Hokage is told that his wife and unborn child died during labor. He hasn’t seen her in three weeks, so accepts it as true.

A/N: Geez, why do I keep wanting to write the end of (In)Difference? This is some serious terrible marriage shit, why am I doing this to Sakumo? He’s supposed to be a nice person, right? Oh, yeah, context: in (In)Difference, OC is Kakashi’s mother and makes it so that Sakumo chooses the mission over his teammates… meaning he doesn’t commit suicide and eventually leading to him being the Yondaime right before the Third(? Second? Whichever one Kakashi is alive for) Shinobi World War.

A Year With The Moon brainstorm (2015-03-11)

I love brainstorming. It’s one of my pitfalls as a writer because I can world-build and outline but as soon as I need to start on prose I just… can’t. It’s part of the reason why I made this blog.

Usually a stray thought just develops into a gargantuan potential plot–practically a mental storyboard of certain scenes I would want to write, certain imagery that I would want to describe. But for some reason there are a few, I guess, “prompts” that I would really like to run off and play with but just aren’t inspiring anything beyond a desire to do something with it. So what follows is literally me just rambling about the ideas, hoping that in the process I’ll shake something out.

1) A Year With The Moon – Satoshi and Satsuki
While I have sort of hinted at using this in my Naruto fanfiction, (In)Difference–as my OC’s middle children, Kakashi’s younger brother and sister respectively, I don’t actually know if that’s a route I want to go down… and even so, I haven’t developed them enough to be anything but faceless sibling stand-ins.

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of doing this for the pun. I mean, Satoshi and Satsuki? A Year With The Moon? Like… that’s totally the title of whatever I’m going to write, but I don’t actually know. Do I want it to be an (In)Difference spinoff/sequel? Do I want it to be an SI!twin!OC for the Pokemon cartoon series? I don’t really know what else to do with it… the only other Satsuki I know is Momoi Satsuki from Kuroko no Basket… and, well… unless I want to make a basketball playing Satoshi and somehow insert him into the series… but that series really is very much so Kuroko’s story… so it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

Anyway. Either (In)Difference spinoff/sequel or twin!SI!OC for Pokemon. Either way, I think the Satoshis of both would be similar, as well as the Satsukis. Hm… while I’m not too keen on the binary “one twin is this while the other is this” I do think Satoshi would be the more… average of the two. Even strictly appearance-wise, Satoshi has black hair and brown eyes. And Satoshi doesn’t have genius-level intellect, but he has heart and instincts and, apparently, aura powers? For everyday things, Satoshi is kind of hopeless or inferior to his sister–he’s not as smart or as skilled–but he works miracles under pressure.

In contrast, Satsuki is visually striking–in (In)Difference, she’d have the Hatake silver hair, but maybe it translates to something different the Pokemon universe. Or maybe it doesn’t–silver hair in young people is a real world phenomena too. Wait a second… I think I’ve written something like this before. Here it is. So maybe she does keep silver hair in the Pokemon universe too. Hm… as for her Pokemon starter… I’m thinking either a Sandshrew or a Vulpix.

Ability-wise, she is better than her brother more often than not, but it’s the kind of ability that’s… static. She doesn’t get better when there’s pressure, her skill level remains the same regardless of situation. Obviously she’s not stagnant, she grows and develops and improves, but when it comes to crises–if she’s not up to par, then she’s just not up to par. She’ll most likely still fight, of course, but she kind of accepts that she’ll fail and it’s more of a stall for time or a go out swinging sort of fight. And then her brother somehow pulls out a win from nowhere, which she’s usually okay with.

Personality, hm… this is what I’m having difficulty with, which is I guess part of the reason why this plot-bunny isn’t developing as quickly as they usually do. She’s not a strait-laced monotonous robot, she’s not just a female version of her brother. She’s more sarcastic and pessimistic but she’s still playful–she’ll tease, she’ll compete, she’ll make mistakes, she’ll be afraid. It’s just that I can’t quite think of specific scenarios to toss her in to elicit such reactions.

… I think… if I were to write this (In)Difference spinoff with the twins. It would be when they’re adults (or at least chuunin) already. Then again, considering their older brother Kakashi made chuunin at like… eight, that’s not saying much. But I’m thinking… well… they’re OC’s living in a universe after an SI!OC has already made significant changes to the Naruto universe. Whether or not they themselves are also SI!OC’s or just regular OC’s means that there are a lot of ways to present the changes. Given how (In)Difference may end, the twins get a mission (whether official or not) to find Utsugi Kiyoshi, aka Hatake Kiyoshi, aka their mother. Either their younger sister Shizuka (who their mother took away from Konoha and named Utsugi) is the client, or the twins receive a letter from their mother talking about changes or… either Nawaki or Orochimaru, whose lives Kiyoshi had changed irrevocably and who are the only two who know about her “prophecies,” are being confronted with something that they need her knowledge… or their father, Sakumo, the Yondaime realizes that his wife has been gone for a decade and he should probably make efforts to find her. Something.

