(In)Difference drabble (2015-03-01) [2]

When it comes to our clan’s heritage, there’s a disparity in what we tell people and what we keep to ourselves. Father claims we share ancestry with the Hyuuga (brags it more like). Superficially it passes muster–we share the same basic coloring of black hair, pale skin and eyes. But while our eyesight is sharp, it’s still within baseline human ability–we have nothing on the Hyuuga or even the Uchiha. It still helps with our archery techniques, though–which is yet another thing which sets us apart from our supposed cousins who use mostly close range taijutsu.

But our clan’s skills, like our keen eyes, straddle the line between the truth of our ancestry and the falsehood of our Hyuuga relations. While most people know of the Byakugan, there’s more to the Hyuuga blood limit than that. Jyuuken, their family taijutsu style, relies on the blocking of an opponent’s tenketsu. This is done by making one’s own chakra an almost solid plug–chakra is energy, it dissipates in most circumstances. Unless you are a Hyuuga. But our clan’s archery doesn’t need physical arrows because we make them out of our chakra. Just like the Hyuuga, Father attributes, in the rare occasions it comes up.

For the most part, when Father says we’re distantly related to the Hyuuga, everyone knows it’s a lie–which makes it harmless and a good cover that no one bothers to crack. In everything, Father tells the truth, unless a lie is necessary. Father is the clan head. The lie is necessary.

There is an art to teaching children of our clan’s true heritage. We are never told outrightly, not when the walls have ears, not in this political climate, but by the time we are of training age we know. Those born to our clan develop an extra sense, one which we are encouraged to keep quiet, to keep hidden. The sense isn’t flashy, as invisible as the magnetic fields it corresponds to. But sometimes we slip, children do not always know what is secret and what is normal.

We master cardinal directions as children before figuring out the idea of left and right. We claim that it makes communication more precise, that we are simply maintaining our family’s reputation as excellent navigators. Even as children we can always find our way Home, regardless of where in the village we are. Our clan buys property in the north part of Konoha for a reason.

It’s the arrows that gives it away to a close observer. They are made from chakra, yes, but not pure chakra like the Hyuuga use. This is our secret: our arrows are Lightning natured chakra wrapped in Wind natured chakra. The latter is not a secret, there is no harm in Wind affinity–the Sarutobi family occasionally has natural Wind affinity, and one of them is the Hokage.

It’s the former which we hide, careful and unspoken; we try not to bring much attention to ourselves and our techniques even less so. But when we do, when that attention is on us, we mimic what Father says: the Hyuuga, we’re just like them. And we fall back into obscurity soon enough–we are a minor clan trying to ride the coattails of a Noble clan, one of the oldest stories in the book. Boring, predictable, obvious.

Except for how it’s a lie.


A/N: Ugh, it’s all over the place. I’ll post this for now so it’s technically still 0301, but I think I’ll edit it a bit in the future so it flows better. Obviously Naruto fanfiction, probably in the (In)Difference ‘verse featuring Kiyoshi Utsugi.

But basically, the Utsugi family naturally has Lightning (and Wind) affinities which is heavily implied to be because they are from the Fire-Lightning border. And it’s greatly encouraged to keep it a secret due to the whole… anti Lightning country thing. Their Lightning affinity is so ingrained that they’re practically walking electromagnets.

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