A Year With The Moon brainstorm (2015-03-11)

I love brainstorming. It’s one of my pitfalls as a writer because I can world-build and outline but as soon as I need to start on prose I just… can’t. It’s part of the reason why I made this blog.

Usually a stray thought just develops into a gargantuan potential plot–practically a mental storyboard of certain scenes I would want to write, certain imagery that I would want to describe. But for some reason there are a few, I guess, “prompts” that I would really like to run off and play with but just aren’t inspiring anything beyond a desire to do something with it. So what follows is literally me just rambling about the ideas, hoping that in the process I’ll shake something out.

1) A Year With The Moon – Satoshi and Satsuki
While I have sort of hinted at using this in my Naruto fanfiction, (In)Difference–as my OC’s middle children, Kakashi’s younger brother and sister respectively, I don’t actually know if that’s a route I want to go down… and even so, I haven’t developed them enough to be anything but faceless sibling stand-ins.

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of doing this for the pun. I mean, Satoshi and Satsuki? A Year With The Moon? Like… that’s totally the title of whatever I’m going to write, but I don’t actually know. Do I want it to be an (In)Difference spinoff/sequel? Do I want it to be an SI!twin!OC for the Pokemon cartoon series? I don’t really know what else to do with it… the only other Satsuki I know is Momoi Satsuki from Kuroko no Basket… and, well… unless I want to make a basketball playing Satoshi and somehow insert him into the series… but that series really is very much so Kuroko’s story… so it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

Anyway. Either (In)Difference spinoff/sequel or twin!SI!OC for Pokemon. Either way, I think the Satoshis of both would be similar, as well as the Satsukis. Hm… while I’m not too keen on the binary “one twin is this while the other is this” I do think Satoshi would be the more… average of the two. Even strictly appearance-wise, Satoshi has black hair and brown eyes. And Satoshi doesn’t have genius-level intellect, but he has heart and instincts and, apparently, aura powers? For everyday things, Satoshi is kind of hopeless or inferior to his sister–he’s not as smart or as skilled–but he works miracles under pressure.

In contrast, Satsuki is visually striking–in (In)Difference, she’d have the Hatake silver hair, but maybe it translates to something different the Pokemon universe. Or maybe it doesn’t–silver hair in young people is a real world phenomena too. Wait a second… I think I’ve written something like this before. Here it is. So maybe she does keep silver hair in the Pokemon universe too. Hm… as for her Pokemon starter… I’m thinking either a Sandshrew or a Vulpix.

Ability-wise, she is better than her brother more often than not, but it’s the kind of ability that’s… static. She doesn’t get better when there’s pressure, her skill level remains the same regardless of situation. Obviously she’s not stagnant, she grows and develops and improves, but when it comes to crises–if she’s not up to par, then she’s just not up to par. She’ll most likely still fight, of course, but she kind of accepts that she’ll fail and it’s more of a stall for time or a go out swinging sort of fight. And then her brother somehow pulls out a win from nowhere, which she’s usually okay with.

Personality, hm… this is what I’m having difficulty with, which is I guess part of the reason why this plot-bunny isn’t developing as quickly as they usually do. She’s not a strait-laced monotonous robot, she’s not just a female version of her brother. She’s more sarcastic and pessimistic but she’s still playful–she’ll tease, she’ll compete, she’ll make mistakes, she’ll be afraid. It’s just that I can’t quite think of specific scenarios to toss her in to elicit such reactions.

… I think… if I were to write this (In)Difference spinoff with the twins. It would be when they’re adults (or at least chuunin) already. Then again, considering their older brother Kakashi made chuunin at like… eight, that’s not saying much. But I’m thinking… well… they’re OC’s living in a universe after an SI!OC has already made significant changes to the Naruto universe. Whether or not they themselves are also SI!OC’s or just regular OC’s means that there are a lot of ways to present the changes. Given how (In)Difference may end, the twins get a mission (whether official or not) to find Utsugi Kiyoshi, aka Hatake Kiyoshi, aka their mother. Either their younger sister Shizuka (who their mother took away from Konoha and named Utsugi) is the client, or the twins receive a letter from their mother talking about changes or… either Nawaki or Orochimaru, whose lives Kiyoshi had changed irrevocably and who are the only two who know about her “prophecies,” are being confronted with something that they need her knowledge… or their father, Sakumo, the Yondaime realizes that his wife has been gone for a decade and he should probably make efforts to find her. Something.

So the twins try to track her down, but a lot of it is them interviewing the various people she changed and hinting at the various repercussions of her meddling. Maybe Kiyoshi has been hiding out in Rain this entire time in order to head off the Akatsuki, or is skulking around trying to find and destroy Madara… I don’t know.

(Next time on strange brainstorming ideas:

Just Harry… An HPxNarnia crossover/fusion featuring Harry the Just. Hermione the Magnificent. Ronald the Valiant. Neville the Gentle.

And Rowan(/Bromley/Branton) Evans, brother to Petunia and Lily Evans, uncle to Harry Potter. And mafioso. An HPxKHR crossover/fusion featuring the Ministry Six plus surprise Hogwarts student as the newest generation of Flame users in organized crime.)


A/N: I was going to do all three ideas… and it was going to be a recorded ramble. But midnight deadline so… I really am not that fond of putting my streams of consciousness brainstorming here… I usually put it on my lj, but this is what I was working on all day and I didn’t want to put nothing.

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