So the twins try to track her down, but a lot of it is them interviewing the various people she changed and hinting at the various repercussions of her meddling. Maybe Kiyoshi has been hiding out in Rain this entire time in order to head off the Akatsuki, or is skulking around trying to find and destroy Madara… I don’t know.

(Next time on strange brainstorming ideas:

Just Harry… An HPxNarnia crossover/fusion featuring Harry the Just. Hermione the Magnificent. Ronald the Valiant. Neville the Gentle.

And Rowan(/Bromley/Branton) Evans, brother to Petunia and Lily Evans, uncle to Harry Potter. And mafioso. An HPxKHR crossover/fusion featuring the Ministry Six plus surprise Hogwarts student as the newest generation of Flame users in organized crime.)


A/N: I was going to do all three ideas… and it was going to be a recorded ramble. But midnight deadline so… I really am not that fond of putting my streams of consciousness brainstorming here… I usually put it on my lj, but this is what I was working on all day and I didn’t want to put nothing.

(In)Difference drabble (2015-03-01) [2]

When it comes to our clan’s heritage, there’s a disparity in what we tell people and what we keep to ourselves. Father claims we share ancestry with the Hyuuga (brags it more like). Superficially it passes muster–we share the same basic coloring of black hair, pale skin and eyes. But while our eyesight is sharp, it’s still within baseline human ability–we have nothing on the Hyuuga or even the Uchiha. It still helps with our archery techniques, though–which is yet another thing which sets us apart from our supposed cousins who use mostly close range taijutsu.

But our clan’s skills, like our keen eyes, straddle the line between the truth of our ancestry and the falsehood of our Hyuuga relations. While most people know of the Byakugan, there’s more to the Hyuuga blood limit than that. Jyuuken, their family taijutsu style, relies on the blocking of an opponent’s tenketsu. This is done by making one’s own chakra an almost solid plug–chakra is energy, it dissipates in most circumstances. Unless you are a Hyuuga. But our clan’s archery doesn’t need physical arrows because we make them out of our chakra. Just like the Hyuuga, Father attributes, in the rare occasions it comes up.

For the most part, when Father says we’re distantly related to the Hyuuga, everyone knows it’s a lie–which makes it harmless and a good cover that no one bothers to crack. In everything, Father tells the truth, unless a lie is necessary. Father is the clan head. The lie is necessary.

There is an art to teaching children of our clan’s true heritage. We are never told outrightly, not when the walls have ears, not in this political climate, but by the time we are of training age we know. Those born to our clan develop an extra sense, one which we are encouraged to keep quiet, to keep hidden. The sense isn’t flashy, as invisible as the magnetic fields it corresponds to. But sometimes we slip, children do not always know what is secret and what is normal.

We master cardinal directions as children before figuring out the idea of left and right. We claim that it makes communication more precise, that we are simply maintaining our family’s reputation as excellent navigators. Even as children we can always find our way Home, regardless of where in the village we are. Our clan buys property in the north part of Konoha for a reason.

It’s the arrows that gives it away to a close observer. They are made from chakra, yes, but not pure chakra like the Hyuuga use. This is our secret: our arrows are Lightning natured chakra wrapped in Wind natured chakra. The latter is not a secret, there is no harm in Wind affinity–the Sarutobi family occasionally has natural Wind affinity, and one of them is the Hokage.

It’s the former which we hide, careful and unspoken; we try not to bring much attention to ourselves and our techniques even less so. But when we do, when that attention is on us, we mimic what Father says: the Hyuuga, we’re just like them. And we fall back into obscurity soon enough–we are a minor clan trying to ride the coattails of a Noble clan, one of the oldest stories in the book. Boring, predictable, obvious.

Except for how it’s a lie.


A/N: Ugh, it’s all over the place. I’ll post this for now so it’s technically still 0301, but I think I’ll edit it a bit in the future so it flows better. Obviously Naruto fanfiction, probably in the (In)Difference ‘verse featuring Kiyoshi Utsugi.

But basically, the Utsugi family naturally has Lightning (and Wind) affinities which is heavily implied to be because they are from the Fire-Lightning border. And it’s greatly encouraged to keep it a secret due to the whole… anti Lightning country thing. Their Lightning affinity is so ingrained that they’re practically walking electromagnets.